How to Build Curved Handrails

Curved Porch Railing: the Ultimate in Exterior Architectural Millwork
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When you walk into our house, the first thing that you see is the staircase. So we knew we really had to make it stand out! As you can see the former staircase had dark maroon carpet with a black wrought iron handrail. But as we mentioned being the staircase is the first thing you see when you walk into the house we wanted it to be a WOW feature! Once we got the carpet torn up, we removed the handrail. Jamie took an electric saw and cut apart the rail in pieces.

Once the carpet had been torn up and the handrail was removed we had to come up with a game plan of how we wanted this staircase to look. We ended up deciding to have a few posts placed within the stairwell with spindles all the way up. The tricky part was going to be how to make the middle curved piece of the handrail.

After a few different attempts at creating a curved handrail, Jamie ended up taking a few pieces of thin cut oak and gluing them together. He then bent the wood so that the handrail was leveled and used c-clamps to hold it into place. He let the rail sit in place for 24 hours so the glue would dry and the wood could warp.

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Once the handrail was warped into place he removed the handrail and the wood blocks that he had screwed into the staircase to support the rail. The new curved rail needed some sanding to shape in evenly. He was then ready to build the treads. We used oak veneer plywood and cut and placed the pieces over top the stairs and nailed them into place.

Once the new oak treads were in place we had to secure the posts.

Curved stair treads and radius handrail

Jamie placed wood backer blocks into the stairs. He then glued and nailed the backer blocks into the middle of the posts. The bottom post and stair nose had to be cut so the rail would line up to the end of the stairs. Once the posts were installed we glued and nailed in the handrails. Each end of rail also has a lag bolt hidden in the post to firmly secure the rail in place. We then glued and nailed the caps onto the top of the posts. Once everything was in place, it was time to paint.

We ended up mixing the light and dark colors within the steps and railing. We used winwax wood stain for the top of the stairs and handrails.

Curved and Geometric Staircases and Handrails

The stain we chose had a sealer in it so we did not finish the stairs with any poly. For the risers, spindles, and posts we used an oil base white paint. After we removed the frog tape we had very minimal stain that had bled onto the white paint. In those areas we just went back over and touched them up with the white paint. At first we painted the spindles already installed into the handrail.

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However, it was a bit tricky to paint so we ended up painting them before securing them into place. Once the spindles had dried we got them glued and nailed into place. We ended up buying the spindles at Home Depot. This beautiful vintage chandelier came with the home. It is basically what sold me on the house!

Curved Handrail Capacities

We hope we were able to inspire you on your next remodel just as Remodelaholic has done so many times for us! Thanks for visiting us again, Jamie and Morgan! Remodelaholics, pay Morgan and Jamie a visit over at construction2style — be sure to check out their newest addition congratulations!

Thank you.

Just a few months ago, I was faced with making a curved rail, and had to read all of the old texts, written at a time when language was used differently. This is the first jig for the bending. Project Gallery. This particular deck has two different curves which were faithfully replicated in our workshop. Upload File You can include an image in your comment by uploading it below. Part 4 — Installation As we drove to the job site with all the handrail parts, a little anxiety crept in — had Tim really gotten all those measurements right?

Cassity started Remodelaholic with her husband, Justin, to share their love for knocking out walls together. Thank you so much for having us again! Love all of your staircase remodels you have done and featured! They gave us a ton of inspiration for this one! Wow your stairs look great! Just to have ours stained we got quoted 2K. Needless to say we will be doing it ourselves when the time comes. Thank you Lisa! Oh my!!! That is why it is always better to DIY.

Good Luck! LOVE this remodel, but please can you correct the comment about the spinels must be 4 inches minimum apart. I want to copy this lovely remodel project!

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What stain color and wall color did you use? Thank you! Thanks Mary! We used winwax wood stain for the stairs. And the wall color we actually got a sample from Restoration Hardware called Gravel from their Flint paint collection, brought it to Home Depot and had them match it in an eggshell finish. We have used it on both of our houses now, we love it!

Pictures and Building Instructions

But it often causes the profile to twist as it goes around a 3D curve, in which case the extension Box recommended may work better. The other methods appear to distort the profile a bit more. Shep Handrail. Many thanks to everyone who replied. Here is the file. You could draw a better, smoother curve at the bottom. I used the Bezier Curve tool for this example.

I extended the straight run down as far as the end of your path and constructed the rectangle. Then I deleted your line segments and used the Bezier curve tool. First point at the end of your straight run, second point at the bottom end you had established and the intermediate control point on the corner where the straight run extension meets the rectangle. If your treads are laid out well enough you can use them as a form for the handrail. Just plot the curve along the treads. Then use the follow me tool. Something like this.

That is a 3rd order draws real tangents so, used it with 3 control points and seven segs to draw curve at bottom in plane; Other comments: Multiple balusters some times have one at front and one in middle of tread.