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I have found it difficult to throw out a catalog because the company went to the expense of printing it and sending it to me. I have agonized over saying anything that might be untrue in any way, shape, or form, even to the point of not wanting to speak at all. I have questioned and interrogated myself for enjoying the smell of my baby's hair when I kissed her.

I have thoroughly examined myself when I have found myself fascinated over the shaping of muscles in the human body. I have asked myself, "Am I a pervert?

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Am I gay? Am I lusting in some way here? Is there some form of wickedness in me of which I am unaware? Am I a racist?

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Do I take delight in the harm that comes upon others? Have I sinned in some way of which I am unaware? Am I truly a Christian? And it has been painful at times. Warring against a conscience that is like a raging tyrant; a conscience marred by sin that won't leave me alone and is looking for absolute assurance in all areas, has often left me drained and weary.

What has perhaps begun with a few additional checks of the light switch has escalated into a demanding monster, leading me to examine every minutia of life that surrounds me and is in me. Yes, I have spent time conversing with the gatekeeper of the bridge that leads to insanity. But, by the grace of God, I have also found great hope right there on the edge of insanity. I have found victory in the grace of God that continually comes to me in Jesus Christ.

Finding Hope on the Edge of Insanity

My goal in this book is certainly not to list all of the specific ways in which I have experienced the toilsome burdens and torments of OCD. I could probably write several volumes on that topic alone. However, I realize that there are some perhaps even many out there who likewise have these kinds of dreaded experiences, and I want to share with you the hope and victories that I have found in the battles as well.

There are not many books out there that address OCD from a biblical standpoint, and there are even fewer if any that address it from a biblical and personal standpoint.

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Being able to relate directly to someone's experience is always beneficial when seeking helpful solutions. By the grace of God, my ongoing battles with OCD have enabled me to discover a lot more about the condition, along with many key helpful tools that can help aid the OCD sufferer in the battle.

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On the Edge of Insanity book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. With her middle-class upbringing and well-liked demeanor, Emily M. On The Edge of Insanity [Emily Watson] on wamadawipu.cf *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. With her middle-class upbringing and well-liked demeanor, Emily.

Have I totally overcome my OCD? Will I ever totally overcome the condition on this side of heaven?

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