The Night Bus (Horowitz Horror Book 5)

The Night Bus (Horowitz Horror)
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The Man with the Yellow Face 9. The Monkey's Ear Get A Copy. Hardcover , pages. Published August 17th by Philomel Books first published More Details Original Title. Horrowitz Horror Shorts.

Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Horowitz Horror , please sign up. Can I read this?? Ava I am in middle school and thought this was not too creepy. It was good. See 1 question about Horowitz Horror…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. I have read countless short story collections but this collection and its sequel are ones I favour the most.

The Night Bus

This is because of two reasons; When I was like 6 or 7, I used to pop around our local library and borrow the smaller collections of these stories - the thin little books with two or three stories in each volume. I've loved them ever since and have since, bought a copy for myself.

Second reason? These stories at the same time, were coldly-humoured, chilling and sort of freaky in a way and s I have read countless short story collections but this collection and its sequel are ones I favour the most.

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Horrowitz Horror Shorts 6 books. Most people stare and jeer at them but they soon make friends with the vivacious Yasmeen and the handsome Jon. Eesha Khan rated it it was amazing Nov 12, Suitable for 10 - 15 years This product is not currently available. It certainly will give them pause, as they might not be able to predict what will happen as well as I could. Write a review Rate this item: 1 2 3 4 5. Just killers, no fillers.

These stories at the same time, were coldly-humoured, chilling and sort of freaky in a way and simply great quick reads. Where Anthony Horowitz gets these odd ideas, I don't know. I found this story rather eerie - well plotted, surprise ending - overall, a good story and probably the scariest in the collection. And what if someone just took a picture of Don't worry, I won't spoil it for you. This story is one of my favourites; its intriguing, well plotted but the only reason I didn't give this five stars is because the premise of an evil camera isn't original enough and has been done countless times - from Goosebumps to Are You Afraid of the Dark?.

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But I will tell you one thing - be sure to expect a chilling ending. I must admit I was fascinated by the premise of this - and it didn't disappoint me. Much recommended. What can I say? Great plot, great writing and great ending. The build up to the climax was well plotted, I must admit but the ending was disappointing and much expected. Good, nevertheless. The story built up well and the ending is sure to shock.

Join the two together, and you get one of my favourite titles from this book - 'A Career In Computer Games'. The story follows a boy who loves computer games and finds the perfect job for him - he gets to play computer games all day! Little does he know that sometimes that isn't a good thing. Great story, easy to understand - but my only complaint would be about the fact that it sort of resembles the TV episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark, 'The Tale of the Pinball Wizard', who meets the same fate as the protagonist in this story.

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Nevertheless, it is written well enough to deserve the five stars. When he recieves these photos, he finds a sinister photo of a yellow faced man in the middle of his photos. What could this possibly mean? Well plotted? Unfortunately, YES. A good story, but the fact that I practically guessed the whole story within the first few pages ruined it. Jacob's 'The Monkey's Paw', a boy obtains a monkey's ear on his holiday. Its supposed to be able to grant 3 wishes - but the thing is, the ear is partially deaf - or is it?

Great story, great ending - top notch last story.

Horowitz Horror

How does the markings go? Thanks for reading! View 2 comments. Oct 03, Arun Divakar rated it liked it. Imagine for a moment a ten or eleven year old kid who has not had any exposure to reading other than Enid Blyton and Hardy Boys trying his hand at an unabridged version of Dracula. The conclusion can quite obviously be drawn that the book almost put me to sleep in the first try. It was quite a while later that I read a Malayalam translation of the work which did appear watered down a bit but did not lose even a bit of its brooding and terrifying aura. This is quite a nasty habit of mine that totally unrelated images from the past pop up as I sit down to write and stitching them into the review is something I love doing.

This one however made a weird sort of sense now that I think about it. A short story collection such as this if discovered during my childhood days might have brought me much closer to horror as a genre. Horowitz successfully puts together a collection of shorts aimed at a young audience who might just be getting their introduction into the space of the horror short story. There are a few themes in this book which interestingly recur across multiple tales. The first is the use of common place items as objects of dread. A safe and serene household undergoes brutal transformations under the spell of such items.

They might seem harmless enough — a camera, a computer, a bath tub and so on but the havoc they wreak in the lives of people is rather unimaginable. The second recurring theme is of karma catching up with boys and a lady that again was an amusing part, all the bullies and baddies are young men and in one odd tale a cantankerous and caustic woman who have been particularly nasty in their lives through the most supernatural ways possible.

While they seem to relish in their ways of being rude and overall bullies, karma does repay them in kind in these tales. The way these stories are written, I did feel that the author does seem to enjoy meting out these retributions on them. The third and last theme I observed was of innocent bystanders getting caught in the backdraft of circumstances and forces that are inexplicable.

Here again the bewilderment and helplessness of the people involved are captured well by the author in sometimes horrifying and in a couple of stories, darkly comical tones.

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If you are a younger reader starting off on horror, this would be a good point to start. If you are an adult, then sit back and enjoy a quick ride through stories that might have given you a chill if you read this as a kid. Jan 16, Peter rated it it was amazing Shelves: horror. Normally you always skip some stories in an anthology but not here.

I really enjoyed every single story: the haunted bathtub, the eerie nightbus, the camera with a built in special effect, Light moves The author really knows how to write a compelling story with a nasty twist. Just killers, no fillers. Must read! Enjoyable, fun, somewhat creepy short stories. Some were humorous, others more mysterious.

Narrator Simon Shepherd's performance was very good. His female voices were odd. Aug 18, Rocio Pritchett rated it it was amazing. I read these stories to my students before Halloween. We turned off the lights and I read the part of a story, with voices, per day. Although they didn't mention liking them at the time, they talked about it for a month afterward. We had a sub who sounded Just like that, and I was creeped out all hour long! Feb 24, Hafsa Sabira rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites.

When I say that I like horror stories, I mean stories that scare me to the bones for their ominous effect altogether, not stories with horrific activities of a serial killer or a mentally disturbed person. So far I have realized that short horror stories create the greatest impact on me and even after a long time, when someone asks me to tell a story, I end up remembering a few of those stories which haunted me in the middle of the night.

As for this book, this has every single element I look fo When I say that I like horror stories, I mean stories that scare me to the bones for their ominous effect altogether, not stories with horrific activities of a serial killer or a mentally disturbed person. As for this book, this has every single element I look for in horror stories. It's a collection of Horowitz's horror stories and I felt like each story is scarier than the other.

The best part about these stories is their beginning and ending lines. I have always felt that it takes a huge potential to choose the right sentences to begin and end a story. Just this simple credibility can turn the writing into a masterpiece and Horowitz has indeed mastered this art long ago. This is undoubtedly one of my most favourite horror story collection and I must say, I am feeling like giving it more than 5 stars. Nice YA collection, although the book publication date is shown in the use of old technologies.

May 29, Klara rated it liked it Recommends it for: Young horror fans. Shelves: teen-fiction. I must admit, I judged this book by its cover. I am a fan of Anthony Horowitz, but I didn't pay attention to the book's author or description; the word "HORROR" boldly emblazoned on the spine and the bloody handprint dominating the cover were all it took for me to conclude I'd like the book. In this case, my first impression was fairly accurate: the book is a collection of horror stories, albeit none too horrible since the target audience is a younger once.

Given that demographic, the stories' i I must admit, I judged this book by its cover. Given that demographic, the stories' impact varies with readers' age and exposure to the genre. Whereas small children will likely find characters' invariably unpleasant fates truly frightening, older readers will likely be less moved, depending on how many horror stories they've encountered before.

Longtime horror fans of any age might find it hard to shiver at all because the book draws heavily from classic scenarios that will likely seem familiar and predictable. The collection is still worth a look for the aforementioned longtime fans, though, because author Anthony Horowitz puts a distinctive spin on the older plotlines he employs. The "possessed item drives new owner mad" formula comes in the surprising form of a bathtub, for example, while the traditional "monkey's body part grants wish at terrible price" tale gets fresh humor.

This means that while veteran horror fans might easily guess a story's ending, the ride there is still entertaining. The shock factor might not be there for older readers and longtime fans, moreover, but the collection can successfully foster a more prolonged sense of dread for savvy readers as they anticipate the a character's bitter end.

In light of this, though younger fans will likely be the most enthusiastic about "Horowitz Horror," older fans can enjoy it as well. Nine ltittle gems Horowitz Horror was first published in and contains nine short stories where the protagonist is predominantly a younger person, as such is seems to be written for a preadult audience.

The nine stories: -When it's Bath Night Isabel has to deal with a rather hostile, old Victorian bath. When Anthony Horowitz enters the world of creepy short stories, be warned that he will behave himself like a child in a candy store. It becomes very clear that his prefered habitat is the world of mystery and the supernatural, but the humour is never really far away. The nine easily digestible stories collected in this book are each little gems of guilty pleasure. It's not surprising that the stinger always comes at the end, because if Horowitz knows one thing, it's certainly the technique to plot a good suspense story.

The mix of stories is so diverse that it is quite impossible to select your favourite. But rest assured, you will chuckle more than once. A must read for those horror buffs that are still young at heart. It's not always easy for an adult to give a YA book a fair review. The writing in these stories is simple and the theme of conflict between children and parents is perhaps over-exploited, but Anthony Horowitz achieves his objective. These are stories children can relate to.

They take everyday situations, like playing computer games or going to a flea market, and put a nasty spin on them. Judging the book for what it is, a collection of nasty and creepy stories for young people, it deserves four It's not always easy for an adult to give a YA book a fair review. Judging the book for what it is, a collection of nasty and creepy stories for young people, it deserves four stars. Horowitz, it's been long I had almost forgotten how I appreciate his style. From these 9 gems in this collection, the first - "Bath Night", might be the scariest and is still my favourite; The last - "The Monkey's Ear", without doubt the funniest!

Such a fun read! This was an easy read.

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The pacing was good with nothing unnecessary thrown in. The problem was there often wasn't much substance. You can say it's down to length but plots often felt rushed, and this isn't the case in all short stories. My other general problems with the series were that it wasn't frightening, and was often predictable. Maybe it's not scary because it's for younger readers, but I remember being I would have wanted this book to scare me.

As I wanted it to scare me as an adult. As This was an easy read. As for predictability, each story ended with a reversal or twist. The problem was you could usually see these coming a mile off.

Horowitz Horror: Stories You'll Wish You Never Read

Again, I'm an adult, but I'm not sure these would fool many 12 year-olds either. But, I don't want to put the series down. Anthony Horowitz. Publisher: Orchard Books , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title Three terrifying short stories by Anthony Horowitz, a master storyteller and the bestselling author of the Alex Rider series.

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