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Also, make sure and look each site over thoroughly so you'll know what's involved and how to claim your free psychic reading. The Clairvoyant Circle is a group of three gifted psychics. All that is necessary is to select one of the three and request a free reading. There is no charge for the reading.

However, the Circle does accept donations. Zoe is a clairvoyant, clairsentient, and empathic psychic who offers free email readings at Woman's Destiny.

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You can ask just one question, and she will reply in the shortest time possible. All that's necessary is to pick your four favorite colors, ask your question in detail, fill in a form, and submit.

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Psychic Instant Messaging has a panel of psychic experts, and all that's necessary to ask three questions is to create a free account. You'll then receive three free credits, which equals three questions. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. The Psychic Knights are finally all back together and they have freed Helin 3 from the grip of the TechPsychers.

Now they head for their ultimate goal. Their fleet is assembled and their plan is set. One stop before their final destination.

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Unknown to them it's one stop that jeopardises their plans. What will this mean for their final assault and their long awaited destiny?

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The fourth book in the Psychic Knights series and the secret and power of the mysterious Amuel is revealed. It and four others like it become forever entwined in the Psychic Knights future. Born in London, England, I started my working career as a mechanic until I was made redundant. I then trained to work in IT where I have been since Forewarned is forearmed and you may have a little head start in separating a con artist looking to bed you from a true lover for the ages. Whenever two Court Cards appear in a reading together, one is most definitely you and the other is another prominent person in your life.

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It is often difficult to confess to your Tarot reader that you are, in fact, the force in your life that a particular card is personifying. When two Court Cards appear in the same reading, it is easier for you to help your Tarot reader assess who is who, thus facilitating a clearer, more accurate reading. When the Knight of Cups appears in a reading with lots of other cards from the suit of Cups, the lack of logic and structure are holding back a favorable resolution.


When this Knight card is present in a reading dominated by Wands, your passion for a creative pursuit or hobby is consuming everything. Pentacles in numbers in a reading that includes the Knight of Cups reveals you are following your bliss and that the money will follow. Court Cards mix particularly well with Aces. An Ace of any suit present in a reading with the Knight of Cups adds a positive spin to the groundbreaking swell of passion indicated by this card.

If you are a woman receiving the Tarot reading, the Knight of Cups represents a man in your life. If you are male, the female card that is drawn represents a key woman in your development or present predicament. The Knight of Cups combines quite well with The Chariot and indicates a smooth transition is already in the works.

With The Tower card, the Knight of Cups only serves to underscore just how drastic and thorough the change you are going through is bound to become. There is such a certainty of resolution and absolute finality to the Judgement card that when paired with such a passionate, electric and emotional card as the Knight of Cups, the outcome of a reading involving these two is something life-altering of the permanent type: pregnancy being only one of those serious outcomes.

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Editorial Reviews. From the Author. wamadawipu.cfon. About the Author. P.B. Thompson is the Destiny: Psychic Knights - Kindle edition by P.B. Thompson. The Psychic Knights are finally all back together and they have freed Helin 3 from the grip of the TechPsychers. Now they head for their ultimate goal. Earth!.

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