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In the pop-up, tap "Set as parking location. Remember when indoor mapping was going to be the next big thing? While the indoor mapping revolution hasn't arrived quite yet, it has been incorporated into the greater Maps ecosystem. Previously you could only find these details on the mobile version where they are indeed more useful , however these "indoor street views" are available on the web too. In any of the select locations, just zoom all the way in and you'll see the inside details.

You will even find an embedded window in the bottom right that will allow you to toggle between various floors. Maps is a global product, so there are versions of Maps tailored for different nations and languages. You can view these nation-specific sites by switching the domain in the URL in the US, the default is google. So if you wanted information in Japanese, you would change it to google.

Google defaults the domain based on your location.

44 Google Maps Tricks You Need to Try

So, if you're traveling abroad and want to view the US version of Maps, simply change the domain to good ol'. Regardless of what domain you are in, you can search for cities under numerous languages i. You will also find "send feedback" to help keep Maps up to date—click on it to prompt a pop-up, where you can report map problems like missing roads or other issues.

At the far right you will see the map scale. If you click on it, you will be able to switch between Metric and US customary units. He writes features, news, and trend stories on all manner of emerging technologies. See Full Bio. This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time.

View As: One Page Slides. When finding directions on the desktop version of Maps, you are able to maneuver your route to go through or away from specific locations via drag and drop. Just click and drag any part of your direction route to move around this only works with directions for walking, driving, or biking—it won't work with any mass transit options. It's easy to find directions on the web version of Maps just by typing where you want to go, but it's even easier than that. Just use a right-click anywhere on the map and it will prompt a pull-down list, which you can use to find directions to or from that location.

Using the aforementioned right-click tool, you can also calculate the distance of any two points on Earth. Just choose "Measure distance. You can switch between metric and US measurements by clicking on the scale in the footnote. You can also add more points and move the points around later. The total trip distance will be calculated in the main card. Those with mobility issues can now search for wheelchair-accessible transit routes. Type your desired destination into Google Maps, tap "Directions" and select the public transportation icon. Then tap "Options" and under the Routes section, you'll find "wheelchair accessible" as a new route type.

When you select this option, Google Maps will show you a list of possible routes that take mobility needs into consideration. The feature began an initial rollout last year in London, New York, Tokyo, Mexico City, Boston, and Sydney, but people around the world are adding accessibility information for locations around the globe. Street View has amassed a huge collection of street imagery over the years.

In , Google introduced a way for users to see how Street View has changed over time. A virtual time machine of sorts.

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In fact, the company dubbed this feature Time Travel. You can access this four-dimensional cartographic experience when in Street View by clicking on the little stopwatch icon in the top-left corner not available in all locations , which will prompt a sliding scale that will allow you to jump through Street Views over time. While you can maneuver around the Street View world with your mouse, you can also get around with just your keyboard.


The knowledge "consumed me slowly," he says. Sometimes it doesn't matter how well you plan. Maddening if zip. In my tomboy-kid estimation, the show was very girly, a little incomprehensible, and conflicted with my self-image. You draw no more cards.

It's not just satellites and Google employees roaming every street to get that degree picture of your house. There are a number of cameras and editing software supported by Google that let people create and upload their own Street View to Google Maps.

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However, the search function is sophisticated enough to find types of businesses "near" places—even if it's not on your current screen. So you can search McDonald's near 5th Ave. Of course you have to let Google know your home and work locations, which you can do by clicking the hamburger icon on the top left and selecting My Places. On the desktop version of Maps, you can watch real-time traffic data by clicking on the "Traffic" link via the hamburger menu in the top-left corner.

In the bottom center, you'll then find an overlay that will allow you to choose between "Live traffic" and "Typical traffic," which will allow you to see expected traffic patterns at specific times e. Tuesdays at 3 a. On mobile, you can see live traffic.

Google Maps can provide turn-by-turn directions based on live-ish traffic data, but it can also provide you with what the parking situation might be. When you search for driving directions to a location on iOS or Android, you may find a little P logo at the bottom of the screen, along with one of the three following designations: limited, medium, and easy.

This designation can help you decide how long to allocate for parking, or even if another form of transportation may be a better option. Ever gotten off the subway and tried to figure out which direction you need to go? It might seem silly, but tilt your smartphone in different directions.

Google Maps uses data from your phone's gyroscope to figure out your orientation, and the blue location dot will cast what looks like a shadow to point you in the right direction. Google is finally catching up with Apple on this front: Google Maps now lets you share your current location with people for specific periods of time.

If you share your location with a specific contact, they'll see your icon moving in real time on their map. On Android or iOS, tap the hamburger icon on the top left and select Location sharing. Choose who you want to share with and how long they'll be able to see where you are. Google Maps lets you share some of your favorite places with a friend.

You can add an entry to a list or create a new lists of favorites from just about any location card within maps. Click on over to, say, that hot new Thai place and hit the "save" option on the location's card to add to an existing list or create a new one say, "hot Asian fusion spots".

To share that list, go to your shelf on the left-hand side and go to "Your Places" and hit share on that list to send a link to a friend. If you want to interact with Maps while you're driving, you don't want to actually take your eyes and hands off the road. For example, if you notice you're running low on gas, say "OK Google, find gas stations" and it will show gas stations on the map which you can look at when you've come to a red light or have pulled over. If you're driving, Google now lets you choose what car shows up on your navigation in iOS.

Tap on the arrow while in driving navigation mode to select your vehicle of choice, which for now is a selection between a sedan, a pickup truck, or an SUV. See that little yellow person in the bottom right-hand corner? That's "Peg Man" or alternatively "the pegman". You can pick little peggy up and drop him anywhere on maps and be thrown into that location's street view. Once in Street View mode, he will be oriented with the current view in the embedded map window in the bottom left-hand corner. Street View has traditionally been limited to… streets. While users can upload panoramas and other photos to places off the literal trail, it wasn't a true explorable, immersive experience.

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In recent years, Google has begun experimenting with capturing off-road Street Views through various approaches in a project known as "Treks. You can find a list of Treks here. If you want to help the project and add hard-to-get imagery, pro photographers, travelers, and organizations can apply to borrow a camera. Many organizations use the Pro version of Maps to create datalicious visuals. Explore some examples at maps. Google redesigned its Explore tab for Android and iOS to offer recommendations for restaurants, bars, and cafes in any area you're interested in researching.

The app also now offers trending lists of places you might want to check out, culled from local experts and Google's algorithms. The tab also surfaces top events going on in the area and can be customized by your own recommendations, especially if you have Location History enabled. As part of the company's mission to weave AI into its products , the tab personalizes your experience by letting you follow specific cities and neighborhoods for the latest news and updates, and shows you "your match" recommendations for spots you might want to try.

For You is now available in 40 countries on iOS and more than countries on Android. If your native language hasn't been available on Google Maps in the past, there's a good chance it is now. Google will let users set privacy controls that periodically erase your location history from the company's servers.

Set the data to erase every three months, every 18 months, or keep the data until you delete it manually. There are other ways to wipe your data from Google, but they involve more manual steps in your settings.

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This is easier. Synced to your phone's camera, Maps will superimpose the map and direction icons on your real-time camera feed. Sometimes it doesn't matter how well you plan. When stuck in stop-and-go traffic or on a subway train that hasn't moved for 20 minutes, Google Maps can help you plan an escape route.

In , Google added more advanced real-time commute planning to Google Maps to show live traffic and transit information, and dynamically adjust multimodal routes either before you leave or while you're en route. Just enter your origin and destination as normal and Google will take it from there.

Google Maps makes it easy to search for the establishment you're looking for, and now you can message any business that has a Business Profile through the app. Select someone in the room and tell them to mentally pick any item in the room. Leave the room and tell that person to inform everyone else of the chosen object. Once the secret is dispersed, you return to the room and select another not-so-random person who goes around the room going from object to object.

The prep work for this restaurant trick might have to be done while your companion is in the restroom. Or, alternatively, reserve it for children who might not already know about the magic of electricity. Take a paper-wrapped straw and rub the paper up and down a few times to create some static. The charge from the friction you just created will be such that when you bring your hands up to the straw, it will rotate like the hands of a clock.

There are a ton of disappearing coin tricks out there, and each requires a certain level of crafty handiwork. This one is awesome because it incorporates a flub. Then, drop the coin. It will fall onto the table. Then, put your elbow back where it was and slip the coin down the back of your shirt. Standing up might be tricky if you want to maintain the illusion, so consider tucking in your top as well. Start with two small objects—not necessarily matches, but things that are close in size and shape to matches are best. Set them down side-by-side on the table.

Put one hand over one, and one hand over the other. Then flip one empty hand, then the other. This might sound like it would be obvious, but practice makes it very convincing. Quickly ball up both fists. Reveal the empty hand for an awe-inspiring moment that makes it seem like you might be doing a disappearing trick, and then the other hand, which contains both objects.

This one requires only a toothpick and a bit of tape. As stealthily as possible, fasten a toothpick to the outside of your thumb with either some tape or by licking the nail side of your thumb and forcefully pressing the object into your skin. The toothpick should be parallel with your appendage and within the boundaries of your thumb. If you bent your thumb, the toothpick would run off the edge of your knuckle. The audience should be directly in front of you for the main event. It will look like it vanished from thin air. Some magic tricks get a lot of mileage simply for being surprising.

This is one of those. Stuff a sponge into the bottom of a coffee mug or other opaque cup and add a couple of ice cubes. Pour some water into the cup with a pitcher and announce your ability to turn water into ice before overturning the cup and letting the cubes fall out. With the handle facing up and the spoon positioned vertically on the table, grip it with both hands so the audience only sees the top and bottom of the utensil. Then shake it loose like a little wave undoes your mighty spoon-bending work. For one of the most classic card tricks of all time, you need only a deck of cards and a card box.

Pop the deck back in the box and use your finger to slide the 2 card up in an ever-so-spooky way. This trick might be the most complicated, but that also makes it the most impressive. To begin the trick, cut the cards several times and have the audience tell you when to stop. When they do, take the top two cards and count them off so as to subtly flip their ordering and show them to the audience, asking them to remember the cards.

One will be black and one will be red. Put these cards back on top and start cutting the cards again. Then, deal all the cards out into four piles. Because of the ordering, the 1st and 3rd pile will be the same color, and the 2nd and 4th will be the same color. When the cards are all dealt out, shuffle those same-colored piles together and then flip one upside-down to mix face-up with facedown cards. The life and work of Frida Kahlo—one of Mexico's greatest painters—were both defined by pain and perseverance.

Getting to know how Kahlo lived provides greater insight into her beloved paintings, which are rich with detail and personal iconography. There, she was raised by her mother, Matilde, and encouraged by her photographer father, Guillermo.

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Years later, she and her husband, Mexican muralist Diego Rivera, made it their home as well. And on July 13, , Kahlo died there at age As a tribute to Kahlo, Rivera donated the house in as well as all of the artwork, created by both him and Kahlo, that it contained. Much of the interior has been preserved just the way Kahlo had it in the s, making the space a popular tourist attraction that allows visitors a look at her work, life, and personal artifacts, including the urn that holds her ashes. Kahlo folded in symbols from her Mexican culture and allusions to her personal life in order to create a series of 55 surreal and uniquely revealing self-portraits.

Of these, she famously declared, "I paint myself because I am so often alone, because I am the subject I know best.

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Recalling the tragedy, Arias described the bus as "burst ing into a thousand pieces," with a handrail ripping through Kahlo's torso. He later recounted , "Something strange had happened. Frida was totally nude. The collision had unfastened her clothes. Someone in the bus, probably a house painter, had been carrying a packet of powdered gold.

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This package broke, and the gold fell all over the bleeding body of Frida. The accident broke Kahlo's spinal column, collarbone, ribs, and pelvis, fractured her right leg in 11 places, and dislocated her shoulder. Those severe injuries left her racked with pain for the rest of her life, and frequently bedbound.

But during these times, Kahlo picked up her father's paintbrush. Her mother helped arrange a special easel that would allow her to work from bed. As a child, Kahlo contracted polio, which withered her right leg and sparked an interest in the healing power of medicine. Unfortunately, the injuries from the train accident forced the teenager to abandon her plans to study medicine. In the course of her life, Kahlo would undergo 30 surgeries, including the eventual amputation of her foot due to a case of gangrene.

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She explored her frustrations with her body's frailty in paintings like The Broken Column , which centers on her shattered spine, and Without Hope , which dramatically depicted a period where her doctor prescribed force-feeding. On the back of the latter, she wrote, "Not the least hope remains to me Everything moves in time with what the belly contains.

I never painted dreams. I painted my own reality. When Kahlo met Rivera, she was a student and he was already a father of four and on his way to his second divorce. Despite a year age difference, the pair quickly fell for each other, spurring Rivera to leave his second wife and wed Kahlo in From there, they were each other's greatest fans and supporters when it came to their art. But their year marriage was wrought with fits of temper and infidelities on both sides. They divorced in , only to remarry a year later.

Modern doctors believe that the bus accident had irreparably damaged Kahlo's uterus, which made pregnancies impossible to carry to term. In , she painted Henry Ford Hospital , a provocative self-portrait that marks one of several devastating miscarriages she suffered. The piece would be displayed to the world in a gallery show. But Kahlo kept private personal letters to her friend, Doctor Leo Eloesser, in which she wrote , "I had so looked forward to having a little Dieguito that I cried a lot, but it's over, there is nothing else that can be done except to bear it.

In , toward the end of her short life, the painter was overjoyed about her first solo exhibition in Mexico. But a hospital stay threatened her attendance. Against doctors' orders, Kahlo made an incredible entrance, pulling up in an ambulance as if in a limousine. When she wasn't recovering from surgery or confined to a recuperation bed, Kahlo was full of life, relishing the chance to dance, socialize, and flirt.

While American sculptor Isamu Noguchi was in Mexico City for the creation of his History as Seen from Mexico in , he and Kahlo began a passionate affair that evolved into a life-long friendship. Three years later, while visiting Paris, the bisexual painter struck up a romance with the city's "Black Pearl" entertainer Josephine Baker. And many have speculated that the artist and activist also bedded Marxist revolutionary Leon Trotsky , while he and his wife Natalia stayed in Kahlo's family home after they were granted asylum in Mexico in Perhaps most telling, she told the press she was born in , cutting three years off her age so she could claim the same birth year as the Mexican Revolution.

Casa Azul boasts a lovely garden where Kahlo had her own animal kingdom. Along with a few Mexican hairless Xoloitzcuintli a dog breed that dates back to the ancient Aztecs , Kahlo owned a pair of spider monkeys named Fulang Chang and Caimito de Guayabal, which can be spotted in Self Portrait with Monkeys.

She also cared for an Amazon parrot called Bonito, who would perform tricks if promised a pat of butter as a reward, a fawn named Granizo, and an eagle nicknamed Gertrudis Caca Blanca a. Gertrude White Shit. Though in her time some dismissed this passionate painter as little more than "the wife of Master Mural Painter Diego Rivera ," Kahlo's imaginative art drew acclaim from the likes of Pablo Picasso and film star Edward G. After her death, the rise of feminism in the s sparked a renewed interest in her work.

Kahlo's reputation eclipsed Rivera's, and she grew to become one of the world's most famous painters. Feminist theorists embrace Kahlo's deeply personal portraits for their insight into the female experience. Likewise, her refusal to be defined by others' definitions and the self-love shown in her proud capturing of her natural unibrow and mustache speak to modern feminist concerns over gender roles and body-positivity.

Frida's art and its influence were not simply spawned from the paint she put to canvas. In , Vans even launched a collection of shoes featuring her work. But getting there was hardly smooth sailing. When the Apollo program was announced in , the original plan was to send a small crew into the Moon's orbit, not to its surface.

President Kennedy, of course, made his famous speech in , declaring his and the United States's commitment to landing a man on the Moon before the end of the decade. When it came to the primary objective of the Apollo 11 mission, NASA kept it simple: "Perform a manned lunar landing and return. Yet the Apollo 11 astronauts, whose heart rates were monitored throughout the expedition, remained surprisingly normal. At liftoff , Armstrong was the most excited of the bunch with a rate of bpm.

Collins, meanwhile, was clocked at 99, while a clearly calm Aldrin logged a rate of just 88 bpm. But even then, those individuals were seated 3. As with many historic undertakings, President Nixon had to prepare for the possibility that a tragedy might occur during the Apollo 11 mission. These brave men, Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin, know that there is no hope for their recovery. But they also know that there is hope for mankind in their sacrifice. You can read the full text online [ PDF ].

Though the Apollo Guidance Computer ACG was cutting-edge technology for its time, when compared to the computer-based items we use every day, they were pretty basic. One Apollo 11 astronaut spent the entire trip loading up on anti-diarrhea medication so that he could forgo having to deal with that situation altogether though the identity of that astronaut has never been made public.

Somebody would think I was trying to get favored treatment because my ancestors had the name Moon. This tradition of a crew wearing patches designed by its own members has continued over the years, with the Apollo 11 crew following suit.