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Shining Ones And Magic In Ireland – Secret Wisdom Of The Gods
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here Descriptions of him suggest that he was rather a machine than a living creature. He was a frightening giant, compared to a Cyclops whose eye cast out a beam that turned his enemies into ashes. Moreover, his only eye could blast a whole army when he opened the seven eyelids protecting it. This undoubtedly special eye of his, had to be kept open with the aid of metal hooks held up by assistants.

During one of the battles, the god Lugh, using one of his magical weapons, the Assal spear managed to put Balor's evil eye out of function. We can only speculate and guess what kind of high-tech weapons Balor and Lugh were using. Nevertheless, these beings must have been technologically very advanced. Why would otherwise the Tory Tower, the place where the giant Balor lived be vitrified? After the Fomore were defeated the Tuatha de Danaan reigned on Ireland for a long time, until they were chased out themselves by the Milesians at Teltown.

During their last battle, these mighty gods caused a Druidic fog to arise in front of the Milesians. Apparently, the fog, which covered the island assumed the shape of a pig. Since then, another name for Ireland has been "Isle of the Pig". There are many traces after the Tuatha de Danaan. For example, the Isle of Man is named after the Danaan Mananan who set up a mystery school on the island. He was famous for his powers to transport huge blocks miles through the air.

Our ancient space visitors used this technology repeatedly, all over the globe, while constructing incredible monuments, which we admire even today. It is said that Mananan was also a shape-shifter.

Legends describe how he could change himself into one hundred different persons. Lugh was the God of Light and the God of the Underworld. He was young, handsome, extremely intelligent, and he was widely worshipped in Gaul and Ireland. Lugh was equivalent to Apollo. One of the most interesting features about Lugh was his shining appearance. His face was radiant that no mortals could bear to look at him! Now, let us once again return to Enoch's account of the Watchers, who appear to him as he rests in his bed:. And their faces shone like the Sun, and their eyes were like burning lamps; and fire came forth from their lips.

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Information on Irish Magic and Tuatha de Danaans, from 'Irish Druids and Old Irish Religions', by James Bonwick, Oct 21, We've put together a list of ancient charms and spells based on this Irish magic. Whether you are seeking a spell for love, luck, or healing.

Faces "shining like the Sun" is a characteristic associated with the alien gods, in every corner of the world. Tuatha de Danaan were described, as the shining ones, and some of them were opalescent and seemed to lit up by a light within themselves. The Tuatha de Danaan will always be remembered for their magical powers and supernatural objects, which they brought with them to Ireland.

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These alien gods were in possession of many high-tech devices. Ancient sources tell us that they could transform objects and persons with help of the Magical Rod. On the Mound of Tara, they placed the Lia Fail, the Stone of Destiny, which roared by the election of the rightful king.

Lugh owned an invisible sword that ensured victory for anyone who fought with it. The Cauldron of Dagda was a vessel, which could feed a host of men without ever being emptied. The alien gods had a boat named Ocean-sweeper. It sailed without a sail and obeyed the thought of it sailor.

Four cycles of Celtic mythology

The steed Aonbarr must have been a flying machine, since it could travel over land and sea. Despite their advanced technology, the Tuatha de Danaan seemed to fear a threat from the skies. Was Conn keeping an eye on meteorites, comets, and asteroids or was he guarding the island from alien sky visitors?

As mentioned earlier, the Tuatha de Danaan were legendary magicians and the Druids adopted much of the Irish gods' secret wisdom. The Tuatha de Danaan were excellent experts on medicine. They could heal any wound and cure every disease by giving the person a special drink. They were skilled in hypnotism and could interpret dreams and omens. As all other gods across the world, Tuatha de Danaan could soar the skies by the aid of magical wings. They were very artistic and highly intelligent. The saying "Wise as the Tuatha de Danaans" can still be heard sometimes in the southern parts of Ireland.

So, what happened to these remarkable individuals? Were did they go after the Mileans defeated them? According to some legends, the Tuatha de Danaan never left Ireland. It is believed that they sought refuge in subterranean palaces. So to prevent this from happening and his daughter from having children he locks her in a tower on the island of Toraigh. The prophesy told to Balor that he would be killed by his grandson comes to pass. Lugh kills Balor and one legend tells that when Balor was killed, he fell face first into the ground. Then his deadly eye burned a hole into the earth.

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Its main source is in Tobermaing and has a length of about In medieval Irish legend he succeeded the previous king, Eochaid Faebar Glas, after killing him in the battle of Carman. The 87 mile kilometre long River Nore is located in south-east of Ireland. The mountain, according to local legend, got its name because the devil took a bite out of it. The River Nore passes through some very important historical sites. There is archaeological evidence in the area dating to the Bronze Age.

An urn-burial found in Moyne Estate dates to about — BC. There are a number of ring forts in a land that in pre-history was part of the kingdom of Ossory Osraige. The fort is strategically placed to control an important crossing point on the Nore. Tailtiu is the name of a goddess from Irish mythology whose name is linked to Teltown Tailtinin a townland in Co. Legend has it that Eireamhon eventually became the High King of Ireland. Onwards to Kilkenny Cill Chainnighis a the town and surrounding area that has many historic buildings.

Prehistoric activity points to settlement in the area in the Mesolithic and Bronze Age. The Kings of Ossory had residence around Cill Chainnigh. The first bridge was built here across the Nore in and dedicated to the saint. At about miles The river, as with some others in Ireland is associated with a goddess.

Magic and mystery of Ireland’s rivers

Similar to other such myths the Shannon has a goddess that drowned in its waters. Also in common with others the goddess then merges into the river and becomes the very essence of it and gives it her name. This is the the well of wisdom associated with the Celtic Otherworld. The story is very similar to that of the goddess Boann who created the River Boyne after she went to the magical Well to taste the water.

Sionann also went to Connla's Well to find wisdom, despite being warned not to approach it. In some sources she is said to have caught and ate the Salmon of Wisdom who swam in the well. However, the well then burst into a torrent, forming the river, then drowning Sionann and carrying her out to sea.

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The river was said to have been cursed by St Faber. Saint Faber or St Feadhbar had a pet deer which carried her sacred books. One day the deer was harassed by some hunting hounds and jumped into the Sillees River ruining St Fabers books. The saint then placed a curse on the river making it run backwards. After which the Sillees river, which had once flowed from Boho towards the sea, changed route going instead towards upper Lough Erne.

With the rainwater collecting in a stone's hollow having healing properties. The River Suir flows for a distance of miles kilometres.

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The kingdom was home to the Osraige people, which is thought to have existed from around the first century until the 12 century Norman arrival in Ireland. Started in , the Custom House took ten years to complete. Amongst the many sculptures and coats-of-arms on the exterior of the building is a carved series of sculpted keystones symbolising the rivers of Ireland. The River Swilly rises near the mountains of Glendore and flows for about 26 miles Saint Columba, it seems, was no stranger to dealing with river and lake monsters. He is credited with spreading Christianity in Scotland and during this period came across the elusive Loch Ness Monster.

He met a group of people burying a man by the River Ness during his journey through the lands of the Picts.

Myth and Magic: An Introduction to the Study of Irish Folklore and Mythology

In this story Columba sent his follower Luigne moccu Min to swim across the river. When the beast came after him, Columba made the sign of the cross and ordered the beast to leave and the monster fled. Get dates and venues. Find places to visit. Reconnect with your Celtic heritage. Skip to main content. Transceltic - Home of the Celtic nations. Search form Search. Visit us on Facebook facebook. And on Twitter twitter. Submitted by Eibhlin O'Neill on February 24, - am. Birch […]. Ireland is a truly ancient land awash with mystery and myth, spellbinding beauty, and fascinating stories.

One of the most intriguing mysteries of all to be found in this enchanting country of legend and lore, is the enigmatic and powerful ogham system. This age-old code of perpendicular and intersecting lines best-known for their linkage […].

Magic and mystery of Ireland’s rivers | Transceltic - Home of the Celtic nations

The Celtic tree of life or Crann Bethadh was a hugely significant symbol in ancient Celtic tradition. Among its many meanings, one of its most beautiful is how it is said to symbolize the interconnectedness of life… The Crann Bethadh, Celtic Tree of Life, symbolises the interconnectedness of life …With its branches stretching high […].

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