Cinderella Syndrome

Cinderella Syndrome
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Counseling patients on the importance of adequate sleep hygiene and alcohol restriction is an important part of the management strategy for patients with JME. However, information is lacking on how these lifestyle restrictions impact on patients with JME. We conducted a qualitative descriptive analysis of the social impact of JME on 12 patients, from their own perspective. We identified four prominent themes: the importance of alcohol use as a social "norm", how JME affected relationships, decision making risk versus consequences , and knowledge imparting control.

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Given that these restrictions were interpreted by patients as social "curfews", we suggest that the term "Cinderella Syndrome" encapsulates the perceived imperative to be home before midnight. Society perpetuates women to think that they need to depend on men.

Girls are brought up to think that they need the ideal man to make their life better and without one they should feel afraid and unprotected. For example, there is a spider on the kitchen floor and mom screams and waits for dad to come and save the day. Girls are taught at a young age that men are their protectors and will save them from the scary things that reality holds in store. Cinderella meets Prince Charming.

The Cinderella Complex is also an escape from responsibilities. Women are taught that men will swoop in and save the day, they can escape all types of responsibilities financially, emotionally and physically. One day a man will take care of all of their needs there will be no reason to work anymore.

This is not reality, but a fantasy. Primary issues when it comes to dealing with achievement are confidence and low self-esteem. There is a lack of confidence in completing tasks. It is less likely for a woman to actively participate when there is someone else who can help.

The Cinderella Complex

Women are more wary of their actions rather than confident in their decisions. The lack of independence and low self-image leads women to think they need to depend on men to make them happy and supportive. Unfortunately, the larger issues behind the Cinderella Complex include societal norms and parenting styles. This leads women to constantly underestimate and not feel confident in their own abilities.

The Cinderella Syndrome Isn't Just For Girls

There is a part of women who are dependent that is buried deep within installed during infancy. This affects how women think, act and speak in all women to some varying degree conscious or otherwise. When the wife asks her husband for money to buy something or the career woman double checking with their male co-worker if their work is correct.

It is less common for women to use declarative statements when they speak.

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The Cinderella complex was first described by Colette Dowling, who wrote a book on women's fear of independence – an unconscious desire to be taken care of. This article is adapted from ''The Cinderella Complex: Women's Hidden Fear of Independence,'' by Colette Dowling, to be published in May by.

This type of language disparity does not only reflect the power differences between men and women but it also can create them as well. The rising number of women working has been correlated with the increase of deteriorating marriages. The notion that women have the option not to work leads to women thinking of work as a temporary thing. The Cinderella Complex kicks in the women think that someday they will be supported and will not have to work.

Why is the Cinderella Complex negative?

This could be anything from types of cars, a number of vacations, the frequency of going out to eat, and helping with the children. The Cinderella Complex inhibits women to my their own choices and be independent. Do not worry, there is some hope to getting rid of the Cinderella Complex.

It starts with parenting. Raising children to believe that women are multifaceted beings that can do anything they want and do not need to depend on others to make them happy.

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To instill that independence is something that should be valued and when given the opportunity to take initiative. Encouraging girls at a young age to take responsibility and solve their own problems rather than relying on others. Everyone deserves their own happy ending and sometimes that does not include prince charming at all. Today more than ever, society is moving towards accepting all and being kind to one another.

But there is still a reluctance of women to be fully independent and to portray this independence. Independence is stuck in the belief of feminine identity.

What is the Cinderella Complex?

What femininity is and what it is not. The fear of being independent largely comes from the fear of the loss of femininity. Women are now trying to find their own balance between dependency and independence. It is that friend who acts dumb when a man walks in the room and they pretend that she does not know how to play pool when she is very well capable of doing this on her own.

Do You Have 'Cinderella Syndrome'? Here Are The 5 Signs! | Soul and Spirit

Why has it become that women can only be one or another? If a woman is pretty and smart, she is hated by both men and women: women are jealous and men are intimidated.

Women continue to devalue themselves to make others feel better. The more successful a woman is the more she feels like she needs to overcompensate to prove her femininity.