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Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Publish Your Book to Kindle in Minutes file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also you can download or read online all Book PDF file that related with Publish Your Book to Kindle in Minutes book. Happy reading Publish Your Book to Kindle in Minutes Bookeveryone. Download file Free Book PDF Publish Your Book to Kindle in Minutes at Complete PDF Library. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Here is The CompletePDF Book Library. It's free to register here to get Book file PDF Publish Your Book to Kindle in Minutes Pocket Guide. Your book will be judged by your cover, so we do recommend investing a few bucks to have a pro design it for you. This program started on July 1st. Apparently, and in general terms, this should be better for most long books and probably worse for shorter books. MathJax is a JavaScript display engine that translates mathematical markup into high resolution, accessible equations that can render in any supported book format on Pressbooks.

Equations in exported formats will also display in SVG, or scalable vector graphic format, meaning. Read More. All current and future PressbooksEDU network managers will be invited to connect, interact, and share ideas with others in similar roles in this forum. Our decision to create this new community space. Although Harry Potter is on the cover, he is stylized and cartooned. I love the title but I agree that the cover is weak.

Is that what you meant to have in there? I suspect not. In the first three or four paragraphs, I found at least three grammatical errors. Great content poorly crafted will not sell. The problem with self publishing is that anyone can and does publish. It enables junk to muddy the waters. Maybe you can, but you need an editor. Consider this — even Hemingway had an editor, right? The cover is really quite off-putting. How many summers did you have in Brooklyn per year?

I would highly suggest checking sites like elance. This may set you back one or two thousand dollars, but it will be money well spent if this book means that much to you. Hi WJ, Just downloaded your book. I look forward to reading it! Best of luck with the sales and hope to see your next work soon. I also see that your book is 57 pages. Would appreciate your thoughts! Hey Dylan, good question. The only problem is that it was too short. Not too short for the price, not too short for the plot. For your sequel, I think a 50 page goal would be totally acceptable!

Hi WJ. Thanks again! Are most books on kindle pages? Thanks for the article. I just finished my 1st book promo, well, my 1st everything. Newbie alert! So I quickly scheduled a 5 day promo, four days out and went to work. In hindsight, maybe a mistake, but I was excited. Additionally, it seems as though every time I want to make a change to my book s by way of KDP — no matter how big or small — they take my book down, put it in pending status, and I have to wait for it to go back live.

I guess I need to have faith in your strategy and offer my new work, A Broken Rose, for free for a day or two and see what happens. Hey Drew, Agree, it would be good if Amazon had some more detailed metrics. Yes I find them to be inefficient in regards to having an effective site — I can never remember how to get into Kindle so fish round in old emails forever.

Thanks so much. Your information is valuable. I am new at this but very enthusiastic and excited about our book. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Our book is about Golf Long Driving. It is called Long And Straight. Hi Ray, Thanks for writing in. Glad you found the article helpful — best of luck with the book.

You must be killing it on the golf course! I just wanted to thank you for this.

I did this for a period of 3 days and I got over 1, downloads. Sales have gone up since then. I do no less than 30 sales per week of my book Groupie Chronicles since the free promo. Thank you.!!! These are very good tips for publishing your ebook with Amazon. I have a problem and infact need help from anyone. I have 2 books published on Amazon. The first book is on Google first page for its keyword,but it does not make any sales. The second book is also on Google second page for its keyword and making sales slowly. Can someone tell me the short fall of the first book? Thank you. Instead you put a link to a fat burning ad.

I for one enjoy it when new authors put links to their E-published content. Or are at least interested in the self publishing world. I think we all do. Or whatever it is you just did. Hello just curious but What are the legal impilcations if your book mentions real life places e. New York, public hoildays or your version of the men in black. No not the movie. Type of thing. I really want to get my books out there!

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Hey Sez! In your Amazon Author Dashboard, go to Bookshelf. Once your book is enrolled in KDP Select and is available for sale on our website, you will be able to schedule free book promotions in two ways:. The Promotions Manager will allow you to schedule one or more free promotions, edit or delete a scheduled free promotion, or stop an ongoing free promotion. If you choose to stop an ongoing promotion, it can take from a few minutes to several hours for the action to take effect. Thank you so much, WJ Davies. I knew I was being a complete idiot.

Thanks ever so much for the advice. Am still in the free promotion phase but doing really well so far, currently 36th in the Suspense Free downloads list. Think this has a lot to do with some of the things you mention in your article. Waiting to see what will happen on Friday when it goes back to priced.

Cheers for the guidance. Am now eagerly working on my follow-up novels which I have been jotting for ages! Hey, thanks for your blog post, it was very useful to read through, a great checklist! I can only see the paid on KDP. Where do I get this info? I can certainly vouch for using KDP Select to boost sales. I had five and a half thousand downloads by the end of Sunday and the book stayed at No.

That was incredible. That is an awesome reaction to your free promotion. I published my very adorable if I do say so myself on KDP and then offered a free promotion for two days and only had 23 downloads. So I strongly suspect that lots of people just download free books whenever they come across them. My first promo day was done without sending a word anywere — just people saw the book and took it.

That day there were downloads, because I decided that was enough for them and stopped the promotion. Read thecreativepenn. I used 2 days from 5 promo on Amazon KDP Select, and my book Aurora: Secrets behind Reality was downloaded times with absolutely NO reviews, after that the sales went to copies a day and then 0 for the past 2 days. Oh, Debbie, I only now see that your comment was not addressed to me. Hi Marina, No problem at all. Good luck with your book and I will check out the blog you recommended anyway.

I appreciate any advice! A little late to the party but wanted to share my experience with KDP. I helped my dad publish his novel, The Runaway Kindle in December of We had a few sales but it sat languishing in the 6-figure of sales I think it was , in its category. I tried the KDP program two separate times about 4 months apart and gave away about copies which resulted in some sales — but for the most part, total sales were still in double digits.

The third time I tried it I found every free announcement site on the web including Twitter and Facebook. I made my announcements a couple days previous to the launch, the day before the launch, the day of the launch, halfway through the free period and on the last day. Over 22, downloads in 5 days which resulted in over sales over the next 3 months and 30 pretty positive reviews.

Run your campaign towards the beginning of the month so you can capture the sales during that month. The beauty of the program is that you can do it every 90 days. I just consider these quarterly sales numbers. One other thing I should add: My most success came with starting a 5-day campaign on a Saturday and wrapping it up on the following Wednesday. Horrible download numbers around holidays. Could you please clarify my doubt? Not quite. Same royalties as described in the post from Amazon.

How long do you normally have to wait to get sales going up? Here is my question I am self publishing using create space are you telling me that the only way to get on K-amazon is to not allow create space to sell any books of mines? And neither can any of you keep pushing until something happens good luck fellow Authors its your year. Good to hear about your book coming out. Best of luck with it. This is an awesome post! Or it was listed there as well after the KDP Promotion ended? Free downloads count towards that list, as do paid.

So some people will see you at the top of those lists regardless of whether free or paid. It did slowly go down again after the big rush, but you do get some time at the top which also increases cross-sells. Thank you for the post. Your post contained some useful information. Good to hear about your book. I wrote my book in MS Word, and then spent the 6 hours or so massaging the styles.

The DIY differentiator

One other thing you could consider is: there are people who run small businesses specialising in Kindle formatting. If you wanted, you could outsource that part: give them your current unformatted manuscript, pay them a bit, and get back a Kindle-ready manuscript in return. Thanks a lot for the great advice! Love your idea of going free for awhile. I am new to Kindle. Immediately after publishing, i enrolled 5 days free promotion. But still didnt see any sales. Is it a wrong step? How Kindle readers will come to know about my book? I just published my first book and was going to run a free promo on it.

Did any one here have reviews already before they ran their promos? Many thanks. I had two reviews when I did my first giveaway. By the time I did my third and figured out how to do it right I had two dozen reviews. Thanks Jay. Thanks ever so! The point of the promo is to get the reviews.

I got a couple out of the promos. Best of luck! I took your advice and I got downloads from zero in the previous week! Then it went back to zero! Funny thing is the folks who have read it tell me they were splitting their sides laughing…. Great stuff here! Just wanted to add a word of warning that I learned the hard way today : If you edit your book after your free period or anytime, I suppose , you will lose your rankings in all categories! I had close to 2, free downloads and I was 1 in one category and 3 in another. But, after the free download period, I added in a bonus chapter that some customers were asking about.

After my book was re-uploaded, ALL of my rankings went away. Interesting note there about changing content and influence on sales. I noticed that if you change catagory mid promotion then you can suddenly lose ranking position big time! Just an extra note, I saw an article earlier about setting up a Facebook fan page. It is a work in progress but any comments and suggestions welcome.

Hey Michael, Great to know. That happened to me too!! I went ahead and ran my KDP promo and announced it beforehand, as Jay suggested. I think I was a little too tentative. Many thanks Tristan, It is a bit strange having the real thing here. I figured if I was going to have a stab at it then I may as well put the effort in. Even if it all fails, I have a physical copy. I have read these comments here with interest and have now tried to follow your advice, but I am not sure it worked out so well, so therefore I ask about an honest feedback.

I have just published a Kindle with essays made from interviews with muslim women on equality. I had five days promotion and I had only downloads. There were 6, free downloads , Nov , with most of them in the first three days. It does work. Now I want to do two days free on my sequel, but I changed internet providers in December and lost all my files on advertising.

I think they really help. I have a promo period coming up in june so I would be very interested in learning more. This is a great article. Hello everyone. I have read all of the comments here and found it to be very insightful. I joined KDP on August 12, and immediately used the 5 day free promotion.

I let everyone on my contact lists on my cellphone and FB know it would be Free.

How to Publish Your Book on Amazon Today

I had about downloads during that Free Trial. After the trial ended I had about 20 sales, but I was excited to have any at all being an unknown author. Suddenly my book was ranked at 6, I had about downloads and more international sales and downloads. I eventually re-edited my book and re-released 2 editions, a short-version which is 64 pages and a longer version which is 95 pages. I now have 11 reviews and many people who have emailed me, texted,tweeted and LinkedIn me stating they will be posting more reviews.

I also changed the cover. I am currently in a Free trial with a steady download of about per day from every country except Italy and whatever BR is. Now it is in the proper category of Romance, adult, thriller and inspite the increased number of downloads the books have never been rated higher than in the Kindle store during the Free trial. I would love some constructive advice as to what I can do to increase my sales and I appreciate your input in this forum.

You don’t want to learn new tricks, you just want to publish your book

Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is a fast, easy and free way for authors Publishing takes less than 5 minutes and your book appears on Kindle stores. Now you've decided to self-publish your book on KDP, which lets you publish both . Set up your book in minutes, and it will appear on Kindle stores worldwide.

I love this article, very insightful. I have written 3 full novels over the last 2 years and am planning on publishing them on amazon soon, once I get over the nervous knots.. I write under different pen names. Would I have to open a new account for each name? You could try pinging Amazon an email. I have just one KDP account in my real name and that works fine in terms of admin, royalties etc.

Update, I am at the end of day 1 of a 72 hour promotion. I agree with you on enrolling with KDP. My cousin has a self book titled Ignite your life.

How to Publish a Book on Kindle Direct Publishing 2019 - Amazon - Full Tutorial

It has been downloader , in just one day! But here again, its all about quality. Just a quick update. Some great advise in here! How do you convert good free downloads to sales??? Hi Danielle, Glad you liked the article. Good numbers on the downloads! Couple of things: — If you can convert some of those free downloads into reviews, that will likely help your sales e.

This can turn into further sales as well. Thanks for your advice. Any recommendations would be welcome. Can you give me any pointers as to the best way to format it through Microsoft word? Also, as I was writing my draft I added a line of dashes to separate each section. This created one solid black line that I cannot get rid of!

Do have any idea how to get rid of this? Oh, the joys of formatting for Kindle! Kindle publishing pro is what you can use. I got it cheap last year. Very interesting article! I think my Nook sales are literally 1.

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  • The fine print?

Have you tried anything like that? Obviously, you have an active blog community, so that may end up being kind of the same thing! I did release a couple of snippets on the blog — chapter excerpts from time-to-time, and also the table of contents and sample chapter. Definitely worth a shot! However, sales on Smashwords are a small percentage of my amazon. Hi Tristan, Is this only available for self published authors? It is also available for sale on Barnes and Nobles, and Warren Publishing. I am a bit disappointed with the lack of exposure and only a handful of reviews.

Thanking you in advance for your time and advice. Warm Regards, Donna. Hi Donna, Understandable. Perhaps this could be a question for your publisher? Maybe there is something else wrong with my book?

How to Publish Your eBook from Word to Kindle in under Ten Minutes

Thanks for taking a peek if you have the time. I loved any advise at this point. Do you think I should wait until book two is complete to put in Select? Hello Tristan, Thanks for the great article. We were thinking of handing out bookmarks with a QR code linking to the website. Curious to know how else folks promote kindle books in person. There are some good other suggestions in the comments on this post — perhaps they can help. This used to be the key, but not anymore, because Amazon changed the weight a free book has in the ranking algorithm. I would be surprised if it worked for a brand new fiction book anymore because though the ratings peak while free, they plummet as soon as the freebie is over, so the follow on sales are virtually non-existent.

There is also a glut of free books so the word free does not have the same pull it once did. Even those who previously established themselves on the back of such promos are seeing less results for their giveways. Apparently you need 5, or more downloads to make it have a follow on effect.

Key benefits of using Kindle Direct Publishing

The latest word is that for most people free is dead. Readers are getting savy. Hello — really enjoyed your article, thanks for the advice! Soooooo, I put my book up on Amazon today for free. My downloads as of this evening: 29, Holy cow… my question is — really I just need your opinion — Should I keep up with the momentum?

I have the free downloads set up until Tuesday… should I stop it? But freaking out a little too. I hope it means sales! Sincerely, Kerrie L. Brilliant article on how to use the KDP Select programme. Awesome article!

A guide on how to publish a book on Amazon

I really do recommend doing promotions but you do need a tool to let the public know. You really can do it! Are Kindle and Amazon one and the same? In other words: Amazon is a massive giant, selling almost anything you can think of. The Kindle is a hard-goods product, their e-reader.

Real life experience is always the best. I have followed every step of your advice and removed my book from Smashwords and enrolled in KDP select. I will post progress and share my experience if folk are interested. Hi Tristan, Great article. I have 12 ebooks on kindle and this my first KDP select experiment with a free book.

The 5 day period has almost expired with over free. I wait with baited breath to see if people buy when the freeby time expires. Will keep your readers posted. Great to hear about that. Hi Tristan! Excellent article! Very informative and helpful! Good work on the launch. So, if I am to price my e-book at 1. Did I get this right? Hi Ramz — correct. Cheers Tristan. Hi Richard, Good work on getting it out there! Yes — you can offer it for free, then change the price as needed, through your KDP dashboard.

This is a very helpful article and the benefits of placing your book in Amazon KDP However, you can get a lot more downloads if you submit your book to the book promotion sites that will promote it for free. How long is the exclusivity period for? Best to check their terms. Great article. Thanks for the advice! I enrolled in KDP Select, making my book free for two days. Hi Graeme, Glad you liked the article. I did include one footnote attribution for a name I linked to, and I purchased the front cover image, which gave me a license of up to , copies.

Thanks so much for a wonderful article. I read it just prior to releasing my Kindle book, Nicole Benson. Thanks again for the great info! Keep up the good work and continued success. Tristan, wow. I am impressed at your statistics. I, like a few here, have just put my first book up on Amazon. Being a woman I found it scarier than I could have believed. You say you took 9 months to get to the publish button well how about 30 years? I know, I know, but my life has been so busy and I was lucky my personal publisher Brian did everything you did and that was why our results are better than we expected.

Great reading others like yourself find this a little difficult but exciting too. I think my nest book will go easier now. Thanks for the kind words! Best of luck, Tristan. Great article, my friend took your advice and sold over copies in four days. Her book is After the storms by Rauzet moustache. Hi Cotney, Woohoo!

That is great. Well done and glad you liked the article. Thanks so much for the advice, Tristan! I published my first ebook about three weeks ago and sold about 20 copies. I posted it for free on KDP one day ago and have had nearly downloads thus far! Thanks again. Hi all, Thought I might quickly update on recent experiments using social media to spread awareness about my novel. All in all, I have had some additional sales, nothing mega.

Am more concerned with getting the follow-up novels sorted out otherwise I am going to end up losing my current fan base! It is also a great place to get new ideas and network with fantastic cover artists, editors, promoters, etc. Running the FB group page also tells me how many people have seen my various status updates. Although only 78 have liked my page, I know that several hundred have seen various updates. There are people on there who are genuinely trying to help other authors with advice and even the opportunity to have their books listed.

However, I have found the majority of people are using the forum to promote their novels with frankly underwhelming ads and they wonder why their books are not selling. They are actually trying to convince other authors to buy their books. Twitter is an excellent way of spreading the word also. How long should I wait before offering it on promotion as a free download?

Should I offer it free straight away? Grateful for any advice. Boring disclaimer: Your mileage may vary..

2. Decide Whether to Enroll in KDP Select

During that time, it appears on sales pages on Amazon. Publish your book on KDP. I am dumbfounded why. Highly recommend anyone considering publishing check it out:. CreateSpace Indie print publishing made easy. Actually read them here first.

Even just for one, day, then split out the other days. Thank you VERY much! Hi Tristan — I was wondering if you know of a way you can give free books on Kindle using a specific one-use coupon. Best to check with Amazon on that. Nice article! I have a few Kindle Books on Amazon and am wondering if you know how I can check the numbers that have been downloaded for free on amazon prime? I figure they must be getting downloaded because a couple on my books are in the top in a couple of different categories. Appreciate any insight that you may have on this. I am going to try your advice.

I have had my book on Amazon for 2 months and have not tried the free promotion. I used Google Trends to identify the most-searched-for languages, and used that in my keywords. You could try the same for your niche. Your book will appear in the Kindle Store within about a day and be available to people all around the world. Follow these steps below, and you will have self-published your own book by the end of today. To get started, first create an account with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. Or simply sign in if you already have one. Then, visit your Dashboard. I do this with all my books and have seen great benefits.

It enables me to offer my book for free for a selected period after publishing, which encourages Amazon to promote it further and helps me build my email list. You can learn more about KDP Select here. Enter in your book name and subtitle. Tell your readers what your book is about so they know what they will get out of reading it. For bonus points, use keywords that your readers are searching for to increase your chances of being found.

Here are 5 more tips for naming your book. Make sure it is well written , interesting and informative enough to give your readers a good idea of what your book is about. You can use some HTML to make your description more engaging. This can be a pen name if you like.