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May 20, Comments Off on A fresh glimpse into the untold story of the hunger strike. A fresh glimpse into the untold story of the hunger strike The hunger strike still divides opinion after almost 30 years. Brian Rowan believes a conference in Londonderry on Saturday may hold some of the answers Wednesday, 20 May The source who spoke to the Belfast Telegraph has considerable knowledge of the Mountain Climber initiative in the summer of — an initiative linked to the republican hunger strike.

David Beresford in the hunger strike book Ten Men Dead wrote where it was at. Nothing was ever communicated on paper to the IRA. The source describes the period as the Thatcher era — long before the British and the IRA began to think and talk about peace. Thatcher was thinking about hammering them the IRA. There are those who think that Brendan Duddy may be able to help with some of the answers, and this Saturday he will speak in a hunger strike debate in his home city of Derry.

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He was the key link in the Mountain Climber chain and he believes the continuing row over the hunger strike is being fought outside all the emotion and the complexities and the doubts of Duddy is on the record saying he spent every hour of every day trying to save the lives of the hunger strikers.

He is a lifelong pacifist who wanted the deaths within the prison to stop and the killings outside the prison to stop. His mission — even back then — was to develop a peace process and achieve a dialogue between the British and Irish. During the Mountain Climber initiative Duddy was speaking to a representative of the British Government.

Duddy believes this played into their thinking in the summer of the following year. And he agrees with those, including a former woman prisoner in Armagh Jail who recently wrote to a Belfast newspaper to highlight the difference between an offer and a deal. Ten men died in the prison battle. Could things have been different? Almost 30 years on the argument continues.

Almost three decades later the story of the hunger strike has not faded.

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It is still being debated and argued and fought over by some who were part of it and others who were not. Grid Focus by Derek Punsalan 5thirtyone.

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Feile Belfast. After meeting Morrison, McFarlane met the hunger strikers. McFarlane: Key Dates — born Belfast. Sometimes Rowan trees even sprout in the crevices of roots and bark of other trees. Rowan is a very widespread tree thriving in the cooler climates of North America, Northern Europe, and the mountains of Southern Europe, Scandinavia and Southwest Asia.

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I have lived a life of dreams, of looking over the horizon and imagining what lies beyond, always hopeful, always willing to take that first step into the next. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. I have lived a life of dreams, of looking over the horizon 'Rowan' Lady of the Mountain: Celtic Cup of Truth Kindle Edition.

The many different varieties of Rowan lead this tree to have many names, and many different cultivars and variations. They have differences in the size of leaf, flower and berry, and have differences in berry color anything from red, orange, yellow to white. Many, especially those of the Asian varieties are cultivated strictly for their beauty and for the birds they attract.

Rowan and its family members make great ornamental trees; they work very well in a landscape and produce year round interest. With their clumps of flowers in Spring, bright green foliage in Summer, berries and golden to scarlet foliage in Autumn, and gray bark and bright red berries in Winter. Bird catchers would tie Rowan berries to their nets to lure and capture these birds. Many birds are frequently seen feasting on the berries these birds include, blackbirds, finches, mistle-thrush, cedar waxwings, grosbeaks, grouse and starlings to name a few. Raccoons, and bears and other climbing animals go out of their way to reach these berries.

Others still, deer and hares consume their leaves.

Though not particularly attractive to most insects there are those mostly the larvae of several leaf mining moths that feed on their leaves and larvae of the apple fruit moth are frequently found in its berries. Certain beetles are known to feed on its flowers and snails also enjoy feasting on the leaves of this tree. In Scandinavian myth the first women was created from the Rowan tree, while the first man was created from the Ash tree.

In Greek mythology Rowan was said to have sprouted from the blood of a sacred eagle sent by Zeus to recover the cup of the Gods. The Goddess Hebe in a moment of carelessness lost her magick chalice which was quickly picked up by demons.

Under a Full Moon: Rowan Moon

This cup provided the Gods with the rejuvenating ambrosia. The Gods decided to send an eagle to recover the cup.

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In Finnish mythology Rowan plays an important role in their creation myth. The Earth was barren and devoid of any plant life when the Goddess Rauni came down in the form of a Rowan tree and after Rauni coupled with the God Ukko, the God of thunder, he struck the mighty Rowan tree with a magickal bolt of lightning, thus giving birth to all the plant life on Earth.

The mother can feel every flutter and kick, every light, slight, barely disguisable movement of life growing and becoming. Some stubborn seeds have already begun sprouting and the fragile leaves of perennial herbs are breaking the frozen ground. The sword like leaves of bulbs is bursting forth. Flocks of birds are beginning to return to their Spring homes and small starlings and sparrows are out in swarms searching for food.

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All of life is in a transition, antsy, filled up with pent up energy, full of hopes and dreams and plans. All are preparing for Spring. And though it may seem slight and slow, too slow from those who have finally begun waking it is steady and signs can be seen everywhere. One myth of the Rowan tree is that it was brought to Earth by the Tuatha De Danaan and that it is especially revered and guarded by the Gods.

Rowan is a sacred tree of the Druids and a sacred tree of the Goddess Brighid. You can also see the Rowan as a representation of all three stages of the Goddess, the Maiden with her white flowers, the Mother with her blood red berries, the Crone with its gray barren bark. Use Rowan to connect with the energy of the Goddess, especially the active, fiery, Goddess energy, of the heart from which all life comes from. Use this month to connect with the Goddess Brighid to work on artistic endeavors, write poetry, paint a painting, sing a song, compose a piece of music, decorate, and craft.

Use Rowan when you are struck to inspire, and enhance your creativity. You can also begin to more actively reach towards your goals. Also, use this time, to wake up, to revive, to prepare, clean, and purify. Let go of the old and invigorate yourself, let the light of Brighid into your soul.

This is a good time for study, and is a good time to begin a new path or to perform a self initiation, or to join, or create a new group or working. Some see this tree as not particularly feminine but as a more masculine tree, because it is so solar and its energy so active. Many gods are associated with this tree, the Dagda, Lugh and Thor are among these deities, and one may wish to work with these deities as well. Rowan has a strong association with eyes. Rowan is both used as a both as a remedy for tired over worked eyes, and a relief for more serious eye conditions like glaucoma and for opening of the inner third eye of intuition.

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Rowan is a good tree to use for all types of divination. Ogham sticks as well, as Norse runic symbols are often carved from this wood. Burning Rowan is said to enhance ones ability to divine and is said to produce ecstatic trance. Rowan is said to guard the gates of the Otherworld and is said to have a strong connection to the ancestors.

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Rowan is planted in church yards and graveyards for protection for the spirits who resided their and for protection against wandering and restless spirits, witches, the evil eye and even Satan himself. Rowan has also been used as a dowsing rod, but instead of finding water it was used to find precious metals. Rowan strengthens your intuition and helps you see through the false glamour of those who would wish to manipulate or mislead you.

It helps you see through the games of others, giving you true insight into people and allowing you to both remove the rose colored glasses of self deception and protects you from the nagging self doubt, worry and other obsessive thoughts that may be holding you back. Rowan also helps you resist temptations and helps you get away from anything that is distracting you or holding you back. Rowan is a good wood for use in the recovery of drug and alcohol abuse, or for those recovering from addictive and abusive relationships.

Rowan also offers the protection of the sovereign and solider, whose long bows are arched and ready to fire in defense of you. Baby cradles and cribs were often made of Rowan believing it would protect the infant from harm and from being stolen away by the fey.

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This tradition can be carried out in modern rituals by placing a sprig, charm or piece or Rowan in your vehicle, possibly right next to your GPS. Rowan has long been a symbol of authority, Romans used to carry Rowan as a symbol of power and statehood. Planting Rowan anywhere on your property was said to protect it and those who inhabit it.

Rowan is also the protective mother of dairy cows and livestock. Many charms were made from its berries and wood and hung on barns for protection. Smaller livestock animals like sheep were driven though large hoops of Rowan for protection. You can make wreathes, ornaments and arrangements of Rowan and hang them among your house, you can create the old charm of an equal armed cross made of Rowan tied together with red string. You can carry a piece of its wood, or berries as a talisman and make necklaces with its berries.