The Army of Truth: Selected Poems

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Kundrecensioner The barley in the croppies' pockets was to have been their food. Hughes's father and uncle fought in the Great War and one senses their shadowy presence behind this elegy for those who did not survive it as they did. Focusing on Platform One's larger-than-life bronze statue in Paddington station, his imagination travels from a peacetime present, in which holiday-bound families are "scrambling for their lives", to a past in which soldiers left that platform to scramble for their lives — and lose them — on foreign battlefields.

Many of the most moving and memorable poems to emerge from the second world war were written by Americans. Jarrell, who served in the US Army Air Corps, was concerned with victims, the most famous of whom was the subject of this poem.

To get the full force of it one needs to know that a ball turret was a plexiglass sphere set into the belly of a bomber and contained two machine guns and one small man — he had to be small. When this gunner tracked with his machine gun a fighter attacking his bomber from below, he revolved with the turret.

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The Army of Truth: Selected Poems [Henrik Wergeland, Ragnhild Galtung, Anne Born, G.M. Gathorne-Hardy, I. Grøndahl, Dagne Groven Myhren] on. The Army of Truth: Selected Poems: In the historic fight to obtain equal rights for Jews in nineteenth-century Norway (): Henrik.

Hunched upside down in his little sphere, he looked like a foetus in a womb. Jarrell's gunner wakens from a dream of life to the reality of death: "'When I died they washed me out of the turret with a hose. The Battle of Maldon Anonymous An early battle poem written in Old English, this gives a vivid and poignant account of the last stand of Anglo-Saxon warriors against a troop of Viking invaders, and includes a classic articulation of the heroic code.

A. E. Housman - Selected Poems

The Charge of the Light Brigade by Alfred Lord Tennyson Tennyson didn't see the British cavalry charge against Russian artillery in the Crimean war — other than with his mind's eye — but his lifelong absorption in Arthurian legend and chivalry enabled him to take his place, imaginatively, with the "Noble six hundred".

Drummer Hodge by Thomas Hardy In the 50 years between the writing of Tennyson's Charge', and this heart-wrenching poem of Hardy's, the new "humane" tradition had come to challenge nine centuries of the old "heroic" one. Christ and the Soldier by Siegfried Sassoon On 1 July , Sassoon saw the carnage of the opening of the Battle of the Somme and, a month later, wrote this brilliant but savagely anti-Christian poem which, significantly, he never published.

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Strange Meeting by Wilfred Owen Not the most flawless of Owen's poems, but the most visionary, this reaches back to the heroic epics of Homer and Virgil and forward to voice in its last lines a compassionate humanity in striking contrast to the last speech of Byrhtnoth, the doomed warrior in The Battle of Maldon. Aristocrats by Keith Douglas This fine elegy for fellow officers killed in the Battle of El Alamein again acknowledges both ancient and modern traditions of war poetry.

Requiem for the Croppies by Seamus Heaney The 20th-century Nobel prize-winning Irish poet gives a voice to his voiceless peasant countrymen massacred in the rebellion against the British.

The Army of Truth

Platform One by Ted Hughes Hughes's father and uncle fought in the Great War and one senses their shadowy presence behind this elegy for those who did not survive it as they did. The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner by Randall Jarrell Many of the most moving and memorable poems to emerge from the second world war were written by Americans. Topics Poetry Top 10s. Reuse this content.

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The Army of Truth: Selected Poems

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