The Brutally Honest, In-Your-Face Guide to Losing Weight

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I have no problem with either.

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Also, what if it was possible to tell the truth without even being so offensive in the first place. Basically using Baseball bat when a softer touch would have gotten the same point across? I think that characters that use brutal honesty as a defence can be very unlikeable when they're being disingenuous jerks.

For example, it seems disingenuous saying "Your soup tastes like diesel fuel mixed with dogshit" is 'honest'.

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It's not like the character has tasted that combo before I hope. It's more of a hyperbolic insult. Stories sometimes treat this as 'brutal honesty', which makes it unsympathetic to me, because it's a stretch calling it 'honest'. In other cases, it depends on the story and the writing. I think brutal honesty can actually be a good source of humour when the story treats it realistically.

I think the same goes for hyperbolic insults, when they're treated like insults or hyperbole or bluntness rather than 'honesty'. I think Brutal Honesty can be a good character trait, but it depends how realistically it's portrayed. In any group you need somebody who is willing to speak up when everybody else is ignoring the proverbial elephant in the room while it's eating the drapes and shitting on the carpet.

Sometimes there are just things that there really is no polite way to say them. On the other hand a character who tries to use "honesty" as an excuse to be a tactless asshole should be called on it. It's just like a douchebag who always insults people or plays malicious pranks and then hides behind saying "I was only joking" to avoid a well deserved asswhooping.

Brutal honesty is okay, but yeah, I see a lot of people using it as an excuse to make total asshole characters. That's not really the point to me, and it's also tiring. The character isn't even cool or anything. I think that the intention -whether it is used dickishly or harshly-but-helpfully- depends on the character themselves. The effectiveness depends on the situation at hand. To make a probably shallow analogy: Some problems need blunt hammers, but subtle screwdrivers will be more effective in other situations. By itself though, just a trait, a tool, just like a hammer: equally effective at driving home a nail as it is at cracking a skull.

Most people say they want Brutal Honesty , but few truly mean it.

Brutally Honest

Still, it's a vital trait for the Honest Advisor , and a Reasonable Authority Figure can rapidly establish himself as such by taking such honesty in stride. And of course, brutal honesty has to be And preferably with a critical intent to help people correct or improve, not merely to torment or amuse one's self. Others may argue, but I personally think Kitchen Nightmares is a pretty good demonstration of how to do brutal honesty right in the real world. Occasionally there's some hyperbole, but mostly it's telling people what they need to know so they don't fuck themselves over.

Then the eating habits of the critic are even worse than the culinary skills of the cook? It depends for me. On one hand, when in a situation where sugary lies and all are always there to keep the peace or for some reason, being brutally honest is a trait I do like. On the other hand, characters who view themselves as people who don't sugarcoat things and say that they don't hesitate to say out the bitter truth often gives me the impression that they're just naive and trying to appear as mature and straightforward when they're not, which annoys me a whole lot.

I could have told her she was extremely overweight, and needed to diet and exercise. That would have been brutally honest.

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This guide is a brutally honest, in-your-face assessment about how to change your life and lose that weight now. If you don't want direct and honest with no bull, . You can download and read online The Brutally. Honest, In-Your-Face Guide to Losing Weight file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also. You can.

If I, instead, told her was that she needed to stop making excuses for her own bad habits, and that eating wouldn't fill the hole that her feelings of inadequacy for never making anything more of her passions than unintelligible gibberish That would have been, honestly, brutal. If the character is supposed to be sympathetic, have them be just as straightforward when saying honest, true positive things. Go to your grocery store and shop the perimeter to find all of the fresh produce and meats.

How to Lose Weight and Get More Energy in 15 Days

Buy a pan and learn to cook. Seriously, stop and go do that. Step 2: Cut Out the Alcohol We're not telling you how to live, but if you want to actually lose some weight, you need to cut out at least some alcohol. Cutting down on the amount of alcohol you consume allows you to effectively eat more.

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Take this into consideration when planning your meals. You did listen to the step above, right? Step 3: Quit Drinking Your Calories Sodas, sports drinks, sweet tea, and lemonade are all tasty over some ice. Since you are overweight, you probably don't exercise moderation, so work on cutting out as much as you can. Just like I said above, you could eat a chicken breast and a baked potato for the same amount of calories than that soda you bought at the gas station. Losing weight doesn't mean you have to stop enjoying everything in life, you just have to quit enjoying it so often.

Eating too much food is the norm. We have family gatherings that are loaded with 10 different sides, 5 desserts, and whatever Karen brought.

How a Brutal Breakup Inspired This MyFitnessPal User to Get Healthy | Inspiration | MyFitnessPal

We like to have gatherings, parties, and anything social to include food, because who doesn't like to eat? The sad truth is engorging yourself with food every meal has put you to the weight you have. You are what you eat and if you're reading this, I can't sugarcoat it because you might eat that too. So stop eating as much as you do and please follow step 1.

Step 5: Start Meal Prepping Before you start hashtagging every boiled chicken breast and broccoli meals, let's go over a few things about meal prep people really don't talk about.

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The first part of meal prep is knowing how much you can eat to get to the weight you want. Take the time to input some numbers into a TDEE calculator and be brutally honest with your activity levels.

This Brutally Honest 5-Step Guide To Losing Weight has Gone Absolutely Viral

If you are a lazy sack that comes home after work and melts into the couch to play Call of Duty, then don't say you have moderate physical activity. Once you figure out how many calories you should eat, the next step is to plan meals out. Since you've learned how to cook, now is the chance to pick out some good protein sources, find some healthy carbs, and sprinkle in some tasty nutritious fats when you can. Eating a variety of foods is ideal, but if you are only comfortable eating chicken, stick with it. Learn how to cook as you go and add dishes to your choices as you get better.

Another beverage you need to avoid is fruit juices. Though these might be from natural fruits, you are still avoid drinking these too much. Excessive Exercise is Never Ideal Bodybuilders and cross fitters may require rigorous exercises for the tasks they are usually doing. Though it is enticing to mimic these exercises, it is not highly approved by experts.

What you do need to do is be active as much as you can. People who work in an office and has not much time on hand can still be more active by going up their buildings without the need of an elevator, submit the reports personally, etc. Stay Determined, Positive and Happy If you are dedicated to losing weight, then you can face the hardest of trials on your journey.

People can fail without realizing it because they start to doubt and start to veer away from their goals. Some start to get unhappy with the slow results, but do remember that nothing happens overnight, and that patience is definitely a virtue in the road of weight loss.

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