The Spirit of Santa - How to talk to your children when they stop believing

Telling Kids the Truth About Santa
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You can read the full story here. Although many empathised with the child and his mother for how the truth was revealed, some raised the question whether at age eight, the boy should know the truth already. Told that the movies had lied. Told that the shiny new bike was not magically constructed by elves and instead was hastily put together on Christmas eve by your dad.

My two kids are aged seven and eight.

Share the real magic of Santa

They both still believe in Father Christmas. So far neither have questioned, but I suspect that will change soon. The story of St Nick is not something I have thrust upon my children. It has come part and parcel of the festivities as they have grown up. I have simply played along, albeit under sufference. The same way they learn about the nativity story. And I'm confident it wouldn't effect their love for Christmas. I wish I had told them from day one.

How to Tell Your Kids the Truth About Santa - Explaining Santa to Children

But of course, I can say all this in hindsight. When the day comes and they outright ask if he is real, I wont hesitate in telling them the truth. But I will warn them to keep it to themselves, too. They both understand that people are entitled to their own beliefs. I feel that parents should feel confidently able to tell their children the truth if and when they see fit. There is so much pressure from society to keep the truth hidden.

But by doing so, it can raise even more problems - and even more difficult questions to answer. I mean, how do you explain to your kids why little Johnny up the road has been given so much more than they have? Father Christmas is essentially an ambassador for Coca Cola. We all know that Christmas is more than just getting presents. At a risk of coming across a bit cheesy, I see it as about taking the time to see family and friends. Embracing the spirit of the season - and enjoying the amazing food that you can only get around Christmas.

I will buy my children presents and we will no doubt demolish a tin of Quality Street in front of a Christmas film on December 25 - but we wont be thanking Father Christmas for the pleasure.

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But this is just my opinion. I asked several other parents their thoughts on when they feel is the right time to tell the truth about Santa.

How to Tell Your Kids About Santa Without Breaking Their Hearts

However the general attitude is that if a child doesn't know the truth before they head off to secondary school, it might be time for the talk. Here's what they said:. Some parents like to keep the magic going for as long as possible; some believe firmly that telling untruths to children is never OK, and a few are firm believers in Santa themselves. Jo Wheatley, Netmums Associate Editor says: "Usually when kids get to the age of about 8 or 9 they start to question whether Father Christmas is real because they're simply more aware and pick up on conversations, plus it's likely they have friends with older siblings who may be telling them things!

I have a nine-year-old and am trying desperately to keep the magic of Santa alive the Santa fly-by that happens around Christmas Eve helps. So I think generally, it's a different situation for every child — but if they have younger siblings, make sure they are sensitive to this and help you to carry on the Santa tradition for them. Spending time with family and friends, warming up next to the fireplace and eating lots of good food are just a few of things we are looking forward to.


The "Santa talk" doesn't have to ruin the magic of the holidays. asked the HuffPost Parents community if they've tackled the “Santa talk” with their children. . I stopped for a second, then asked what he believed. It's up to you to believe in magic and in the spirit of giving, no matter what that looks like on. Here's how to tell a child about Santa without ruining the Christmas Take them from believing in Santa to being Santa. but an unfolding series of good deeds and Christmas spirit. This is by far the best idea I've seen about telling your kids about Santa. . Stop Making School Lunches for Your Kids!.

For many people it will also be time to start…. My daughter was probably 5 or 6 years old when she first asked.

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She was devastated. She saw Christmas wrapping paper from the prior year that I used on the Santa gifts on packages that I had wrapped and put under our tree that year. So since she was so upset, I figured that she was not quite ready to give up the idea of Santa. So I told her that Santa must have gotten wrapping paper from the same place that I did. Lol, she bought it.

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Basically sliding from the literal belief in a man who comes to deliver gifts to the understanding of the spirit of Christmas. Don't you want to start a family and have kids like you should at your age? Allow your children to be children and put your phones down for awhile and go imagine with them they are all amazing little people. We are a blended family. I would also like to see a video of Americans at a hot location boarding.

She believed for another year or so and the transition was easier the next time she asked. Lol, good thing I usually kept track of which paper was Santa and which was general wrapping paper! Who knew that she would remember! Please note, we monitor comments and it could take as much as 48 hours for your comment to appear.

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How to Ensure You Don’t Botch the “Is Santa Real?” Conversation

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