When Youre Good To Mama

When You're Good to Mama
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When You're Good to Mama Lyrics

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Third track from the Chicago soundtrack, introducing Matron Mama Morton (Queen Latifah), the. Matron Mama Morton! Cover Of When You're Good To Mama by John Kander. When You're Good To Mama Lyrics: And now, ladies and gentlemen / The Keeper of the Keys / The Countess of the Clink / The Mistress of Murderers' Row .

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When You’re Good To Mama

When You're Good to Mama. Matron Mama Morton.

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So what's the one conclusion I can bring this number to? When you're good to Mama Mama's good to you!! Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. What does this song mean to you? Katie's version And now ladies and gentlemen - the best of recess, the Countess of the singers, the mistress of them all, Avery Smith Aaron Ask any of the chickies in my pen They'll tell you I'm the biggest mother.