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11 Ways to be Popular (that most people never heard about)
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If you are in sales, the way customers feel about you, and feel when they are with you, will determine your level of sales and referrals more than any other factor.


In your personal, family and social life, learning to be more charming will make you more popular, desirable, influential and persuasive than any other quality. So how do you become a genuinely charming person? Here are five behaviors you can practice with every person to make him or her feel more important. Each person has a deep-down need to be accepted unconditionally by other people, without judgment or criticism. Just smile.

Learn the exact characteristics and behaviors that will let people like you.

Whenever you admire the possessions, traits or accomplishments of others, they automatically feel more important and valuable! Admire their homes or apartments. Admire their degrees or certificates. Whenever you compliment a person on something he or she has obviously invested time and emotion in achieving, you boost their self-image and build high self-esteem.

Give praise and approval generously, for both small and large accomplishments. Whenever you listen closely to another person when he is talking, his self-esteem goes up. Go through life looking for little opportunities to make people feel valuable and special. Smile at them as if you are glad to see them. Thank them regularly. Compliment them sincerely. Praise them lavishly. And listen to them when they speak building self-confidence and promoting high self-esteem. The Law of Indirect Effort states that you get almost everything in your relationships with others more easily by approaching them indirectly rather than directly.

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For example, if you want to impress people, the direct way of going about it is to try to convince them of your admirable qualities and accomplishments. But trying to impress another person by talking about yourself usually makes you feel a little foolish, and sometimes embarrassed.

The indirect way of impressing another person; however, is simply to be impressed by the other person. The more you are impressed by the other person, by who he or she is, or what he or she has accomplished, the more likely it is that the other person will be impressed by you. If you want to get someone interested in you, the direct way is to tell him or her all about yourself.

A Simple Popularity Technique That Always Works

Having a lot of friends can provide you with social support, help boost your mood, and reduce feelings of stress. If you want to become popular. You never know who could become a good friend. Just keep putting yourself out there. The more friends you make, the more popular you'll.

But the indirect way works better. It is simply to become interested in him or her. Being popular definitely does make it a lot easier for a guy to get laid or get a girlfriend, because women are naturally attracted to guys who are liked by others.

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When interacting with women, he can attract women with his confidence, masculine vibe, humor and charm. As you will discover from the video above, a guy can be popular with women without having to be popular with loads of other people first.

Hi, I’m Jeff. Can I send you something?

Becoming more popular with people and women essentially comes back to your belief in yourself as being good enough. For example: An insecure guy who is trying to become more popular, might make some of the following mistakes:. Some guys become social conformists and people pleasers in the hope that if they just do whatever people want them to do, they will be liked because they are so agreeable. Guys like that will do anything that popular people ask them to do, so that they can hopefully fit in with the cool crowd. Unfortunately, no matter how much they try to fit in and no matter how much they do to suck up to the popular people, it never seems to be enough and they always find themselves on the outside looking in.

In an attempt to be liked, insecure guys often allow themselves to be teased, harassed or ridiculed by popular people. They avoid disagreeing or standing up for themselves when they are being put down. The insecure guy hopes that by taking the hits, the popular people will let him hang around as a conversational punching bag. Investing his money in clothes, technology and other material objects to hopefully look like a popular person. Sometimes, an insecure guy will by all the kinds of things that he believes will make him look like a popular person.

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Adjusting yourself and changing yourself are two different things. Most of the popular girls are quite tall. Don't be annoying. When you care too much you look desperate and it pushes people away. It can be intimidating to meet others, but school events often make striking up a conversation easier. Remember that you can always try out again next year. This is a great opportunity for you tie them together.

He will get the latest cologne, drive the most expensive car he can afford, wear fashions that popular people wear and present himself as someone who looks the part. The real secret of how to become popular starts from within you.

What is Popularity?

That being, your belief in yourself that you are already good enough. In an attempt to become more popular, an insecure guy will often go to all the coolest places in his town, city or surrounding area. He will then try to bring that up when talking to popular people, e. They will sense his insecurity and either ignore him, pick on him or give him as little attention as possible to keep him happy. He will try to include himself in as many things as possible, so people are forced to talk to him or interact with him to get it done. Yet, because he never has the confidence of a truly cool guy, he never becomes any more popular than simply being a part of something that everyone else is doing.

He hopes that if he can just act like a really confident guy, people will be impressed and want to be his friend. Acting like a really nice, innocent friend to women, even though he wants to have sex with them. In a desperate attempt to become popular with the ladies, some insecure guys act like a super nice friend to women and hope that they will eventually be liked enough as a person to get laid or get a girlfriend.

Acting as a nice friend is the worst strategy that guys can use when trying to be successful with women. First and foremost, a woman wants to be with a guy who makes her feel sexually attracted. Competence is important as a criterion in working with someone, but comes second to having a positive view of that person.

HOW TO BE POPULAR - Back to School (ft Adelaine Morin, Jeanine Amapola, & Tiffany Ma)

Think of it this way, how many times have you had to deal with someone at work where you were thinking, "Someone just shoot me now and put me out of my misery. If no one wants to work with you then no one will want to promote you. Maybe you don't have the natural ability to befriend and bring people along. But there are things you can start doing today to improve how you relate to others and how they, in turn, relate to you.

To relate to others, you actually have to be you and not pretend to be someone else. Otherwise, the entire relationship is imaginary, because you are.

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Most people appreciate sincerity. It's also far less tiring than putting on an act. It's tempting, but talking about others is bad in a number of ways. One is that you're feeding into an unpleasant aspect of how people relate. Another is that people will wonder if you'll talk about them behind their backs. Plus, there's always the good possibility that the gossip will get back to the subject. Stay clear and above the fray. When trying to advance themselves, some people see others as something to use.

Unless you are particularly skillful at manipulation -- like a sociopath -- this is a terrible idea. People long to be recognized and treated decently. Freely give praise where due. If someone needs help, offer it. On the whole your generosity will be returned and, oddly enough, you'll feel more bound to the people you've helped. Much of life is an exercise in facing disrespect.