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T.D. Jakes: Discovering Your God-Designed Destiny

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Your life in the service of humanity will be rewarded not only on earth but eternally. You are awarded as a role model and the author of the year as one of the twenty distinguished Nigerians who have, through hard work and excellence, put Nigeria on the world map. Wisdom is the Omnipotent, Omniscience, Omnipresent, Omni cosmic manifestation of God in practical and symbolic forms.

It is the consummate and celebrated Alpha and Omega which fathomed and fulcrmed the ingenious design of the universe whose concept has remained a great mystery to the academic and intellectual world. It is the absolute power of every thing. Wisdom is more than an expert in any field.

It is beyond the ingenuity of a respected specialist. Wisdom is more than a genius. It is a rarified force which empowers and puts our destiny to a dynamic function. It is the knower and the knowledge of all. Wisdom is the Consummate Architect of all ages. It authored man and gave him all the necessary powers some of them he does not even know how to make perfect and practical use of for his own enablement and ennoblement. Wisdom made the celebrated best of Scientists, Engineers, Technologists, Philosophers, Mystics, Avatars, Geniuses, Inventors and all which have been beneficial to Creation.

Wisdom is the astrology, the astronomy, and the sea captain of all Ages both present and past. It made the forests, the seas, the mountains, the deserts, the waves and what more! It is everything in all things. Wisdom is the Eternal power which decreed let there be light and there was LIGHT which shows that only in the Absolute Light of wisdom dwells all things both bright and beautiful which shows that wisdom is the super mystery of all ages.

In writing an acknowledgement to a book that will serve both our modern era and posterity as a means of human enabling, I must begin by recognizing the early use and application of purpose-driven concepts. This book cannot accomplish its monumental task without focusing on the life of Christopher Columbus, whose predestined assignment to discover the New World was prophetically revealed in the Book of Isaiah.

This great adventure played a noble role in making America discover its own assignment with destiny, whose wisdom is encapsulated in the national motto In God We Trust. Among the past and modern writers who deserve a place in this monumental hall of fame is William Shakespeare, who has not been equaled within the annals of literature and creative arts, and our contemporary Nobel laureate, Wole Soyinka, who must be seen as the African iroko of literary dynamism.

I also wish to acknowledge other apostolic authors like Prof.

Chinua Achebe, who wrote the prophetic Things fall Apart, and Prof. Other important dignitaries who were destined to be placed and remembered in this hall of fame include Bill Clinton, the former president of the United States; Pope John Paul II, who was prophetically destined from the mystical province of the Gnostics; Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who has conquered the world of software technology; and the black Americans whose parents were sold into slavery in the United States, represented in the person of Barack Obama, who was destined to be president of the richest and largest democratic country in the universe.

Other great emperors of destiny who should be mentioned in this titanic list of acknowledgements include Dr. Nyerere Anyim, Sen. Nkechinyere Nwogu, and Lord Quines, who was inspired to give the world an unusual beverage popular among the old and young, and whose destined ingenuity has touched the lives of more than fifty million humans all over the world. As wisdom is wealth, we must appreciate that the objective use and application of destiny creates wealth. We must also acknowledge the immortal works of Jesus, the central figure of the destined annunciation of Christmas, as well as Buddha, Lao Tse, the Prophet Muhammad, and all who formed the province of the Twelve World Teachers.

This action might not be possible to undo.

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Summary The subject of destiny has attracted various explanations from diverse schools of thought. Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Anthony Ugochukwu O. Aliche DSC. What is the purpose of this book, with its ingenious ontology? What is destiny? The origin of destiny hereby revealed and examined with the use and application of inspiration, which maintains a spiritual and business purpose with destiny What is the power of destiny?

Knowledgeable People

What informed the wisdom and power of destiny, causing it to be purpose-creative? Why is man a subject and object of divine destiny? Has man known these divine facts, which represent great knowledge? Have you discovered your destiny? How have you used your destiny for creative achievement?

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Whom have you benefited through the use and application of your destiny? What practical lessons are to be derived from this assignment? How and why is Jesus known as the consummate star and the monument of ingenious destiny? Why did Solomon in his wisdom designate destiny as the original root of his knowledge? What is the position of destiny in regard to our parents and upbringing? Can any person discover his destiny without being in tune with the Infinite?

Why is destiny defined as the spiritual strength of our success? How can you affect others in order to help them discover their assignment with destiny? Why is destiny known as the original root, resource, and power of the secrets of light? Why is destiny known as a mission that must be fulfilled through honest accomplishments?

What can constitute delays in the actualization of our destiny? What are the main lessons to be learned from these delays when they occur? Why is the destiny of Christmas known worldwide as the subject of the Infinite Trinity? How does destiny reveal the story of birth and rebirth in a simple and humble way? How and why is your destiny formed by the spiritual power of God? How does the discovery of our destiny bring us gloriously to the wisdom of all ages? A General Overview of This Book Other Quotes from the Mighty and Enriched Bank of Destiny Appendixes Published Books Dedication This immortal work, which is from the consummate labyrinth of destiny, is deservingly dedicated to President Goodluck Ebelechukwu Jonathan, whose ascension to the presidency is all about his destiny; to Nelson Mandela, whom I designate as the Christ of South Africa; and to all purpose-driven leaders who discovered their assignment with destiny and used it to uplift humanity.

We are compelled and inspired to establish a mind—and purpose- driven universal bank whose activities are centred on creating a museum of knowledge for the balanced wisdom of posterity. Michael Hudak, president, University of Science and Philosophy, Virginia Your works aim to restore the dignity of man, and they are destined for global acknowledgement. Bless you, sir. You are a true vessel. Ovie Ben, editor-in-chief, The President Afrique Magazine "I know you are an authority in many different fields of human endeavor, and I encourage and congratulate your dynamic wisdom in exploring the boundless world.

Singh, India After studying What Is Beyond Truth on my visit to Nigeria, I discovered that great talent can be found in this humble country, the most populous in Africa.

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Harley Enoch Your books are greatly inspiring. Nick Helen, South Africa My great friend is a gifted and rare scholar of our race. Anthony E. African Child Foundation A. It is everything in all things Wisdom is the Eternal power which decreed let there be light and there was LIGHT which shows that only in the Absolute Light of wisdom dwells all things both bright and beautiful which shows that wisdom is the super mystery of all ages. Acknowledgement In writing an acknowledgement to a book that will serve both our modern era and posterity as a means of human enabling, I must begin by recognizing the early use and application of purpose-driven concepts.

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