How to Live for Free and Make Money Doing It

10 ways to make money just by living your best life — literally
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Sure, it sounds alluring to become a digital nomad, doesn't it?

How To Live For Free And Make Money Doing It

But, what does it take? Well, if you're looking to roam free as a bird , you're not alone. A recent study by the New York Times found that most industries are embracing remote work. Now, that doesn't mean you have to be self-employed. Far from the contrary. You can, in fact, become a digital nomad while working for another company.

However, most digital nomads do work for themselves. They get to the call the shots. Often, they're savvy internet marketers. They build sales funnels and run Facebook ads. They live and breathe to make money online.

2. Freelance

They're constantly growing and expanding their skillset to bolster their nomadic lifestyles. To many, it sounds an attractive but also frightening endeavor that requires they put far too much on the line. What if you can't afford to pay your expenses? What if you run out of money while in some foreign country?

What if your wallet or computer or phone is stolen? How do you avoid all the potential pitfalls associated with being a digital nomad?

How To Live For Free And Make Money Doing It

What if you could save $20, each year by simply asking for it? What if you could save even more money by keeping your ears and eyes open for the. Snagging a side gig is a typical way to earn extra cash, but let's be side money: You can actually get paid for doing things you normally do, like But if you download a free app like Paribus, you won't lose out on . Sign up for The Payoff — your weekly crash course on how to live your best financial life.

The truth is that there will always be some risk associated with being a digital nomad. You can't expect to get off risk free. But, if you're one of those fly by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of guys or girls, then there's nothing more exhilarating or more rewarding than traveling the world as a digital nomad. You get to live among a diverse set of cultures around the world. To experience life in a new and exciting way. It's for those who value adventure over certainty. There's little boredom when traveling as a digital nomad. There truly is nothing better than this nomadic lifestyle. Okay, so your heart is set on the nomadic lifestyle.

That's great. But, how do you actually go about doing that? If you want to become a digital nomad , the path forward is simple. You need to handle two things:. Your debt and expenses : If you're in serious debt, you'll find it hard to become a digital nomad. The burden on your shoulders is too high and if you're stuck without income for a week or months, you'll struggle to keep your head above water. You need to handle your debt first. Pay it down by doubling the minimum payments on the highest interest rates loans or credit cards until they're paid off, then moving onto the next ones.

Your income : Where's your money going to come from while traveling? What happens if you can't find work to help you meet your obligations. Or, what if you get stuck in a foreign country somewhere with no backup income?

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Then what? Sure, most digital nomads might throw caution to the wind.

5 ways to live rent free (or actually make money renting!)

You can do the same thing if you decide to move back in with your parents — barter for the privilege of free rent and the opportunity to save and invest your money instead. Retailers depend on high-quality customer service to get repeat business, which means many will pay for covert customer evaluations. Post A Comment Cancel Reply. Email Address. Most of it involves very little or no work on your end and there is almost 0 overhead to get started.

But, you'll want to be prepared. You need to handle your income in order to get there. If your debt and expenses are handled, you need to focus on your income. How's the money going to come in?

How To Live Rent Free | Millennial Money

The goal? Focus on passive income when you can. But, you also need to diversify. You can't rely on a single source of income. You need multiple streams. To do that, you need to find the right money-generating activities that you can turn to day-in and day-out. Probably one of my favorite passive income ideas is to publish an ebook.

How to make money streaming: 6 ways to go live and get paid

You can use Amazon 's Kindle Direct Publishing platform to do this. You can also create a corresponding print-on-demand book from that ebook. Also on Amazon. Once your ebook is live, you can also convert that to an audiobook using the ACX platform to publish on Audible. Another great source of passive income is to start a blog. If you understand the mechanics of marketing online and you do this correctly, you can create a blog that will continue to produce income even if you're not doing any work. The more niche you go with your blog, the better. Search for blue oceans. Not red ones. Consider the fact that you'll eventually want to put out digital products that are in harmoney with whatever it is you're blogging about.

You can always offer services in the gig economy. But never fear: There's a way to make money without a big-time commitment. You can thank technology, which has made it possible for just about anyone to make cash without working many extra hours. But there are other secrets to earning side money: You can actually get paid for doing things you normally do, like shopping, eating out, watching videos, working out or even sleeping.

The typical time commitment might include completing a survey, shopping or downloading an app, but most of these cash-generating gigs can be done on the go or while you catch some Zs. Check out these 10 ways to make a few extra bucks without disrupting your daily life. Even if you love shopping, trying to keep up with retail sales can become a full-time job, which means you probably miss many price reductions and drops.

Of course, you can also save money with a quick move before you shop: Download apps like Ibotta and Ebates to find the best deals and earn cash back. Ibotta identifies where you can find deals within its network before you shop, either in-store or online, and provides three different ways to get cash back.

The 3 steps to make money blogging

Ebates offers cash back for online shopping, plus coupons and deals. Market research companies offer cash to find out where and how consumers are shopping and use a number of apps to gather this data — all you have to do is download them and go about your day. For instance, MobileXpression for Android and iPhone , SavvyConnect and Nielson Computer and Mobile Panel track your online habits, which helps market researchers identify and track trends. Some apps pay cash, while others offer rewards.

Retailers depend on high-quality customer service to get repeat business, which means many will pay for covert customer evaluations. Sign up with companies like Rewardable , Gigwalk , iPoll or QuickThoughts to earn cash and rewards for completing surveys and tasks at specific stores.

2. Try Your Hand at Games Journalism

But be wary of companies that say they will pay you a large sum up-front and of unsolicited mystery shopping offers, a sign of a scam, Time reported. One covert evaluation app might actually help your social life: The Bar Integrity Mystery Shop app pays you to review the conditions and customer service experience at your local watering hole. You might be asked about how long you had to wait for a seat, how your bartender behaved, and more. Consider becoming a reviewer at Restaurant Cops , where your passion for dining can be put to work.

Does cold hard cash motivate you to get in shape?

10 Legit Ways To Make Money And Passive Income Online - How To Make Money Online

HealthyWage wants to bet it will, as you set goals and place bets on reaching those goals. People who have used the app to lose weight and get healthy said it works because you are betting your own money on your success. With researchers trying to get a handle on what helps you sleep, organizations are paying sleep-study participants good money for simply heading off to dreamland. Love this idea?