Innovations in International and Cross-Cultural Management

Cross-Cultural Innovation
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A global and dynamic business environment places an increased demand for multicultural innovation in order to ensure organizational performance and international market success. Leaders are facing the challenges of navigating a networked world where collaboration is the norm.

This requires new competencies for leaders who will need to serve as facilitators and orchestrators of global innovation across cultures and functions. It also demands consideration of culturally diverse talent that can contribute new knowledge and ideas for creating valuable global solutions. Consider some of the key phases that are critical to engagement:. Ideation — How does the creative process address diverse cultural contexts in order to encourage creative thinking and new ideas from team members in local markets?

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Cross-Cultural Management Journal is organized into volumes and issues. Eby, L. Why differences make a difference: A field study of diversity, conflict and performance in workgroups. You have to wear multiple hats, including one as a project manager, which. ISBN Letting others know the correct pronunciation of your name can not only save them the embarrassment of mispronouncing your name, but also creates familiarity by allowing others to hear your voice through email, your social media profile, and more.

Strategic Planning — How is your organization engaging in shared strategy-making through cross-cultural learning and knowledge-sharing? Validation — How is your organization responding to cultural differences and local customer preferences when developing and testing new concepts?

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Execution — How is multicultural collaboration and knowledge-sharing recognized and addressed within project performance measures for global innovation teams? Culturally diverse views bring valuable insights to local problems and issues that are pertinent to solving international challenges.

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Listening and learning from culturally diverse perspectives nurtures an open and creative mind. Sharing country knowledge and practices enables and engages the global team in multicultural innovation. This opens the door to innovative solutions that truly deliver value and respond to the needs of customers in developing, emerging, and mature economies.

Karina Jensen is the author of a new book on Leading Global Innovation.

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A consultant, educator, and change facilitator, she enjoys optimizing multicultural innovation, organizational performance, and international market success for global leaders and teams. The conflicts may trigger new approaches and breakthroughs or lead to a state of frozen relations and stagnation. Sensitivity to the values and views of other cultures, open communication and aware leadership are traits helping to capitalize on cross-cultural influences.

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Cross-cultural Innovations are new and origin problem solutions, which are generated in confronting problems with cross-cultural aspects. In many cases such solutions are breakthroughs and the start of a paradigm shift. Only cross-cultural solutions minimize the risk of hidden problems which develop under the surface in merger projects.

Innovations in International and Cross-Cultural Management

Especially mergers of big companies are successful if change-managers are able to transfer cross-cultural conflicts in new challenging objectives. Bridging cultural gaps by visionary leadership is the way to bring people together and to create new common innovative enterprises or departments.

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Presenting cross-cultural research on a wide range of organizational topics, this book ranges from the individual to the macro level. Among the. Explores the relationship between culture and innovation. () "Culture and innovation", Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal, Vol. 5 Issue.

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