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I woke up in the recovery room. Next to me sat a Filipina nurse. She asked me how I felt and told me where I was. Within a minute or so I felt we were having a nice conversation. I said that I was a retired professor at San Francisco State. She smiled and shared that her daughter was a dancer and her son was also an artist. You should see his graffiti work! Whatever they choose is fine with. Todos somos inmigrantes. Excepto, por supuesto, los pueblos originarios. Esa realidad nos fortalece.

De todos los colores del arcoiris.

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Una enfermera china. Silvia sonaba un poco como mi nombre en chino. A mi lado se sentaba una enfermera filipina. Le dije que era un profesor jubilado de la Universidad Estatal de San Francisco. No puedo terminar esta historia sin nombrar a mi cirujano, el doctor David Minh Le. El doctor Le es un joven vietnamita-americano, crecido al sur de California. Comencemos por dejar de temer y odiar a los inmigrantes. The women I witnessed dancing would soon become some of my dearest friends, and would later teach me how to dance, how to make the perfect hair bun, and most importantly they would open my eyes to the rich culture that runs through my veins.

Those peaceful protests ended abruptly when police and governmentbacked groups attacked demonstrators. Nicaragua has now lost dozens of young lives and there are more still missing. The very women who took me under their wing are now organizing the Nicaraguan community, amplifying the voices of youth both locally and in Nicaragua. They are also fundraising to provide humanitarian aid to students and families affected by the violence and bloodshed. Joshua Bermudez and Maria Ruiz are two of these women. These are their stories. Joshua Bermudez I was born in in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua would be free at last. Unfortunately, the happiness did not last long. Many families had to separate in order to protect their children, especially the boys. Thousands of families were separated, mine was one of them. I grew up without my father, without my brothers. During that time, my heart was comforted only with the letters and calls that my father made me whenever he could. It was hard. I dare to share a little bit of my story because with the latest news in Nicaragua, that deep pain that I felt when I was separated from [my father and brothers] has resurfaced.

But now, a new date has arrived, a new revolution! One where the rights of all Nicaraguans are being defended. Nicaraguan students took to the streets to peacefully protest, but those protests were interrupted by the police and governmentbacked groups sent to silence these voices of struggle. Our right to freedom of expression was violated.

And as a result, more than 63 voices have been silenced. This is not a gendered struggle or a struggle between parties, all are fighting for the same cause, under the same coat of arms on the same blue and white flag. The students initiated this fight and the pueblo followed. Many people ask why the students started this fight? The reason is simple: Our Nicaraguan mothers have taught us to respect our elders. This principle taught to us gave rise to the change we are seeing now take place in Nicaragua.

As a woman, and as a Nicaraguan youth, I am proud of each of these chavalos and chavalas, who are fighting for my rights and for the rights of all Nicaraguans. In these days of struggle, we have seen parents cry for their fallen children, and defend their children. I would rather die with him first. With that same strength, the chavalas of Nicaragua are fighting for their country, for our country.

We have struggled so hard and for so long to have a voice, and that they want to silence us now in , is an injustice.

Estas son sus historias. Muchas familias tuvieron que. No puedes recuperar el tiempo perdido. Este principio que dio lugar al cambio que estamos viendo ahora en Nicaragua. Hemos luchado tanto y durante tanto tiempo para tener una voz, y que quieran silenciarnos ahora en , es una injusticia.

Weekly as an unsung community hero. When the S. Cucaracha Defense League—led the charge in asking why. Mecklin said the cartoon was not funny and that the cancellation had nothing to do with race. The media is not reaching out to the Latino community. Look at how the media villianizes us.

You see it in Proposition and how immigrants are seen as taking jobs away from people. You rarely hear the positive side of Latinos. Cuando el S. F Weekly. La caricatura fue un catalizador. No hay suficientes oportunidades para escritores latinos en nuestra comunidad.

El primer desfile del Carnaval en el Precita Park, en Since then, Carnaval has been a space for Mission residents to celebrate and display their African, Indigenous and Mestizo roots. There is a parade and festival that includes dance, drumming, procession and spiritual blessings from the diverse cultures that have made up the Mission melting pot. Ohlone, Mexican, Central American, Cuban and Caribbean cultures, among many others, come out to represent themselves, their ancestors and the neighborhood they live in.

Lou Dematteis, a photojournalist, instructor and longtime Mission resident, will be showing photographs from the. Over 8, Latinos have been displaced from San Francisco. We cook the food, we are your waiter, your busboy, we do so many jobs that newcomers take for granted as a part of an affluent lifestyle. Businesses and start-ups that have nested in the neighborhood can donate to the festival, and newer residents can volunteer their time.

Others can simply come and participate in the magic that happens when people come together to celebrate the spirit and the people who have created the character that the Mission District is so well known for. Fuentes Gallery, and will run through June 1. Los negocios y nuevas empresas que se han anidado en el vecindario pueden donar para el festival, y los nuevos residentes,. The first, published here, covers the history and process of tequila production.

The second part details recent challenges and innovations in agave production and will be published in the next issue of El Tecolote. There are few, however, who know much about the history of the beverage or where precisely it comes from. The exact date Spanish immigrants began to distill the agave juice is unknown, but there are historic references which show that the first distilleries were located near the agave plantations in the valleys of Amatitan, Tequila and El Arenal.

This region in Jalisco has more than years of tradition of cultivating blue agave, the variety of agave used to produce tequila. The Los Altos region is another area of great importance for blue agave cultivation in Jalisco. These two regions produce the most blue agave in Mexico. Jalisco, the birthplace of tequila The blue agave flourishes under specific conditions found in the Tequila region of Jalisco.

The Tequila region described in terms of altitude, temperature and average annual rainfall is: from meters 2,, feet , from degrees Celsius degrees Fahrenheit and approximately 1, millimeters 53 inches of rain. In Los Altos de Jalisco region, the altitude is between 1, and meters, average temperature is degrees Celcius and rainfall is 1,, millimeters. Un jimador trabajando en los campos de agave en Amatitan, Jalisco.

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The counties where agaves are accepted for tequila production are mostly in the state of Jalisco, but there are six counties in Guanajuato, six in Nayarit, 11 in Tamaulipas and 29 in Michoacan. To be considered tequila, the beverage must be made from no less than 51 percent agave sugar. Most tequila factories are located in Jalisco, in the. But there are some other tequila factories established in the metropolitan area of Guadalajara and surrounding cities. From the field to the manufacture In a commercial plantation an average of 3, agaves per hectare are planted and require a comprehensive control of pests, diseases and weeds.

The stem juice of the agave plant contains inulin, a carbohydrate chain of variable size composed mainly of the sugar fructose. Inulin is obtained by a careful dehydration of the stem juice. Then hydrolysis by heating the inulin contained in the stem juice, yields the fructose syrup of agave. About percent of the total sugars of agave is fructose. The sugars of the agave stem plant are fermented and distilled twice to produce tequila.

One kilogram of inulin, or fructose of agave, requires 5. Juice obtained from agave hearts is distilled in large vats before being aged in oak barrels. La inulina se obtiene mediante una cuidadosa deshi-. Un kilogramo de inulina, o fructosa de agave, requiere 5. Tequila, bebida nacional mexicana. As long as they are happy! David Minh Le. When we met at his office, we discovered that we both were Cal Berkeley alumni. Go Bears! Le is a Vietnamese American, raised in Southern California.

I mentioned to him that, as an undergraduate student in Berke-. Se necesita un mejor alcance para identificar a las personas mayores necesitadas y asegurarse de que tengan una vivienda y ayuda adecuadas. Tantas personas mayores que viven solas no tienen calidad para los servicios. And the intent of that war [The Battle for Marawi] is to declare land for U.

Aba has also documented possible human rights abuses in the Philippine city of Mindanao. He said that he might have done the same… but he was not born yet! And now, I can operate on you! The main point remains: I was the privileged recipient of won-. This was a brief summary of my personal multicultural healing act. But now we need a bigger healing act: We need to heal this country. Let us start by stopping the fear and hatred of immigrants.

Todos quedaron algo horrorizados ante la avalancha de scooters operados por aplicaciones y lanzados en las calles y aceras de San Francisco por emprendedores. Todos estuvieron de acuerdo: se necesitan reglamentos. After fermentation and distillation concludes, the tequila is subjected to chemical analysis in the lab. It is verified to meet physical and chemical tequila specifications, according to the official standard and then taste tested.

In their specific quality controls, some companies prefer not to add any artificial colorant, and due to certification reasons, containers and the aging stores are kept closed so its access is under strict vigilance. In , production reached its historical peak of At the end of the same year, the Tequila Industry National Chamber recognized working factories and registered brands. Against this backdrop, the geological as well as natural knowledge of the Alps and Prealps took place, involving several Italian and European scholars. This paper, after brief considerations on the biography of Paolo Sangiorgio, an Italian savant, offers the complete edition of the unpublished manuscript of his travel in Valsassina Lombard Prealps, Northern Italy.

The report of his surveys to the east of the lake of Como is certainly a significant primary source about the epistemic value that the scientific travel had acquired by the first half of the nineteenth century. Ethical perspectives and ramifications of the Paolo Macchiarini case. The Paolo Macchiarini case has several ethical ramifications. Professor Macchiarini, formerly of the Karolinska Institutet KI , became famous for the tracheal surgeries he conducted between and His rapid rise to fame was followed by an almost equally rapid fall from grace as official reports, articles in newspapers and television programmes revealed several aspects related to misconduct in his curriculum vitae, professional practices and publishing-related activity.

Formal misconduct reports issued by four KI co-workers in late , then again in , coupled with social scandals, including the tricking of a famous US television newscaster into a false marriage, a previous arrest in Italy for apparent bribery, and acute narcissism, all tainted Macchiarini's legend. In the short space of just two years, Macchiarini was no longer remembered for the revolutionary changes he had claimed to have brought about in stem cell research and regenerative medicine.

Instead, at least seven dead patients later, Macchiarini faces potential aggravated manslaughter charges and an uphill battle to save his published research, now shrouded in scandal and scientific doubt, from being retracted and scratched out from the list of verified medical science. This paper examines some of the possible ethical ramifications of the Macchiarini case. Il modo in cui il Papa viveva i suoi ultimi giorni, segnati dalla sofferenza, la sua pasqua dalla morte alla vita in Dio, ha confermato definitivamente la sua grandezza.

Questa difficile sintesi testimonia il suo genio morale. La fonte della forza e della luce costituiva per lui soprattutto una fervida e costante preghiera, frequente partecipazione ai sacramenti e sistematica meditazione sulla Parola di Dio. Macelwane Awards: Donald J. De Paolo. While a graduate student at Caltech Don recognized that the study of an isotopic parent—daughter pair having the same volatility and the same host phases could eliminate many of the ambiguities that had plagued previous attempts to apply isotopic data to the study of mantle reservoirs and that the SmNd system was such a geochemically coherent pair.

Following Gunter Lugmair's pioneering work on meteorites, Don was one of the first to work out laboratory techniques for the study of Sm and Nd; these techniques and the high-precision mass spectrometers of the Wasserburg lab allowed Don and Jerry to demonstrate in several key papers that there were at least two major mantle reservoirs and to examine earth structural models that could account for the observations.

Don continues to contribute new ideas to this area; for example, in a paper in press he discusses the use of LuHf results to place constraints on the rate of crustal recycling. Paolo Sarpi and the first Copernican tidal theory. Despite his demanding religious responsibilities, Paolo Sarpi maintained an active involvement in science between and as his Pensieri reveal. They show that from onwards he studied the Copernican theory and recorded arguments in its favour.

The fact that for they include an outline of a Copernican tidal theory resembling Galileo's Dialogue theory is well known. But examined closely, Sarpi's theory is found to be different from that of the Dialogue in several important respects. That Sarpi was a Copernican by is revealed by other of his pensieri, whereas at that time we know that Galileo was not. The examination of Sarpi's tidal theory and of the work of Galileo in this period indicates that the theory Sarpi recorded in was of his own creation.

The appreciation that the theory was Sarpi's and that Galileo subsequently came to change his views on the Copernican theory and adopted the tidal theory has major implications for our understanding of the significance of Sarpi's contribution to the Scientific Revolution. Moreover, it appears that several of the most significant theoretical features of the tidal theory published by Galileo in the Dialogue - and which proved of lasting value - were in reality Sarpi's.


Full Text Available This paper proposes an analysis of some texts by Paolo Volponi and Tiziano Scarpa in which the body reveals the alienation of the protagonist. By the analysis of the texts we reflect on the concept of the Persona as the complex concept of human being in which the physical body, the juridical essence and the sensible entity are unified. These works describe cases of alienation by mean of a sort of body language, activated by the illness or other specific circumstances, the paper then tries to reconstruct the last changes related to the body concept and to analyse the literary examples in relation to recent theories on fragmentation and dissociative disorders corps sans organes- Deleuze Guattari The description of this fragmented condition reveals the necessity to rebuild a human integrity, to construct a new concept of human physiology based on an organic vision of the human being.

The current dilatation and deflagration of the intimacy then seems to be a strategy to overpass the limits of conscious communication, to impose a new holistic concept of human sensibility. Book review. Semeiologia Clinica Veterinaria. La semeiotica insegna ad allenare i propri sensi: a guardare attraverso l'osservazione diretta e indiretta, a sentire ascoltando suoni o rumori, a percepire sensazioni tattili e, non da ultimo, a saper discernere con cognizione e competenza quando ricorrere alle indagini strumentali e di laboratorio; sempre e comunque nella consapevolezza che non possono in nessun modo sostituire l'esame fisico diretto del paziente.

Fue uno de los precursores de los trasplantes renales en Bucaramanga y en Colombia. Roso Alfredo Cala fue un humanista, un historiador, un artista. En el homenaje que ante su lecho de enfermo en el mes de agosto la Universidad y la Academia le hicimos al maestro, al amigo y al hombre extraordinario que fue Roso. The study was conducted to identify modifications in rural spaces in that place, where farmers are facing economic difficulties and have tried to enter tourism business to overcome them.

The article analyzes participatory processes as starters to make rural producers and local agents get interested in tourism business, being participation the key factor for tourism planning. An exploratory research was conducted to describe the Municipality and also a bibliographic research. As e result it was observed that the main public agents do not dialog with each other and that partnership with private agents is needed.

In spite of this lack of integration, involvement was achieved and it was possible to identify which are the necessary steps for tourism development. Owing to this collection's eventful history and its historical importance as the oldest herpetological collection in Mexico, a review of its conservation status was needed. After many years, the collection has received proper recognition at the University of Guanajuato with a portion of the herpetological types considered "Precious Assets" of the university.

We found 34 type specimens pertaining to 18 taxa; six are additional specimens to those previously reported; six herpetological types are missing, including the body of the type of Adelophis copei. All specimens are in good to reasonable condition except for the type of Rhinocheilus antonii, which has dried out completely. All specimens are illustrated to show their condition.

Nell'interpretare la sceneggiatura come struttura testuale produttrice di immagini letterarie, scegliamo come oggetto di studio il testo Il Decameron, scritto da Pier Paolo Pasolini basato sull'opera di Giovanni Boccaccio. Nell'analisi, investighiamo gli effetti poetici prodotti dalla rilettura del testo medioevale indicando le trasformazioni che il realismo boccacciano assume nel linguaggio di Pasolini. This article is situated in the field of the reception theories and works with the concept of "reading as creative act", developed by Hans Robert Jauss and Wolfgang Iser.

Seeing in the screenplay a textual structure that produces literary images, we choose as our object the text Il Decameron, written by Pier Paolo Pasolini based on Boccaccio's work. In the analysis, we investigate the poetic effects produced by the rereading of.

Metal assessment in urban park soils in Sao Paulo 4. Alfredo Volpi Morumbi Park. Camargo, Sonia P. The presence of elevated metal concentrations in soils of the urban environment has been recognized as an important source of metal intake to humans, particularly to children, which are more susceptible to the adverse effects of soil ingestion than adults.

There has been little research on urban soils in Sao Paulo, a very populated city with severe pollution problems, and there is little information about metal concentration levels in public parks of Sao Paulo. As part of a project which aims metal assessment in urban park soils from Sao Paulo, in the present paper the concentration of the elements As, Ba, Cr, Sb and Zn were determined in topsoil samples 0- 5 cm and cm from Alfredo Volpi Morumbi park of Sao Paulo. In this sense, there is a reflection on the sense of place and school gymnastics and football game in this field of knowledge within the institution analyzed.

It took fifteen years of research and development to master the method to the current scale and efficiency. In August Paolo Martinengo CERN took over the leadership and he will lead the project during the commissioning and exploitation phase. Citazioni pasoliniane fra cinema e letteratura. With regard to the scriptural references, the attention will then be shifted to Abbozzo di una sceneggiatura per un film su San Paolo , a film project never carried out that makes a very different use of allusions and quotations than Teorema.

Full Text Available The aim of this paper is to study the idea of obedience in early-modern Catholic political thought. I focus on early seventeenth-century Venice and on one of its leading political thinkers, Paolo Sarpi.

I argue that for Sarpi and the Venetian nobility obedience was a religious, Catholic concept, which they nonetheless applied to a secular system of governance; notwithstanding their refusal to obey the papal ban during the interdict of Venice in , Venetians regarded obedience as an act of piety and an indispensable element of civic life. The work provides the analysis of the nursing reports written by the nursing staff on duty at the asylum " Paolo Pini" from to Study of the evolution of the records: enhancement of the description of the patient, integration between medical and nursing assistance, assumption of responsi- bility for instance through the signature.

A sampling of medical records has been analysed.

The nursing records have been identified according to the theoretical model of Marisa Cantarelli. They have been compared with the current standard reported in literature. If recognizable signatures were present, they have been checked in the archives of the Province of Milan. The record changed during the years assuming a definite structure, and became a pre printed form; its use spread in all the wards of the hospital. The record deals with nursing assistance needs, and improves during the years becoming more and more detailed and regular. During the analysed time frame, the nursing reports at " Paolo Pini" improve and become more exhaustive and regular; they prove to be part of the medical record, showing a good integration between doctors and nurses activities.

The evolution of this tool confirms the need of highlighting and improving the assistance practice. A rede de drenagem apresenta propriedades multifractais. As a historical novel, Silver Cloud turns into an archaeological site where the imperial histories of Spain and the United States are read as the narrative's intertextual memory. My analysis will be centered on the novel's rhetoric of memory and forgetfulness, and on its visionary impulse that—taken mostly from the Gnostics, American Transcendentalists, and modern Latin American novelists—one could read as a critique of America as well as the reclaiming of literary traditions that redefine the conventional limits of Chicano literature.

The drainage network possesses multi-fractal properties. That is why the fractal dimensions for the individual segments df and for the entire network Df were evaluated with Horton's Laws and the Box-Counting method. The drainage network has self-affinity characteristics. The fractal dimension obtained through the parameters relationship of Horton's Laws showed the results within the thresholds of the fractal geometry theory.

He focuses on issues of antitrust enforcement, in terms of: accountability, prioritization of Antitrust interventions and checks on market power. Text of the speech given at the conference " Paolo Sylos Labini e la politica delle riforme", held at Sapienza University of Rome on 04 December , organized by the Accademia dei Lincei and Economia civile. Intervista a Paolo Pombeni. Full Text Available In the interview sent to Diacronie.

Studi di Storia contemporanea on 20th July , the historian Paolo Pombeni faces the constitutional debate from the last reform of the italian parliament and, as well as through the analysis of the essential features of the italian political system, goes through the fundamental stages of the route of consolidation and revision of the republican institutions.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the Italian cytologist Paolo Della Valle developed a theory of instable chromosomes teoria dei cromosomi labili. He radically criticized the so-called Sutton-Boveri hypothesis Martins and Martins, Genetics and Molecular Biology, , , focusing on numerical constancy in the species and individuality. On the basis of bibliographical review and personal observations, he maintained that the chromosomes were neither stable bodies, nor permanent structures, but transitory cellular materials, resulting from the periodical rearrangement of the chromatin during the cell division.

German and English-speaking biologists reacted.


The paper shows some content of the argumentations used by Thomas H. Montgomery and especially Edmund B. The discussion was characterized by the same data which is interpretedby different scholars in different ways. And the point is that no one of them had the decisive test to demonstrate his own point of view. Wilson simply invoked on his behalf a certain 'common sense', defending at least a 'high degree of constancy'.

The debate waned along with the reception of Morgan's chromosome theory of heredity, but only the advent of molecular biology definitively stated the nature of chromosomes as permanent structures of the cell. These fossils comprise a fragmentary right femur and a proximal portion of a right tibia. The tibia described here shares similar features with Titanosauria taxa like a well developed cnemial crest only slightly curved laterally; a deep longitudinal concavity separating the crest from the tibial shaft and a very anteroposteriorly expanded proximal end.

These are the first fossil bones of dinosaurs recovered from Alfredo Marcondes municipality. Form and perception in Goethe and Paolo Bozzi]. This article presents a comparative analysis of Paolo Bozzi's experimental phenomenology and of J. Goethe's morphological method, which is considered one of the Italian scholar's sources of inspiration. Starting from Bozzi's education within the Gestalt psychology tradition, under the guidance of Gaetano Kanizsa, and taking into account also the recent interest shown for Bozzi by several exponents of the analytic tradition, this work draws attention to the basic features of the methodology adopted by the perceptologist in his work.

In this regard, what proves to be fundamental is the role played by the various techniques of inter-observation by means of an active and practical approach to the material, rather than a purely contemplative one. Bozzi's interest in Goethe's naturalistic writings, from the morphological ones to the Farbenlehre Theory of colours , makes it possible to highlight significant analogies and conceptual continuities with Goethe's epistemology.

First of all, a link between these two styles of research is provided by the subject "form," or Gestalt, and its direct, accurate observation, as well as its presence in non-conventional contexts and its non-metaphysical character. Furthermore, it is evident that both authors employ a conception of experiment that is repeatable, conducted almost always in conditions that are open and not of the laboratory. Not less relevant is their scientific style, in which the distinction between the context of discovery and the context of justification plays no role.

At the same time the extraordinary communication skills of both authors play a crucial role: their non-academic way of writing accompanied by a sense of rigour and correctness makes the results outstanding and unique. RESULTS: students immediately faced the challenge of adapting to the school's rules regarding eating, clothing, and all changes presented in their daily life.

Discussion: They created, along the course, strategies to cheat on rules, adapt to new customs and make life more enjoyable. We used documents collected in the archive of the School, the Libraries of the General Secretariat of the Portuguese Ministry of Education and the City Hall of Barreiro, as well as interviews. Thus, we detect distinct brands and fundamental cultural traits of this School, regarding the categories: purpose and mission; Norms, values , and beliefs; social networks; Rituals, traditions, and ceremonies; Stories and stories of lives and identities.

EICAS was a vocational training school serving the needs of employers and the aspirations of young people in the region. Keywords: School Cultures. Vocational Teaching. History of Education. Alfredo Bonifaz Fonseca - La fiaccola e la maschera: didascalie in immagini per il pensiero. A pair of paintings by Paolo De Matteis. A pair of paintings, now divided between Italy and the United States, depicting Apollo and Daphne and Pan and Syrinx, offers a significant case study for an initial reflection on the subtle relationships between the invention of a subject, a text by the poet Ovid, the theoretical mode of representing such a subject, devised by the English philosopher and patron, the Earl of Shaftesbury, and the artistic.

Paolo Veronese exhibition in Venice Agendo sul duplice fronte della museografia e del restauro, Pallucchini si pose in dialogo con le parallele definizioni elaborate in sede istituzionale da Guglielmo Pacchioni e Giulio Carlo Argan. Veronese exhibition took place in Venice in under the direction of Rodolfo Pallucchini. This paper intends to offer, through unpublished archival evidence, a detailed analysis of Veronese exhibition in relation to national and international context, in order to understand with an interdisciplinary approach both its theoretical and practical aspects.

Decorreu na empresa Moveis Carlos Alfredo. LDA, Wewood. Documentary-historical analysis of his works]. Urology, having been part of general surgery for centuries, was completely consolidated as a medical speciality in the middle of the XX Century as the result of years of evolution and development, and all the studies and works of certain authors that represent today the mainstays of our speciality. Valencia in the middle of the 20th century saw the birth of new hospitals including the "Ciudad Sanitaria La Fe". Alfredo Tramoyeres Cases was the first chairman of the Department of Urology.

This article reviews his long and fertile professional life. We have reviewed all his scientific works. His most important urological work is his doctoral thesis with the title "Sigmoid-procto-ureterostomy: personal modification" published in Valencia in For his biography we used the" Biographic and bibliographic history of the Spanish Urology over the XX century" and interviews with family members. We emphasize his thorough description of the various types of urinary diversion.

He covers the topics of bladder diverticula and bladder neck disorders, in which he supports surgical treatment. Finally, he sets out the rupture of the posterior urethra and various treatments for prostate cancer at that time. Alfredo Tramoyeres Cases contributed to the definitive consolidation of our speciality in the area of Valencia during the second half of the XX century, through his long professional life, with his interesting scientific contributions. Monitoreo of the feromonas traps in the control of the plague Lasioderma serricorne F.

Full Text Available Due to their inigualable quality, the Cuban tobacco is one of the cultivations that bigger quantity of foreign currencies contributes to the country, but it is attacked by different plagues, in the different stages for those that it passes until its commercialization in leaves or as elaborated product. In the warehouses the most destructive plague is the Lasioderma serricorne F.

The obtained results allowed to diminish the quantity of necessary fosfamina significantly to control the plague, the Unit saved during 4 months in those that it was carried out this work. Se presentan brevemente algunos datos sobre los seis primeros congresos de ALAS. It is not restricted to a mere reproduction of the authors words; rather, based on them - which are seen as partial and interested - it attempts to show in a very preliminary way a few questions that allow to move on with the interrogation about the genesis of ALAS.

To achieve the proposed aim, some texts are summarized, which allow to get to know ALAS' foundation. Data are briefly presented about the six first ALAS congresses. Additionally, this methodology helps pointing out some characteristics in the evolution of this literary genre within the context of diverse types of violence. Una pagina dell'igiene d'amore. Tuttavia le sue motivazioni rimangono incambiate. Il genere pseudo-scientifico dissimulava fini moralistici : essendo la salute del corpo legata alla salute morale, i libri di divulgazione trasmettevano essenzialmente un modus operandi, un decalogo dei buoni costumi.

Con il nuovo genere pseudo-romanzesco, l'autore dissimula sotto la forma allettante della finzione narrativa fini medici, nella fattispecie profilattici. Forme di mercato e sistema finanziario. Spunti dalla testimonianza di Sylos Labini alla Commissione parlamentare di inchiesta sui limiti posti alla concorrenza nel campo economico. Market structure and financial system. Suggestions from Paolo Sylos Labini. Full Text Available The article builds on the Proceedings of a Italian Parliamentary enquiry commission on competition, to examine the impact of different market structures on the financial system.

The author focuses in particular on the evolution of the banking sector in Italy. Text of the speech given at the conference " Paolo Sylos Labini e la politica delle riforme", held at Sapienza University of Rome on 04 December , organized by the Accademia dei Lincei with Economia Civile. The main character was an undercover agent of a Muslim empire, who watched Christians with contempt - and yet the book that pretended to be just a bunch of his letters, accidentally found and translated from Arabic by Marana, was a bestseller in late seventeenth- and then eighteenth-century Western Europe.

The paper presents the fates of the work and discusses the reasons of its huge success. Apart from the fact that the novel was written in a brilliant style, and published at the time when the ongoing Habsburg-Turkish war had triggered intensive interest in the Muslim East, one of these reasons was the fact that it was published in the time when in France a modern police force was created. Suggestions from Paolo Sylos Labi. Should the definition of "sleep hygiene" be antedated of a century? A historical note based on an old book by Paolo Mantegazza, rediscovered.

To place in a new historical context the development of the concept of sleep hygiene. The article contains a historical note on the concept of sleep hygiene, developed in by Peter Hauri, who developed a set of sleep-promoting rules, considered the fundament for sleep-hygiene techniques. Somnologists, unanimously ascribed to Hauri the fatherhood of the lucky term, while numerous books included at least a section on sleep hygiene.

This article intends to demonstrate that the concept of sleep hygiene was developed many years before, thanks to the pioneering work of Paolo Mantegazza, a scientist and a professor in the Medical School of the University of Pavia, Italy. After presenting briefly the history of the University of Pavia and illustrating the profile of Paolo Mantegazza, the article presents the original book published by Mantegazza in second edition in The authors report extensive citations of Mantegazza's original book dealing with sleep hygiene.

Mantegazza's indications, compared with Hauri's rules show important similarities. The authors support the view that the fatherhood of sleep hygiene should be acknowledged to Mantegazza and antedated to Hauri keeps the merit of giving more solid scientific roots to the concept of sleep hygiene and of inserting it in the frame of modern sleep medicine. A altitude variou de a 1. Auden est un livre absolument singulier. Semblanza de un maestro: Alfredo Carrea Henao.

Full Text Available Fue maestro a pesar de su timidez y retraimiento. Se mantuvo alejado de los vaivenes sociales y de las conveniencias publicitarias. Volumi di Paolo Sommaiolo e Annamaria Sapienza. Review of the volume by P. Prioritizing single-nucleotide polymorphisms and variants associated with clinical mastitis. However, there remains a challenge in identifying and inferring the causal SNPs from sequence data.

A problem with different methods that predict the effect of mutations is that they produce false positives. In this hypothesis, we provide an overview of methods known for identifying causal variants and discuss the challenges, fallacies, and prospects in discerning candidate SNPs. We then propose a three-point classification strategy, which could be an additional annotation method in identifying causalities.

Keywords: clinical mastitis, single-nucleotide polymorphisms, variants, associations, diseases, linkage disequilibrium, GWAS. The author reports on the proceedings of two conferences in memory of Sylos Labini held in Rome, on 18 November at the Lincean Academy and on 4 December at Sapienza University. In his view, economic development and civil development interact in a circular manner in the long run. Accordingly, he provided policy suggestions that are not limited to the economic and industrial fields such as water supply projects, irrigation infrastructures, and investments for the creation of modern industries, but he also identified three priority areas of social policy: measures to contrast the mafias, crime in public procurement, and corruption; a reform of the public administration; and investments in education, universities, and research.

Paz en su tumba Este libro incluye numerosas referencias. This study aims to examine the geo system , the physiology and the geomorphology of the risk areas in public housing of Joao Paulo formation. This formation was built on a small plateau on a series of valleys, where are occupied by houses and passageways of different levels of infrastructure. There is a predominance of a yellow soil with a high level of weathering as well as a little vegetation.

These characteristics associated with high rainfall and lack of infrastructure contribute to generate different type of soils. Three very different cultural experiences were in play: that of the portuguese colony, the african context, and the Brazilian character of the destination, Sao Paulo.

This paper explores the migrant's complex displacement experiences, the insertion of the migrant into the new context and the conflicts of identity that this migratory process entailed. We concentrate on the recent past, which has not been extensively researched. We present a number of specific cases to exemplify our analysis. Through them, we can see that memories refer to events, people and places from the three continents, through the conscious and unconscious construction of multiple identities. The impossible interview with the man of the hidden biological structures.

Interview by Paolo Mazzarello. This paper presents an "impossible interview" to Professor Camillo Golgi, placed in time in December Both scientists have obtained the award for their work on the anatomy of the nervous system. However, they have opposite views on the mechanisms underlying nervous functions. Golgi believes that the axons stained by his "black reaction" form a continuous anatomical or functional network along which nervous impulses propagate.

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After the ceremony, an independent journalist has interviewed Professor Golgi in the Grand Hotel in Stockholm. Excerpts about his education, his main scientific discoveries, and his personal life are here given reconstructing the "impossible interview" on the basis of Golgi's original writings. It is, however, a dream punctuated by contradictions and paradoxes, a dream which Pasolini will later abandon. Yet it is significant in the overall development of Pasolini's genre. The image of the city Sao Paolo — identity and crisis.

Full Text Available Although Brazil is renowned worldwide for its fascinating 20th century modernist architecture, the ongoing contemporary architecture is increasingly moving away from former avant-garde and cosmopolitan ideals as well as physical form. The phenomenon of the neoclassical style is causing increasing revolt from representatives of the urban elite, the reasons being loss of aesthetic values, no knowledge of identity and hurt national pride.

The extent to which a series of actions are learned, assisted by the attraction that the opportunity to touch provides, is evaluated. The strategies employed are aligned to the general school curriculum and seek to be effective in attracting newcomers to the world of science. They also offer a range of experiences to encourage involvement in scientific activity. Furthermore, we take a brief look at the challenge of developing activities aimed at creating a loyal and permanent public with a concrete interest in science in general and the natural sciences in particular.

Wapa Contigo, Barrio Indiera Fría en Maricao

The interest of present study is concerned to the sedimentogenic characterization of fluvial conglomeratic sandstones that occur close to the top of Piramboia Formation. These deposits are interpreted as braided channel bar facies, deposited on alluvial fans at the border of desertic environment. The sandstones are fine to coarse, with variable percentage of gravel. These are dominantly quart zones and median scale trough cross-bedded.

In "Cinema Paradiso" Tomatore, , Salvatore's love of movies came from spending his earlier, young life inside a cinema with the fatherly projectionist Alfredo , now blind and bitter. Alfredo is right. Life is much harder, yes, yet still very much "like in the movies" filled with frustrated actions, performed inside blind…. Spectral domain OCT versus time domain OCT in the evaluation of macular features related to wet age-related macular degeneration. Methods: This retrospective study was performed on 77 eyes of 77 patients with primary or recurring subfoveal choroidal neovascularization secondary to AMD.

The degree of matching was quantified by Kappa measure of agreement. The agreement was as follows: sPED: kappa value 0. Conclusion: The agreement in the evaluation of macular lesions between the two techniques is poor and depends on the lesion considered. Consequently its use should be strongly considered in patients with wet AMD. Vico and Literary Mannerism. Reviews: Scott Samuelson, New Vico studies, vol.

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The CMS team celebrates the arrival of the "Tube". CMS: Aerospace goes underground : gleaming aluminium on the outside and carbon black on the inside, as long as a sedan and taller than a man, a strange hollow cylinder arrived at CERN by truck August Antonio Maria Baggio ed. This is the revised version of a speech given at the conference " Paolo Sylos Labini e la politica delle riforme", held at Sapienza University of Rome on 04 December , organized by the Accademia dei Lincei and Economia civile.

De syv kirker. Paolo , S. Sebastiano, Laterankirken, S.

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Maria Maggiore, S. Croce og S. Veneetsia biennaaliga. Reconfortante historia de las luchas laborales en los puertos del Caribe colombiano. Full Text Available Puertos, sociedad y conflicto en el Caribe colombiano, Sergio Paolo Solano de las Aguas. Veneetsia biennaali senine president Paolo Barratta ja biennaali komitee astusid tagasi. Donato D'Urbino. Pronto chi parla. Cesare e le intercettazioni telefoniche.

Full Text Available Pronto chi parla. Le intercettazioni telefoniche al tempo del fascismo, Milano, Mursia, , pp. La poesia di Pasolini tra cinema e pittura. Full Text Available The author, following the teachings and example of Paolo Sylos Labini, explores the social role of economists, underling how a useful economist is an ethically committed economist, who pursues the common good.

Scaling Laws for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks. On the one hand, wireline networks like the Internet have grown from Franceschetti, Marco D. Migliore, and Paolo Minero. The capacity of wireless networks: Information-theoretic and physical limits. In Proceedings of the Why reforms had limited success in the sixties: the case of the tax reform. Reference: [Arabidopsis Phenome Database[Archive. Lifescience Database Archive English. Iittala kaks Design Plus auhinda.

Frankfurdis messil Ambiente sai Iittala Design Plus auhinnad Fernandez, and Gilberto Guevara-Niebla, educators at the National University of Mexico, on educational emancipation and the role of higher education. The dialogues address the relationships between education…. Alfredo Vea Jr. The community, Buckeye Road, questions notions of U.

American identity as middle-class, WASP, and heterosexual. Buckeye can easily be viewed as a romanticized utopia that offers an alternative to consumer capitalism, urban sprawl, the…. Both authors criticised neoclassical monetary theory highlighting the endogenous nature of money supply. However, they explained the sources of money supply differently, in view of their different approach towards the Classical, heterodox neoclassical and Keynesian traditions. The analysis of both authors' works highlights the fecundity of a stage in Italy's economic thought that would seed into several promising developments.

Full Text Available The article focuses on the sociological approach of Paolo Sylos Labini, describing the analysis of the Italian dualism that covers not only the economic but also the social and civic imbalances between North and South of the country. El mundo del libro: agosto de El camino Translations on Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, Number Police] of Agua Prieta upset the drug traffickers by seizing a power- ful light plane used to carry marihuana to the United States.

Ernesto Avila Arizona nar- cotics agents. Alfredo Vazquez. Effects of Minthostachys mollis essential oil and volatiles on seedlings of lettuce, tomato, cucumbre and Bidens pilosa. Journal of Biosciences Indian Academy of Sciences. Cultural Adaptation of Second Language Soldiers. Padilla and Ms Compare these with the US population and Anglo soldiers. They 17 suggested that They Cloud Computing—By using a thin The trials were open to the public, evidence would be taken verbal - ly instead of Terrera, Guillermo Alfredo.

Geopolitica Argentina: Poblacion, fronteras, comunicaciones , antropologia. Buenos Aires: Edi- torial Plus. Enatel included twenty automatic and See National Company for the farm. Rahvusvaheline Demokraatide Liit korraldas At large. Global music approach to persons with dementia: evidence and practice. The Newspaper Clarin against the economic policy of the last Government de facto of Argentina Latin America Report. Overexpression of gamma-tubulin in non small cell lung cancer. Maounis, N. This paper explores possible important relationships and sympathies between Amartya Sen's Capabilities Approach framework for understanding the human condition and the educational ideas of John Dewey and Paolo Freire.

All three focus on the importance of democratic values in a fair, well-functioning society, while Sen and Freire especially…. Health education as education of the oppressed. Without this active involvement, growth and development become quite impossible to attain. L'umanista padovano Sperone Speroni scrisse il Dialogo della discordia tra il e il e lo incluse nella sua prima edizione dei Dialoghi, pubblicata a Venezia nel da Paolo Manuzio.

In quest'opera Speroni critica la natura stessa della ricerca epistemologica e fenomenologica. Come si dimostra in Home; Journals; Journal of Biosciences. Articles written in Journal of Biosciences. Volume 42 Issue 4 December pp Article. Book of Abstracts. Matematica dell Universita di Pavia, Italy. Calgary, Jugando a jugar. Full Text Available El pan y el circo.

Paolo Vignolo. Joint work by: I. Juhisz and Z. Room: KC1. Gerard A. A new approach to Franciscan political thought. The novels Luce profuga by Valerio Aiolli and La badante. Un amore volontario by Paolo Teobaldi are exceptions because they present migrants in a positive way and show that it is possible for some Italians to overcome their prejudices towards foreigners, and that the encounter with alterity can have positive This is not quite true, for the fifteenth-century Florentine astrono - mer Paolo Toscanelli recorded the night-to-night positions of several comets on Later in the nineteenth century, particularly with the development of telegraphic communication, more rapid.

Simple simulation schemes for CIR and Wishart processes. We develop some simple simulation algorithms for CIR and Wishart processes. The main idea is the splitting of their generator into the sum of the square of an Ornstein-Uhlenbeck matrix process and a deterministic process.

Organization Name s and Address es Dip. From Self-Organized to Extended Criticality. A new intelligent approach for air traffic control using gravitational Therefore, poor management of this congestion may lead to a lot of flight delays, increase of operational errors by air traffic control personnel Hansen [3], Hu Sisearhitekt Mari Koger, tema kommentaarid.

Filmens migrasjon til en digital plattform. It rejects the idea The relational model is dead, SQL is dead, and i don't feel so good myself. Quotations from movies are used as a playful though effective way to convey the dramatic changes Chemical desiccation for early harvest in soybean cultivars.

Full Text Available The use of desiccants is an alternative to anticipate the soybean harvest and keep the physiological quality of seed. The objective of this work was to assess the production performance and germination seeds in response to differents stages and desiccation chemicals products to early harvest of soybean cultivars. The experiment was conducted in Campos Novos, in two harvests, it was used a randomized complete block design disposed in split-split-plots.

Two phenological stages of application stage R7. It were evaluated the number of the days in the early harvest, yield, number of pods per plant, number of seeds per pod, mass of seeds and germination percentage. The chemical dessecation with the use of glufosinate ammonium and paraquat applied in R7. The use of dessicants is a possibility of early harvest in production field of soybean seeds. The concept was introduced in the late s and was first adopted in patients undergoing open colorectal surgery. Since then, the concept of ERAS has been adopted by multiple surgical specialties.

Data of cost-optimal solutions and retrofit design methods for school renovation in a warm climate. It reports the data related to the establishment of several variants of energy efficient retrofit measures selected for two existing school buildings located in the Mediterranean area. In compliance with the cost-optimal analysis described in the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and its guidelines EU, Directive, EU , [2], [3], these data are useful for the integration of renewable energy sources and high performance technical systems for school renovation.

The data of cost-efficient high performance solutions are provided in tables that are explained within the following sections. The data focus on the describe school refurbishment sector to which European policies and investments are directed. The two reference buildings differ for construction period, materials and systems.

The eleven tables provided contain data about the localization of the buildings, geometrical features and thermal properties of the envelope, as well as the energy efficiency measures related to walls, windows, heating, cooling, dhw and renewables. Output values of energy consumption, gas emission and costs are given for a. Takahiro KatoProfesor de la Facultad de Humanid Las artes audiovisuales paraguayas entre y Este trabajo, por lo tanto, busca recuperar Full Text Available Chlamydia trachomatis is now one of the most prevalent bacteria found in classic sexually transmissible diseases STD, and as such, constitutes a serious public health problem.

These women were examined by a specific PCR for the chlamydial plasmid, and the nature of the amplicon was determined by restriction analysis and DNA sequencing. The PCR diagnosis revealed a prevalence of El mito de la unidad del pueblo. Kers, Mercedes y Leiras, Santiago C. Full Text Available This scientific paper studies alternative means of dispute resolution, such as effective measures to achieve social peace and relieve the judiciary, the role of notaries and registrars. Institutes such as conciliation and mediation were prestigious in the New Code of Civil Procedure, being essential to the effectiveness of the constitutional process and the state of democratic rights, once they have impact on fundamental rights.

As the foundation and success of this study we have the literature and deductive method. This essay proposes that Alberto Fuguet s narrative may be read as a writing project with a new rhetorical strategy by which various sexual deviances may be represented By this modus operandi, in Fuguet's stories, both manifestation and repression of male deviance are made explicit by way of a 'quotation game' in the field of Chilean literary tradition.

A challenge to Peronism's social justice: hydatidosis in the province of Buenos Aires, Full Text Available 1. Jueces: los buenos y los malos del cinema. Ermida Uriarte, Oscar. Self-knowledge: a social ability to be developed. Full Text Available This article describes the findings of a research intended to face the lack of a supporting framework of the leading process of self-knowledge in students with behavior problems.

Empirical and theoretical methods were used to characterize the object of study both in theory and practice. The main finding of the research was the design of a need-tailored educative strategy that help the subjects to a self-appraise their behavior as a requisite for self-controlling their behavior.

Sugli studi medievali e il mutamento digitale On the medieval studies and the digital change. This section includes three short papers - presented at the seminar on Medium-Evo. Gli studi medievali e il mutamento digitale Firenze, Medium-Evo. Networks in Cell Biology. Introduction; 1. Transcriptional regulatory networks Sarath Chandra Janga and M. Madan Babu; 3. Rajagopala and Gerard Cagney; 5. Modeling protein interaction networks Francesco Rao; 6. Signalling networks Gian Paolo Rossini; Appendix 1. Complex networks: from local to global properties D.

Garlaschelli and G. Caldarelli; Appendix 2. Modelling the local structure of networks D. Caldarelli; Appendix 3. Higher-order topological properties S. Ahnert, T. Fink and G. Caldarelli; Appendix 4. Elementary mathematical concepts A. Gabrielli and G. Caldarelli; References. Interaction and Mindreading. In recent years, a number of theorists have developed approaches to social cognition that highlight the centrality of social interaction as opposed to mindreading e.

There are important differences among these approaches, as I will discuss, but they are united by their commitment to the claim that various embodied and extended processes sustain social understanding and interaction I will then present an alternative and moderate version of interactionism, according to which the embodied and extended processes that interactionists emphasize actually complement mindreading and may even contribute as an input to mindreading KM-Appunti : 5.

KM e "nuova" logica. Paolo Bisogno leaved many tracks that must be catalogued. We will try to outline here an operative and epistemologic layout of knowledge modelling and categorizing, helping us in understanding new knowledge boundaries of KM. Slovenske Elektrarne received the main Via Bona award for its complex and extraordinary approach to responsible business.

Non-profit fund Pontis has been granting this award since to companies voluntarily contributing to the mitigation of negative trends and the improvement of positive business aspects beyond legislative requirements. We won with our Energy for the Country programme. Book Reviews. New York: Routledge, Whitten, Jr.

New York: Berghahn Books, Chronostatigraphy of limistone sequency of north Brazilian coast based on data from stronium isotope. The strontium isotope composition of marine limestones can be a valuable tool for stratigraphic correlation, in addition to other techniques usually employed for this purpose. The technique can render particularly important in sequences where the fossil assemblage do not present good stratigraphic resolution. As examples, data from Mesozoic and Cenozoic limestone sequences of north Brazilian coast are here presented. Data on strontium isotope composition are compared to those obtained by De Paolo and Ingram in another geographic locations.

Founded in Milan in by three artists, Paolo Rosa, Fabio Cirifino and Leonardo Sangiorgi, from the beginning they have opted for the collaborative team work, distancing themselves from the opinions of the critique and from the art market. Characterized by a militant past Paolo Facchi, et al. Here, we give a criterion for the identification of maximally entangled four-qubit states. Using this criterion, we not only identify some existing maximally entangled four-qubit states in the literature, but also find several new maximally entangled four-qubit states as well. The aim of this article is to reveal, through a critical analysis of the discourse,how the leading football player Paolo Guerrero has been built up in differentsporting newspaper articles as a new national hero who is able to incarnate acertain archetypical value bravery , and introduce him as a lucky essence fromthe Peruvian national character.

Research Area 3: Mathematics 3. Proposal should be directed to Dr. Paolo Rosso Email : prosso dsic. This work has resulted in the writing of a manuscript for the Journal. Interrogatorio del prof. Sylos Labini. Sylos Labini recalls here his oligopoly theory, but he also extends his remarks to a full range of necessary structural reforms for Italy at the time.

For information: Geneva University. Accounting for intimate partner violence perpetration. A cross-cultural comparison of English and Brazilian male substance users' explanations. Abstract Introduction and Aims This paper describes how substance use features in the accounts of intimate partner violence IPV perpetrators in treatment in England and Brazil.

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Mis Recuerdos de Indiera Fría (Spanish Edition) [Paquito Lopez] on wamadawipu.cf . *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. MIS Recuerdos de Indiera Fria: Paquito Lopez: wamadawipu.cf: The Book Depository UK. Hardcover; Publisher: Xlibris (January 24, ); Language: Spanish.

The aim of the research was to better understand cross cultural constructions of IPV perpetration amongst men in treatment for substance use. Design and Methods Semi? The first great Thai ruler to encourage the adoption of Western culture and technology was King Narai, and his enlightened attitude led to the rapid development of Thailand. King Narai also had a passion for astronomy, and he pursued this interest by allowing French Jesuit missionaries to set up a large modern well-equipped astronomical observatory in Lopburi Province between AD and This was known as the Wat San Paolo Observatory, and King Narai and the missionaries observed a total lunar eclipse on 10 December and a partial solar eclipse on 30 April These observations and others made at Wat San Paolo Observatory during the s marked the start of modern scientific astronomy in Thailand.

In this paper we discuss King Narai's scientific and other interests, the founding of the Wat San Paolo Observatory, the missionaries who conducted the astronomical programs, their instruments and their observations. We also describe the surviving ruins of the Observatory and their interpretation as a site of national scientific importance in Thailand. The article analyzes the relations between the process of academic modernization at the University of Buenos Aires in the mids and the individuals who led this process, influenced by innovative views, transformations, and people from the Faculty of Medicine.

This reconstruction of the debates, proposals, and actual changes at the Faculty focuses especially on Alfredo Lanari, who, at the First Congress on Medical Education, held by the Argentinean Medical Association in , put forward ideas on clinical research, teaching, and health care that showed how complicated full-time work would be for someone with the professional profile of a clinical researcher.