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go to site The support performances are all terrific, but this is a film that belongs to the open, powerful and tender lead performances by Antonia Campbell-Hughes and Julian Morris. Alina has come back to Romania from Germany and wants Voichita to return with her. Meanwhile, her colleagues react with increasing hostility to the threat Alina poses to their way of life. Together, the two films make fascinating companion pieces as studies of freedom or a lack of it and, on a wider level, suggest a lingering sickness and sorrow at the heart of Romanian society.

Dave Calhoun, Time Out London. A woman and her daughter in rural Russia find their opposite number in a Patagonian shepherd with a herd of cats. As the soundtrack spills from one location to the next, the camera performs barrel rolls and backflips that turn the world upside down.

Digital images are deftly spliced to bring opposing sides of the earth together, skylines mirrored across a common horizon. Soon after his arrival, India Mia Wasikowska begins to suspect this mysterious, charming man has disturbing ulterior motives, but instead of feeling outrage or horror, the friendless girl becomes increasingly infatuated with him.

Visionary film-maker Park Chan-wook Old Boy returns with another macabre story, one that marks his first venture into English-language cinema. Featuring a gasp-inducing performance from Nicole Kidman, Stoker is a haunting, Hitchcockian tale as unsettling as it is stunning. Mixing elements of old-fashioned giant insect movies with the new wave of documentary-style horror fare, The Bay will make you squirm, jump and cower in your seat as it takes humankind down a few pegs on the food chain.

The opening scene of a nocturnal massacre of villagers in Amazonia by paramilitary troops is an electrifying piece of film-making. He takes him back to his mission in the heart of a vast shanty town, one of the most dangerous in the country, where a war is in progress between two drug lords.

A handful of sharply drawn characters punctuate the story. Local gang wars and shoot-outs are followed by police incursions and street battles, keeping the temperature high and pacing tight. James Kelly will attend the screening Fionnuala: Small Puppet on a Big Journey This touching documentary follows Fionnuala, a small wooden puppet, and her makers the Galway-based puppet theatre company Branar on a journey from Barna, Co.

The film goes behind the scenes at Branar to trace the process of building the show, from hand-carving the wooden figures to composing the score, but will the set arrive in Germany in one piece, and what to do about the missing gloves? Fionnuala is a touching exploration of the art of puppetry and the skill and craftsmanship that goes into a show. Not so much biting the hand that fed them as devouring both arms, their gothic melodrama remains the bitterest attack ever launched on Hollywood.

Wilder finished the 50s by writing the funniest final line ever in Some Like it Hot. And he started it here with one of the most audacious set-ups: a flashback movie narrated by a corpse. The corpse in question is struggling screenwriter Joe Gillis William Holden. Needing to lie low for a while, he chances upon a rundown mansion on Sunset Blvd.

The creepy residence is home to faded movie star Norma Desmond the hypnotic Gloria Swanson , and devoted manservant Max Erich von Stroheim. Desmond is planning an unlikely movie comeback and, eyeing an easy buck, Joe offers his services to the deluded one-time great. She covets more than just his editing skills, however Sunset Blvd. But when a politically connected client unexpectedly dies in their apartment, the two are forced to go on the lam and hide out in Rio de Janeiro.

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Ticketing in your hands Whenever your event takes place, Ticketsolve provides the best value and most complete ticketing solution in the market by giving you the tools to get closer to your audience. Kieran was intent on bringing to the screen a true picture of Irish society. There is nothing cozy about his films. There is, instead, an honesty and an exactitude, a desire to sweep aside a divisive self-consciousness in favour of a mature exploration of ourselves.

His ambition for the work was never thwarted by budget restrictions. Kieran was a private man with strong friendships, ever prepared to get in the fight. His deep love of literature and extensive knowledge of cinema was brought to bear in the face of any challenge. All who knew him will recall the steady flow of newspaper cuttings gathered on his desk. These he would present with incredulity, sharp wit and a healthy anger. A glance at our national newspapers today tells us there is a great need of his kind. In this, his first drama co-written with Philip Davison, Hickey exposed the fear and loathing underlying relations between men and women in Irish society.

Here, an encounter between three male surveyors Niall O Brien, Bosco Hogan and T P McKenna and an intriguing, independent French photographer Catherine Schell at a remote hotel in the idyllic west of Ireland turns sour and matters quickly turn uncivilised. Alcohol causes smug exteriors to slip and reveals unpleasant truths and the terrible emotional emptiness of their lives. The Rockingham Shoot Scripted as an original work for screen by John McGahern, this drama is set a small village in the s where schoolteacher Reilly Bosco Hogan is a fierce nationalist with a deep loathing for British society, a loathing that erupts into violence when he learns that some of his pupils have absented themselves from school to work at a pheasant shoot at the local big house where the British Ambassador is a guest.

It also helps to have Frank Langella, a stellar actor at his magnificent best, in the starring role. His parental neglect extended to two prison stints. Enter Robot voiced with droll wit by Peter Sarsgaard , a talking machine that will keep the old-timer in line. Peter Travers, Rolling Stone. We are very pleased to welcome New York-based filmmaker Jem Cohen as a guest of the festival. In a career spanning three decades Cohen has made dozens of films in various formats, building a strikingly original body of work that reflects the spirit of independent film-making in its original sense. These sometimes dreamily impressionistic, sometimes arrestingly gritty films defy conventional categorization, and shift easily between narrative and documentary modes.

He may be best known for his collaborations on music videos, concert films and feature-length documentaries with a range of musicians including Fugazi, Patti Smith, the Ex, Jonathan Richman and REM. Equally powerful are his experimental films of urban landscapes, shot in various locations around the world, but predominantly New York.

Many of these films have the feel of scrapbooks or diaries, drawn from a personal archive of the hidden images and sounds of modern city life. Our second programme features another set of locations; Amber City, a portrait of an unnamed Italian city which plays around with the documentary form, flitting between various visual and narrational styles; Opus Luminis et Hominis, a low key film of the Spanish city of Pamplona; and Le Bled, a collaboration with the writer Luc Sante, shot in a strange peripheral zone of uncompleted building projects on the outskirts of Tangier in Morocco.

And a whole lot more. They get to know each other through personal contact and conversation, both inside the museum itself and in ersatz representations around the city. The key scene in Museum Hours takes place in the majestic Brueghel room, where a guest lecturer argues that Brueghel gave landscape its due for the first time.

This interpretive speech clarifies all the fragments of Vienna cityscape that came before, and changes the way one sees things after. And the paintings are breathtaking. Vancouver International Film Festival. Also in attendance is the mother of the bride, Ida Trine Dyrholm — A Royal Affair , a cancer survivor who has just completed a course of chemotherapy but is still awaiting the final all-clear. Love is All You Need has been made for an audience rarely catered for by the film industry: intelligent adults who enjoy perceptive and good-hearted drama.

A quiet, intelligent boy with a passion for photography, he lives in conspicuous comfort in the Dublin suburbs with his Irish father and Romanian mother. But Milo has a rare and mysterious skin condition that requires constant care and his overbearing father, determined to keep his condition a secret, keeps him cloistered to the point of imprisonment. Desperate to escape the confines of his life, Milo runs away, falling in with a pair of small-time crooks squatting in a disused quarry. But as his parents begin their frantic search, and the thieves try to work out what to do with him, Milo slowly learns the real truth about his condition.

Newcomer Lorcan Bonner excels as Milo, a young boy on the cusp of self-awareness, while Stuart Graham Shadow Dancer, Hunger gives a powerful performance as his father, a softlyspoken bully caught between love and revulsion. After a competitive casting process, the roles are eventually allocated, and the prisoners begin exploring the text, finding in its tale of fraternity, power and betrayal parallels to their own lives and stories.

Hardened criminals, many with links to organised crime, these actors find great motivation in performing the play. As we witness the rehearsals, beautifully photographed in various nooks and crannies within the prison, we see the inmates also work through their own conflicts, both internal and between each other. Having already directed features focussing on the minutiae of male identity, infamy and sexual liberation, her new feature is a dissection of female adolescence.

As Lucy gets more and more frail, Rebecca has to try to save her friend while figuring out exactly what Ernessa is. An allegorical horror story in the Carrie vein, there are signifiers for the everyday amongst all the supernatural trauma; angst, anorexia and sex all mix in with the obsessions and bloodied corpses. Setting up shop in Lagos, Baker built a recording studio, sat in on records recorded by Kuti and became one of the first proponents of World Music. After leaving Nigeria, Baker returned to his pattern of drug-induced selfdestruction before settling in South Africa a little over a decade ago.

The year-old now lives in seclusion with his young bride and 39 polo ponies… Jay Bulger spent three months living with the rock legend, recording numerous hours of interview footage. The concept is not so incongruous: Whedon is one of the few blockbuster film-makers who also has a semirep acting company.

He shoots the play like an episode of Desperate Housewives — an especially farcical one.

The vainglory and the self-delusion of his leads is beautifully done by both Alexis Denisof Benedick and Amy Acker Beatrice ; Whedon adds a one-night stand flashback that lends strange credence to their bruised egos and prickly banter. Catherine Shoard, The Guardian. Kuma starts out wide, with a wedding in a Turkish village; amidst the clamour and the colour, several facts reveal themselves.

On their return, however, it becomes clear that all this is an elaborate ruse, and the young Ayse has been brought to Austria to become second wife to the ageing family patriarch, Mustafa Vedat Erincin , with the full blessing — if not connivance — of his ailing first wife Fatma. In this sealed-off Turkish community, appearances are everything and everybody guards their secrets, but the timid and well-meaning Ayse may yet effect a change. Director Umut Dag displays a marked sensitivity for the plight of his characters, assisted by intriguing camerawork from Carsten Thiele and a screenplay of unexpected depth by Petra Ladinigg.

Fionnuala Halligan, Screen International. But as Murielle quickly learns, the physician casts a paralyzing shadow over his young ward. And as Murielle gets further sucked into the oppressive homestead, her escape routes slowly dry up. Jordan Mintzer, The Hollywood Reporter. If there is a villain in this piece, it is the bourgeois family institution, with its set of values putting property and pretence above everything else, allowing no one to escape its iron clasp.

A tight-knit string ensemble begins to go slowly out of tune in A Late Quartet. After 25 years of faithful collaboration and celebrated musicianship, the Fugue, a New York-based chamber quartet, finds itself in danger of dissolving. At the centre of the portrait is an intelligently contained performance from Lars Eidinger as Marko, an author in his mid-thirties.

Economic use of music by indie band The Notwist adds to the rewardingly subdued nature of the film, and limber, mostly handheld, camerawork encapsulates the keen balance of this satisfying drama between immersive scrutiny and thoughtful detachment. The National Film School at iadt congratulates its graduates, students and staff on their record 26 IFTA Nominations in Applications are invited to the following postgraduate programmes:. Praised for its dynamic storytelling and tangy evocation of a multicultural Sweden, it finds its focus in handsome economics student JW Joel Kinnaman , a man who has dipped his toes in the drug trade and discovered that he is now swimming with sharks.

Allan Hunter. Instead, he sets about freeing former enemy Mrado Dragomir Mrsic and joining forces to take revenge on the man who put them behind bars. Director Babak Najafi offers a tighter, tenser sequel with another impressive performance from rising star Joel Kinnaman who is soon to be seen taking the central role in the Hollywood reboot of Robocop.

Harold Lloyd made us laugh as much, Charlie Chaplin moved us more deeply, but no one had more courage than Buster. In films that combined comedy with extraordinary physical risks, Buster Keaton played a brave spirit who took the universe on its own terms, and gave no quarter. Morgan has been performing live, improvised soundtracks to silent movies since , starting with Metropolis. Nick Ryan will attend the screening Nominated, Grand Jury Prize for Documentary, Sundance Film Festival On 1 August , climbers from seven international expeditions set out to conquer the summit of K2, considered by many to be the greatest challenge in the climbing world.

Though the weather conditions were perfect, what followed was the worst disaster in the history of attempts on K2. Of the twentyfour climbers who set out, only thirteen survived. Limerick, a larger than life figure who became the first Irishman to reach the summit. In the days that followed, conflicting accounts of the tragedy began to emerge, and central to the mystery was the question of what happened to Ger. The Summit is the most gripping climbing documentary since Touching the Void and a moving tribute to the climbers who lost their lives.

Minutes Director:??? One of the most eagerly anticipated presentations in the festival, it is usually first to sell out and the source of constant speculation in the leadup to the festival and for the duration of the event itself. For the uninitiated, the ritual starts with the growing sense of excitement as the Savoy auditorium fills, the last minute suggestions are placed in the festival competition boxes, followed by the gasps which accompany the trailers that kick off the proceedings. Then the lights dim and the opening credits are revealed…. A policeman kills his mistress; the trail of clues leads back in his direction, yet such is his status, not to mention the force of his character, that his colleagues remain wary, or even incapable, of finding him guilty.

Was he daring them to accuse him? Was he merely flaunting his power, or did he dream of finally being unmasked? He, as much as Petri, hauls the movie into the realms of Kafka. With the beauteous Florinda Bolkan, plus a comic-sinister score, full of twanging springs, by Ennio Morricone.

Anthony Lane, The New Yorker. The murder rates are truly shocking: 3, in alone, blamed on drug cartels and serial killers. Irish artist Brian Maguire has spent three years working with these women to bring their stories to the international community. Well known for his social and political commitment, Maguire creates portraits of the missing women which he then shares with their families; he also produces a larger work to be included in an international touring exhibition.

Director McLoughlin and his team have made an incredibly powerful film, brutal and unflinching in its depiction of this lawless society, yet emotional in the silent moments between the mothers and the wonderfully empathetic Maguire. They will take part in a public interview at the Light House Cinema, presenting their screenplay to an independent panel of industry professionals.

The panel will select the winning project, which will be announced at the Closing Gala of the festival on Sunday 24 February. F ce and ideal lo ro c seasca m spectacula ation for your pe rW lanewa s to winding V est Cork ys, Cor ictorian k all — w ith eas City and Coun y acces t from Lo s by roa y has it ndon a d and a nd Dub ir lin.

For further information visit corkscreencommission. Through a series of workshops, interviews and panel sessions with industry insiders, Story Campus will help you develop key storywriting techniques, and provide invaluable advice on writing everything from project pitches to story outlines and screenplays. David Pope is a film-maker, consultant and training provider at international level. David Keating is a film and theatre director and screenwriter.

His latest film, Wake Wood, is a critically acclaimed award-winning horror film.

David is also involved in running screenwriting labs, and acting and directing workshops. DaY one An open conference day of engaging and provocative events giving film-makers an opportunity to share, talk, listen and network. DaY tWo Day two is a training day for a select group of 20 applicants with narrative feature film projects, including peer-to-peer sessions on introducing your project, acting on feedback and advice, and identifying key challenges. In the afternoon industry advisors will chair a series of round table discussions, offering film-makers a chance to present their project and get feedback from advisors and peers.

Attendees for Day Two will be selected in advance. Please see application details at www. The application deadline for Day Two is 4 February.


To book your place go to jdiff. At the same time, the lines between live action and animation have become more blurred. And more and more, the craft and knowledge from live action is being fed into animation features. And with Rango, Gore Verbinski aspired to make an animated feature using live action knowledge and ended up with a unique photorealistic look as if shot on location , which helped win the film an Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film.

With this blurring of the lines between live action and animation, what does the future hold? In terms of awards — are these films animation, are they live action or do they fall between the cracks? What opportunities do future animation projects hold for traditional live action roles like cinematography and production design? And can animation skills and live action skills be translated, transferred and combined to make better movies?

As a Director at Sony, he is currently developing a number of projects including an adaptation of the comic book property Chickenhare. He is also consulting on a number of other hybrid shows in various stages of production such as Smurfs 2 and the upcoming Oz the Great and Powerful. Screen Test panels have included prEsEntEd in AssociAtion Previous classes on cinematography, editing, casting, costume design, directing, with thE broAdcAsting screenwriting, animation and game design, as well as panel on film criticism, documentary Authorit y of irEl And, discussions making and the Irish film industry.

Screen ends on Friday 22 February after an open fEstivAl thErE will bE Test evening for Irish broadcasting courses, where who offer courses relevant to Screen spEciAlist workshops colleges Test will have information available for those to train in the industry. Each event is individually ticketed, but Screen Test ticket is available from As industry discussion athespecial box office and our website jdiff.

Fight for 50 consecutive takes? Come on down and let stunts professionals show you how. This closing event will also be attended by a number of film courses from around the country, who will be present with relevant material for any prospective students.

Fishpond - now also bringing you Pondlings the fresh, young acting talent of today and tomorrow. To book go to jdiff.

The Beginning! (Minecraft: Survival Island #1)

However, even at his young age, Lindholm has a wealth of experience. A Hijacking is screening on Wedneday 20 February at 8. Before joining Quantic Dream in he was the president of Arxel Tribe, a 3D graphics studio he had founded ten years previously. Quantic Dream are a French video game developer that also provide motion capture services to the film industry. The first to allow for multiple plot-lines — as opposed to more traditional, one-dimensional stories — they are the pioneers of interactive cinema.

Dr Aphra Kerr is a lecturer at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth, who has published several works on the games industry and its growing relevance both artistically and economically. As such, he attends most of the key international film festivals around the world. A film journalist and reviewer for more than 25 years, he has written for Variety, The Hollywood Reporter and Moving Pictures International, as well as many national newspapers in the UK.

He has also worked extensively in the film industry. He has helped programme film festivals in Australia and Europe, and has acted as a consultant for the British Film Institute and the British Tourist Authority. He has also written three books about cinema. Keep your eyes peeled, as they will be dotted around a variety of participating cinema lobbies, box offices and bars. Our eleventh birthday gives us a great opportunity to look back at the last 10 years, and plan some new beginnings. Somebody has an idea often cited as occurring at the kitchen table for some reason , and then makes a film.

Then they submit it everywhere. Somebody says YES. At some stage in an office in Dublin, people are labelling thousands of films, and one hungry programmer watches them all, takes note, and plots and plans. Then four of us, who quickly become 25, are joined by volunteers. Then, the magic. Our partners, who bring all sorts of resources, provide cinemas, hotels, cars, cables, screens, signs, food and beverages, and then the real magic: you arrive. You arrive in thousands, and for 11 days you roar, you laugh, you cry, and you validate the ideas that happened at a kitchen table, some time back, somewhere around the world.

For that we thank you. Thank you all. A sincere thanks to our title sponsor Jameson. Each year, film enthusiasts of all ages, occupations, backgrounds and nationalities generously commit to staffing various departments and venues for the festival period. Many of our volunteers return each year to participate in the festival. I could have died a happy man, as Mr Corleone himself — Al Pacino — told the audience of his appreciation for the work we volunteers do. We truly believe that your festival experience is only just beginning when you leave the cinema in the evening! When not making the most of the jam-packed schedule of film and industry events, we encourage you to come soak up the festival atmosphere in the stylish surrounds of The Church.

So consider yourself invited to join us and discuss your festival highlights over a glass of Jameson or two. Please check the Your Festival section on jdiff. We look forward to seeing you there! And hErE it is! And here it is! Here you can buy all the tickets you need, pick up festival information, get great recommendations, attend daily industry events, grab a coffee with staff, volunteers, film-makers or have a thorough read of the programme, all while immersed in that unique JDIFF atmosphere. The Festival Hub promises to be a hive of activity.

A place with probably the best coffee in town and definitely the best festival atmosphere! Why not sign up for one of the training events in our Screen Test Programme? There is something on every weekday. In the afternoons things will be hotting up on the JDIFF interview couch and you never know who might turn up. Everything is within a short walking distance. Remember that it only takes 13 minutes to walk from Cineworld to the Light House.

But you can also use Dublin Bikes; a very handy transport device with bike stands all over the city centre. Or just download the Hailo Taxi App and get about in style. Tag us! Our website is mobile friendly, so now you can buy tickets and read all about the films at your leisure without downloading any apps. We will have your whole order waiting for you at the venue of your first screening. Each year we invite over 80 film-makers from around the world to attend the festival, so make sure you come and see them!

So why not join us for a chat and a bit of fun? Call in for a coffee, chill out, listen to live interviews, watch exhibitions, record a shout out for JDIFF and much more. Or just sign up for one of the training events in our Screen Test Programme. There is something on every weekday at midday! Minimum 12 month subscription. Minimum age For full terms and conditions visit cineworld. Welcome to the complete listing of all films that will be shown in the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival from the 14th to the See More.

COM Culturefox. Arthur Lappin, Chairman Film and Irish whiskey go together well. IE Model shown is for illustrative purposes. Opening dates may be subject to change. That means one of the best films ever made. Wed 6 Feb, 3. An animated documentary about repair and recycling in an Irish village. When the summer is over, the urban seagull has to learn to catch the fish. A man plans to eat his lunch in the park, but the local pigeons have other ideas!

Tickets include a free slice of pizza. Seattle International Film Festival 90 Ticketing in your hands Whenever your event takes place, Ticketsolve provides the best value and most complete ticketing solution in the market by giving you the tools to get closer to your audience. M aking C ork a fil m-friend ly destin ation. Come and check out our new site www. Eventually, Magic and Tory's lives entwine when she finds a silver spoon buried next to a fallen wall of stone and begins to have visions of a black-haired woman walking with a wildcat.

Magic is drawn to try to help Tory escape her husband. In the end, the women discover that each person must find her own path in life. Labels: abusive husband , author Vicki Williams , Magic , Magic Creek , novel , paranormal , pioneer. Talent Isn't Enough. I have taught many Creative Writing classes and workshops in the past 30 years. Writers are all unique in what and how they write and yet there are invariably students who share some of the same characteristics. For instance, there are those who those who finish too soon and those who don't finish at all.

Those who finish too soon just want to write. They have an exciting idea and can't wait to get it down on paper. The creativity is the fun part for them. Once that's over, they resist the tedium of editing their work in order to polish it into a professional manuscript. No matter how good their writing is, they will probably never sell it. Those who don't finish get lost in the process. Unlike the first group, they edit and smooth and polish and re-write, never able to bring themselves to declare that it is time to stop because their piece is as good as they can make it.

Perhaps it is simply the anxiety of public judgment that holds them back. No matter how good their writing is, they will most likely never sell it. In every class I've ever taught, I've had excellent writers with real potential to sell their work who never will because they are terrified of rejection. Perhaps, they sent out a manuscript once and got back a form letter turning them down something that happens to those of us who have had a little, or a lot, of success many, many times. But for the fearful ones, one humiliation as they see it is all they can bear.

They will never allow themselves to be put in that position again. Obviously, if you don't even try to market your work, you never will. I always have a few dreamers who think a lot about writing but never actually do it. They have entire articles or books in their heads but never manage to get them down on paper.

They may make outlines. They go as far as creating Word documents. They give their piece a title but that's as far as they go. When faced with all that blank space, they zone out. Needless to say, no matter how good their ideas may be, if they can't translate them into something that can be shared, no one will ever know but them. The worst for an instructor are those who eagerly write and edit and read aloud to the class but who have no talent for writing. They do everything so wrong, the instructor is at a loss to know how to begin to help them improve. They are so enthusiastic and willing to put every suggestion into practice but when you read their first paragraph, it is hard not to groan out loud and you're sure any editor who reads it will do the same.

For those who finish too soon, I recommend setting yourself a goal of editing your piece at least six times. Force yourself to be thorough even if it bores you, then send it out. For those who can't finish, same thing. Edit six times, then make yourself call it quits and send it out. For those who can't face rejection.

Have the next potential market lined up and pop it back on-line or in the mail, as soon as it is turned down by the first one. Don't give yourself time to think about it. Remind yourself that best-selling novelists were often shunned by publishers many times before they were accepted. For those who never actually write anything, set a goal to write at least a paragraph every day. If it is only a description of a character or a bit of dialogue, get something down on the page. The next day add another paragraph. What you write may be disjointed at first but you'll find yourself automatically pulling it together as you add more material.

After a while, that paragraph will come easier. When that happens, up your goal to two paragraphs. Eventually, you'll be writing a page. One page a day everyday means completing a page novel in a year. For those who have no writing ability as well as those who do , my recommendation is to keep at it. I used to attend an annual writing conference. One of the instructors was something of a legend. The first year she came with a novel manuscript that was purely awful. Still, everyone did the best they could to give her advice for how to improve it. The next year, she'd re-written her book.

It was still pretty bad. The next year, it was a little better, the following year quite a bit better. The seventh year she attended the conference, she came with the news that she'd sold her novel to a publisher. How many conference attendees do you suppose didn't sell a book or a magazine piece or a poem during those seven years - people who started out with much more talent than she had? The answer is many, because they didn't have her drive, her eagerness to improve, her will to overcome discouragement. She kept moving forward when others gave up. The secret of writing and selling what you write is to write and to keep writing There is no shortage of people with talent but perseverance, ah, that's what makes the difference between failure or success.

Labels: creative writing , marketing your writing , types of writers , writing classes. I'm an eclectic reader. I like mystery and adventure mostly but certain writers can lure me into genres that I normally avoid. Iain Banks, for instance. I became a huge fan when I read his mainstream novels. I knew he also wrote science fiction as Iain M Banks but that has never been a area in which I had any interest. Nevertheless, because I enjoyed his other work so much, I began to check out his science fiction and found it tremendously appealing. Now, I pre-order anything Iain or Iain M.

Banks writes. As with science fiction, I've never been attracted by the paranormal. Finally, I went back to the beginning and am now reading The Outlander, the start of it all. I am captivated and grateful to Sir John for leading me into this journey. I first read and fell in love with Charlie Huston's Hank Thompson trilogy. Hank is a lovable loser. The books about him are gritty and funny and hip and graphic. I knew Charlie Huston also wrote a series of books about Joe Pitt, a vampire. Vampires are not my cup of tea except for Anne Rice's Lestat, the exception to my vampire rule but as with Banks and Gabaldon, I liked Charlie Huston's writing so well, I was willing to take a chance on a completely different genre than usually appeals to me.

I'm so glad I did because the Joe Pitt series is terrifically entertaining. I was on vacation and had read all the books I'd taken along for the ride. At the bookstore, I found nothing new by well loved authors so I was forced to try something different. Dry, a memoir, sounded intriguing. Not only did it prove, in fact, to be intriguing, it was also black and bitter and funny and touching all at the same time. Augusten Burroughs was instantly added to my list of favorite authors. As soon as I got home, I went to Amazon.

It is so easy to get caught in the rut of your usual fare. I still have my list of favorite authors on Amazon and I check them out first. My most anticipated books tend toward daring heroes - spies and assassins and cops - who engage in acts of violence. What Kind of Readers are Writers?

A few years ago a list made the rounds of blogs that cater to book lovers and readers - the Top Books of all time. It was estimated that the average person had read no more than six of the top books. I counted and I'd read exactly That sounds like quite a feat, especially since the list tended more toward the literary than the popular, including authors like William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Salman Rushdie, F Scott Fitzgerald, the Bronte sisters, etc. I think my accomplishment was not quite as monumental as it might have seemed because, out of the 50 I'd read, a lot were old, many of them read when I was in high school, either as homework assignments or because the shelves in the school library were heavy on the classics.

I was a voracious reader so I read whatever was available.

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Once I was out of school and free to choose my own reading material, I moved away from the higher-brow stuff and into the mainstream, much of it never to make any kind of "Important" list. So, I've read fewer of the later literary works, having lapsed into lighter and, I suppose, trashier fare in my older years all of Janet Evanovich, for instance.

I wonder though, who it was that composed the List and what the criteria was for getting on it? I enjoyed both books but I would hardly consider either of them great works of literature in the vein of, say, David Copperfield or even Lolita. By their very nature, lists tend to be snobbish. The compilers always seem to want to convince the world of their superior taste and sensibilities.

Lists are created as much to be exclusive as to be inclusive, to shut people out as to bring people in. I would think this list would be intimidating to the average reader who simply isn't going to spend chunks of their precious relaxation time plowing through ponderous novels like War and Peace just because some pretentious list says they should do so if they want to be considered one of the intellectual people.

Labels: authors , reading , Top Books List. Letters and numbers are the two main ways that humans communicate. Most of us feel innately more comfortable with one or the other. Some lucky people have a natural affinity with both while others have not much ability with either. If letters and numbers were political, letters would be the liberals of the communication world.

They are equal opportunity symbols. They have a generous immigration policy. They think diversity adds spice to a paragraph. Words are tolerant about other lifestyles. Wholesome words co-exist happily with their more explicit cousins. Word communities are non-conformist, melding styles and eras. Colonial situated next to Gothic, French next to Spanish, forest green next to shocking pink. Sometimes words go off on tangents when they are under the influence of a mood-enhancing agent but other words shrug off this behavior.

Meanwhile, numbers live in gated communities, safe from the messy confusion generated by the words. Number neighborhoods dictate lot size and roof composition. Numbers are inherently conservative. This is a caste system. Wherever you are born is where you will stay. A two can never hope to climb to a higher rank, say a nine although they can, of course, achieve a certain amount of upward mobility by marrying a digit from a higher caste. Numbers would be aghast at the very idea of numerical synonyms. What a sloppy way to think! A five is a five is a five and that, my friend, is that.

Numbers have protected their heritage since the beginning of time and they see no reason to muddy the gene pool now. They find comfort in always knowing exactly where they stand. I bet numbers hate the idea that there are a two, a to and a too. Words are playful creatures, always evolving and reinventing themselves. The word that meant one thing last century means something completely different today.

Gay, for instance. In addition, completely new words are being born every year. But numbers are the serious species. So far as I know, no new number has been created for eons. There are different types of systems, like Roman numerals, but the actual meaning of each number is the same, whatever symbol is used to represent it, so mathematicians can never mis-communicate, unlike linguists trying to match foreign words.

Of course, there are professions that try to wrestle words into the same rigid confines as numbers. The American Psychological Association has its very own method of grammar, punctuation and citation. Every word in a Psychology paper is exquisitely definition-specific. Every sentence is a section of stone wall, every word a granite boulder. Law enforcement is forced to use words although it actually feels more at one with numbers. I was always happy to slip back to my projects, where I was my own boss, able to throw words around with abandon, making up the rules as I went along, projecting joy or grief or nostalgia as I chose.

I believe that computers are beginning to shade the differences between words and numbers. Once numbers create the basic program, words take over. Kids who grow up with computers and other electronic devices such as cell phones seem naturally to understand this concept. After all these centuries, this intermingling of communication species is allowing us to share information more quickly and effortlessly than ever before. Labels: numbers , whimsey , words. For many years, I wrote only non-fiction, primarily essays and columns, political and social commentary. My specialty was saying more with less.

I loved the challenge of "spending words as if they were dollars". I found some success with that type of writing. I wrote a weekly column for my local paper and a syndicated column for King Features Syndicate. Some of my columns won awards; some of them appeared in college textbooks. I was interviewed on radio shows and appeared on television. I was happy doing what I was doing until, inexplicably, my Muse insisted that I become a novelist. I had a burning idea for a book but I wasn't sure I had it in me to write it. If a column comes up a little short in length, it is relatively easy to add a paragraph.

As it turned out, length wasn't a problem. I didn't write Magic Creek ; it wrote itself. No notes, no outline, no timeline or characterizations. I just sat down at the computer and it flowed. I was amazed as seemingly irrelevant threads tied themselves in neat little bows as I went along.

My conscious mind played no part in that, it all happened beneath the level of my awareness. When I was done, I had a ,word novel.

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I have since written seven more. Writing them was the easy part. Then I embarked on the seemingly impossible task of trying to market my books. Like most new novelists, I mailed out hundreds maybe thousands by now of query letters, synopses, proposals and full-length manuscripts to both agents and publishers. I had foolishly thought that my non-fiction credentials would count for something, if only to prove that I could successfully string words together. I was wrong. Publishers informed me that they only accepted agented material. Agents informed me that they only accepted manuscripts from published authors.

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With a curse, she spun, submachine gun raising in one fluid motion. Her initial burst caught an arachnobot full on. Berlin followed suit, targeting his auto pistol at the gloom behind the now-smoldering junkpile, where a dozen points of red and a staccato metallic clicking drew close enough for the rest Traveller Companion The Traveller Companion is here This book is the ultimate toolkit for Traveller campaigns, allowing referees and Travellers to pick and choose the best additions for their adventures and explore the galaxy in greater detail than before. From alternate Traveller creation systems and training to gas giant operations and starports, from the effects of gravity and diseases to animal encounters Turned out they had both served in the Marines.

I kept my mind focused on the planning how to remove enough phase-point discriminators to finish fixing the drives without destroying them. I heard Berlin give a gasp. The Colonel and the salvor I could almost smell the excitement on him, like a strong cologne. Mayday, Mayday We are under attack Main drive is gone Turret number one not responding Losing cabin pressure fast calling anyone Please help This is Free Trader Beowulf A brand new edition of Traveller is now available - based on the Widowed There is only one law on the pirate world of Theev.

The Blacksand Widows enforce that law with brutal efficiency and remorselessness. Sharing one consciousness, one mind, and through their cybernetic enhancements, the Widows are all but unassailable. But where there is a computer, there is a hack. Naval Adventure 2: Showing the Sunburst Taking command of a warship assigned to the troubled Jewell-Vilis naval station, the Travellers are sent on what looks like a simple flag-showing mission. All they have to do is visit a few worlds, remind friend and foe alike that the navy is around, and give assistance to Imperial diplomats operating in the region.

There is, however, a sealed section in their orders — to be opened after their Reach Adventure 6: Exodus The Travellers are hired to transport hundreds of freed human slaves from a former world of the Glorious Empire to sanctuary. A beneficent Aslan clan lord has lent them a ship for the job. There is just one catch — they must go no farther than six parsecs. To make matters worse, they are being hunted by forces who desperately want to prevent them from reaching their goal. With a vulnerable and The Marrying Kind One of the heroes is offered the chance at connubial bliss, in the form of the purchase of a marriage contract.