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In reality, he works for the US government—spy lies. Golden is a master at creating a claustrophobic atmosphere filled with evil, both real and hallucinatory. The box, which is a jar in this novel, is filled with ancient diseases that once opened turns into a plague.

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Governments rush to lay claim, but jihadi forces aren't waiting for the dust to settle. Eunapis is not as crafty as I and seems to give them an honest ritual. A mercenary with a three-bladed sword rediscovers his royal heritage's dangerous future when he is recruited to help a princess foil the designs of a brutal tyrant and a powerful sorcerer in conquering a land. The idea of a ancient bioweapon being at the heart of the book. Other signs of respect to the reader?

Do not be surprised if you begin to feel a sore throat. It seems that both governments, the US and the Iraqis, want the jar in their hands to be used as a weapon. Now that is a thought that is truly terrifying and probably not all that farfetched. In this sequel, Walker is fighting demon ghosts underground and soldiers above ground: A very nice touch.

Golden spends a good deal of time explaining why the team is actually experiencing two different types of disease: skimming material. Still, Ben Walker 2 is a very good supernatural fantasy. The similarities in both Walker tales are obvious, but as long as you go in knowing this, you will not be disappointed. Your adrenaline should rise with each chapter.

The secret to Golden's success seems to be that he writes about supernatural thrills with just the right amount of religious references to make it all feel grounded in something familiar. He was lucky to survive that experience, only to once again have to face evil when he is sent to Northern Iraq where a jar has been found. A jar with a connection to the myth of Pandora's Box. But, that is what it is, right, just a myth? There can't be anything to the legend that the jar is cursed.

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Ben hardly has time to settle into his new assignment when they are attacked by enemies that are after the jar. And, now trapped in the subterranean city must they fight against enemies above as well as and something below with them View 1 comment. Feb 11, Dave rated it liked it Shelves: netgalley-books , read-have , thrillers. A new set of twists on an adventure thriller theme.

What happens when an archeological team finds a buried ancient treasure? What terrible forces have they unwittingly unleashed? What ancient terror from the deeps is now stomping through our world? As the Jihadist t A new set of twists on an adventure thriller theme. As the Jihadist terrorists rage above ground, the team deals with ghosts, diseases, and all manner of possession. A truly great concept, but a little rough in the execution in that the reader often had difficulty In differentiating the characters and becoming invested in their story.

Apr 06, Michael Hicks rated it really liked it Shelves: advanced-review-copy , netgalley , horror.

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Not until they discover a hidden chamber does Sophie realize what mysterious find is so prized. The Pandora Room, however, wastes little time dropping us into the thick of things. Golden brings in the tension right from the start as Sophie is followed by a pair of mustached men, leading to a car chase through the desert and an encounter with Allied military forces protecting her archaeological dig site. Books like Ararat and The Pandora Room hit a particular sweet spot for me, and Golden has a done a wonderful job of following in the footsteps of authors like James Rollins.

Turning to the ancient world and historical myths made real is an endlessly fascinating realm to mine for present-day fiction, and the implications of what ancient evils could be mishandled in the present provides all sorts of harrowing horror. The Pandora Room is meaty, scary, and has enough potential what if?

Martin's Press. Sad to say though, I think I ended up even less taken with this new installment. Just days befor 2. Just days before packing it in on her dig site in Northern Iraq, archaeologist Sophie Durand makes a stunning discovery in the underground city her expedition has been in the process of excavating.

Once again, this is where Ben Walker enters the picture. However, not long after his arrival, political instability and insurgents in the region swiftly put an end to those plans. Worse, following a procedural breach by a rogue researcher, it appears contamination has occurred when several of the team members are sickened by an unknown pathogen.

Trapped in the haunted underground labyrinthine city surrounded by armed terrorists and a quarantine, Ben Walker finds himself in yet another fight for his life. With such an incredible premise, I was surprised to find The Pandora Room disappointingly lacking in both the action and thrills department, especially in the first half of the book. While listening to this in audio, I actually found myself struggling not to fall asleep! Then there was the handwringing and bureaucratic nonsense about what to do with the jar when, in another couple of chapters, it all turned out to be moot anyway.

When it turns out the seal on the jar has been cracked, several people start exhibiting signs of an unknown and quite possibly pre-biblical plague. But are these just more signs of the mysterious illness, or are there in fact preternatural elements at play here? Like my thoughts on Ararat, I just loved the resulting vibes of uncertainty and the overall feeling of claustrophobia.

The plot struggled to maintain its momentum and hence my interest, and with the exception of Ben Walker, none of the other characters were really that engaging or likeable. In sum, The Pandora Room had potential, but it ended up falling short of expectations. What could have been an atmospheric and slow-burn chiller became more or less a pedestrian action-adventure novel sprinkled here and there with supernatural elements. Hence an ambivalent 2. Apr 22, Juli rated it really liked it Shelves: read-review-copies An archeologist discovers a suberranean city in Iraq.

Inside a secret chamber covered in ancient writings, there is a jar. Pandora's Box. The ancient story tells of two jars Which jar lies in the secret chamber? Suddenly governments and even ISIS are fighting for control of the jar. Will they unleash ancient curses upon the earth? Some myths are best left buried!

I enjoyed the first book in this series, Ar An archeologist discovers a suberranean city in Iraq. I enjoyed the first book in this series, Ararat. And I definitely enjoyed this sequel. The book wastes no time jumping into action. Ben Walker, admittedly an expert in "Weird Shit,'' joins the team just in time for the S to hit the fan.

The book definitely has an Indiana Jones type feel The Pandora Room is an action-packed, thrilling read.

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The temptation to open Pandora's Box if it were real and ever discovered would be almost over-whelming. This book jumps right into the myth and proposes what would happen if the legendary vessel were discovered. I'm definitely going to keep reading this series. I wonder what dangerous situation Ben Walker will find himself in next time?

First Noah's Ark I can't wait to find out what will happen in the next book, Red Hands!! Martin's Press via NetGalley. All opinions expressed are entirely my own. Apr 10, Lou rated it really liked it. More2Read Mysteries of the ancient and the modern, women and men dealing with myths, good versus evil, dead bodies piling, terror arriving in many forms. Location Amadiya, a city of less than 5 thousand, an unstable region of the world, with a gathering of people in search of some things to be deciphered. There will be archaeologists, researchers, and teachers a project financed by the European Uni Read my Interview with Christopher Golden On his novel The Pandora Room, writing, and inspirations.

There will be archaeologists, researchers, and teachers a project financed by the European Union, the Alliance, doctors, Dr.


Ben Walker, Ms. Kim, Dr. A box with secrets, myths to decode, whilst all things going berserk above ground, will there be some containment and preservation of life, key aspects hooking you to the final page. Amongst secret rooms, near altars, within a subterranean city of old secrets buried, myths, awaiting the reader an intriguing and mysterious tale, in another land, in another dimension, amongst another entity of terror, with an Indiana Joan and crew in the pandora room.

Review also More2Read. Feb 27, Lilyn G. Tepid when it could have been boiling hot. I think that's what irritated me the most. Maybe my expectations were too high. I've read a few things from Christopher Golden in the past, and enjoyed most of them. I really liked the first book in the Ben Walker series Ararat , and so going into the book I expected that I would at least enjoy it as well. This felt like it was written with all the enthusiasm of a man doing his taxes for the 20th year.

I just couldn't care about it. It's not a bad book Tepid when it could have been boiling hot. It's not a bad book hence the three star rating but it was just so I've read better from him. I know he can do better. The Pandora Room was a palatable read, but it was also a disappointing one. Apr 29, Greg at 2 Book Lovers Reviews rated it it was amazing Shelves: , contemporary-adventure , greco-roman-historical-fiction.

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I grew up on a healthy dose of Indiana Jones and Allan Quatermain; Harrison Ford and Richard Chamberlain stoked my love of the adventure of uncovering a lost mythical treasure in an exotic location. Ben Walker is a modern version of my childhood heroes. Christopher Golden has filled The Pandora Room with non-stop action. He has a knack for finding great mythical subject matter and turning it far more sinister than I could have ever imagined.

The Pandora Room was fast-paced and captivating. When an author makes you want to be the protagonist, the job is done. That is the type of connection that I want as a reader. The only thing that Walker lacks is a bit of the humor and fun that Jones and Quatermain brought to their stories. The Pandora Room left me with only one thought: where will I be going with Walker next time and which mythical mystery will we unearth?

Feb 11, Carolyn rated it liked it. Thanks to NetGalley and St. I enjoy adventures where there is a sense of danger, including ones based on mythology and the supernatural.

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I had problems with the large cast of characters. There were too many factions involved in either guarding or retrieving the relic, either for what t Thanks to NetGalley and St. There were too many factions involved in either guarding or retrieving the relic, either for what they considered good purposes or for villainous intent. I felt I was only beginning to empathize with the main characters late in the book when they started to stand out as individuals.

There was much heroism and acts of self-sacrifice amidst incredible terror. With so much intense, deadly action and horror, I found little time for me to build up an emotional connection or a feeling of suspense and a sense of dread. Despite my reservations, I feel many readers will become involved in this terrific action thriller. I commend the author for his incredible imagination in developing the plot. I would like to see the main characters again in a following book, preferably without such a huge supporting cast. An archaeological excavation in Kurdistan breaks through into a cleverly hidden underground city, possibly the major archaeological discovery of the century.

However, there is far more to this site than simply an abandoned civilization covered over by the detritus of millennia. A warning noting a no trespassing order by the King of Asia Alexander the Great eventually leads to a room far underground containing a simple jar on an altar. But the inscriptions on the jar and the walls indicate that this may be the legendary Pandora's Jar of antiquity and myth, predating Greek mythology. Of course, there's not just a simple archaeological discovery; and Ben Walker, on a mission for DARPA to recover the jar no matter what, unearths what should have been left concealed for eternity.

Following that the novel concludes with a potentially apocalyptic outcome, leaving the reader to ask: "Is the Earth safe? Or will the contents of Pandora's Jar wipe out all life on this planet? Apr 28, Aristotle rated it it was ok. Christopher Pyrite Pyrite, also known as fools gold because there was nothing 'Golden' about this book. What a snorefest. I knew i should have passed on this book after reading Golden's, i mean Pyrite's equally boring book Ararat.

Just plain dull. I was rooting for the evil in Pandora's Box i mean jar. Wow what a big reveal! A jar! Then i started cheering for the ghosts. Lets hope the characters end up eating the fish at the end of the book. No plot, no character development, and at times sill Christopher Pyrite Pyrite, also known as fools gold because there was nothing 'Golden' about this book.

No plot, no character development, and at times silly. The End. Mar 29, Jypsy rated it really liked it. If you found Pandora's Box, would you open it? The Pandora Room explores this question when an archeologist discovers what she believes to be Pandora's Box. Of course, something so monumental can never be kept secret. Now, nations will fight for this box.

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This is my first book by the author, and I enjoyed it. It's confusing at times because a lot is happening, but overall this is a solid thrill ride. I will read more from the author. Thanks to NetGalley for an arc in exchange for an honest revie If you found Pandora's Box, would you open it? Thanks to NetGalley for an arc in exchange for an honest review. May 19, Jeffrey W Brigham rated it it was ok. Before sitting down to read this book, make sure you have a magnifying glass close at hand so that you can see what page number you're on.

If you don't care about page numbers, then you're good to go. Apparently this book is number two, the latest installment, in a series of Ben Walker books. The story begins with a car chase original and thrilling, right? Christopher Golden's zest for horror really shines starting at about page , twen Before sitting down to read this book, make sure you have a magnifying glass close at hand so that you can see what page number you're on.

Christopher Golden's zest for horror really shines starting at about page , twenty pages shy of the end. Too little, too late. If only the whole thing read like the last twenty pages, I could have loved it! I think this can be read as a standalone since they are two separate stories but for the two returning characters a bit of character development happened in the first book; you can always go back and read the first book if you feel the need to after reading this one.

I enjoy Golden's writing, for me this one was quite a bit more enjoyable to read than the first, topic-wise I have always been more interested in Pandora's Box than the arc, viruses and creepy ass ghost are more my thing. Kim Seong gets called in by the UN to oversee and decide who gets custody of the item. To help her out she asks specifically for Ben Walker. Walker is use to handling stuff for the government making sure old artifacts and such end up in the right hands.

But what happens no one expects. The local jihadi view this discovery as a threat to their history and religion and lead an attack at the dig site. Top side the American and Kurdish soldier are fighting to keep the jihadi from making it down into the underground city and destroying everything; while down below the scientist, researchers, and laborers are facing a horrible virus and pretty soon they are trapped there with no way out.

Overall, great read. I did tear up at one point toward the end it was one of those moments where you want to throw the book across the room, curse the author and then go right back to reading it because you have to find out what happens next. This book was creepy, morbid, and a little grotesque a few times and I loved it. I loved the characters, as large of a cast that he had it was easy to follow, each time the narrative changed perspectives he named the person it switched to within the first sentence.

There were some unanswered questions at the end, so I am hoping another book comes soon and answers them, well not too soon you can tell Golden does research his stuff first and that takes time but it so worth it. May 01, January Gray rated it it was ok Shelves: books-read-in Maybe my expectations for this book were too high? Kind of predictable to be honest with you. I finished it, but it isn't something I would read again. Apr 28, Valerie rated it really liked it.

An isolated location, excavations, and a discovery that could be devastating in the wrong hands. We have people underground with a contagion loose, jihadis above attacking. But an evil also lurks below with the group of workers and scientists! I liked that the author mentions the thawing of the permafrost which is happening now, in our lifetime, which will release great amounts of carbon into the atmosphere!

Mediocre archeological thriller. If you are looking for a sleek and adventurous technothriller, look no further than Christopher Golden and his new novel, The Pandora Room. In this lavish novel, multiple parties are tasked with finding the legendary Pandora Room and all that it might contain and reveal. Sophie Durrant is our hero and believe me you will root for her to come out in the end with all the secrets and more importantly, her life.

If you think that The Pandora Room could be a great movie, you are correct. Think of th If you are looking for a sleek and adventurous technothriller, look no further than Christopher Golden and his new novel, The Pandora Room. Think of the movies that you watched as a kid, and you will have an accurate picture of this entertaining book.

Mar 04, Kitten Kisser rated it did not like it. Yet, once again I get sucked in by a books description. It just sounds so good. Yes, I'm interested! Plus I thought this might tie in with the escaped evil from Ararat. Daedalus thinks he may have inadvertently sent Hero to a dangerous place so Medea goes after him before it's too late. Oracle strikes a terrible deal with Minos while the noble Lykos tries to save his father. Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video. Start your free trial. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

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