Vociferous or Voracious?
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When Meddings returned with a second box the major and the adjutant seized some biscuits and munched happily and voraciously. I need hardly say we eat of it voraciously , for the appetite delighted in any thing like vegetable food. Related: Voraciously.

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Here are just a few words recently added to Dictionary. Sometimes, we use phonic clues and do ourselves proud, but then there are the other times. Take a look at some of the words butchered by Dictionary. Nearby words voodooism , voorkamer , voorskot , voortrekker , vor , voracious , voraciously , voracity , vorarlberg , vorkuta , vorlage.


This is a voracious animal that will eat anything it catches. Este es un animal voraz que come todo lo que atrapa.

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Voracious definition is - having a huge appetite: ravenous. How to use voracious in a sentence. Did You Know? Synonym Discussion of voracious. voracious definition: 1. very eager for something, especially a lot of food: 2. needing a lot of something to be satisfied. Learn more.

Tom es un lector insaciable que no puede esperar a terminar un libro para empezar otro. Phrases with "voracious,".

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— voracity