Wizards That Peep: A Journey Into the Occult (NPH Classic)

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There was no evidence besides a single stray sequin. It was speculated that the heist was an inside job. Finally, after 13 years, someone came forward to the company that insured the slippers claiming to have information on how to get the shoes back. The company quickly concluded that the person was trying to extort the owners. After years of rumors and dead ends, an anonymous tip last summer led law enforcement outside Minnesota, before the FBI finally got involved. This summer the shoes were finally recovered through a seize-undercover mission in Minneapolis. The long-lost slippers were shown to reporters last week at the FBI's Minneapolis headquarters in a news conference conducted in reverential tones, with repeated references to rainbows and the memorable quote "there's no place like home.

The Princess of 42nd Street Pubs. To a crowded audience of press and fans, she read from the book where she tells what it was like to be the teen-aged daughter of the man who invented the peep show machine in the s. By Lilli McHale. Polish war-hero Brionslaw Karwowski proudly escorted his granddaughter Joanna into the church on her wedding day this summer while wearing his entire WWII military regalia, adorned with his many medals. After fighting with the Polish resistance, against the rule of the Nazis, and participating in the Warsaw uprising, he was captured before escaping from Gestapo headquarters.

Karwowski was then arrested and was sentenced to ten years in prison for his resistance efforts towards the communist government following World War II. At the altar, the groom was fighting back tears at the sight of his bride walking with her grandfather. Two days after the wedding, Karwowski died at While it is noticeable Karwowski was ill while walking Joanna down the aisle, he did not falter and performed his duties one final time. The Polish National Armed Forces acknowledged his passing with a released statement on social media.

He was 94 years old. How Much Would You Spend. When you love someone, how far are you willing to go to show them your declaration of your love? The pair started the day on a yacht in the Mediterranean Sea and then segwayed to a helicopter, which left them at a hotel overlooking the cliffs of Monaco. They moved onto an Oaktree oasis covered in lights and filled with notes jam-packed with reasons why he loved her and illustrations of the couple.

To continue the nearly quarter-million-euro proposal, the couple walked to a cave filled with retro cinema memorabilia. To finalize the event, the cave opened up to a panoramic view. Romance Novelist Charged with Murdering her Husband. No, this is not a missing plot line from Murder, She Wrote.

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It is alleged that the year-old Nancy shot and killed her year-old chef-husband in June. On Saturday, June 2nd around a. Emergency personal, once on scene, were too late to revive him. Nancy turned to her website to talk about their marriage of 27 years in a positive light. This September, Nancy was charged with murder and unlawful use of a weapon.

She is due to appear in court again on September 17th. Friends of the couple were shocked by the entire series of events and are hopeful the police are wrong to charge Nancy with his murder. Nominee for the Most Tone-Deaf Bride of Oh, and her bridesmaid worked in a field where she felt that public photos from a plantation wedding would be detrimental to her career. Make sure you read the comments too! Martin Schmidt always knew that he was adopted by his parents William and Cynthia Schmidt. To start the process, Schmidt contacted the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families to first get in touch with his biological mother, Michele Newman.

Newman was on her lunch break at her job in Hawaii when she got the call. She immediately broke out into tears and left for the day after the phone call. A few days later Newman and Schmidt talked on the phone for the first time. She talked about his birth and told stories about her and his father, her former high school boyfriend. The two parted amicably after their break-up, which happened before she found out she was pregnant. Michele was still curious, so she shot Dave Lindgren a text, which he ignored at first due to its strange area code.

He eventually answered the text and the two called to talk about their lives, revealing Dave had been married three times and had four kids while Michele had been married twice but had no other children beside Martin. The two talked frequently and had much to discuss, as Dave was going through a divorcee. He said he always wanted to visit Hawaii, where Michele was living, and she offered to show him around if he wanted to come down.

He got a ticket for himself and his nephew, who could act as a buffer and travel companion for the trip. When the pair met in person for the first time since they were teens, they felt a connection. When the vacation ended, the pair continued to talk to each other every day, and they also spoke to their son more often as well. Schmidt found out about the romance that was unfolding between his biological parents and got excited. Michele moved back to Wisconsin and the pair eventually moved in together.

One year after the first text message, Dave proposed. Their son happily officiated the ceremony between his father and mother. Amazon Prime. So, I did what any year-old with some free time and no relationship experience should do; I subscribed to Amazon Prime and watched my very first episode of Sex and the City, and binge-watched the entire six-season show.

And now, being a year-old living in NYC, I have so much to thank them for, but also much to scream at them for. First off, I am a good looking year-old. I have no birth defects or physical deformities, so I think that should count for something, yet despite this fact, men do not swoon over me or ask me out, or my friends for that matter, at the high speed that the women on the show do.

Now maybe this is just me, because I am attracting college-aged boys, but somehow, I do not think so. I, just like Miranda in early seasons, think that we pine for it, and that is why romance is the way it is.

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Then she falls into the arms of her true r love, her divorce attorney Harry. So, you could say I have some issues with the way the show paints romance for New York women. Yet, the show does something so much bigger than dangle romance in front of its millions of viewers--it depicts progression. To me, this show demonstrates feminism in its most pure form; four women building each other up. It is so rare to see a set of women who are empowering each other.

While most women use men as a way to justify themselves amongst other women, these women have overcome that archaic notion and are using romance as a way to further and better themselves. They do not seek their value in men, so they are not in competition with each other. Instead these women show us how to embrace ourselves at our purest, most concentrated self. There are few people, if any, that I feel comfortable enough in our relationship that I can talk about masturbation, sex positions, and sex toys with, like the women in the show do.

Furthermore, Sex and the City does something else. It shows four women in their prime childbearing years as single women who are productive members of society. Samantha Jones, a something year old PR mogul, is what every man dreams to be like: rich, happy, successful, self-assured, sexy, and gets around. The characters Carrie and Miranda have a special bond throughout the story, as they too act as less dramatic foils for each other during the series. Each of the women fits into, and attempts to break, stereotypical female categories.

Charlotte is the idealist, Samantha is the predator a role she fills with her relationship as a cougar with Smith , Miranda is the cynical woman who has been snubbed by love, and Carrie is the breezy girl next door. Thank you for diversifying the accepted lifestyle for women; Charlotte showed it is ok to have lunch by yourself.

In fact, you can get back with your ex the very next day if you want to! Bluestocking Banter. This month, Bluestocking Banter sails into your inbox with best-selling author and pirate queen of romance, Katherine Bone. Among the many sailing themed quotes on her website, this one by esteemed poet Roselle Mercier Montgomery, circa s struck me as especially apropos for Katherine:. Welcome, Katherine. Katherine: Instead of writing about the Golden Age of Piracy, I chose the Napoleonic War Era because of the perfect opportunities for smugglers and pirates, and privateers and naval officers.

What better motivation can there be for men challenged by love of country and the need to protect England at a time when invasion was a very real possibility?

  • Sherlock Holmes 10 Minute Plays #2.
  • Set Free.
  • See a Problem?;
  • Gabriels Tail (The Weeping King Book 1).
  • Childrens Song No. 7;
  • Romance Daily News | Articles, September .
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Had the British fleet failed to defeat Admiral Villeneuve off the coast of Cadiz, things might have been very different today. Another reason I enjoy writing about the Napoleonic War Era is the length of time the war lasted in its many coalitions. Young people living in England at that time never knew anything but war and deprivation. To set your series in such a specific and short period, you must do a lot of research. Katherine: This is a great question!

I do extensive research for my books. I spent ten years researching a western series that I started before turning to my first love: pirates. Sometimes it only takes a historical tidbit to get that process started. Other times, it takes a few weeks. Who would suspect a fop to be a spy? What better way to be ignored. Be loud and be proud! Le sigh. Your latest release just came out on August 28th? What excites you about this story? Lady Adele Seaton is an opportunist with a big heart. Do you have anything to say to your SoCal fans? Several authors at the Great Book Exposition dress in the time period their books are set in.

Want a picture with a pirate author? Come see me! Thank you for joining us today, Katherine. To enter click here. Captain Henry Guffald is no ordinary sea captain. But succeeding is not such an easy task, especially when his plan is foiled by a beautiful female pirate. So when news arrives that her brother has been imprisoned in Spain, she quickly develops a strategy to rescue him and sets sail to intercept the first Royal Navy ship she encounters.

Ready to put her plan in motion, Adele is a brilliant tactician, but not everything can be predicted. Now, Henry and Adele must join forces to save her brother and keep the secrets of the Crown just that—secret. But sparks fly between more than just their swords, and their passion might very well be their undoing. Beat Navy! For more information on Katherine, please visit www. Man-gagement Rings Anyone? Mangagement rings are being billed as the male equivalent to engagement rings. Instead of having only the woman wearing a ring that symbolizes that they are taken, males and females have gotten into the idea that everyone should demonstrate that they are engaged.

Additionally, this provides a way for women to reciprocate the act and buy rings for their partners as well. The jeweler H. Samuel created the Tioro ring, which is a male engagement ring. It was so popular that the brand expanded the line to contain eight different low-cost rings from euros. Additionally, a lot of couples feel that the mangagement rings are inclusive, as they serve as a way to showcase that the members of the couple are taken by someone else. I Started Writing Them. By Ryan Field. The story will remain with me and so will all the characters. I will carry them with me as if they are friends or family members.

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So I focused on answering random calls for submission that requested gay erotica and gay romance stories. If you could find it in a bookstore, gay romance was something on the fringes of what was considered Gay Literature. It was all very general. So I wrote about…and embellished…what I knew as a gay man. And back then all my editors were gay men. Editing and framing romance is not just about spelling and grammar.

I submitted a 5, word love story about two gay men who meet through personal blogging…personal blogging as social media back in the day was like Facebook is now…and their story was far more emotional than it was sexual. At the time, I had no idea that I was learning a few valuable writing lessons that I would use in the future. We thought about the sexuality more than the romance because everything had to be discreet and hidden.

Just gay content in general was hidden from view. As readers and writers we wanted more mainstream gay stories and characters. But we had no control over what publishers or agents wanted, or what they thought they could sell. I think the only author who could get away with writing mainstream homoerotic content was Ann Rice. In fact, I remember the first time I read Interview with the Vampire and I was amazed that someone had actually written gay characters who were even slightly romantic. When I was approached by a startup e-publisher in and asked to do something different with gay romance, I jumped at the opportunity.

Without even fully realizing what I was about to do, I told the publisher I would do whatever they wanted. I knew it would be one of the biggest challenges I might ever face as a writer. It was almost completely unheard of to give gay characters a happy ending. In short, the e-publisher contracted me to write several books with gay characters and a gay storyline that were loosely based on classic heteronormative romance tropes. They were storylines that had been done in the past many times with straight characters in books, plays, and in films. But no one had ever reworked them with gay male characters.

No one had ever given readers gay male characters who found their happy endings, too. I knew the only way I could pull something like that off was to think of them as parodies, and I did that mostly by adding a good deal of erotica. I also had to change the dynamics a little. However, as a gay man I know how that works and reworking the storylines proved to be more of a minor challenge than impossibility. That was all the motivation I needed.

After my first two gay romance novels based on heteronormative love stories were released, I discovered something interesting. They not only welcomed e-books, they basked in them. It evolved into an online community of readers interacting with authors, both men and women, who only wanted to read gay romance. I actually found all this so interesting and liberating that I edited and indie published an anthology of my own titled, The Women Who Love to Love Gay Romance.

I put out a call for submissions and I was inundated with responses from women who love to read and write about gay romance. The stories they sent me were so wonderful, it was difficult to choose which ones I would use in the anthology.


It was another learning experience for me as a writer, editor, and as an indie publisher. I also helped a few new authors get their first start in the gay romance genre. Some of these women have moved forward to write full-length novels with excellent publishers. When I was asked to write this article, they wanted to know how I frame my gay romance novels for a female audience. I never thought there was a need to do that, and I never wanted to insult my readers by trying too hard to do that.

Wizards That Peep : A Journey into the Occult by Siegbert W. Becker (2010, Paperback, Reissue)

The best I can hope for is that what I write resonates with readers, it entertains them, and it gives them an escape with a happy ending. There are no set answers. The truth is that all readers are different, and fiction can be highly subjective. Some readers…male and female…want gay love stories with less sex, and some want more sex.

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Ryan Field is a gay fiction writer who has worked in many areas of publishing for the past 20 years. He's the author of the bestselling "Virgin Billionaire" series and the short story, "Down the Basement," which was included in the Lambda Award winning anthology titled "Best Gay Erotica Life Saving First Kiss.

Max Montgomery and Dr. Andi Traynor had been friends for some time before Max worked up the courage to tell her he had a crush on her. When Andi realized she might have feelings for him too, the pair planned a surfing date for a few days later. After the pair got out of the water, Max started to have a heart attack. What a happy coincidence! Instead, over the last ten-months the relationship had blossomed over the near-death experience. The couple jokes that Traynor giving Montgomery mouth to mouth was one of the most bizarre first-kisses of all time.

I expect a lot of interest from collectors. It was published in late January in a small edition of approximately copies and sold for 18 shillings in boards.

ISBN 9780811877558

He sleeps around. Second-degree keyboard shortcutist. We'll both wear the glass! The Graham Norton Show: Episode 7. Simmons is an actor with extraordinary range. In the author's note, Harris also provides readers with a short biographical account of all the actual world historical figures used in the text. Personal account.

Compare all 4 new copies. Book Description Northwestern Publishing House, Condition: New. Seller Inventory M More information about this seller Contact this seller. Never used!. Seller Inventory P Brand New!. Seller Inventory VIB Ships with Tracking Number! Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!. Seller Inventory n. Siegbert W. Publisher: Northwestern Publishing House , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available.