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Woman of the Century/Anna Cora Mowatt Ritchie
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Mowatt, Anna Cora (1819–1870)

Mowatt carefully packaged herself as a dutiful wife providing for her family as a last resort, rather than a performer seeking attention or fame, in order to preserve her honor and also draw audiences from her upper-class social circle. Successful in oratory, Mowatt would perform in crowded rooms of elites — social and literary. Always, Mowatt would be escorted to the front of the room by her husband. After a respiratory illness prohibited her from continuing to read, Mowatt returned to writing [2]. Buoyed by the success of her play, Mowatt would go on to transition into a career in acting and eventually toured through out America and Europe for years [3].

Mowatt would continue to write in various styles, including another play and an autobiography. The vocation of playwright held no special place of honor, and the overwhelming majority of them were white males, churning out formulaic melodramas.

the fly in the room.

The popular plays emphasized spectacle, and favored exaggerated situations over faithful depictions of reality. Actors and actresses were not accepted into the upper echelons of society, and were considered morally corrupt. The public was especially suspicious of actresses.

Why the women? This cult defined feminine behavior, and violators were to be shunned or shamed by all respectable members of society.

Selected writings:

A respectable woman would not to showcase her body on a stage and would not work outside of the home. She must always be pious, pure, and submissive.

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Anna Cora Mowatt Ritchie (–) was a French-born American author, playwright, public . Works by Anna Cora Ogden Mowatt Ritchie at Project Gutenberg · Works by or about Anna Cora Ogden Mowatt timeline for context and a digital bibliography of online Mowatt resources; Complete text of her play, Fashion. Anna Cora Mowatt, née Anna Cora Ogden, (born March 5, , Bordeaux, France—died July 21, , London, Eng.), American playwright and actress, best known as the author of the satirical play Fashion. Born in France to American parents, Anna Ogden moved to New York City with her.

Mowatt carefully framed her reading as high-class event, only done to support her family and as a last resort. After the death of her first husband, Anna married William Foushee Ritchie.

Mowatt, Anna Cora (1819–1870)

She made her last stage appearance in , the same year she published her revealing memoir Autobiography of an Actress , but continued to write fiction and short sketches. In she left Ritchie and moved to England, where she died on July 21, Anna Cora Mowatt. Biography Anna Cora Ogden Mowatt Ritchie was a playwright, performer, poet, novelist, essayist and memoir writer who began publishing her work while still a teenager.