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see url From midc. That of "slide, glide" is from s. Transitive sense from s; meaning "insert surreptitiously" is from s.

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Related: Slipped ; slipping. To slip up "make a mistake" is from ; to slip through the net "evade detection" is from Meaning "act of slipping" is from s.


Meaning "mistake, minor fault, blunder" is from s. Sense of "woman's sleeveless garment" is from notion of something easily slipped on or off cf.

To give someone the slip "escape from" is from s. Meaning "landing place for ships" is midc. Slip of the tongue is from earlier slip of the pen s , which makes more sense as an image.

Middle Dutch slippe , German schlippe , schlipfe "cut, slit, strip. In addition to the idioms beginning with slip.

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He slipped off his shoes. Compare skid def Also called glide. Verb Phrases slip away , to depart quietly or unobtrusively; steal off. Nearby words slink , slink away , slinky , slinter , sliotar , slip , slip a cog , slip carriage , slip casting , slip flow , slip form. Idioms give someone the slip , to elude a pursuer; escape: The murderer gave the police the slip. Also slip one over on.

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Origin of slip 1 —; v. See slide. From English to slip.

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Shadowline Flare 30" Half Slip L In the late s, some nylon slips began to appear on the market, and the vast majority of slips made in the s were nylon. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. Please enter valid email.

From English sleep. Borrowed from English sleep.

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Freudian slip let something slip nonslip slippage slippery slipshod slip of the tongue slip one's mind slip through one's fingers slip away slip down slip into slip one past slip road slip out slip up slip-up there's many a slip twixt cup and lip. This entry has fewer than three known examples of actual usage , the minimum considered necessary for clear attestation , and may not be reliable.


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