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They spent zero time establishing what caused Arias to become such a monster. She wasn't just a pretty normal girl who cracked one day. This movie totally misses exploring anything that made this incident stand out. I have been following the Jodi Arias murder trial, mostly out of fascination. Sociopathy has become more intriguing to me over the years - realizing that so many sociopaths walk among us and we are completely unawares.

The book is so good that it should be required reading in social studies. It could help a lot of people avoid tragedies like these. I thought that Tania Raymonde did a great job of emulating Jodi and what many have come to believe her motives were. While what Jodi did was heinous beyond belief - the target of her affections which crossed into butchery was not entirely a saint. It was clear that Travis used Jodi for sex and then discarded her like yesterday's trash when he decided to pursue finding himself a suitable Mormon wife - but not entirely.

He kept Jodi around like many men and women do to keep those booty calls handy. Many of the true details of their relationship that I believe were critical were completely left out. For instance, the coy way that Jodi was heard to act like a little girl in real life phone conversations with Travis. Also, the movie didn't cover any of the sordid sexual details that Travis himself admitted to on the phone. Tania seemed far more mature than Jodi has - and I didn't see any indication that she ever took on the role of a coy teenager.

I also got the feeling that Tania Raymonde's portrayal was more sexually mature than Jodi. I could not imagine Jodi being that appealing. Also, from the trial accounts there was some big todo about whether they were having regular, traditional sex or not. It seemed that they did certain things more regularly in an effort to conform with the Mormon faith that he espoused and she joined.

Either way, they broke the rules because they weren't supposed to be having sexual contact prior to marriage anyway. And there is no doubt in my mind that Travis never thought of Jodi as marriage material. She became the booty call that he hid from people -- so the title really works here -- because she really was his dirty little secret.

Finally, the moments before Jodi murdered Travis indicated that she became especially peeved by a text message. The fact that she went to great lengths to dye her hair, get gas cans so she wouldn't have to stop for gas and turned her cell phone off -- all so she wouldn't be traced or recognized. It was always obvious to me that the murder was premeditated, making it ever more creepy and this was never even touched on in the film.

Travis Alexander, despite targeting Jodi directly as a sociopath in text messages - continued to have sex with her anyway. While that is not a crime and he does not deserve to be murdered for it - this should serve as a cautionary tale for anyone, man or woman who becomes resided to the fact that a romantic interest, friend or even family member is a sociopath. When you are sure of this - you must never confront them. Keep it to yourself and get as far away as possible.

Make excuses and play a game, but do not let them close to you anymore. You've been warned from the second you know they're a sociopath. It never ends well. In my own personal experience, once sociopaths know they've lost, they are like animals who are out for the kill and will not rest until they either have control of you or they have done whatever they can to destroy you.

When Travis became aware of her evil, under no circumstances did he have any business letting her through his door ever again. As I said before -- yes, Jodi is a sociopath. She will do whatever it takes to get what she wants, lying all the way through. Any tears she sheds is because she got caught. I wasn't expecting the film to go thoroughly into her psyche -- but I would have liked it if there was more emphasis on a lesson to take stalking very seriously.

When a woman is stalked - films generally push how dangerous that is, but I didn't see that here. Perhaps it is a double standard since Travis was a male. Keyword: was.

Arias saga: A sordid affair turns deadly

Had he gotten totally away from Jodi, perhaps he'd still be alive. But you don't get away from a sociopath by letting them back in your home at 4 am and having sex with them all day long. Tania Raymonde did an amazing job in playing Jodi Arias. I watched An American Mystery a few days prior to this and they are almost exact. I've seen Jodi in this movie as a human and the victim as a villain through the story till the actual murder.

It is not Hollywood polished movie and it is a bit raw and yet it lacks something I can not be sure what. If I will recommend it, well if you have some extra time, why not Am I the only person in the world who finds Travis to be a bad guy? I certainly don't agree or condone what happened to him but at the same time I must admit that I found him to be a jerk by the way he just wanted to use this woman for sex, keep her in the background and hidden from his friends and pretty much just use her whenever he needed her.

Sure, thousands if not millions of guys do this to women but most of them don't do it to someone crazy, which is obviously what Jodi was. This Lifetime movie is pretty awful all around and largely because you really don't learn anything about either people and we're left with a story of unsympathetic characters and certainly no one to life.

Director Jace Alexander takes a fairly interesting "case" and turns it into a pure case of boredom because there's no energy, no life or anything else going on here. The entire film seems to run on longer than the real-life trial because we just keep getting scenes that add up to nothing. The movie has all sorts of problems including how it goes all out to paint Travis as this clean-cut Mormon who did nothing wrong and just wanted to help people. We get at least two scenes where Jodi sexually comes onto him while he turns away.

Yet, minutes later, we see them two in a steamy sex affair where he's the one using her. You can't have it both ways. Even worse is the fact that these scenes trying to make Travis look clean are done in such a way that you really can't help but laugh at them. Both Raymonde and Soffer are good in their roles but sadly they're just not given much to do.

When one watches Lifetime you really don't expect quality but I must say this here is without question one of the worst products they've'e turned out. I expected more out of this movie after reading the reviews. It was not nearly as good as others made it out to be. The relationship between Jodi and Travis that was depicted was completely inaccurate. Half the things they showed in this movie never even occurred and they grossly exaggerated how quickly their sexual relationship progressed. Other details were completely made up or changed for whatever reason, giving a different impression of how things actually happened.

Why change names, events and other details when the public already knew them?! This movie should have had the disclaimer "Based on actual events", rather than "This is a true story". Dirty little movie geoffox 2 October By dirty I mean the director and producer expect us to sit around watching this slut type prance around making off she's a winner.

She's not that terrific looking, too much hair, no body to lure anyone with and has this pouty mouth like her lower jaw extends her upper.


Let's not talk of the plot as there are so many similar ones of the past and so much better. Like the leading vamp could act in those. This one just poses like she thinks all men are attracted to her looks. You can also predict she will kill all those in her way. The same as before. I just get tired of looking at her with her dipity-do hair style.

in defense of jodi arias updated Manual

So, in summing this trash up, and I won't mention names to protect the rest of the unfortunate cast, this is a horrendous film with a bad leading lady, a stupid plot and not for any seeing eyes to sit through. SuzanClark 29 March Though the characters do seem to look like the actual people this movie is written for, the acting does not match the personalities of those individuals.

This movie also played a part in the hung jury in the actual case, as juror17 claims to have watched this movie, in that, it helped sway her decision to not vote for the death penalty. If that is true or not we will never know. In the end of the movie I had recounted at least a dozen issues with the movie matching the actual evidence obtained in the investigation of Jodi Arias. The actual movements of Jodi Arias would have been more appealing then the mocked scenes added for drama: In that, as an example, Jodi would not have had the time to develop film to plaster all over Travis's bedroom mirror the night she stalked him having no way to develop film on the spot - even with a viewer not knowing this case, that scene was impossible- and over reached credibility.

With all the 'easy to reach' documentation of this case out there, I cannot understand why the script did not include an actual-factual story line. It causes me to second think any 'based on an actual' story in the future. Why is it important that facts are followed 'in reality movie making? Share this page:.

Series o peliculas B. Best Lifetime Movies. Reflecting back, Nurmi says there was no way he could have known that the case would consume the next five years of his life, much less take such a great personal toll. When he first met Arias in jail, Nurmi learned that his weird new client liked to talk — often about nothing to do with the case. Their initial jailhouse visit was more akin to chatting with a stranger at Starbucks. In subsequent visits, Arias did not press him about anything related to the case. In fact, she didn't seem to care about her upcoming trial.

Instead, he says, she was flirtatious, discussing topics such as how she preferred to groom her pubic hair. Arias was testing me because it was important to her to figure out how she could get me to follow her wishes. I was the most significant male relationship in her life. I took that to mean that in her sick, twisted mind, she saw me as her [new] boyfriend.

When Nurmi first received the case, he says, Arias told a fantastical tale about two mysterious black-clad intruders who had murdered Alexander in his home and let her escape unharmed. She detailed this curious account in on-camera interviews with true-crime shows 48 Hours Mystery and Inside Edition , during which she also dared a jury to find her guilty. To Nurmi, it was apparent that Arias was lying. It made no sense to him that she would tell such an unbelievable story on national television. Arias as a client. Or Ms. Arias was my client because I believed her claims of self-defense or the 'ninja story,'" he says.

She was just another client. Despite his disbelief of her story, Nurmi, was forced, as her attorney, to prepare a defense that matched her account. Before January 2, , Kirk Nurmi was a little-known defense attorney living in the East Valley with his wife and their four-pound Chihuahua, Holly. As a seasoned defense attorney handling capital cases, Nurmi had earned a solid reputation among his peers. A staunch opponent of the death penalty, he found it gratifying to save the lives of indigent clients.

Raised in Seattle by his parents and maternal grandparents, Nurmi didn't dream of becoming an attorney. He graduated from high school at 16 and bagged groceries while taking classes at a community college. He wanted to be a cop, but after he was rejected by several police departments, he returned to school. Uncertain of his next career move, he obtained a bachelor's degree in criminal justice and a master's in history and psychology from Washington State University before setting his sights on becoming a defense attorney.

By the time he graduated from law school at the University of Wyoming, he was in his early 30s. Along the way, he had met and married his wife, an educator. Had I taken that offer, you wouldn't know who I am," he laments in his book. Within six months, he tried his first felony case in front of a jury — and won.

A few years later, he moved into the capital defense unit and handled two cases in which the state sought to execute the defendant. Nearly everyone in the courtroom was crying. Nurmi quickly learned that his mission — unlike that of most defense attorneys — was not to secure not-guilty verdicts. It was to win life in prison and, thus, help clients escape the death penalty. Arias' life," he recalls. Early on a Monday morning in April , Nurmi had the first of many surreal and bizarre moments in the Arias case. He was going through his morning routine of tuning into sports talk radio before flipping on his computer and slogging through e-mails when he came upon an unusual correspondence.

The sender was someone claiming to be "Bob White. Attached to the e-mail were 10 digital documents — copies of handwritten letters supposedly signed by Travis Alexander. The letters contained dark confessions involving disturbing acts of pedophilia and sexual deviance. I have hurt children because of urges I can't control. I can't help it. I know it's pure evil, but I can't stop.

In another letter, the supposed Alexander admitted to having been violent with Jodi Arias, once breaking her finger and kicking her in the ribs. She then admitted she killed Alexander — but she claimed she did it in self-defense after he had attacked her when she dropped his new digital camera during a steamy shower photo shoot. Before the arrival of the e-mailed letters reputed to be from Alexander, however, there had been no evidence to support her claims. At first, Nurmi believed the letters were valuable evidence. He spent months investigating them and attempting, unsuccessfully, to track down the mysterious "Bob White.

He changed his mind about the validity of the letters after jail guards searching Arias' cell discovered pens and index cards on which Arias appeared to have been trying to simulate Alexander's handwriting. Arias wrote the letters," Nurmi recalls. As her attorney, I had to consider how this evidence would sit with a jury. If jury members learned the cards were forgeries, it would damage the case irreparably, he knew. Yet Arias was adamant that the letters proved her innocence.

For months, Nurmi quarreled with his client over the letters and about overall legal strategy for the case. Meanwhile, the attorney attempted to negotiate a plea that would save Arias from execution. By then, he believed she was a deeply disturbed young woman who had been sexually abused as a child and suffered from an undiagnosed mental disorder. But prosecutor Martinez balked at the plea.

All AMAs require proof.

JODI ARIAS: A PERSONAL KILLING (THE WICKED GIRLFRIEND SERIES Book 3) - Kindle edition by Jessica Megan Lutzkopf. Download it once and read it on. Visit Here New Book JODI ARIAS: A PERSONAL KILLING (THE WICKED GIRLFRIEND SERIES Book 3).

His case for premeditated, first-degree murder was overwhelmingly strong. And it seemed to Nurmi that Martinez wouldn't be satisfied with any sentence other than death. Not only was she self-destructive, manipulative, inappropriate, and just plain unlikable, she was pushing a legal strategy that he believed would send her to death row. She was intent on claiming that her victim was an abusive pedophile. To Nurmi, it seemed that Arias cared more about disparaging her slain lover than the outcome of her case.

The case was absurdly complicated, and Arias was a source of constant frustration for Nurmi. He spent countless hours poring over police reports, text messages, and e-mails, in addition to interviewing witnesses, speaking to experts, and consulting with Arias. Weekly jailhouse visits stretched past two hours, and her daily calls from prison consumed additional hours.

In an attempt to rid himself of Arias, Nurmi quit his job at the Public Defender's Office in early He planned to partner with longtime friend and fellow attorney Caroline Aeed to build a private defense practice. He filed a motion to withdraw, which would require the judge's approval, and his supervisors arranged for another attorney in the office to take over the big case. When Arias found out, she was stunned and incensed. She felt that Nurmi should feel privileged to be her attorney.

Arias very unhappy with my plans but. Arias took extreme measures to keep Nurmi bound to her cause. After numerous failed attempts to convince him that he must remain, Arias wrote a letter to the judge detailing how important her lead counsel was to her case and how "unethical" it would be for him to leave it unresolved.

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To Nurmi's disbelief, the judge sided with Arias and rejected his motion to withdraw, forcing him to remain as her attorney under a private contract. Arias, but it was always against my will, and it was not truly worth it," he writes in his book. Bad business. Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why or why not? If you didn't follow the trial, this would be a good read.

If you followed the trial, this is just a summary of the murder case and court coverage. What could Jane Velez-Mitchell have done to make this a more enjoyable book for you? Done some more background research on Jodi Arias. There has to be some "family secrets" out there that formed her twisted personality. What do you think the narrator could have done better? If this book were a movie would you go see it? Probably not. Any additional comments? Basically this book was an HLN summary of their trial coverage. Jane Velez-Mitchell may not be my pick as a TV journalist, but she writes an amazing nonfiction book.

The author represents both parties fairly, new details I had not heard following the trial were very compelling. If you were intrigued by the Jodi Arias trial, you will enjoy this read. Still sends shivers down my spine The sordid crime and lurid sexual details described in this work would have been more suitable for a piece in Vanity Fair, where one might distractedly read it while waiting for a dental appointment.

At its essence, the book describes the murder of a young man by his habitually distrustful girlfriend, an occurrence barely noticed in our modern world. Excursions into the the family history and psychological profile of Jodi Arias, as well as that of her victim - Travis Alexander - were confusing distractions that further obscured the point of this work. The author seemed to rely on a rehash of publicly available documents and evidence produced at trial in a beleaguered effort to sensationalize a routine homicide caused by a relationship gone bad.

Interestingly, and in the author's preface to the work, Ms. Velez-Mitchel displayed an unseemly personal distaste for Ms. Arias that seemed unprofessional and out-of-place. Has Exposed turned you off from other books in this genre? This is a very biased portrail of the Jodi Arias case.

The author is infatuated by the prosecution and give scant time the to defence.

Jodi Arias Describes Killing Travis Alexander

I had not heard of the this case prior to reading this book and I still have not learned a great deal about it other then what people wore in court each day. What disappointed you about Exposed?

  • Jodi Arias 'finds love behind bars and is even planning a prison wedding'.
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This is for surely one of the worst books I have ever bought Any good who done it book should be neutral on delivery and let the reader decide for themselves. For the intense hatred the author feels for the defendant.. It's amazing as she has doubtless made a fortune by using Jodi's name in her book?! What do you think your next listen will be?

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Also interesting how amazon asks useless questions that doesn't even apply to the book review. How could the performance have been better? I would hate to see what a 13 hour book looks like physically. WOW must be as big as an encyclopedia. Way too long should have been abridged That is if it was actually worth buying and reading which it certainly wasn't! If you could play editor, what scene or scenes would you have cut from Exposed? Again this so called author was way too biased for my taste.. I mean there are only two people that know the true facts of the case.

For someone to profit from anothers misery and misfortune is as sick and sad as it gets. The jury has decided Jodi Arias is guilty of the murder of Travis Alexander. The background of Jodi and Travis's relationship, Jodi's previous relationships and her ever evolving story was interesting. All this being said, within minutes of starting the book the total bias to one side became evident and carried through to the last. Velez-Mitchell seemed to spend the entire book telling me why her opinion was the only correct one rather than just conveying what would have otherwise been a compelling story I wont be reading her other book.

On the other hand, Elizabeth Whites performance was very good. One of the best true to the facts written books out.

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Hi SJ, I also agreed with the Casey Anthony verdict but feel the prosecution failed to present enough evidence for a guilty verdict. More abuse for Jodi I am shocked with all this. He planned to partner with longtime friend and fellow attorney Caroline Aeed to build a private defense practice. The acting is quite good. Other details were completely made up or changed for whatever reason, giving a different impression of how things actually happened.

Incredible narration as well Thank you, thank you,thank you! Obsessed with this case a trial. If you want any insight into characters in this event, don't waste your time as this woman couldn't give you insight into anyone or anything. This 'book' is totally one-sided with Velez-Mitchell being her usual hysterical, sensationalist, 'talking-head'. I wouldn't watch the HLN coverage so I must have been ill or desperate when I picked this book - or, maybe, just hopeful.

If you are interested in the story and no other book is available. This is my first one. I really expect more unbiased reporting from a so called 'journalist'. A cynical drawl. Could you see Exposed being made into a movie or a TV series? Who would the stars be? It has already. A dreadful, sensational production about enlightening as this book.

A Foreward by 'Nancy Grace' should have told me everything. Her coverage of the trial is appalling. I don't need her opinions on every peice of evidence, very biased opinion, I may add. I am quite capable of coming to my own conclusions. She is constantly pointing out the saintly qualities of the victim and the evilness of the perpetrator, and of the families involved. It is annoying. The interesting parts of such murder cases are the grey areas. To paint everything so black and white is tabloid journalism following a 'perceived' populist viewpoint, hardly insightful.