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Sweeney Todd - My Friends Lyrics
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source url What can you say about the setting of this scene? How would you characterize it?

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Does it seem realistic, or does it seem stylized? How does it appear to have been constructed? Does it appear to be a sound stage, a real location, a CGI backdrop, or some combination?


After you think through these questions, think about their ramifications - what effect does the setting have on you as a viewer? Does it say anything about the characters?

Sweeney Todd- My friends (lyrics)

About the narrative? How would you characterize the appearance of Depp and Bonham-Carter?

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Lyrics to 'My Friends' by Sweeney Todd: And we'll do wonders Won't we? You there, my friend?. My Friends Lyrics: My, them handles is chased silver, ain't they? / Silver, yes. [ TODD] Silver, yes These are my friends. See how they glisten.

What sort of makeup and costume design do they favor? Are the makeup and costumes realistic? If so, how? Again, what effect do these visual elements have on you as an audience member? What significance do the makeup and costumes have to the narrative? What lighting style does the scene seem to favor?

Sweeney Todd Cast:My Friends Lyrics

Does it appear to be high key lighting? Low key illumination? Where does the light seem to come from? I know, I know you've been locked out of sight all these years, like me My friend Home, and we're together!

And we'll do wonders. Won't we? You there, my friend?

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I'm your friend too, Mr. Todd Come let me hold you. If you only knew, Mr. Todd Now, Ooh, Mr. Todd with a sigh, you grow warm in my hand.

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You're warm in my hand. My friend! You've come home! My clever friend Always had a fondness for you, I did.

My Friends Lyrics - Sweeney Todd Soundtrack

Rest now, my friends. Never you fear, Mr. Todd Soon, I'll unfold you. You can move in here, Mr. Todd Soon you'll know splendors Mr. Todd, splendors.

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You never have dreamed You never have dreamed all your days all you days, will be yours! Silver's good enough for me, Mr. Friends, you shall drip rubies, you'll soon drip precious rubies Quiero recibir notificaciones de artistas destacados y noticias.