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I'd mention his name in the blurb and take the question out of the title. Just my opinion, but a story about Al Capone is a lot more interesting with Elliott Ness.

If you hit your target audience better with the aforementioned suggestions and good key words, I believe appropriate readers will find the book Dez 27, nachm. Zum Antworten bitte anmelden. Vorherige Seite.

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Nach unten. I agree it's well written.

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Here is a textbook example, though, of a story that someone else should edit. It could be polished into a real gem, but it needs another set of eyes. With a thorough edit, I'd buy and read this story with relish. Thanks for the advice. I am now working on the blurb, the cover and even the name. I will take time in order to avoid replacing bad things with bad things. I am also going to use the advise in my next book, a sci-fi called "Electronic Gags", which I will put on the market in the next seven days. I was crying for a review but I got more than that.

No review would have given me such good advice about my cover and my blurb. Thank so much. Dez 28, vorm. Thanks so much for the advice and encouragement.


Toi-Toi (African Stories by Laura Harvey Book 2) - Kindle edition by Laura Harvey . Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. A powerful story of people struggling to come to grips with the past - at the same time forging ahead with new lives. The story shows how people across the.

Sometimes you need that to keep going. Don't forget, the book is free tomorrow.

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You can read it if you have time. I also clicked on the link and I found it very interesting! The cover does you injustice though. I recently published yesterday and am also eagerly awaiting reviews. I am reading the feedback and learning so much from this post. All the best.. Dez 28, nachm. Thanks Phindiwe. I will brief you on my progress. I read your sample.