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They belong to the same regiment, become friends and will support each other. The novel is an implacable condemnation of war.

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Zola depicts the stupidity of the generals who led the war and commanded the soldiers. He shows an inefficient commandment, unable to make decisions, useless when it comes to military strategy and losing ground because of its sheer incompetence. In a very cinematographic way, he is like a war reporter, writing about the theatre of operations and in the heart of the action. He draws a precise picture of the consequences of war on civilians, the carelessness of the commandment with the life of their soldiers.

Zola has a purpose with the Rougon-Macquart series, he wants to tell the story of the Second Empire.

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We hear about the battles in Alsace and Moselle through the papers but the characters do not participate to this part of the campaign. The descriptions are too long.

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The Tuck Annual Giving Team greatly appreciates and thanks you all for your efforts. This reminds him to tell me of his childhood, where he grew up in a yard full of edible, useful plants and flowers: "W did everything outside, in the yard where we had apples, roses, tulpips, rhubarb, strawberries, peaches, grapes, cherries, and lilies all mixed around the house and tool sheds"--all those are beautiful and edible plants. Attendance mandatory! I would have liked Zane to have been a stronger male lead. I will have the book alomg for more reading on my train ride from Oceanside to Seattle.

In the first part, the soldiers walk, walk, walk and look for food, and cook and eat. Sure, it shows pretty well the state of the army and its mismanagement. They make the troops walk around aimlessly, they wear them out, physically and mentally.

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Winter of the Passion Flower (The de Vargas Family Book 1) - Kindle edition by Annie Seaton. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones. Indigo de Vargas is determined to exhibit her products at the Great Exhibition in Crystal Palace. Her opponents have thwarted her preparation at every turn.

Did we need so many pages to get the picture? Certainly not. Maybe they get the same feeling as the soldiers: they feel rushed around from one place to the other. The second part in Sedan is awful. The descriptions of the massacres and the deaths are very graphic and again, way too long. We follow the artillery, the cavalry, the infantry, the civilians. Thank God Sedan is not beside the sea and there were no planes yet or we would have had to go through the description of the battle on the water and in the air as well.

The third part is easier to read, it shows the aftermath of the rendition of Sedan, the presence of Germans in the country, gives news about the Alsace-Moselle front, the war progresses, the loss is inevitable. It is a fascinating museum, well stocked and very educational. Historians confirmed what Zola describes. They were killed by shells, the French had bullet cannons and Zola writes about trenches. I thought that the French army had learnt nothing about this war if we consider the beginning of WWI: the soldiers were still wearing red pants, noticeable from afar and turning them into easy targets.

The whole army was ill-prepared for modern war. I also wondered what Zola would have written about WWI if he had been alive to see it. We, Europeans, needed two more devastating wars to stop fighting against each other. And then I stumbled upon Le sens de ma vie in a bookstore, a transcription of an interview he gave to Radio Canada in Romain Gary was a bit despised by the literary intelligentsia of his time. His French was too unorthodox for the conservative writers and he was Gaullist in a literary world dominated by communist trends.

My favorite bookstore celebrated the event with a special wall display in the store, in addition to a full display in the shop window. And near the cash register, I found Le sens de ma vie The meaning of my life , an interview recorded a few months before Romain Gary killed himself. He comes back to the major times of his life, his youth and his mother, his time in the army during WWI, his time as a French diplomat and his time with the cinema industry.

He started to write when he was nine and kept writing until he died. Books, writing and literature were his life companions.

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In the last part, Le sens de ma vie , he closes the interview with his legacy:. He also talks about humor as a powerful knife against the crushing realities of life. He mentions the gentlemanly sense of humor of the British and has words for the powerful, virulent and tragic American humor of the Jewish NY literary movement. I knew it!

They both use humor as a self-defense knife and I wish Gary had been alive to read Exit Ghost. And yet, Philip Roth entered this collection on September, 12, He died on May 22 nd , almost a year before Gary joined him in this literary temple.

A few weeks ago, I forgot my book at home and flipped through Grazia and stumbled upon a fascinating article about Nomadland by Jessica Bruder. I knew I had to read this and indeed, I devoured it in one sitting. Nomadland is a non-fiction book written by journalist Jessica Bruder who spent three years living on and off with vandwellers , people who left their brick-and-mortar homes to live in an RV. They move from place to place and survive on seasonal jobs. The seasonal jobs consist in working at campsites or amusement parks in the summer, at an Amazon warehouse for the Christmas rush or harvesting sugar in Minnesota.

Bruder had her own RV, and moved around with them. We follow Linda, a sixty-four-year-old woman who just finished to prepare her tiny RV and leaves her family to work at a campsite in California. She and her friend Silvianne will work there the whole summer. Through Linda and her friends, we slowly discover the parallel world of vandwellers, the horrible working conditions of these seasonal workers, their annual gathering in Arizona during the winter, in a place named Quartzsite.

There are three sides to Nomadland , and none of them will leave you indifferent. The most emotional one is discovering this nomadic community, hearing about the personal stories of the people Jessica Bruder met. Most of them are old and should be enjoying retirement but their pension is not high enough for them to do so. They have to work. Some are broke because of the financial crisis. They lost their house due to a foreclosure. They lost their pension because all their money evaporated in the crash.

They had health issues, went through a divorce or lost their job. They had what we call in French, des accidents de la vie , the ones that are covered by social benefits in Europe. I felt a lot of respect for the people she met. They endure difficult living conditions because no matter how you try to sugarcoat it, living in an RV is hard. They stay positive, feed their hope for a better future or have decided that this way of life was best for them. They bonded. Some have blogs and Facebook pages.

Thank you so much for reading, thanks Annie for being my guest and for sharing your creative process. Like Like. Just Olga. Susurros en la Oscuridad. Una novela sobre los peligros y las ganancias de las traducciones. Hi Olga Thanks for hosting me on your blog.

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So where did the idea for the second book in the series… Italian Affair come from? In appreciation of the supportive author community, Annie has written a book on promotion to share the secrets of her success: Promotional Tips and Tricks for Aspiring Authors in the Digital Landscape. Like this: Like Loading Categories Guest author post. June 14, at pm. Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

OlgaNunezMiret Author page. I write like Oscar Wilde. I'm a proud reviewer for Rosie Book Review Team. Check my Facebook page. NetGalley user and reviewer. What's more, Spidey director Jon Watts instructed his cast of young actors, including star Tom Holland, to watch the aforementioned Hughes films, with the addition of "Pretty in Pink. Warning: Spoilers ensue! Remember that desperate race home by Ferris Bueller Matthew Broderick that involved backyard fences and momentary home invasions?

Well it gets a modern update in "Homecoming," as Spidey traverses a quiet neighborhood during a hunt for baddies. She's so cool, in fact, she reminds us of another non-parent parental figure who appeared in "Pretty in Pink": The punker-turned-yacht rocker Iona, played by Annie Potts. Both mother figures use a hip approach to help guide Spidey and Andie Molly Ringwald , respectively, in the right direction.