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Apparently they are the problem and the trillions of cellulose digesting, methane emitting termites are far worse. All have to go. No one believes that the world once had dinosaurs which were really bad for the climate and lasted ,,, years but a single meteor ended the discussion. Now the Greens are going to keep the world static in CO2, Rainfall, temperature, species, unchanged, a sort of Mary Poppins world. Good luck with that. The Paris Agreement, in theory, would prevent this from happening.

But Dr.

A recent survey conducted by Rockay — an eco-conscious manufacturer of running apparel — reveals that awareness is exactly what more than half of Americans lack on the issue of climate change. The findings were surprising…. For example, when the responders were asked if global warming will have deleterious effects in their own lifetime, the results were split. This same lack of awareness manifests itself in what is perhaps a more pernicious way. A growing majority of Americans think that global warming is happening, understand it is human-caused, and are worried about its impacts—beliefs that are consistent with the findings of the National Climate Assessment, which found that climate change is already causing harm to communities in every region of the United States.

My bet is that the number is insignificantly different from about , But they must keep the fear quotient as high as possible and they do just that. One of the things I discovered from Virginia Poter, head of environment Canada at the time is that a large number of bears regularly swims back and forth across The North Atlantic. That something could drown a natural born swimmer is ludicrous at face value. All it took was a politely worded message to the right place and the patience to wait for an answer and I had more useful information than the climate change pushers.

The use of Inuit by the politically correct upsets the other tribes who object to be labelled as such. The official death toll of Cyclone Idai — the deadliest storm in generations to hit Mozambique and Zimbabwe — more than doubled to more than overnight, but that is expected to rise again, dramatically… The Zimbabwean government said around people had died in that country but the toll could be triple that figure.

Global warming

More than 50 were killed in Malawi, according to official figures… United Nations officials said on Tuesday that more than 2. In , Mozambique was hit by severe flooding caused by weeks of heavy rain, a disaster made much worse when a cyclone Eline hit. At least 66 people have been killed in Mozambique, 45 in Malawi and four in South Africa following torrential rains that have triggered flash floods. Mozambique is prone to extreme weather events.

Floods in claimed at least lives while more than were killed in Experts said it was too early to draw specific conclusions from Cyclone Idai, but the rapidly changing climate meant the destructive power of such storms was only going to increase in the future…. Rainfall levels are on the increase because of climate change, and storm surges are more severe because of sea level rises. Paulo Ceppi, of the Grantham Institute at Imperial College London, agreed it was inevitable that climate change would lead to more severe storms.

We need to make every effort to follow the Paris agreement target of remaining below 1. Dr Rebecca Emerton, of the National Centre for Atmospheric Science at the University of Reading, said her team was working with experts in the area hit by Cyclone Idai to try to improve forecasting and warning systems.

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Mel Evans, a climate campaigner for Greenpeace UK, said the storm was further proof that the people least responsible for the climate crisis were suffering the most… Mel Evans, a climate campaigner for Greenpeace UK, said the storm was further proof that the people least responsible for the climate crisis were suffering the most.

Ya know what? Try selling that around the world, places like Nigeria and Thailand and Kashmir and Chechnya and Serbia. The list is endless.

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Sectarian violence is just that. Giles first presented the weather on BBC TV in and was a familiar face on screen throughout the 80s and 90s. Climate is long term — decades and centuries. Because understanding and explaining climate change is one of the most important things facing humanity today. I would love to read that explanation because I cannot understand what he is talking about. What Climate Change? What Global Warming? What rapid rise in sea level? What increase in storms? So go on, tell us about Climate Change, now that Global Warming is dead.

So BBC Scotland are you just bad at your job or is institutional climate scepticism still lurking there? The new guidelines offered training for BBC journalists….

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Next day the carcass was gone and there was a track leading to the river and footprints, obviously a Croc. Sulfate aerosols act as cloud condensation nuclei and thus lead to clouds that have more and smaller cloud droplets. Alert moderator carbon-based lifeform: 10 Dec pm Paul, I think you will find that the last major fires were caused by a WARM, WET winter that stopped backburning and fire-reduction measures. The maps on this page show the increase or decrease in green vegetation—measured in average leaf area per year—in different regions of the world between and However, it was launched on the world on April 22, , by a small group centered at Stanford University.

This growing risk is making it harder to insurance your house. Former deputy prime minister John Anderson, in an extended interview with the ABC, said neither side of politics had been completely honest about the true economic cost of their climate change policies. Now we have this prediction of doom and gloom. The Australia Institute research director Rod Campbell dismissed the modelling, which he said was based on flawed assumptions.

LINK: Australian bosses have started caring about climate change Australian company directors nominate climate change as the number one issue they want the government to address in the long-term, in a survey of more than 1, business leaders. I fear Australians, as a collective, will spend more than a trillion dollars on intermittents before the futility of the effort strikes. Property investment is tanking. Arrears would need to double from current value to cause serious problems for the banks but that could happen quite quickly as interest only loans turn to principal plus interest.

NSW is, I believe, in surplus and the ungrateful sods are about to hand power to the wreckers. The socialists are winning. It will be of their own making. They will still blame the Boomers as they will say its all down to the mess they were handed. You know things like a once working power grid, sewerage, water, the Internet and all that trivial first world stuff.

Never mind a hashtag campaign and a candlelight vigil or two will fix it. One of my older relatives tells me that I have been brainwashed. That there is nothing wrong. The disconnect between the Trump administration and reality on climate change keeps growing Washington Post — 18 Mar A historic storm hit the Great Plains last week, leading to the worst flooding in Nebraska in half a century…. The Sunrise Movement, a youth-led group that brought national attention to the Green New Deal in November, plans to hold town-hall meetings in support of the plan across the country, organized by local chapters….

Much of this activity is concentrated among Democrats. But public opinion has shifted in their favor on the issue. That represents a nine-point bump since October , when the question was last asked…. And several recent polls have also identified a huge, nearly point surge in worry about climate change among all Americans. What will it take for the mob in Canberra to get the message, asks Margaret Wenham…. Now with the connection to the south restored, a bright future is in store for Churchill and the surrounding communities. Polar bear populations appear healthy over the past few years and more people will be able to journey to the Polar Bear Capital of the World!

But the ice is shrinking. I am Swedish and live in Sweden. I have few websites I visit daily. Joannenova is one of my favorite sites. Keep up the good work!! Greatings from Stockholm. Spring is it on its way here. The Left never updates their talking points — which makes it easier to call them on their lies. Follow Jo's Tweets. To report "lost" comments or defamatory and offensive remarks, email the moderators at: support AT joannenova. Comments Posts. JoNova A perfectly good civilization is going to waste…. Recent Posts. Advertising The nerds have the numbers on precious metals investments on the ASX Think it has been debunked?

How to hide 30, Polar Bears. This is a story of the concealment and the backlash — the failure of science.

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Sweet Old Bob. March 20, at am. UK Sceptic. Polar bears are very sneaky…they hide up in trees, and….. Mark D. March 20, at pm. Graham Richards.


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However, over many years of visiting and going fishing I never sighted one. Do they also argue that the spread of cane toads is due to climate change? Svend Ferdinandsen. Travis T. Rupert Gregg. Be a good alternative venue for the Davos pose fest too. If they can get the jets in of course. Wait, what? Did they miss the prediction that it will be all over within 12 years? Kinky Keith. Time for a Truth and reality check.

The science is settled. Graeme No. They told us that a changing climate would cause food shortages, and they were right!

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David Wojick. Lank finds it hard to bear. Graeme 4. Adopt a polar bear today. Someone would. Gee aye. By the way you are wrong about sea ice anyway given some observations ie based on observed empirical measuremets like this Research suggests that glaciers behind ice shelves may accelerate by as much as five times following a rapid ice shelf retreat.

Peter C. Bill in Oz. Aye,yes, As always: misdirection. The illegal wildlife trade is awful. Kindly show supporting data and blog excerpts……. March 21, at pm. Bob Cormack. You should always use a cushion when sitting on the fence. Steve of Cornubia. March 21, at am. John Burns. Roy Hogue. March 22, at pm. Ingvar Engelbrecht. Jo appreciates your support to help her keep doing what she does. This blog is funded by donations. Recent Comments Guide for commenting. Register for emails. Recent Posts Check the top of the left column. Recent Comments. Popular posts. Most commented. Editorial Review The Polar Bear Catastrophe That Never Happened explains why the catastrophic decline in polar bear numbers we were promised in failed to materialize.

VN:F [1. Rating: 9. March 20, at am Drop bears? March 20, at pm Drop Bears? Perhaps late in pregnancy and during hot weather. We gots fool the tourists! I mean, salties are hardly seen anywhere nowadays, oh wait … 16 0 Dennis March 20, at am I have spent many days fishing around the Mary River and Susan River Heads where the Port of Maryborough is located between the mainland and Fraser Island, and at many other locations in the Hervey Bay region, mostly with friends who live there and know their area very well.

Jones March 20, at am Whoa! March 20, at pm which time? KK 19 1 el gordo March 20, at am The science is settled.

Heart-Wrenching Video: Starving Polar Bear on Iceless Land - National Geographic

A section of the nearly mile-long Mesoamerican Reef that reaches from Mexico to Honduras, the Belize reef suffered a severe bleaching in , with a loss of 50 percent of its coral in many areas, including much of its distinctive staghorn coral. The Threat: At more than 1. According to the UN up to two-thirds of the forest and its unique plants and wildlife could be lost by unless more effective measures are taken to protect it.

Extending across six nations, ten million acres of forest is degraded each year due to mining, illegal logging, farming, ranching, and guerilla warfare. Roads cut by loggers and miners have also enabled poachers and bushmeat hunters to prey on endangered animals like mountain gorillas, forest elephants, bonobos, and okapis. As the forest shrinks, less carbon dioxide is absorbed, and rain decreases, adding to climate change. The Threat: In the last four decades, the Dead Sea has shrunk by a third and sunk 80 feet—13 inches per year!

Further pressure is put on the sea by the cosmetic companies and potash producers who drain it for minerals. One proposed solution is the controversial Red-Dead Canal, channeling water miles from the Red Sea, but its environmental impact could be negative some worry that it would increase seismic activity in the region. This 2. As a result, The Everglades is now half the size it was in Worse, this is the sole habitat of the Florida panther, and there are less than of the creatures left in the wild.

Forest ecosystems are being destroyed by logging, burning for subsistence farms, and poaching. The 20 species of lemurs for which Madagascar is renowned are in danger of disappearing. See the rest here. Read and see which one you can visit the soonest! Then […].