Claws 2. After the Apocalypse.

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So, disclaimer, have not seen Man of Steel. Wasn't really interested in seeing it. There's no need, as in XML1, to have a welder. Magneto and Jean Grey double as both fliers and bridge builders; if you level up Levitation or Telekinesis respectively , they can also function as the Mighty character.

This will allow your team to overcome any obstacle encountered during the game. Make sure your party is well-balanced in types of damage used. This way you always have counters to resistances of enemies. For example, if you're loaded up on physical damage e. Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Deadpool and Colossus , you're going to have a tough time with physical resistant enemies. Don't forget about the Blink Portal. It effectively allows you to make your own Xtraction point in almost any area of the game boss arenas and the Perimeter Platforms area of Act 4 are notable exceptions.

The amount of experience gained by inactive characters is much less than it was in XML1. If you constantly switch teams around, your characters are going to begin to lag badly behind the mobs as you progress through the game. You can still beat the game, even if your characters are only in the Level 37 to 38 range by the final fight; however, you'll be using energy and health mostly energy packs like water.

Not that this is a problem; you'll have plenty of tech bits to restock from Forge every few minutes. Still, if you want to make things easier on yourself, stick with one team through most of the game--you'll finish at least 10 levels higher than if you play musical mutants. Have one or more characters with Leadership on your team to increase the experience gained. Magneto who can also fly, build bridges and Levitate massive objects has Leadership, as does Cyclops and Professor X once he's unlocked.

You can buy, from Forge or Beast, the ability to redistribute skill points. For any single character, this costs 10, tech bits the first time; , tech bits the second time and 1,, tech bits the third time. So, effectively, you could, one time, redistribute skill points for all your main characters.

Take advantage of this option you'll have plenty of tech bits. Let the computer auto-level skill points for a while until you have a good idea how the characters play, then redistribute the skill points as you like and turn off the Auto-Skill AI. As in XML1, mutant powers are king.

Straight-up melee works fine in Acts 1 and 2, and even for a little while in Act 3. But you will soon find yourself relying more and more on powers, even for your tanks. Thus, Focus is the prime stat, just as it was in XML1. If the character's primary powers involve a percentage increase in melee damage e. Colossus, Wolverine, etc. On the other hand The best defense is a good offense.

There's not a whole lot of use for Body or Speed in this game. Body only helps you take a beating, which you can avoid by one-hit killing your opponents. To do that you need a lot of Focus for power use and Strike if your powers' damage is a percentage of your base melee damage-- e. Wolverine's Feral Slash.

For example, you could put every one of Magneto's stat points into Focus and he will be no worse for wear--in fact, he will be considerably better as he can spam his mutant attacks over and over. And Nightcrawler will be enormously strong if you evenly split all his stat points between Focus and Strike. So pump just Focus or Focus and Strike and don't worry about the other two stats.

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Storm's Chain Lightning is a notable exception. Unless there is some sort of auto-targeting mechanism like Chain Lightning , you spend a large amount of energy hitting nothing. If you can focus all strikes on one target, you do far more damage than any other attack. On the other hand, you can also use the power for crowd control or clearing a path. Nightcrawler's Divine Blades and Teleport Frenzy are two notable examples of such attacks.

Obviously there will be exceptions to these rules-of-thumb, which will be gradually filled in as the Allies list is completed.

Savage Apocalypse

Once you start getting the unique equipment from the Challenge courses in the Danger Room, turn off Auto-Equip AI or be prepared to constantly re- equip the special items to your characters. The Auto-Equip AI prefers lower-stat equipment with a higher level requirement to the special equipment given as a reward for a Challenge course.

It's just as much of a toy, but you can do it if you want though it means having two tanks on your team, which reduces the variety. Teammates will automatically "jump" to your location if you leave them behind. This means you can teleport through walls or fly over pits, and your teammates--even if they can't teleport or fly--will just show up. Attack, Frenzy, Leap of Faith, etc. This is caused by a memory dump because the game holds recent maps and all items stored in inventory and the hero stash in memory. The maps in Act 4 are huge, so a lot more memory is needed. You can avoid this bug by keeping your hero stash at 30 items or less.

The cause of this glitch is probably as follows: When you enter the crystal room, you get a conversation pop-up that says, essentially, "We have to figure out how to move the crystal into the light. To make things more interesting, there are is an Anubite Warrior right outside each door, disguised as a statue. So it is easy to run right by it, into the room, and then have it attack you while the conversation is open. Advance slowly, so warriors disguised as statues come to life and attack before you enter the room.

To reset the map, you must load a sufficient number of maps into memory so the Temple of Anubis map is pushed out. Return to the Ancient Labyrinth and Xtract back to any map in a previous Act. You don't have to do anything, just keep Xtracting to old maps until you've visited six old areas. Xtract back to the Ancient Labyrinth and re-enter the Temple of Anubis. If the map is hidden and enemies are once more in the corridors, then the map is reset and you can fight your way back to the crystal room and finish the objective. Remember to clear all enemies before entering the final room or you'll be hit by the glitch again.

There are usually several ways around the obstacle, some more efficient than others. GAPS Broken bridges, catwalks and deep chasms will occasionally dot your path. There's a variety of methods to get around these. The easiest way is to build a bridge. Just target the blue X at the gap and unleash the appropriate power. Some force fields have a control panel nearby that can turn them off. If that is the case, have Nightcrawler or Deadpool teleport through the field and turn it off; otherwise, you have to go around it--typically by stepping into a side room and bashing your way through the wall.

Some force fields remain up until you complete your objectives in the area. Other, unique, obstacles will be covered in the walkthrough. Some of these traps are not destructible, which means you have to stay out of the area that triggers the trap and draw enemies to you with ranged attacks. The traps only trigger if an active character gets close, so another option is to hang back and simply let your AI teammates handle the problem. Some are just out of the way and you might run right by them on your way to an objective. Keep an eye out for "unfinished" areas on your map and make sure you explore each stage to its edges.

Almost any character can do this though some are better at it than others , so if a room seems otherwise inaccessible or the path seems to have reached a dead end, try knocking down the wall. Check the mob's status bar in the top center of the screen to see what will take out its shield and use that attack against it.

They typically go down quickly once you get rid of their invulnerability. For example, Sentinels are resistant to mental damage, Morlock Brutes are resistant to physical damage. Concentrate other types of damage against these enemies. In some cases, having the right person on your team or as the active character results in a fully voice-acted conversation--almost a cutscene.

The following are known conversation pairs: C. Toad does not need to be active. Sinister and Nightcrawler: Full VO conversation, Nightcrawler must does not have to be the active character when you meet Mr. Sinister in the Northern Plaza C. Have Rogue in your party does not have to be active when you first leave Avalon and meet Mystique.

Wolverine does not have to be the active character when you meet Guardian at the entrance to the Infinite Factory. When at the X-Mansion, put Colossus on your team and make him the active character and then speak with Kitty Pryde Shadowcat. Have Gambit on your team does not need to be active character when you first meet Shaw in the streets of New York South Side. Toad must be on your team but does not need to be the active character to have a little extra chat with Stryfe final fight at the end of the Brain Trust area. Obviously, you have to be playing through for a second time, with Deadpool unlocked and on your team when you encounter the enemy Deadpool in New York North Side.

Jean does not have to be the active character when you meet Archangel at the end of Act 4. Sinister: Full VO conversation.

What did X-Men Apocalypse post-credits scene reveal about female Wolverine & Deadpool 2?

Sunfire does not have to be the active character to get this dialogue. Areas with an Xtraction point are marked with an X. There is no compass in the game and the maps rotate with your camera, so directions are based on the nearest landmark and are not always real clear. Be sure to use your map to keep your bearings. Item lists have checkboxes [] so you can print these out and check them off as you find the items.

You get Magneto, Cyclops, Storm and Wolverine. Mystique and Sabretooth follow you for a little bit, but are soon removed from action. This stage is just meant to get you used to the controls--especially fighting. If you are a veteran XML1 player, you should breeze through this area. But, veteran or novice alike should still take a look at the game hints scattered around. Stand on the yellow question mark and press Use. The third main room you enter has a side area straight ahead of you, blocked by a force field.

Use Magneto's Levitation power to throw the switch on the other side of the field. Just press Use Powers and Magneto should target the switch, then press Attack. The first time you pick up a piece of equipment such as a belt , the game will ask you if you would like to turn Auto-Equip on. For more info about Auto-Equip, see section B.

The first time one of your characters levels up, you will be asked if you would like to turn on Auto-Trait or Auto-Skill or both. For more info, see section B. It is recommended you turn on both if you are a first-time player. In the fifth large room, if you continue straight ahead, you'll enter a corridor guarded by gun turrets. Retreat from the turrets and knock a hole in the wall to your left as you return from the guns.

This takes you to the mini-boss of this area and brings you around behind the guns, which you can destroy if you wish. Head out to the X-Jet to begin Act 1. Spend a little time looking around; you'll find Beast nearby, ready to buy and sell and, next to him, the Review Computer, where you can look at your unlocked goodies. You can go ahead and play the Act 1 trivia game for some extra XP. Finally, there's the Danger Room Computer; but you can't do much yet as only one course is available. When you're finished sightseeing, go talk to Sabretooth, who is standing near the exit.

PC version anomaly: you can add Sabretooth to your team at the Xtraction point, then go talk to Sabretooth with Sabretooth. Victor introduces you to your first mission, to rescue Blink. He'll open the gate for you to continue to the Dead Zone. There are a lot of fires in this area, which can hurt if you get knocked into them during combat.

Use Iceman to put them out as you go. This first part of the Dead Zone is pretty small. There's one point where you can build a bridge with Iceman, Jean or Magneto for a shortcut. Keep an eye out for a burned-out ship. Once you reach Blink and talk to her, this mission ends. You can return to Sanctuary for the official mission briefing, or just use Blink's portal to jump to the next part of the Dead Zone.

There's an Xtraction point nearby for saving your game. It's a relatively short distance to the entrance to the Cerci Caverns. You'll be thrown into the Caverns automatically when you first approach the entrance, so run back out, go past the entrance and pick up your first homing beacon. In the first large "room" of the Caverns, you'll find your first security code module, which looks like a computer and has a green arrow floating over it.

It is also marked on your map with a large, red X. Use it to add the codes to your collection. In the third room you enter in the Caverns, there's a Danger Room Disc Throwing in the middle of the room. Shortly thereafter, you'll cross a narrow bridge over a cavern. To your left will be a platform that requires a flier or bridge builder to reach. Cross to it to pick up another homing beacon. You exit the Caverns into the Barren Cliffs.

You quickly reach a bridge formed by a burned-out airship. As you get ready to cross, you meet Grizzly. After exchanging barbed witticisms, turn around to search the brush for a data disc. Head over the bridge and go left. Build a bridge when you reach the chasm, then another to reach a weapon cache. Return from whence you came and go the other way to another Grizzly encounter.

Make sure to pick up your second security module marked with the red X on your map as you go. After Grizzly runs off, break the box with the red X floating over it to turn off the flame jets. Save your game at the Xtraction point and head after Grizzly to the Desolate Mesa. First up is the radar array that's been aiming attacks at you the whole time. Destroy it, then head down and to the left of the main path. Continue on the main path, it doesn't matter which way you go to get to your boss fight against Grizzly.

Grizzly is all about melee attacks, so staying out of range and hitting him with Power Combos will work wonders. Afterward, pick up the last security module and head back to the Barren Cliffs. In the next room, take the right-hand path first. Head back the other way. The next room contains the final two drones, the entrance to the Larvae Chambers and a homing beacon. As you enter the Larvae Chambers, you get a new optional objective. There are lots of egg clusters around, but you only have to destroy the four marked for you.

Destroy this first one, then follow the tunnel until you reach a large chasm. Keep going around the chasm and follow the marker to the third egg cluster. Wolverine's comic is in this same room. Follow the tunnels to the final egg cluster.

See a Problem?

Claws 2. After the Apocalypse. - Kindle edition by Ricky Sides, Jason Merrick, Frankie Sutton, Robert McCullough. Download it once and read it on your Kindle . Claws 2. After the Apocalypse book. Read 5 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. From California to the east coast, it rained across mo.

You'll pass an Xtraction point on the way; save your game here. In the final room is the entrance to the Queen's Lair, so down you go. Get ready for some more serious fighting as you face off against Zealot's minions in addition to the Cerci. After your first encounter with Zealot's minions, the tunnel forks. Take the left path to the first queen's chamber and get a new objective. Kill the queen, then fly or build a bridge to the platform in the middle of the room. Pick up the data disc and go back the other way. When you reach the end of the tunnel, keep going straight through the next room and follow the next tunnel around to the second queen's chamber, where you meet Zealot.

He runs away not very zealous, is he? Follow your map to the final queen, where you run into Zealot again.

Note, for extra fun dialogue, have Magneto in your party and selected as the active character. Zealot runs away again , leaving you to kill the final queen. Bust your way through to the Xtraction point and save your game. Your boss fight with Zealot is in the next room. Zealot's primary offense is also a defense. He surrounds himself with rock, becoming invulnerable to your attacks, then the rocks explode outward doing a bit of damage and-- more important--knocking you back and down. Take four ranged fighters and keep away from him and pepper him with beams, projectiles, etc. When Zealot is down, head through the next door to the red X on your map and Use the computer to open the way into Genosha.

A woman runs out and tells of some bombs planted on the seawall. Return to Sanctuary and watch your next mission briefing. First, you have to destroy the moorings holding it in place. Then, you'll need to free some prisoners, but that comes a bit later. Exit the hangar and hang a right. There's a security door down at the corner.

Use a Brotherhood mutant to open it and collect your fourth homing beacon.

Yes, he still ends up with Adamantium claws (and a broken memory).

Back in Sanctuary, a secret Blink Portal has opened. Don't go running back now, you're not quite high enough level to take on the enemies beyond the portal. There are two bombs that must be defused, and the detonators are up on platforms along the wall. Any character can power jump over to the detonators, or you can fly teleporting doesn't seem to work.

Just make sure you send someone that can do some damage because you have to destroy the detonators. Once they are both out, return to the water level. If you have a mutant with Might, push Use the beam into place. If not, find the computer console right next to the beam--there's a green arrow hovering over it. Try to activate it and it will fail. Now head up the stairs to your right and find the box marked with a red X on your map. Use it to find the spare parts for the console. Return to the console and you can now use it to move the beam into place. The exit to the Southern Habitats is to your left, so go there next.

She's fast.


Is that right or is there an alternate possibility? She is a teacher and TJ refers to her as "Aunt Kate". About Ricky Sides. Dropped by Ahriman. She idolizes Spider-Man and has a crush on him; she even dates Peter Parker for a time. Kinja is in read-only mode. However, during the events of Apocalypse , which are set 10 years later in in the already changed timeline, some of the not yet X-Men end up in a secret facility of Stryker's.

She's furious. And she's got adamantium claws like Wolverine. Bring Logan with you as the active character to get the full dialogue between them. Evil mutant bonus: have a member of the Brotherhood as the active character when you meet Lady Deathstrike, and you can bribe her--cost 2, tech bits--to go away and leave you alone.

Open up a can of Feral Slash on her steely behind. Don't worry about the regeneration chambers she uses around the room. She doesn't heal much, and by the time you get up there to attack her, she's back down on the lower level. Once she's down, save your game at the nearby Xtraction point. Time to rescue some prisoners. From the Southern Habitats Xtraction point, go back into the Lady Deathstrike arena and head right through the double doors on the upper level. Go straight through another set of double doors into a hydroponics lab and head around the walkway into the back room.

Talk to Caleb-Bann to open a door into an unmapped area just behind you. Follow this hall to pick up a homing beacon if you don't have four yet, or a 5, XP bonus if you do. Enter a room with three cells. Destroy the console in the center of the room to open the cells, then talk to each prisoner to officially "free" them. Now, here's the cheesy method of freeing the remaining prisoners using Nightcrawler or Deadpool. Leave the room going back toward the hydroponics lab, continue straight ahead, through another hall and then take the outside corridors around the large room.

Teleport through the force fields and turn them off with the control panels. This also opens the prisons in the center area of this room. Go talk to those prisoners. Head back through the arena to the set of rooms on the opposite side. Go straight back until you see a room with two control panels in it, that appear to be inaccessible. Teleport through the wall and activate the consoles to turn off force fields to the right and left. Go free the prisoners in the side areas.

Be sure to thoroughly search side rooms, one has Colossus' comic. Go save your game. You're probably strong enough, by this time, to give the secret portal a try. Xtract to Sanctuary and enter the secret portal near Beast. You'll be in one leg of an X-shaped room. Go to the other three legs, defeating the enemies, and activate the consoles. The toughest enemies will be a pair of mutants with some serious knockback attacks. Bringing along a good tank with anti-knockback shielding would be a good idea. After the third console is activated, a titan appears in the center of the room, but he's a pushover.

Collect Iron Man's gauntlets and leave. Xtract back to Southern Habitats and enter Northern Plaza. If you call the door where you come in "south", then there are two prisoners down a hall to the west and two down a hall to the east. Go down the stairs into the main room, then look under the stairways for a data disc.

Go free the prisoners down the east and west halls. To the north are three hallways and a side room to the northeast. Go into the side room for a talk with Mr. Bring Nightcrawler along for full dialogue. When he escapes, quickly kill his minions, then destroy the holding tanks with the Genoshans. If you still haven't collected four homing beacons, there's one in this room.

If you have four homing beacons, you can get a 5, XP bonus instead. Now go free the prisoners in the left-hand and right-hand northern hallways. The prison down the left-hand north hall has the Qualifying Exam Danger Room disc. The center hallway takes you to the Grand Hall. Enter the Grand Hall and go to your right. Go to the other side of the entrance room and enter the doors to find Pyro held prisoner.

Free him by knocking out the two generators. PC anomaly: you can have Pyro help free himself. After Pyro is free, advance into the Grand Hall proper. After defeating the enemies, search the ground level for a data disc and a weapon cache. Have a flier search the upper platforms for a sketch book Genosha, Genosha Enemy and Iceman. When you approach the door to the Genosha Council, Pyro will warn you against fighting Abyss. Bonus dialogue with Sunfire. He'll then run away and you can get on with it. The first stage involves straight up fisticuffs X-Men style. Every once in a while Abyss will suck everyone in and throw them back out.

This doesn't damage you, just delays the inevitable. Follow him you can save your game first, if you like and jump on the dirigible he's riding. You then find yourself fighting Abyss on a flying airship. It's pretty cool, but, again, not that hard. You can't follow him, and you've got minions to deal with now. On top of that, Abyss is throwing bombs at your airship. Pick them up and throw them back. Hit Abyss' dirigible with about five or six bombs and it blows up and Abyss jumps back to your airship.

Lay into him again. When he hits 0 health, he sucks your whole team into an inter-dimensional abyss. There are four bombs surrounded by shields and they are on two levels. Walk over the wormhole in the center to switch levels, take out the demons keeping the shields up, then activate the bombs. Abyss and the airship blow up and you "land". Use the Blink Portal to return to Sanctuary. Wrap up everything you've left hanging if you want to, you can come back later , then speak to Professor X.

Time to go back to the X-Mansion. Well, there'll be no wandering the halls of the Xavier School for the Gifted in this game. You're in a new base of operations in the Savage Land, which is a tropical jungle in the middle of Antarctica. Yeah, it's the X-Men, what do you expect? OK, you've got a new base, Avalon, to explore. Play the trivia game. Talk to people. You'll find Pyro out on the docks; after talking to him, you can view your next mission briefing.

Head out to the Jungle Canal--the entrance is right next to Pyro. Past that point, you'll see a marked exit. When you approach, you fall into a cave.

2pcs X-men Wolverine Claws Stainless Steel Apocalypse Blade Hero Cosplay Costume

Proceed through the cave, picking up a data disc on the way. At the other end, break through the rocks to exit the cave. Head straight across the exterior path and into another cave entrance. You'll find a homing beacon in this cave. When you exit, you'll be trapped by Garrok. After a short cutscene, you are freed and have to take him on with the help of Mystique. Garrok can't dish out a lot of damage, but he does have a knockback attack and a teleportation-like ability.

Melee characters will be chasing him all over the place. Take some ranged characters and just sit back and blast him. You can then view your next mission briefing. You'll see a short cutscene of enemies destroying a generator. Your mission is to protect the other two; however, there's no hurry Advance down the path, activating an Xtraction point. Just a bit further on you'll see a weapon cache lying out in plain sight. Next to it, somewhat camouflaged by the environment, is a homing beacon.

Continue down the path until you come to the first generator under attack. Rush in to defend it. When Angel signals the other generator is under attack, rush over to it you'll see the red X's on your map and defend it for a while. Then you'll have to run back to the other generator.

Continue until you get the cutscene with the last enemy. When the path forks, take the left path to a ruined temple. Pick up Cyclops' comic. Continue following the path. When you reach a downed tree, instead of jumping over it, head to the right and follow the path to a cave entrance. Go through the cave, picking up a homing beacon on the way. When you leave the cave, there's another cave entrance to your left. If you look at your map, you'll see you've made a circle and are now at the end of the right fork of the beginning path.

Go through the other cave. When you exit, you'll be trapped. Destroy the energy saps and then the laser fence posts and continue up the path. You'll now be on the main path, past the fallen tree you stopped at earlier. Continue on to an Xtraction point. Backtrack from the Xtraction point and search to the left for a cave entrance.

The cave has laser bombs, so you'll need a ranged attacker to take them out. Pass through the cave, picking up a weapon cache. Go back to the main path and head for the cave entrance past the Xtraction point. As you pass through this cave, keep an eye out to your left for a sketch book Jungle, Jungle Enemy, Jean Grey.

When you exit the cave, you'll be at the entrance to the Nuwali Temple, but a talking pterodactyl named Sauron doesn't want you to go any further. Sauron flies around a bit, dropping energy bombs on your head. You can try to hit him with ranged attacks while he's flying, but it's more effective to wait until he lands and then lay into him with melee powers and attacks. He's quite vulnerable to those. He'll stun you, briefly, when he takes off again, but just wait him out, keep moving around while he's flying and let him have it when he lands.

Once Sauron is defeated, you can enter the Nuwali Shrine. You've got to find two keys hidden in the Shrine. Oh joy. To make directions in this place easier, call the main entrance the south side of the Shrine. Most will agree that she probably does this so Wolverine wouldn't have to suffer being taken by the real General Stryker.

Does that mean that Wolverine doesn't end up in the hands of the real General Stryker at any point in time from that day and the future when he returns? If so, wouldn't that mean that he never gets the adamantium injected into him? This could only mean that Wolverine ends up returning to the future having only his claws of bone because he doesn't go through the adamantium procedure. Is that right or is there an alternate possibility? With the release of X-Men: Apocalypse we definitely know that Wolverine still ends up with Adamantium claws even in the changed timeline.

It is true that it was actually Mystique who picked him up from the river at the end of Days of Future Past and he thus had a much lower chance to end up with Stryker. However, during the events of Apocalypse , which are set 10 years later in in the already changed timeline, some of the not yet X-Men end up in a secret facility of Stryker's. There they eventually come across a cage that contains a so-called "Weapon X", which turns out to be noone else than Wolverine himself, full with metal claws and an apparently heavily damaged memory.

It is still unclear how he ended up with Stryker after he was recovered by Mystique, but there is no doubt that he did and that this facility apparently in a snowy area is probably the exact facility at Alkali Lake where Logan returns to in X2. And seeing his deranged memory and animal-like behaviour, his actual backstory as depicted in the first few X-Men films does't really seem to have changed much.

Wolverine Claws Weren’t Included in X-Men Apocalypse Footage Shown to Theater Owners

And while the filmmakers said that the events of X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine are largely eradicated from continuity , it is still left unclear how much of the first two X-Men films stays intact. And in this CinemaBlend article Simon Kinberg explicitly said that Wolverine's fate as "Weapon X" stays largely the same due to a certain immutability of the timeline with respect to specific key events call it "destiny", if you want :.

Borrowing a bit of scientific theory and dialogue from the last X-Men movie, Kinberg explained that the idea is that Wolverine was always going to end up in the Weapon X program despite all of the events that changed in his life due to time-travel antics. Said Kinberg,.