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These spirits may cause confusion and other difficulties including poor health for the people they are in contact with. The working assumption is that the spirit is confused in some way and that is the reason why they are causing problems. The spirit needs to be healed so it can go to the light. Spirit Release Therapy is the means used to assist with a condition known as spirit or energy attachment and plays an integral role within regression therapy.

Spirit attachment happens when another energy, not belonging to your soul, enters your physical body or electro-magnetic energy field energy field. The electro-magnetic energy field or aura is a field of energy which surrounds and penetrates our physical bodies and is something that we all have. Alternatively payments can be made online using PayPal , which allows you to pay by credit card.

Negative Energy & Spirit Release

Please note if paying by PayPal that there is an additonal increase charge of 3. Membership By becoming a member of the Spirit Release Forum you will receive substantial benefits in reduction in future course fees as well as keeping abreast of all of the latest information and developments. Please note: It is a prerequisite that you are a member if you wish to attend the professional training programme.

To speak with a therapist to sort through specific issues or problems before having a full consultation. For a list of qualified Spirit Release Therapists please click here.

Spirit Releasement Techniques

For training programmes as a Spirit Release Therapist, CPDs, supervision and other ancillary workshops and courses please click here. The Forum welcomes members from all walks of life who are interested in knowing more about these topics and support our endeavours. To find out more about the benefits of membership please click here. Background Experience We expect trainees to have a background experience in some form of therapeutic practice, such as hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, regression or spiritual healing Reiki.

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Spirit Releasement Therapy - Psychic Energy & Entity Healing Learn techniques to release Earthbound Spirits, Dark Force Entities and ETs. Individuals using these techniques allow spirits and energy to transcend through their vibration in order to return to Source. Each of us can find a vibration within.

What students have said about the course: "Thoroughly enjoyed it. Note: Part 2 training will be run in the autumn of Thought is energy, if someone keeps putting out very strong thoughts, whether good or bad on some level we'll feel them. Curses fall under this category too. In the West curses are often thought of as myth and fantasy but our thoughts and actions can have severe consequences on our health, not just our own but those we direct our thoughts at.

Love is such a strong emotion, how many times have you heard people say they can 'feel' the love coming from others. In a crowd situation such as a wedding, concert or sporting event the atmosphere rises and falls with the mood, it's palpable and can be felt inside us effecting our own energy. Using this concept as a framework it can be seen how easily our energy, and therefore us as a whole, can be affected and influenced through external energy.

There are some energies that are harmful to us though, these zap our strength, can be detrimental to our health and generally be very draining.

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They can have anything from a minimal to massive and debilitating affect us. They range from the comic to the tragic; stories of helpful spirits, mischievous ghosts and frightening poltergeists. Horrifying accounts of possession and haunted houses with the capability to evict their terrified owners.

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Whatever your belief system you'll probably have heard at least one or two stories, perhaps from people you know well, that cannot be easily explained. There is in fact an extensive amount of evidence to prove something paranormal is going on, but what? If these are 'ghosts' why are some helpful and others petrifying, are they really the same thing?

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Also if life after death is as good as we're told why do they remain here and for what purpose? Is death the end? When we die our consciousness, the soul, survives death. Although we leave the physical body behind, our energy body which is the very essence of us lives on and changes to a vibration more appropriate to not having a dense physical body.


We are still 'us' though, we take with us our life experiences, memory and personality - it's simply the inner part of us, our consciousness that survives death. They say the only certainties in life are death and taxes, isn't that the truth?! One thing we all have in common is that at some point in the future we will all inevitably die and our energy body will move on. When we are born there are people there to help us, we're not expected to do it alone; the same applies when we die, we are supported and helped throughout the process - all we need do is let it happen.

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The same holds true for earthbound attachments. It felt like they put their knee on my butt and a hand on my shoulder, pressing me down to the bed. Rather than just casting them out which unfortunately conventional exorcism does we help the earthbound spirit move on to where it should be, often using our abilities as healers and even counsellors to ensure it is their own choice and free will that moves them on to where they should be, preventing them from attaching to someone else or returning as can happen with exorcism. Spirit Release Therapy is administered by hypnotherapists, shamans or others who have undertaken specific training in this discipline. A plethora of techniques exists to release spirits which vary in effectiveness.

If not what's next? When this transition is complete we become 'spirit', a perfectly natural state even more so than inhabiting the bodies we have now according to those who communicate with spirit and from the thousands of documented cases of near death experiences and Life between Lives Regression sessions. In this state we are capable, if appropriate, to help and 'be around' those we were close to and loved whilst alive. Our vibration changes considerably, it's therefore not always an easy task to get the message across. Communication from spirit is generally felt fleetingly with an inner 'knowing' or thought popping in to your head, they may appear in dreams or provide a 'sign' relating to the information they want to impart.

Spiritual Healing Techniques - Clear Your Energy Portals Today!

They may simply want to let people know they are still near, safe and well. Mediums have the ability to 'tune in' to this vibration or frequency and can often supply wonderful evidence of life after death.

Soul Healing Through Spirit Releasement Therapy

How does free will play a part? There is a universal law, the law of free will; in life we all have the right to choose in everything we do even though it doesn't always feel like it. The same law applies after death, we cannot be forced to do anything we don't want to, freedom of choice is always ours. This does mean however a minority of those who die fail to make the transition successfully. They remain mentally and energetically attached to the earth plane and so cannot progress, their souls become what is known as 'earthbound' more commonly known as ghosts.

Reasons for this can include a traumatic death, anxiety over a loved one or situation, concern over unfinished business, strong beliefs which do not fit in with the events unfolding, fear 'I've been bad, I'll go to hell'. Choosing to remain earthbound? Earthbound spirits reject the help being given to them, they choose instead to stay close to the earth, their vibration being still similar to our own as the transition into spirit had only just started. Many earth-bounds are in a state of confusion and denial, some replay events over and over, it's as if time has stopped for many of them whilst they remain in this limbo state.