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Tommy and Shawna seek to rekindle their tumultuous love affair, while Reno and Trina seek to hang onto theirs. Reno Gabrini relocates his wife Trina far away from the bright lights of Vegas.

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Editorial Reviews. From the Author. Hellomy lovelies, Thank you for joining me on theHappily Bedded Bliss journey. The time to explore what follows happily. Romance Rekindled (Happily Bedded Bliss Book 2) eBook: Jenna Allen: Kindle Store.

They settle in a small Georgia town meets Sully, a gorgeous local bachelor who becomes her friend and confidante, and Reno meets Nell, a woman from his past who becomes his right hand assistant. And although Reno makes it clear that he has no intentions of sharing his wife with any man, Sully refuses to give up what quickly becomes his obsession.

In an explosive interracial love story, Reno and Trina find their relationship tested time and again as they seek to balance their new life in Georgia with their old mob connections from Vegas. And to also keep his gorgeous wife from being stolen from him in broad daylight. When gorgeous tough guy Reno Gabrini finds out that his lady love Katrina is pregnant, he becomes a nervous wreck.

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He does everything in his power to protect her from forces real and imagined, and to make her pregnancy move along as smoothly as possible. Trina, in turn, does everything in her power to deal with his controlling ways. She also has to deal with a woman with her eyes on Reno, a best friend in serious need of her help, and in-laws with their eyes on mayhem. But Trina knows her own worth and the worth of her man, and she fight every foe that seek to destroy their union. Reno, also, remains steadfast and determined to keep his family together, even if it means tearing some of them apart.

A Mob Boss Christmas is a love story about romantic entanglements and the kind of enduring love able to withstand the fiery darts of doubt, seduction, and sexual need in its barest form. The Reno Gabrini Series. Reno Gabrini believes his number one job is to protect his family. His beautiful wife, Trina, and their two sons are the very reason he gets out of bed every morning.

But when he returns home from a business trip to find his wife partnering with people he barely knows, a gold digging female attempting to worm her way into the family, and a lovesick son with a dead body in his trunk, he knows his job has gotten that much harder. Until the lid blows off of their idyllic life and plunges all of them into a world of passion and obsession where Reno begins to believe that all of their unsolicited drama may be disguising another mob war. In the sixth installment of the Mob Boss series, Reno Gabrini comes face to face with his greatest fears and is forced to put it all on the line in ways that nearly costs him everything.

Reno Gabrini is the ultimate family man. Although he works harder than he should, and often finds it difficult to spend the kind of quality time he deeply wants to spend with his family, whenever they need him, he is always there. And the love affair he has with his wife becomes the only source of strength he has, until that, too, gets tested. The seventh installment of the Mob Boss series finds Reno and Trina, Tommy and Grace, and Sal and Jimmy Mack celebrating life and family, even as the past seeks to undermine their joy.

Reno's Gift Mob Boss Series 7. His beloved PaLargio was back in business and turning profits like the good old days. His headliner act, pop sensation Shay Grayson, was packing the house and making amends for her diva behavior. His gorgeous African American wife, Trina, was working extra hard to make her own mark on the business world and was holding her head up high despite rumors of his infidelity.

His sons were happy, healthy, and completely devoted to their father. All, Reno thought, was right with the world. Until his oldest son falls in love with a ruthless woman almost twice his age, his wife reestablishes contact with a man he told her to stay away from, and he is nearly destroyed by an enemy that targets, not his mind, soul, or body, but his heart. In the latest installment of the romantic Mob Boss Series Book Eight , Reno Gabrini must confront the ghosts of his past as he seeks to protect his family from a subtle, but just as dangerous, foe.

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She wants out. She wants to stop the world and get off. Hunky Reno Gabrini is a man determined to do everything in his power to keep his family safe and together. Threats are made, decisions enforced, and problems mount.

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But when his beloved wife Trina becomes the source of those problems, he has to summon all of his will and talent, not as a fierce leader, but as a lover, to hold onto his wife. In the ninth installment of the popular Mob Boss Series, Reno and Trina must battle gangsters, women, fate, and each other, in their quest to stay together.

Italian powerhouse Reno Gabrini is happy with his life in Vegas.