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She is usually pictured as a wasted elderly woman clothed only in hair , with her three loaves and a lion at her feet.

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St Mary Magdalene is regarded in Christian legend as a reformed prostitute, the ultimate repentant sinner. She is identified by the Church with Mary, the sister of Martha, who anointed Jesus with Spikenard, a funeral perfume, before his crucifixion. Many legends tell of her sojourn to Marseilles in a boat with no oars , where she is said to have carried out a lengthy penitence as a desert hermit after performing many miracles.

Her best known attribute is the jar of spikenard.

It is also common to portray her as a naked penitent, clothed only with hair , and frequently accompanied with a skull , a symbol of the futility of vanity. Older images are similar to those of Mary of Egypt and in fact the two saints may have the same origin , elderly, nude, and clothed in her lengthy hair. Mathew the Evangelist is the fourth tetramorph, pictured as or accompanied by a winged Ox or Bull. When pictured in human form, he is generlly pictured recording the genealogy of Christ on a scroll , or with the purse of a tax collector. The fourth century Bishop, Nicholas of Myra , is by far the most recognizable of all the Catholic saints- at least in his secular form as Santa Claus.

Another tale tells of his anonymous generosity to a poor family, throwing three purses of coin into the home of a destitute family in need of dowries for their three daughters. St Paul the Apostle , while less celebrated, is the man most responsible for the popularization of the Christian religion, and for that reason he is credited as an apostle, even though he never personally met Jesus.

The most common image of Paul is of his conversion on the road to Damascus; as a repentant on his knees under a beam of light. Other portrayals are likely to show him as a martyr, with his severed head under his arm, and accompanied by the sword that killed him. Peter the Apostle is credited with the founding of the Church, and regarded as its first Pope.

Peter is alternately depicted holding the keys of heaven , in Papal garb, or with the accouterments of a fisherman, his earthly career. More on the symbolism of Peter. Another emblem of Peter is the reversed Latin cross, as he was believed to have been crucified upside-down to avoid the honor of dying as Jesus did. He is almost invariably depicted in a golden mantle. The Apostle Phillip is one of many early martyrs, put to death after killing a serpent worshiped by the people.

Saint Sebastian was a martyr, and a favorite subject of renaissance painters. He is also the only martyr said to have died twice! Sebastian was a Roman soldier and a body guard of the Emperor Diocletan. When he was revealed as a secret Christian, he was ordered to convert, and his refusal resulted in his execution by firing squad. He is invariably depicted at his first execution, tied to a post and riddled with arrows.

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Sebastian was supposedly rescued by another Christian, who nursed him to health, and he began preaching. The Apostle Simon , according to Church legend, was one of the shepherds in attendence at the birth of Christ. He is pictured with either a saw or a large cross , depending on which story of his martyrdom is preferred by the artist- crucified or sawn in half.

St Thecla was a follower of the Apostle Paul, whose conversion and subsequent rejection of sex so enraged her lover that he turned her in toi the authorities. Although they made many attempts to martyr the girl, she survived many tortures and escaped, becoming a renowned healer. This supposedly outraged the local physicians, who pursued her with intent to murder her, but the ground opened, and she was swallowed up. She is pictured in grey or brown robes, carrying a palm branch. The Apostle Thomas was the famous doubter who questioned the validity of the resurrection, and was invited to touch the wounds of the risen Christ.

St Veronica was, according to legend, a woman who took pity of the Lord on the road to Golgotha. She offered him her veil to wipe the sweat from his brow. The story of St Ursula tells that like many Christian martyrs, the beautiful princess was desired as the wife of a noble. Ursula presented the would-be groom with a list of demands, including his conversion, an allotment of time for a pilgrimage, and an enormous retinue of virgin attendants.

So smitten was the prince that he readily agreed, and even joined her on her pilgrimage, where they were attacked by Huns who slew all but the young saint. She is almost always accompanied by her retinue.

ALL SAINTS: Flowers in Christian Symbolism

I bought a medal in Rome recently and was told that it is of St Therese. She is looking up with her hands crossed over her chest. Is this Mary?

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Christianity has used symbolism from its very beginnings. Each saint has a story and a reason why they led an exemplary life. Symbols have been used to tell. Saints and their emblems. by: Drake, Maurice, ; Topics: Christian saints in art, Emblems. Publisher: London: T.W. Laurie Ltd.

Please, I found a medal with the picture of a Saint wearing a robe and on one hand he held a cross and on the other he held an opened book. What Saint is that? There is an evangical college by my home, and there is a statue that appears to have breasts and holding a large sword downward, is this perhaps St. Is he St. Sebastian, or somebody else? I have a cousin that is catholic and I have always wondered what the meaning behind some of the saints were.

I know that she has a statue of St Agnes in her house. That is interesting that the lamb symbolizes the virginity she died to protect. I was always curios about what the lamb meant. She is dressed in long robes, and there is a small cross on her head covering. She holds a bejeweled book in her left arm similar to how the Statue of Liberty holds her book. Her right hand is raised with her palm open. Any idea who she may be? After a lot of searching, I actually was able to answer my own question. The saint pictured on that page is St.

Some Noteworthy Symbols of the Saints and Meaning

The religious significance of flowers in Christian Symbolism is:. Franciscan levitating or flying around. Other symbols: ship. O'Connell, Translator. A pig symbolizing earthly desires the saint overcame often accompanies him on his travels. Wolfgang of Regensburg.

Scholastica, the sister of St. The book that she holds is the Rule of St. I have a statue of a saint, but I do not know which one. It is made of porcelain and it has a number on the back but no name. I will try to describe it so possibly it can be identified as to which saint it is. It is a man with with short hair no beard. He is is dressed in a robe cloth over his shoulders. He has a beane on his head with blond hair.

The saint is handing him a piece of bread. I have a male Saint statue with his right foot sticking out from under his robes. On that foot there is a circle with a dot in the center. Any idea who he is? Philomina and if so can you tell me anything about her?. What female saint holds a palm and a chalice? She also wears a crown. She is accompanied. Y Mary w. Jesus and Ursula. From the Marienkirche in Berlin. Triptich also has 4 saints depicted on the wings. Looks like 15th century. Several saints are depicted with palms, a symbol of martyrdom. What female saint is depicted holding a basket of bread, is there a certain meaning of this saint?

Plss, which of the saint in the franciscan order hold a child on his left arm and a flower at his right. Desperately seeking to identify male bearded barefoot saint with right hand on bare breast, cloak over the shoulder and blank flag on staff tucked under left arm, not carried aloft. Who is the female Saint that is depicted holding a chalice with the host in red and blood seems to be coming out from the host. What female saint is depicted holding lilies in one hand and arrows in the other.

I found her on two Christmas Tree ornaments. I have a metal of a female saint with crown, sword and chalice.

Saint symbolism

Above the chalice is a sunburst containing what could be a human silhouette. Any idea who she is?

Symbols and Attributes of Saints -

Thank you for the enlightening information. I have a question based on an apparition of the Virgin Mary who appeared to me in modern clothing and with her left hand, with fingers closed, pointing downward. Mostra: I santini della collezione Mario Tasca - Follina, e dicembre Le cartoline della Mostra di Pieve di Cento. Archivio Fiere e Mostre.

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Les Saints et leurs attributs. Galerie des Saints. Outils de recherche de noms de Saints. Saint symbology. Saints and their symbols. Saints Gallery. Searching Tools. Names and translations [ in English alphabetical order ]. Stampe popolari. Storia del Santino. Tipologie e tecniche.

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