The Earth Shaker - London Style: Watch for falling masonry as you read through this enigmatic tale.

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Buy, rent or watch 'Minority Report'. In one of his earliest big-screen roles, an overbearing Oliver Reed is a grotesque parody of teen rebellion as King, the leather-clad mugger who stumbles upon a cave society of mutant children. A troubling film, and a deeply peculiar one. In , critics slammed the film and it bombed at the box office. Buy, rent or watch 'Barbarella'. They call it science fiction, but only too rarely does the cinematic genre tackle a subject which focuses primarily on the science.

Thankfully, the US authorities have just built a secret subterranean research facility for exactly such eventualities. Buy, rent or watch 'The Andromeda Strain'. Colin Clive brings fierce conviction to the role of re-animator Baron Frankenstein and the lab design remains a wonder. Kudos to English theatre director James Whale for highlighting this startling contradiction in a film with an incalculable influence on subsequent genre cinema.

Buy, rent or watch 'Frankenstein'. For good or for ill, producer Alexander Korda allowed HG Wells to have creative control over this future-gazing epic and adaptation of his own novel — marking a rare occasion when a literary sci-fi giant has guided their own work on celluloid. To start, he uncannily predicts the ravages of enemy air raids in , then maps out decades of subsequent carnage and disease before a new breed of utopian technocrats put mankind back on track — at the expense of wiping out all resistance.

His absolute certainty that science will provide a better tomorrow delivers an antiseptically dull fate for us. Buy, rent or watch 'Things to Come'. The concept-heavy film takes us quite literally inside the mind of year-old Riley. Buy, rent or watch 'The Iron Giant'. Chris Pine is perfectly broody as Captain Kirk, while Zachary Quinto adds an added layer of pathos to his interpretation of Spock. Buy, rent or watch 'Star Trek'. But beneath the layers of hi-tech delirium and political intrigue lies a fairly simple idea: that human identity is a function of memory, and so in theory indistinguishable from a digital hard drive.

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A strange and subtle work of anime. Buy, rent or watch 'Ghost in the Shell'. So, so much style. But, typically, Cameron went and did it bigger and better than anyone else. The results are awe-inspiring, especially in 3D, bagging the film Oscars for Cinematography, Visual Effects and Art Direction, as well as helping it claim the title of the highest grossing movie of all time at the box office. This, of course, helped Cameron realise that there should be numerous sequels there are four more movies currently being worked on.

Buy, rent or watch 'Avatar'. Big-scale moviemaking embroidered with small human moments and done on 'Avatar's canteen budget, 'Arrival' is the kind of cerebral sci-fi moviemaking that scores its director a gig like, say, 'Blade Runner ' or 'Dune'. Director Denis Villeneuve that marries the cool intellectualism of Kubrick and the heart of Spielberg in a deceptively simple story of communication, family and the need to find common ground in the face of catastrophe. Buy, rent or watch 'Arrival'. But there's still so much of the movie that really does work: the sail barge escape from Jabba the Hut is glorious swashbuckling action at its finest, the speeder bike chase through the forests of Endor is full-throttle fun and the monumental three-way climax is a Wagnerian crescendo that caps this trilogoy of the series in fine style.

Buy, rent or watch 'Return of the Jedi'. Of course, once it was out in the world the whole thing made some kind of twisted, outrageous sense, and it still does. And yet somehow this Technicolor tale of heroic muscle-bound lunks, preening goateed villains, boisterous bird-men Blessed sealed his reputation here , hapless maidens and doomed Blue Peter presenters works like a charm.

Buy, rent or watch 'Flash Gordon'. No money? No problem. Writer-director-star Cory McAbee used imaginative dodges — such as action sequences filmed as musical numbers in silhouette — to make up for a relatively small budget of between one and two million dollars the exact figure remains sketchy. What major Hollywood star would have felt more at home with the idea of total self-transformation than Rock Hudson?

It also benefits from arguably the greatest opening title sequence in film history: a warped kaleidoscope of malformed flesh — directed, of course, by the legendary Saul Bass. Buy, rent or watch 'Seconds'. The Victorian age was an unprecedented time of scientific discovery, where the impossible was being made possible with every new invention — just like magic. But at what cost? Christopher Nolan pulls a rabbit out of the hat with a gripping, suspenseful ta-da finish.

Buy, rent or watch 'The Prestige'. It all started here. The sprawling multimedia soap opera that is the Marvel movie series now dominates our summer viewing and our end-of-year box office charts — with no signs of slowing. Buy, rent or watch 'Iron Man'. Buy, rent or watch 'Westworld'. The setup — Arctic scientists find something vast and otherworldly buried in the ice — is magical, and the script doctored by an uncredited Howard Hawks, king of the masculine-archetypes-in-peril movie fizzes with invention. Best of all, director Christian Nyby creates a genuinely irksome sense of impending dread, keeping the creature in shadow for much of the film.

Buy, rent or watch 'The War of the Worlds'.

The sci-fi set-up is mostly an excuse for Woody to indulge some fairly slapstick physical comedy revolving around a man quite literally out of time and place. But when the project goes awry, Ridder finds himself lost in time, reliving the breakdown of his relationship with early-model Manic Pixie Dream Girl, Catrine Georges-Picot. In the unnamed urban sprawl of the title, a killer is on the loose.

Starting from a simple murder mystery and building inexorably outwards from there, Proyas introduces us to a world where — in that overused but here entirely appropriate phrase — nothing is as it seems. The ending is a stone-cold brain-melter. With his follow-up, writer-director George Miller went all out: the world is now a dustbowl populated by rampaging mutants, petrified normals and one brutal lawgiver, and they all have one thing in common — a lust for the black gold.

It opens with engineering works at the fictional Hobbs End Underground station, where workers uncover the remains of early human ancestors. Excavation on the site reveals what the army believe is a massive, unexploded World War Two bomb. But not even the Nazis masterminded explosives containing insectoid alien dwarfs with horns….

The result is one of the great communal movie-going experiences of the modern age, and a gauntlet thrown down to all future sci-fi blockbuster directors: get real, or go home. Buy, rent or watch 'Gravity'. Regardless, the film found a passionate audience, one that dug the lanky, thoughtful style of breakout newcomer Jake Gyllenhaal and his equally appealing older sister Maggie.

The plot concerns alternate realities, personal sacrifice, a fateful Halloween party and, yes, Sparkle Motion. Buy, rent or watch 'Donnie Darko'. The most controversial film on this list? But most of all we love it for its ambition: how a movie this dense, allusive, thematically complex, ridiculously pricey and just downright weird ever got made is impossible to imagine, but thank the Maker that it did.

Buy, rent or watch 'Dune'. Buy, rent or watch 'The Time Machine'. So few films stand entirely alone.


Buy The Earth Shaker - London Style: Watch for falling masonry as you read through this enigmatic tale.: Read 1 Kindle Store Reviews - Actual the earth shaker london style watch for falling masonry as you read through this enigmatic tale pdf ebooks. Find the earth shaker london style watch for.

Buy, rent or watch 'Repo Man'. Make Room! Where our food comes from today is more shady and dystopian than ever. Show this one to an organics-only freak you love. Buy, rent or watch 'Soylent Green'. The most renowned anime film made outside Studio Ghibli opens with an apparent nuclear explosion in Tokyo, ends with a Big Bang and hardly lets up in between.

The plot is far too unwieldy to be summarised here; suffice to say that it involves biker gangs, wrinkled little children and psychokinetic mutants wreaking havoc in a post-apocalyptic Japan. Buy, rent or watch 'Akira'. All of which gave screenwriting brothers Jim and John Thomas an idea…. With Sly tied up with 'Rocky V', Arnie stepped in to play Dutch, the military tough guy who takes his top team of wisecracking mercenaries into the Latin American jungle to rescue American hostages, before terrorists turn out to be the least of their problems.

But of course the climax sees Old Ironballs taking the creature on single-handed, duking it out in the mud, mano-a-mano. Buy, rent or watch 'Predator'. The world that the characters inhabit, at once futuristic and primordial, looks like a cross between Tatooine and a Dali dreamscape: dinosaurs mingle with tentacled aliens while headless humanoid statues abruptly spring to life. Buy, rent or watch 'Fantastic Planet'. The set-up is fairly simple: an alien lands on Earth and tries to fit in while also having to sate an appetite for human flesh by assuming the form of a beautiful woman Johansson and luring keen men to their deaths.

Like much superior sci-fi, the genre elements mainly exist to cast new light on our world as it is. Buy, rent or watch 'Under the Skin'. Satire in science fiction is nothing new — but creating a perfect balance of entertainment and politics requires a particular set of skills. The attacks against American imperialism and Hollywood shallowness come thick and fast, culminating in one of the most striking images in all of sci-fi as Neil Patrick Harris, in full Gestapo dress, prepares to send a platoon of terrified teenage boys into battle. Buy, rent or watch 'Starship Troopers'.

Another film that balances on the edge of science fiction — perhaps explaining its relatively low placing on this list. Rumours of a reboot emerge on an almost daily basis. Buy, rent or watch 'Ghostbusters'. Is Carl Sagan the unsung hero of modern science fiction? Buy, rent or watch 'Contact'. Joaquin Phoenix plays Theodore Twombly, a middle-aged man who lives alone in an apartment overlooking a skyline of skyscrapers the film was partly shot in Shanghai and whose day job involves writing emotional handwritten letters on behalf of strangers.

Theodore is going through a divorce and falls head over heels in love with an operating system, Samantha, voiced by Scarlett Johansson. Rather than go heavy on developments in technology, Jonze prefers to use them to explore more timeless ideas about love, relationships and what we expect from a partner. Buy, rent or watch 'Her'. No one saw this one coming. Buy, rent or watch 'District 9'.

But is it all just a dream, a memory, a Messianic vision — or all of the above? The script is bursting at the seams with wild ideas. Buy, rent or watch 'Total Recall'. Never a critical favourite, the French filmmaking magnate Luc Besson has resolutely persisted in following his own idiosyncratic taste, and this wayward fantasy has an individuality distinct from Hollywood formula. But boy, did Besson assemble a crack team to visualise it. Buy, rent or watch 'They Live'. Unable to manage their waste output, humans have evacuated Earth, leaving robots behind to clean up the mess. Soon enough, though, they have other problems to worry about, like the bouncy alien — who looks like a beach ball with claws — wandering the corridors, or the malfunctioning talking bomb that tries to existentially justify its need to explode and kill everyone onboard.

Buy, rent or watch 'Dark Star'. The next time you hear a friend bemoaning the Hollywood remake factory, send them a link to this list. As the film progresses, the clammy hand of paranoia tightens its grip — and the final shot is a sucker-punch like no other. Buy, rent or watch 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers'. The film admirably credits the audience with the intelligence to decipher the clues in its elliptical narrative, gradually picking its way towards a state somewhere between paranoid anxiety and head-spinning dizziness. Buy, rent or watch 'Primer'.

For this story, Page and co are employed on an upping-the-ante mission: to insert rather than remove an idea into the head of a corporate bigwig Cillian Murphy in order to sate the ambitions of a business rival Ken Watanabe. Most memorable are some jaw-dropping set pieces where Nolan and his team ostentatiously flex their special-effects muscles, most notably a scene that sees Page and DiCaprio walk through Paris as the streets appear to fold up and over before their eyes.

Buy, rent or watch 'Inception'. With his orange hair and a perceptible coked-up jitteriness, Bowie is perfect as the alien, Thomas Jerome Newton: spiky, awkward, uncomfortable in his own skin. But the real stranger in this strange land was cult director Nicolas Roeg, fascinated by the American Southwest — its listless nurses the brilliant Candy Clark and bored college professors a fearless Rip Torn.

The movie is filled with daydreamers desperate for a sense of purpose. They instead find television, guns, alcohol and inertia. The result is wickedly smart and knowingly in-jokey without ever ahem alienating the non-nerds. Buy, rent or watch 'Galaxy Quest'.

In a future where plants have become extinct on earth, a handful of starships act as greenhouses, preserving the few remaining specimens in the hope of eventually reforesting the planet. He rebels, kills his co-workers and heads off to tend to his plants with a couple of trusty robots in tow. The film may not have aged perfectly we can live without those willowy Joan Baez numbers , and Lowell is a bit of a blowhard. But the message is eternal: whatever the risks, man must be his own saviour.

Leading science experts, writers and filmmakers help us decide the best sci-fi films ever made.

Like all the other players at the table, I have felt anxious and oppressed by the game. Sometimes you need to return to the old places. We get chatting to a man who came just for the band but is eyeing up his cocktail too, which is served in a robin-shaped glass with a raspberry stuck to its beak. Guards would splash buckets of water through a small gap in the bottom of the door to put an inch or two of water on the floor so that he could not sleep. Their best-loved joints — including The Delaunay , Colbert and The Wolseley — all offer the same old-school elegance, unfaltering service and top-notch food — often woven in with a whimsical historical narrative too.

Buy, rent or watch 'Silent Running'. Buy, rent or watch 'Gattaca'. This being Hollywood, suave Michael Rennie was perfectly cast as the angular alien — after all, he came from the distant galaxy of Bradford. All well and good until the security system failsis tampered with and a T-Rex and friends go on a chomping rampage.

The cast, led by Sam Neill as a gruff, kid-hating paleontologist and Jeff Goldblum as a chaos-theory rockstar, is an absolute delight. And Spielberg knows how to build a nail-biter of a set-piece, like the now iconic but ever so tense velociraptor kitchen sequence or the central tyrannosaurus attack that was a landmark showcase for then-nascent CGI technology and which, over 25 years later, still looks pretty impressive. While the film's numerous sequels hagve varied in quality — definitely avoid the third outing — 'Jurassic Park' remains a gold standard when it comes to huge Hollywood blockbusters.

Buy, rent or watch 'Jurassic Park'. Effectively, the film splits society into three species: warlike gorillas, intellectual orangutans and cautious chimpanzees what happened to the gibbons? A recent run of entertaining prequels have only served to enrich the original. Buy, rent or watch 'Planet of the Apes'. Don't despair, struggling filmmakers: you can make your sci-fi classic without a James Cameron-sized budget or any budget, really.

Nor do you need a feature-length running time or, amazingly, a motion-picture camera. In it, Paris is reduced to radioactive rubble, but scientists living underground hope to send a dreamer back in time via his strong memories of an alluring woman. The guy sees her in his mind, they begin to flirt and fall in love, and who can blame him if he never wants to return? Kubrick and Burgess were satirising new forms of psychotherapy, while Cold War totalitarianism was also on their minds. Sci-fi fans will also appreciate that a minor character, Julian, is played by Dave Prowse, aka Darth Vader.

Buy, rent or watch 'A Clockwork Orange'. Establishment scaremongering about the communist threat against American freedom of conscience seemingly underpins this drumhead-tight B-thriller about sinister extraterrestrial pods taking over small-town California in its sleep. Bruce Willis plays a low-level criminal in a future earth destroyed by disease, sent back in time to trace the roots of the plague. In the process he manages to fall in love with Madeleine Stowe fair enough and gets banged up in a mental institution where he stumbles upon Brad Pitt in one of his first and finest roles as a demented, jittery environmental terrorist.

But this is such a bizarre mind-fuck of a film that it hardly matters. Plus, you get to see our Bruce wearing a blonde wig and Hawaiian shirt, which is a huge bonus. Oscar Isaac chills as Nathan, the psychopathic yet charismatic billionaire founder of the search engine company that protagonist Caleb, played by Domhnall Gleeson, works for.

Circumstances send David on a dangerous journey to discover his maker, a nightmarish trek with many allusions to that other lost boy, Pinocchio that includes a sinister mechanical gigolo Law , a tech-phobic Flesh Fair, a visit to a half-submerged Manhattan and a controversial, highly emotional climax that lingers in the heart and the mind.

Buy, rent or watch 'AI Artificial Intelligence'. Gondry became more capable than his usual craftsy music videos, and Charlie Kaufman, the screenwriter, proved himself deeper than his reputation suggested. The biggest revelation comes in the shape of Jim Carrey and his turn as the squirmingly uncomfortable Joel. Meanwhile, Kate Winslet plays Clementine, one of the great sphinxes in modern movies: voluminous, punkish, soulful, cherishable. She would be hard to forget after a breakup.

Buy, rent or watch 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind'. Let it be stressed: at the root of every great sci-fi film is a killer script, not special effects or lasers. It helps when your star is Michael J Fox, captured at the peak of his youthful heroism. Buy, rent or watch 'Back to the Future'. Add to this some still-impressive effects, a wonderful swooping electronic score and the dry, ironic presence of that mechanical icon Robbie the Robot, and the result is a film that stands up to modern scrutiny at every turn. Buy, rent or watch 'Forbidden Planet'. Buy, rent or watch 'The Fly'.

In the same period, the Swiss watch industry exported For an excellent state of the union style overview of where…. Well, before the watches were locked away for the evening in their display cases, we took the opportunity to get up close and personal with these beauties. A few months on and that statement is, if…. OK, so on the surface this story is nice and simple.

Good news story, right? Well, the actual story is a little more complex. Click here for more on that. Architectural is a word that gets thrown around a lot in watch writing, and when you look at a watch like this Franck Muller Gravity Skeleton you can see why. The clear, expansive view provided allows the wearer to look down at a tiny, and industrious city, busily whirring away. And if we continue the architecture metaphor, this watch is a far cry from your day-to-day office block — this is more along the lines of monumental, futuristic architecture.

Full of sweeping bridges and curves. So what are we looking at here? Under normal circumstances these diamonds would…. Since that initial drop, the has gone from strength to strength, and their slate of releases was particularly cohesive, and attractive. For me, the core collection can be summed up in three, thematically linked watches, all limited editions, that have taken the brand back to nature, with their earthy bronze cases and lush, dark green dials.

Oh ye of sensitive stomachs, look away now. Boy, are they celebrating in style. The Hour Glass is one of the major retail figures in the Asia-Pacific region, with more than 40 boutiques including three in Australia. The first of these boutiques opened in Singapore back in Yesterday I was filming some watches and I took the chance to have a look around at these standout pieces, and these are my seven picks. Breguet — as we discovered last week — is a pretty classic brand. So when we saw a story on what Wes Lang — controversial American contemporary artist and collaborative creative to the stars — thought of the buttoned-up brand, you can bet we hit the link.

He nails its timelessness. But the payoff is huge. And underlying this entire movement is the concept of patina. I saw it at a preview dinner before the fair proper, and honestly, it kind of ruined me for other watches at the fair. But and more importantly for me it looks and feels good on the wrist and is exceptionally user-friendly. For me there….

These were the watches first on show at SIHH , and it was great to see them closer to home. And while our readers were keen to debate the merits of tourbillon versus…. Big news overnight from the house of Omega — they can now claim the lofty well, the opposite actually title of deepest diving watch ever. Just how deep are we talking here? How about 10, metres? The next question you might well be asking is — what was the previous record holder? Well, that honour was held by Captain Don Walsh and Jacques Piccard, who took their Trieste down to 10, metres, with a custom….

Tuesday night in Melbourne was quite chilly, and rainy to boot. And for all that Breguet is known for their distinctive Classique and Tradition lines, those families were barely represented though the new blue-dialled Classique was present, and indeed a favourite. No, instead the heroes of the night were the new additions to the sporty Marine line, and the feminine Reine de Naples. But the watch that really captured the hearts and minds of fans and critics alike was the Octo Finissimo Automatic — initially offered in sandblasted titanium, and shortly after in distinctive steel and gold versions.

Meet the Bulgari Octo Finissimo Ceramic. And when we say Ceramic, we mean ALL ceramic. The case, the bracelet, even the buckle. All of it is gorgeous, matt black ceramic. The watch industry is nothing if not traditional — and this habitualness extends into the realm of brand partnerships.

Formula 1, tennis, car brands, yachting, the Olympics and other top-tier aspirational sporting and cultural events. These are the happy hunting grounds for Swiss marketing executives hoping to leverage a new audience for their finely wrought, ticking products. Cricket, though. Which is why Hublot, who have been official partners of the ICC Cricket World Cup since , might, just quietly, have a hit on its hands. And the reason is…. In the history of the 20th century, few years are as loaded with cultural weight as the year Chris Hall has done the heavy lifting here for QP Magazine, in this excellent long read that sums up just why mattered, watch-wise.

As Lot was an exceptionally rare original version. This s chronograph was in impressive condition — with an evenly aged dial and a very crisp looking 42mm steel case. And, of…. As we found out at the Monaco Grand Prix, TAG Heuer is celebrating the 50th birthday of the genuinely iconic Monaco with five limited editions, one for each decade of its life. The second instalment has just been announced in Le Mans, a tribute to the film of the same name, a film responsible for some enduring and genuinely iconic images of the Monaco on the wrist of the one and only Steve McQueen.

The colourway for the first edition was muted: earthy brown and dark green. This Monaco — is a polar opposite, in rich, vibrant…. Brand ambassadors are an indelible part of the watch landscape. An ambassador could be a Hollywood A-lister who wore a watch for the billboard photoshoot and a contractually mandated number of public appearances, never to be seen again. Or it could be something much more targeted, where the relationship is less about getting the watch in front of the largest number of eyeballs but rather the…. Smart watches are here to stay.

Never fear, Sony has a solution. The Wena strap, which can fit a conventional 18mm, 20mm or 22mm watch, is water resistant to 50 metres, and offers some tracking, notification and NFC functionality. All that is good. This is very good. So podcasts and niche indie brands are where. Great insights, well recommended. These three brands offer some amazing value and are killing it on the design front. If you pay attention to the more business-to-business end of watchland you might have noticed that UK-based mega-retailer Watches of Switzerland not to be confused with our local Aussie retailers of the same name recently listed on the London Stock Exchange.

They noticed it over at Axios, where this interesting piece on the business of telling time comes from. Our key takeouts? The Cricket World Cup is underway in the UK, and official timekeepers Hublot are there, busily timing every single match. The brand has been busy in other ways, too — coming up with a tremendously on point limited edition to celebrate. This watch strikes just the right level of balance for a sporting tie-in piece. So, this article is worth it for the image alone. The Patek Philippe hype is real. Perhaps an oligarch got into a fight with his supermodel girlfriend and she hurled his prize Patek at a wall one morning.

Maybe a rapper fell backwards off a yacht…. Hence, the catch-all NATO term was born. And as a NATO strap of…. In many ways the little guys have so much more freedom than the big brands, when it comes to design, production and all the rest. As I unboxed the Lander, the first thing that grabbed my attention…. The story is set in a post-WWII era, where the conception of war was changing rapidly and dramatically. It was a time of new technologies and new methodologies.

Watches were part of this — and dive watches were particularly important. The legendary James Dowling takes a deep dive excuse the pun into…. The colour…. Of course, the technology is present in the movement: a skeletonised, three-dimensional offering that fills the 48mm case; the P. This tourbillon is also on a rotating axis perpendicular to the balance wheel. Just to add a little extra drama. All this weighs a thrifty 23 grams.

And while the open-worked movement,…. This is an exquisitely simple watch. Two hands, no date and a manually wound movement. A pure expression of classical watchmaking if ever I saw one. Ever since the Swatch Group clamped down on the availability of the once ubiquitous ETA movements, the name Sellita has become ever more more prominent in the world of third-party movement supply.

Which is where this excellent behind-the-scenes look at Sellita from QP fills in the gaps. Linde Werdelin is one of those brands that knows what it does, and does it well. And what they do is complex cases with numerous cutouts. Their latest limited edition SpidoSpeed Arktis continues the theme. The 44mm case is complex, the outer part being made from three pieces, in an aggressively modern cushion shape, with a satin finish. The hour and minute tracks form part of….

The disruptive, innovative square chronograph — one of the first automatic chronos on the market — turned 50 this year. I was expecting to see some big new releases at Baselworld, but TAG Heuer held their fire, focusing instead on the revamped Autavia line. So, no big Monaco news at Baselworld. And, in retrospect, it made sense.

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If there was ever a case study for the difference a dial and bezel can make, the edition of the Tudor Black Bay Bronze with its slate grey dial is that watch. Before we get to the cool grey makeover, a recap. Last year, Seiko announced their Save the Ocean initiative — a partnership between famed underwater explorer and conservationist Fabien Cousteau and Seiko Prospex.

This program is aimed at raising awareness and funds for marine conservation. And while the blue colour theme is the same, the details are a little different. Fundamentally, this is the…. The inimitable Niki Lauda died yesterday, and Formula 1 lost one of its most enduring icons. Read more about the film, and particularly…. Already this is a good place to start, as the former factor means you can get some unexpected and unusual design choices, paired with the benefits production quality, parts, etc that come with being part of the Swatch Group.

The Mido Multifort Patrimony is a great example of this.

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A sweet retro-looking watch at a seriously impressive price. First of all, the Mido Multifort Patrimony comes in three flavours: steel…. The above question greeted me when I opened my email this morning — it was such a perfect allegory heck, watches, chocolate and Bacs are amongst the most Swiss things ever that I had to open it.

Speedmasters obvs and Seamasters mostly. And to be fair, I was not disappointed. But I was surprised. Specifically this Sedna gold number with a grey enamel dial. This watch, while similar from a…. Think airy, well-lit rooms with highly skilled watchmakers investing countless hours on minute details most will never see. A far cry from the typical image of the noisy, grimy factory floor. Worth a read. We were not disappointed. Here are three watches that are less about telling the time and more about showing the world just how much fun can be had with time.

But never a chronograph. The dial options on offer are blue, taupe grey and sand-blasted silver. The blue will…. But, oh boy, was the Blancpain Air Command a pleasant surprise. On its face, this piece limited edition is a very handsome heritage-styled number, with a The handset is particularly elegant, with matchstick-shaped hands in white, filled with an ivory-toned, vintage-look lume.

The heritage feel is picked up on the dial, which…. Last year, Breguet introduced a stunningly simple, surprisingly asymmetrical addition to the Classique family, the Tourbillon Extra-Flat. First things first — the fundamentals: 41mm across by a truly slender 7. The dial is sapphire, to show off the movement. The hands are obviously Breguet. On paper, the 3mm thin movement, designated SQ for squelette, or skeleton , is the same as the existing The Seamaster Planet Ocean, with its bright orange details, is a favourite in the modern Omega lineup, a compelling combination of brightness and brown.

First of all, this watch is large: The development of the original watch was driven by two men, Captain Robert Maloubier and Lieutenant Claude Riffaud, who were in charge of a newly formed French unit, the Combat Swimmers — or Nageurs de Combat. They came up with a list of ideal characteristics for the perfect underwater wristwatch, one suited to their very specific needs. And, in , Blancpain managed to meet these requirements, which came to define the needs of modern dive watches.

To celebrate this legacy, Blancpain has…. Earlier in the year, Omega celebrated 50 years of Man stepping off our terrestrial sphere with the release of a very faithful reissue of the commemorative gold Speedmaster even though the alloy itself is very new. And everyone was right. But the special…. Omega, as you would expect from the Swatch Group powerhouse, had a panoply of new watches on display at Time to Move.

For generations, the business of buying and selling watches has remained remarkably stable. This is your guide to watch buying in the 21st century, which originally appeared in our buying guide NOW, which you can download here. It was made in a limited edition of , and sold out in a matter of hours. It was made for, and sold by, a TAG Heuer news and review site.

Ten years ago this online-only watch would have been unthinkable, in another 10 it might be the norm. First launched in , it was designed with the help of master mixologist, Shinobu Ishigaki. So when Seiko expanded the Presage line to outside of the shores of Japan and introduced a handful of newly styled Cocktail Times in , the crowd went wild. The Jaguar D-Type first rolled out of their Coventry factory in Jaguar planned to make of these distinctive 6-cylinder racers, but only got around to constructing Even though the fine watch business might seem like a perpetual, slow-moving beast, it is one of constant, consistent progress.

More than that, the brand…. So Tom Ford has started making watches. But at its core, the advice is solid, if conservative. For example, when it comes to pairing jewellery with your…. The Aquatimer Chronograph is a large, sporty timepiece. Broadly speaking, microbrand is a term used to describe smaller watch brands — typically with few staff, outsourced production and a direct-to-consumer business model. Farer is one such brand. Initially, their bright and colourful designs drew my magpie eye, and then when we reviewed a GMT and a diver, the quality won me over.

In this context, his choice of watch…. Read on for our in-depth review … The story in a second: Same great watch, brand new dial. It follows on from the recent Black Series and Blue Lagoon. But while last…. Clean and refined. Utilitarian, leaning towards the dressy. Unmistakably German.

Or, to use the shorthand — Bauhaus. In the earlier years of Nomos, this distinctive styling was paired with some solid watchmaking, and a very strong value proposition. All this combined to earn Nomos a cult following. So a few years ago we…. He also has quite nice taste in watches.

Clearly, Sid comes from the sartorial side of the fence and looks at watches primarily through that lens, which is always interesting. Chopard is one of the great secrets of the watchworld. The brand, which is better known for its feminine jewellery collections, produces some truly phenomenal watches, of a style and quality that rivals the best in the business. Take, for example, the Chopard L. The watch is very nicely sized at 40mm across by 7. The oft-quoted origin story about this iconic rectangle is that it was the dusty polo fields of colonial India that gave birth to the reversible watch, which could be easily flipped to protect the delicate dial during the rough and tumble of the chukka.

That was way back in , and in the subsequent…. The fan favourite Rado Captain Cook Automatic in 37mm is now offered in a limited edition champagne or to give its official, but less romantic, name — brown sunbrushed dial. Dial aside, the details are unchanged: polished steel case, ceramic bezel insert in black, boxed sapphire crystal and automatic movement with 80 hours of juice.

But this time around, there is a quite cool new addition, in the form of a handy leather travel case that includes space…. Field watches are a bit of a paradox — at once a very broad, yet quite niche category. Essentially these are watches originally made for military use — on battlefields. The easiest way to think about it is, while those watches are made for a quite specific purpose, field watches are generalists. They have to be tough enough to handle some pretty rough conditions, and do their job of telling the time quickly and reliably. There are three main reasons why this watch is so great: the dial, the case and the movement.

All these elements…. One of the top three questions on the lips of watch lovers these days is about the lifespan of Baselworld. Well, hold onto your hats because Hodinkee, in the form of the indomitable Joe Thompson, has put together a pretty clear roadmap as to what the future of the fair looks like.

Yes, I was sceptical coming out of Basel , which was sedate to put it politely , but apparently that was partially planned, as the big revelations and transformations are coming from onwards. TL;DR version: more experiential, more new audiences…. Geneva watch auction season is rolling around again, and one of the stars of the show is this watch, a Rolex Daytona in gold. From the dial side, it seems to be a stock standard reference ; in good condition, sure, but nothing super special.

Turn it over and it all begins to make sense. Man, Tissot has a great back catalogue. I mean, just look at those orange details, that rally strap, the wide-bezelled cushion case. Love it. Head over to Gear Patrol for the specs. The dials are on trend — the smoky blue looks good in contrast to the glossy ceramic bezel and the earthy brown leather strap.

And typically, this level of mechanical wizardry comes at a cost. Even though they might not be as premium a name as their Swiss counterparts, Timex is a legendary company with a long history and one of the greatest ad lines of all time. In recent years, Timex has been proactive in exploring that legacy, in a series of limited production pieces. The latest step in this journey is the Timex American Documents collection, which is cool, if a little wordy.

The schtick here is the Made in America designation. Timex has used local suppliers for all of the…. Cars and TAG Heuer is a match made not just in heaven but also in heritage, no doubt something that the marketing departments of other watch brands envy deeply. This watch was created in part to celebrate the partnership between the prestigious car marque and the Swiss house. The honeycomb dial inspired by the DBS Superleggera, natch …. This watch is not for the faint of heart.

But before I wax lyrical about the glory of rainbow bezels, how about some backstory. The MT-G family was introduced by Casio way back in , which means and the maths wizards are already three steps ahead here that…. If you head on over to the TAG Heuer website and click on the Carrera collection, you will see a lot of watches in Australia there are more than individual models on offer.

From large modern sports pieces to more slender time-only options, the Carrera really is a broad church. Vacheron Constantin is famous for its ability to create custom or one-off watches for clients to learn more about their Les Cabinotiers department, click here. This watch was the first to feature the combination of minute repeater, calendar and retrograde date, and is, by happy coincidence, undeniably stylish. That complication is, of course, the chronograph — and not just any chrono, but…. And amidst the true crime and soft, NPR-esque tones of highbrow interviewers sits a growing niche of horology-themed pods.

The answers are strong, and bear more than a passing resemblance to my own subscription list. Hodinkee is the obvious choice, but the excellent Blamo! In the underwater realm of dive watches, the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms is an undisputed master. Initially released in , this prototypical dive watch was instrumental in reframing the rules of the game, and defining the modern dive watch. And this is the latest. The big story here is the titanium case: 45mm across, and rated to m, but refreshingly lightweight.

Into that mix we get the traditional black Fifty Fathoms…. Watch brands love to hang their proverbial hat on the strength and resilience of their timepieces, but oftentimes these claims are just that — claims. Sometimes, though, these slightly-too-tall tales are backed up with hard facts. All feats of derring-do and destruction are illustrated in eye-wincing detail.

Now, as the prestigious Japanese brand becomes better known in the world, that landscape is changing, with more of those delicate, gorgeous dials making their way across the world. We saw two new movements both mechanical and Spring Drive cased in a range of typically gorgeous new models. Hublot is, in many ways, a brand given to extremes.

Or, at least, not doing things by halves. Winding this beast is achieved either through…. This year, we see Longines give their flagship diver the full ceramic treatment. The fully black ceramic Zirconium Oxide, for the materials science nerds playing at home is stealthy and perhaps unsurprisingly, given the monochrome colourway stark.

The movement is the L, a modified ETA with a solid 64 hours of power reserve. For me, with the combination…. The white gold case, fluted around the middle, is perfectly circular, something accentuated by that rounded, polished bezel, and the abrupt angularity of the welded, rounded lugs. Inside this 38mm case lies the Cal.

It took Apple, and their eponymous watch, to really hammer home the point that the traditional fine watch industry was stuck in the past. And clearly not just for me. In the following years, the number of tool-free strap-changing methods has increased significantly, heralding a….

A few weeks ago, New Zealand, Australia and indeed the world were shocked by the horrific violence perpetrated against the Muslim community in Christchurch. In the aftermath of this event, what stood out was the overwhelming response, on all fronts, from political leaders, through to local and international communities. The watches being raffled off are a…. The Visodate is an historical…. Mr Okuyama is an industrial designer with an eponymous studio, who made his name in the world of prestige cars, with a folio including such epic vehicles as the original Honda NSX, the Enzo Ferrari and the Ferrari California.

Steel sports this, royal that, unobtainable the other. Where are the weird, interesting and most importantly individual watches? The most interesting part for me was the coda of models to watch, which included the usual suspects with a few interesting outliers. Are we ready for…. What The Rock was wearing. That Ferragamo knit with a palm print is in-credible. Most obviously, the dial. And while the initial collection was a drop of six models, the one that we were most interested in, and — I suspect — the most crowd-pleasing number is the SNRJ1, a straight-up-and-down diver — inspired, to no small degree, by the classic Marinemaster If the look is a update on a tried-and-tested model, the same can be said for the build.

And honestly, Baselworld is the best place to see these rare, beautiful birds all in one place. Before they fly the coop into the boutiques, bank vaults and wrists of the international connoisseur cognoscenti. Now, before we get into the timepieces themselves, a quick caveat. In many ways, this sort of horology represents the…. Which brought back this photographic comparison from a few years ago.

Cue dramatic theme music … Earlier this year, we witnessed a chance encounter between two giants of both the superhuman and horological pantheons. The combatants? The Rolex will be a known quantity to…. But Baselworld is something of a fantasy land, so we thought it only right and proper to indulge in some hypothetical high-end watch speculation.

Details around the strap are scarce, but the press release describes how, in the event of a marine mishap, a simple pull of a ripcord causes the rubber strap to inflate, like a life cuff, improving your buoyancy, and the chances of the watch surviving the mishap unharmed. No official word on who Bremont worked with in the development of this technology, but given….

But sometimes our laser-like wrist focus goes too far, as Cameron is about to explain … To all the strangers on the streets, in the cafes, and just generally going about your own business … I have no shame in admitting that I am a wrist stalker. We all do it. Some of us are just better than others and can pick a watch from across the…. Usually in this sort of video I try to honour the rules.

Because you never know, maybe you actually are in the market for a brand new watch somewhere between 10 and 35K. Odd, but not impossible. But you know what? Bulgari Octo Finissimo Automatic As soon as…. Traditionally, the blues are associated with sadness or hard times in life. But, these three blues are not the same, each is different in shade or finish, and has been created specifically to complement the character of the collection in which it sits.

And you know what, on paper or Instagram, as the case might be , I was with you. Zenith Defy…. This new version, all 41mm of blinding white ceramic, proves this point. Do me a favour, take a minute and check out another version of this self same design. Now, look at the watch below.

With the matt ceramic case, open-worked dial replete with that signature…. Over at Bulgari, the reign of the Octo Finissimo continues to flourish. At Baselworld the ultra-thin heavyweight collection gained two strong new members. It also boasts a lot of user-focused details, like that GMT. A little while ago, I had a very good day at work. Then there was the gorgeous Traditionnelle Tourbillon, with a dial dominated by a mesmerising tourbillon that I could easily get lost in. Vacheron Constantin Patrimony….

You can get a pretty good sense of the overarching themes of Baselworld by listening to the chatter in the halls, press centre and even the sausage cart outside. And, along with smaller crowd sizes and uncertain futures, one of the main conversational themes was the size of brand collections. One exception was Seiko. The Japanese powerhouse has so many lines though to be fair these are becoming increasingly codified and coherent and plenty to choose from, so much so that I had a…. One of the brightest lights in this pantheon is the , a real workhorse of the s, and a distinctive one at that — thanks to its large, cushiony case and a crown at four.

Bronze — that gold-toned alloy that only gets better with age — has continued its domination of the watch world, and the latest brand to be converted is TAG Heuer, who this week released two bronze versions of their brand new three-handed Autavia. Without a doubt, the most discussed and most genuinely novel watch of the bunch and perhaps of the whole fair is the Black Bay P While the dial bears a lot of the hallmarks of the Black Bay, the case is Something.

The Yacht-Master on Oysterflex has, since its debut in , been one of the most distinctively modern models, with its matt cerachrom bezel and understated bracelet. This year saw two significant changes…. This latest version is a clear nod to the past, without being a fully blown reissue. The insides are also notable,…. Grand Seiko has just announced its latest releases at Basel and, boy, does the Spring Drive — that unique trifecta of electronic, kinetic and magnetic energy — feature strongly. But not just the Spring Drives you know and love, with that arching power reserve at eight.

And, Seiko being Seiko, that build quality is legendary. As such, these watches have attracted a cult following, in both the actual and desk-diving fraternities. Now, at their press conference at Baselworld , Seiko just upped the stakes once more, with the Prospex LX. A series of for now six watches that are gloriously over-specced, premium Prospex watches.

There are three watches in plain steel, and three blacked-out variants. Based on a prototype watch developed in the late s with the US Navy in mind, this Black Bay is pure tool watch. The party trick here…. This watch took Bulgari almost three years to develop which, in watch terms, is rather quick , and the movement is a slim 3. In this case made from the futuristic hybrid alloy Ceramos. The brand is a master of innovative materials. They pioneered ultra-hard metals and ceramics, and continue to push the realms of the possible.

The latest is Ceramos, an alloy of ceramic and metal that offers the best of both…. Now, this version here is, no doubt, a stone cold classic. The story in a second: saw TAG Heuer release the bold Heuer 01, the smart Carrera Connected and a faithful re-edition of one of the most iconic watches ever…. So, this exists. Tourbillons are cool and if you want to spend more money than is sensible on a case…. So when something a little left of centre shows up, I tend to pay attention.

The Ianos Avyssos is one such watch. One watch. For ever. Last year I had the pleasure of reviewing the Ghost Explorer, a contemporarily styled sports watch from Australian-based Creux Automatiq. It was a surprisingly sophisticated and solid piece of kit, so when I saw posts of their forthcoming line, the Diamondback, I was keen to get my hands on one.

Fast forward to me opening a DHL package, and unboxing the Diamondback CA, and I immediately noticed a few significant differences on this watch from its predecessor — most notably a smaller case size, solid dial and a brand new bracelet. The defining feature of this edition of watches is the sporty chassis in Magic Gold.

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Not that all those fine details were too easy to spot last night, as the space was packed with people who either loved the brand or were keen to find out more. Like the new Freak X, a technically toned down take on their iconic rebel that still delivers high impact with less of a hit to the hip pocket. And then…. Clocking in at a decent 41mm across, and Visiting the team at H. Another high-level statement that impressed in real life was the exceptionally minimal Swiss Alp Concept Black — I just shudder…. I had seen the large Tradition on display and dismissed it without a thought.

Who needs a plus-sized rectangular watch, I thought to myself. Turns out, me. When I put this watch on I was blown away at how comfortable it was it wears very well for the shape, and the titanium case keeps the weight down , and the shape of…. Bremont is a brand built, to no small degree, around meaningful collaborations — particularly those in the aerospace sector. Martin-Baker has, since , been one of the most important suppliers of ejection seats and escape systems. Their seats are used on more than 80 aircraft types and have saved lives.

This year marks a decade of partnership with Bremont. The watch collection that is the fruit of this partnership is the Martin-Baker line, a decidedly modern take…. There were a lot of very interesting watches released at SIHH. But for me, one of the most interesting collections overall was Panerai. Instead, they went down a different and perhaps more significant in the long run route. Class, elegance, all that jazz. Something these three fellas are very familiar with.

Bradley Cooper and his IWC Big Pilot Big Bradley Cooper has been filling out the role of a 21st century interpretation of a classic Hollywood leading man, wearing a pin-sharp Tom Ford tux, and bringing his mum along to the…. The downside, though, is you might end up with a watch that looks more like a souvenir than a fine piece of precision engineering. And the resulting watch is, it must be said, quite charming. Of course, there are still some familiar Rado hallmarks on display, like the high-tech ceramic case.

The case is hefty, at 43mm, and…. It was also one of the greatest examples of green being a breakthrough trend for And as far as versatile steel GMTs go,…. This latest limited edition is extra special also mentioned on the dial , because of its uncommon construction. The design of this Pilot is — well — pure pilot, with its large, classically shaped 45mm case, even bigger onion crown, stylised Arabic numerals and cathedral hands, replete with a suitably rugged calfskin strap with an extra, somewhat mysterious, layer of leather….

He struggled with the stigma of gold for ages yellow gold AND a Rolex to boot , before finally reconciling that it was, by all metrics, awesome. And make no mistake, this is a high-end sports chronograph. It will also be an interesting year for watch releases. In the last few years, skeletonised watches have undergone a renaissance. Once overly designed and overwrought, at some point this distinctive genre segued from niche to very nice indeed.

Clean and simple, rather than ornate, is the name of the game for this less-is-more take on the classic Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde figure-eight dial layout. And honestly, I think this is the way to go. The Twin Beat is a triumph of clever engineering and the Overseas Tourbillon is downright gorgeous. But the heart wants what the heart wants. But, instead, an existing piece on a new bracelet.

And, boy, what a difference a bracelet…. Watches that can take on the most dangerous of adventures, that push far beyond…. We — or rather Blancpain — have your back. This year sees Panerai tweak a few more details, playing more with smaller sizes and interesting case materials. Here are our top picks. Being someone constantly surrounded by watches, I was more than aware of the endless list of great options within this price bracket.

Wearability has always…. Sometimes the relationship lasts a little longer than that. Two hero collections and a range of watches to appeal to a wide range of tastes. Here are our five picks. So, with that caveat out of the way, onto the review … In these days of the never-ending vintage revival, it seems that every brand has to have a heritage collection, regardless of whether they have any actual heritage.

And that, at least to my mind, is just the…. This year we saw that strong trend continue. In addition to complication, this model adds some not insignificant bulk. Cartier Tonneau Deceptively simple and unerringly elegant, this quartz-powered Tonneau is a real looker, and as someone with a fairly large wrist, I was surprised how good it looked on me.

As far as international watch fairs go, SIHH is great. But things get a touch trickier if you like I suspect many of our readers are into simpler fare, more suitable for daily duty. Grand Seiko has, in the lead-up to Baselworld, just announced a brand new movement for the Elegance Collection, four new manually wound, slender watches three of them limited editions that look very promising indeed.

More importantly, this movement opens up new design possibilities for Grand Seiko, with its current layout of balanced small seconds at nine…. Adding variety in the world of ultra-thin watchmaking is tricky. Because in this space, additional complications typically equals extra thickness — and that defeats the aim of the exercise. So instead of working on altering the mechanics, you change the aesthetics, which is just what Piaget has done here with these new additions to the Altiplano family.

Before we take a closer look at those spectacular dials, a quick recap on this particular Altiplano. At 40mm across, and with a very simple, traditional round case, this watch is dressy by design. The incredible thinness of 6. After all, those vintage steel Rolex models were designed to be worn, and worn hard. The ponderings of Hamlet seemed oddly fitting one…. As far as famous watches go, the Speedmaster is way up there.

the good stuff ...

The fact that this trip included spending some quality time with Omega only sealed the deal. The next question was: which Speedmaster? So I…. One of my highlights of SIHH every year is IWC — and not just because their booth is exceptional; this year it was dominated by an actual gleaming silver Spitfire.

No, I like seeing IWC because the watches rarely disappoint, and this year was absolutely no exception. Spitfire is the more retro of the two, and covered off the classics…. Rather, it was presented by TAG Heuer. The dial texture is a little different, with a hexagonal structure that looks cool and…. But later in his career, Genta launched his own eponymous brand which demonstrated a penchant for retrograde displays and Disney characters.

Which was why this watch, presented recently in Geneva,…. Now, on first glance, this weird old ana-digi watch might not have much going for it, but, really, for a watch so light, this watch packs a big punch. And you know why? There, I said it. The problem is,…. If my other two lists here and here, in case you forgot had loose themes tying them together, this one is all over the shop, covering off the serious to playful spectrum very nicely indeed.

Well, the SMP just got a little bit better — Omega has announced a new version, in an oh-so-sexy looking black ceramic case, topped off with a titanium bezel with a matching black ceramic insert. This is a watch case that really works with ceramic: the complex shapes like those lyre lugs and mix of brushed and polished…. My last list — a trio of well-priced SIHH offerings — could be neatly broken down into a loose theme of air, sea and land.

But if I had to find commonalities I could well go with elegant shapes. No, this street was winding, cobbled and, even though the day was sunny, cold. It was a street filled with art galleries and antique stores and, as I was to discover, one of the most exciting watchmakers in the business right now. In many ways, watchmaking is all about light. This year marks years since the Calibre Omega — a ligne movement that was so significant that, a few years after its debut in , the company changed its name to the Omega Watch Company in , and the rest, as they say, is history.

Well, this…. Now, write this off as pure speculation, but as the Bloomberg article suggests, there may be some basis to the rumour. The next question: who could buy it? But even given the fact that there are not too many watches to choose from, I found this a hard trio to settle on. But in the end I settled on three stunners. Pure, purpose-built perfection. In recent years, Panerai has made some lateral moves, with watches like the more land-based Due. But for SIHH , one of the original dive watch brands was underwater in full force. Their collection was chock-full of Submersibles which is now a distinct line of its own.

The big 47mm Carbotech dial is paired with a carbon dial and even a newly designed handset. Each airline is the subject of nostalgic homage, in the form of a colourful, and undeniably cool, version of the Navitimer 1 B The context behind this capsule collection is quite interesting, as these are limited production, limited run watches, rather than a limited edition per se.

The purpose behind this approach is to highlight specific…. Well, this year the simple steel watch with an impressive five-day power reserve was the subject of a stylish makeover, in the form of a blue dial. But not just any blue. Dial change…. Better late than never. So, from Chanel to Omega, sit back and enjoy the ride…. The first watch in this partnership is a 47mm large Carbotech case, and the material takes on a completely different, much more stealthy characteristic here than on the previous Carbotech model, thanks…. And while some pieces have raised a little more than eyebrows hello AP!

Audemars Piguet Yep. Code Over the last few years, Ulysse Nardin has been greatly expanding its Freak family a smart move say I , and the latest member is the Freak X, which joins the Freak Out and Freak Vision. Now, before we break down this watch, a quick word about X, which is serving as something of a thematic moniker for the brand this year. All things Ulysse Nardin is quite adept to translating into watch form. On the one hand this makes perfect sense, as the brand is best known for their decidedly modern materials and avant-garde designs.

But on the other, Rado has been around for a while since , and has a host of great old styles to draw on. Naturally, the Captain Cook looms large, in both its faithful — near facsimile grade — models, as well as the larger, more…. The level of technical jargon, slang…. Now, Swiss brands have been trying their luck at smartwatches for some time now, with the two biggest players in the space being Montblanc and TAG Heuer.

The fledgling British brand has their roots in the sky, as it were. There is absolutely zero doubt that Moser know their way around a fine dial. Last year the brand upped the ante with their conceptual perpetual with impossibly black Vantablack dial. This piece, limited to 50 pieces and only one in Australia — Melbourne, to be exact , offers, in….

Their recent high-end movements are impressive, to say the least. Where things get interesting is the fact that Kenissi is,…. The dust and hangovers have settled on the 76th Golden Globes, and on some corners of the internet it seems that the pre-show press pack hustle is a bigger event than the awards themselves. Rami Malek, who won for his turn as Queen frontman…. Chronographs, in particular big sporty chronographs like this Chrono XL Classic, dominate the brand, at least here in Australia. The Chrono XL Classic is also…. Really, at the heart of the appeal of a mechanical watch is the ticking, whirring escapement that sets the pace.

That and the assemblage of wheel and bridges that powers and supports it. Rado True Open Heart Australian…. Rado had a great year of releases in , with a diverse mix of watches that played to their traditional high-tech material strengths, as well as to some of their traditional designs. And while ceramic naturally played an important part, it was used in some surprising ways — like when it was mixed with bronze to create a very cool HyperChrome, and mixed with other metals to create the new alloy Ceramos.

And while the…. For a site ostensibly about fine mechanical watches we spend a decent amount of time talking and thinking about watches of the smart variety. Which is why the fact that their fundamental experiences with smartwatches so closely mirror my own, right…. A little while ago, Tudor shared two short videos with their premier ambassador, Mr David Beckham, that looked at two of his Tudor watches. Taking its name from the year the Tudor name was registered, it also owes some design cues to this golden era of style.

Take, for example, the finely textured waffle dial, with the blued Arabic numerals interspersed with arrow-head markers. Lovely, but also wearable, and entirely wearable nearly years later. The case is well-sized, the movement rock solid, and the solidly made bracelet adds a….

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TAG Heuer has never been afraid of trying new things, and the new Carbon collection is proof. To date, it consists of three popular models that have been given a carbon makeover: the Monaco, the Aquaracer and the Carrera. Now, funnily enough, thanks to the liberal lashings of gold on the dial, crown and lugs, the carbon inclusions on this watch are quite understated, with only the bezel being made of…. Sleek, modernist offerings that evoke a high-concept design language. The HyperChrome has some elements of these, in the lines of bracelet in particular, but the overall shape is one of their more traditional — a simple, sturdy round watch.

Firstly, ceramic, and lots of it. And finally, the brown ceramic number…. Of course there are numerous shapes in attendance, from the circle of the Ballon Bleu through to the bold rectangles of the Tank. Really, though, the common thread through these eight watches is the overall strength of design, and the timelessness of it. But the modern diver looks the business and, in a water-loving country like Australia, makes sense.

A little while ago I posited that the Tissot Seastar Powermatic 80 was the best-value diver of , a bold claim I still back. A 42mm case, with a flashy blue starburst dial with an outer level of quite fancy Clous de Paris style finishing, which goes well with the applied numerals. This Tissot hits a lot of familiar, friendly notes, and…. The other nifty thing about this watch is the Heuer 02 movement, which is a thoroughly…. At its heart, Panerai is about diving.