The Reclaimed Heart (The Hart Brothers Series Book 1)

Unearthing the Secrets of New York’s Mass Graves
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Disinterment permits from indicate that graves in this area may have been consolidated. Twice a week, bodies are ferried to this dock , along with inmates from Rikers Island who are paid to bury the dead. Building ruins are evidence of other ways the island has been put to use. It has been home to a jail, halfway house, military training camp, sanitarium and a missile base. In , the bulldozers moved here. Burials fill about feet in trenches a year. The graves are not the 3-byfoot plots typical of other cemeteries, but mass graves that begin as trenches, 15 feet wide and 8 feet deep.

At the southern tip of the island, 16 people with AIDS were buried at the height of fear and ignorance about the disease in the s. The bodies were buried under 14 feet of soil instead of the usual three.

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More than a million people have been buried on Hart Island over nearly years. Over a million people have been buried there. One trench has the remains of 8, babies buried between and Bodies from city morgues are ferried to this dock , along with inmates from Rikers Island who are paid to bury the dead. When Leola Dickerson fell to the floor of her house in Pleasantville, N.

Her dog, Champ, waited in vain to be let in. Her upstairs tenant came and went by an outside staircase. Days passed before a mail carrier found her, barely conscious, and called Her husband, one of 10 siblings, had wanted to retire to live with relatives in rural Alabama, before he died. But Ms. Dickerson, born near Tuskegee in , refused to go back. Black and white and tan, the faces overlapped inside old picture frames.

But at 86, Ms. After an ambulance took her to a hospital in New Jersey, he arranged to move her to a nursing home in Queens. In Pensacola, Fla. She kept trying to call Grandma Leola, but no one answered.

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Finally she wrote, but there was no response. In New York, everyone agreed that Ms. Dickerson needed a guardian, and the court appointed one from a list of lawyers.

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On paper, Ms. Dickerson was now covered. But guardians are paid out of those same assets, and a house on the outskirts of Atlantic City did not promise much. A year went by as two appointed lawyers in succession declined to serve as her guardian. A third accepted but failed even to file the paperwork required to act on Ms. After an appeal by Dr. Michael Katz, a physician and the elder son of Ms. The need to safeguard or sell Ms. Katz knew. Now, dying of a heart condition, Dr. Katz saw the empty house falling prey to squatters and scavengers. Dickerson, then Katz, 69, died on Jan.

Dickerson died at a Queens hospital on Jan. Her body would wait in the morgue for three months and 21 days. For a long time already, her adoptive son, Joseph Dixon, had been trying to find her. Their relationship had suffered after he left the Army and struggled with drugs. Nevertheless, he visited her in the hospital in after learning of her fall. When he returned the next morning, she was gone and the hospital would not tell him where.

There had never been a formal adoption. But inside the locked Pleasantville house lay his high school diploma and his formal Army portrait. Outside towered the tree he had planted in fourth grade. He tried to find out who controlled the property, to no avail. One day the garage door was open, and the blue Thunderbird that Ms. He figured then that she had passed. Notice of her death went to her baby brother, Mr. Maddox, a diabetic undergoing a double amputation. That year the city referred 80 unclaimed Queens bodies to medical schools.

Whether Ms. Dickerson was among them is not a matter of public record, but her burial site is: Trench , with other bodies. Even as her grave sank under bulldozers digging new trenches for the unclaimed, the unpaid tax liens on her house were being bought at auction, repackaged and resold for profit by various hedge funds. By then the house was a boarded-up ruin where drug deals went down. He lost. The guardian, Jay Stuart Dankberg, 70, is a large man who wears big gold rings and meets visitors in a shabby Manhattan office crammed with overflowing cartons.

Dankberg said. It did not work out that way. Guardianship data is spotty and often hard to obtain. But here they are: guardianship files that bear the same names as people sent to Hart Island. Dozens of files can be identified and pulled one by one from courthouse storage. Few of these wards were wealthy. But neither were they destitute — at least not until they entered the vortex of end-of-life care.

In some cases of neglectful guardians, even the last safety net — a burial fund, a private plot, a will — proved no protection. Mirabelli told the psychiatrist sent by the city after her landlord complained that she was incontinent and sometimes let the bathtub overflow. Four years, two guardians and two nursing homes later, Ms. Mirabelli died at And despite her plot at St. Mirabelli was among the last of bodies to be lowered into Trench in February The guardian responsible for her at the time, Jo Ann Douglas , was a lawyer known for lucrative appointments as a law guardian for children in celebrity divorces.

Questioned 10 years later, Ms. Douglas found nothing in her old notes to explain her decision. Again and again, bulging guardianship files show that the consequences of bad luck and bureaucratic indifference fall with disproportionate cruelty on people who lack the buffer of money. Few are more vulnerable than immigrants to this proudly international city. Ciro Ferrer, of Cuba, lies in Trench , where four dozen of bodies have Hispanic names amid an Ellis Island grab bag. For 25 years, working in a food market in Elmhurst, Queens, Mr. Ferrer supported his wife and three children in Havana.

But after the authorities found him disheveled and malnourished, wandering the streets near the Elmhurst apartment where he lived alone, he was initially described in records as 70, single and childless. He told a court-appointed evaluator about his Cuban family after receiving a dementia diagnosis in and being placed at New Surfside Nursing Home in Far Rockaway, Queens. But that never happened. The guardian, Nicholas S.

Ferrer died on Oct. In Havana, Mr. He was still alive, eight years ago, when her mother received a letter from the court evaluator saying that Mr. Ferrer was unable to care for himself, but her efforts to reply by phone and email went unanswered. The office does not track the numbers, she said, or ask the reasons. Hell no! Zarramen was the family clown, the lovable prankster who had known a better life.

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The Reclaimed Heart (The Hart Brothers Series Book 1) - Kindle edition by Marjorie Ned Lewis. Contemporary Romance Kindle eBooks @ Revised Edition - 6/27/12 - Includes first 3 chapters of Book 2 of the The Reclaimed Heart (The Hart Brothers Series Book 1). Other editions.

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