What Do Buddhists Mean When They Talk About Emptiness?
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http://maierdatentechnik.de/core/ventura/singles-wesseling.php As the feeling intensifies, so does your desire to seek relief. No matter what it takes, you just have to suppress this emptiness a little longer. It seems too hard, too endless to bear such hollowness. So you reach for a cigarette, your phone, the fridge, the bottle, the remote control, or the next sexual conquest, all in an attempt to escape your old, dark friend: emptiness.

Emotionally, emptiness is a feeling of inner desolation: a complete absence of joy, hope, or satisfaction.

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When a person experiences emptiness, they are plunged into an inner abyss which often results in addictive and escapist behavior. Not everyone will share all of these signs, but if you identify with more than half, you are probably struggling with emptiness. Contrary to all logic and reason — emptiness hurts. You would not believe the pain and the suffering that can come from a thing which, by all accounts … is not even there. As a person who has struggled and still at times struggles with emptiness, I can tell you that depression is often a symptom , not a cause, of emptiness.

When looking online and listening to others explain emptiness, it is often linked to various mental illnesses such as BPD Borderline Personality Disorder , Schizophrenia, alcohol and drug addiction, anxiety disorders, and of course depression. So what are the origins of emptiness? Why does this inner desolation haunt you? I have often explored this topic in-depth privately because it is one of the major issues I have and still struggle with.

When it comes to exploring what is really causing your emptiness, be careful. When you dig deep enough, going to the core of each of these issues, you will find some common themes. Soul loss means being disconnected from your soul.

EMPTINESS | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

All of us have experienced soul loss to some extent. Soul loss is caused, and reinforced, by trauma, abuse, childhood conditioning, materialism, and ego-centered living. Soul loss is a modern epidemic of epic proportions. When you have lost touch with your soul and are feeling empty, you will inevitably lose touch with your life purpose.

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What are you destined to create or do? What does your heart crave to express? How can you experience self-fulfillment? When you experience soul loss … who the hell knows! We are all brainwashed and conditioned to act in certain ways.

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Since childhood, we are pressured to conform and fit into nice little boxes by our parents, teachers, and society at large. Because few of us were told to look inwards, we live most of our lives externally. We listen to what everyone tells us about who we should be and ignore who we really are. We try to fix our inner wounds by using external distractions. Why is it that people who experience breakups, job loss, death, and illnesses suffer so greatly? Yes, loss of any kind is painful. But what is more painful is the feeling of emptiness left behind.

If feeling empty is becoming an increasingly large problem for you, it could signify that you are starting to become more conscious.

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Join GoodTherapy. If you are in desperate need of this contact, I recommend finding a local or international shaman who can guide you on a spirit quest through the use of plant medicine. I have been feeling very empty for quite some time, and it saddens me but only slightly of course because I used to be a very, very passionate and emotional person. This Agreement covers all services existing or functioning at the present time on the Mikhailovsky Theatre Site, and any subsequent modifications to them and additional services which may appear in the future. Queer Voices.

Your soul, locked away, is sick and tired of being ignored. It is trying to get your attention. Emptiness is the messenger. And although it may seem like a horrible thing to experience, it is actually a blessing in disguise my friend. More on that soon. If emptiness is a constant companion with you, even on your spiritual path, it could be because you are suppressing and repressing emotion.

Alan Watts~ Emptiness

Suppression is consciously shutting away your emotions. Repression is unconsciously shutting away your emotions i. If you grew up in an environment that demanded you to be stoic and punished any form of strong emotional expression, you probably struggle with this issue. The problem with suppressing and repressing emotions is that over time, they begin to build and stagnate within you. The more your emotions are dammed up inside, the more disconnected you feel from yourself.

The more disconnected you feel, the more you feel empty. In other words: you stop feeling your emotions. Life becomes dull and bland. Where you would otherwise feel joy, you feel mild enjoyment. Where you would otherwise feel anger, you feel mild annoyance. Where you would otherwise feel sadness, you feel mild listlessness. If you want to read more about this issue, I recommend checking out our article on emotional numbness. But the cause for your emptiness might be totally different.

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Take a few moments to reflect on the causes of emptiness above. Which do you resonate with the most? Real Voices. Let us know what you'd like to see as a HuffPost Member. Canada U. US News.

What’s in a Word? Emptiness

World News. Social Justice. Donald Trump. Queer Voices. Black Voices. Latino Voices. Asian Voices. HuffPost Personal. Special Projects. Pride Impact: Project Zero. Impact: This New World. Listen to America. From Our Partners. If we understand how interdependence appears as the infallible sequencing of cause and result, we will not be misled by the allure of these two extreme views, permanence and annihilation. The first part relates to the final stanza:. Thus, my child, when you have realized just as they are The key points of the Three Principle Aspects of the Path, By relying on solitude and generating powerful diligence, Focus only on swiftly accomplishing your ultimate goal.

Originally, I had thought that the three topics of the text would fit nicely into the three days of teaching during the Monlam. It did not work out exactly that way, but at least today we have finished a presentation of the text. He also had two heart disciples who resembled the sun and moon. One could continue on about this, but even more important is the fact that both the Kagyu and the Geluk lineages practice together the mahamudra and the Kadampa teachings.

Similarly, Je Tsongkhapa practiced extensively the Kadampa teachings on path and fruition to the point that his tradition is sometimes called the New Kadampa, and he also engaged in mahamudra meditation. In this way, through their combined practices of mahamudra and Kadampa instructions, which continue down to this day, the Kagyu and Geluk lineages have a very close connection.

On this harmonious note, the Karmapa began the empowerment of Chenrezik, which points to another close relationship between the two lineages.

Emptiness: The Most Misunderstood Word in Buddhism

Both His Holiness the Dalai Lama and His Holiness the Karmapa are considered emanations of this deity who embodies the compassion of all the buddhas. Thus in one day, those present in the broad tent at York College, experienced the two main wings of the bird that soars along the path to full awakening—emptiness and compassion. At the end of the empowerment, multiple mandala offerings were made by the Danang Foundation and others.

Tsewang Rinpoche, the director of the Foundation, gave extensive thanks to His Holiness and to all who supported this very successful Ninth North American Kagyu Monlam. This was followed by prayers with a sea of white scarves waving in the air, for auspiciousness by Marpa and Milarepa, and the Aspiration for the Well-Being of Tibet. Jun What Is Emptiness Really? The first one is explained in the next stanza: As long as our understanding of the unfailing interdependence of appearances And our understanding of emptiness beyond assertion Appear to us as separate from one another, for that long We have not realized the wisdom of the Buddha Shakyamuni.