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Her father is Mog Ruith. Everyone in the Nowhere knew who Sam was but Sam. He was the last to learn the truth about himself and about Halloween. He is Samhain the God of Halloween. View 1 comment. Oct 14, Amy rated it did not like it. Incredibly disappointing, since the overwhelming good reviews on goodreads had me really excited to read this book. It reads like a self-published piece with no editor - a potentially interesting idea with horrible execution and poor writing.

I was literally cringing as I read this because the clunky writing reminded me of exactly how I used to write when I was in middle school. I generally do not post reviews on books I didn't enjoy because I don't want to publicly bash someone's work, but in t Incredibly disappointing, since the overwhelming good reviews on goodreads had me really excited to read this book. I generally do not post reviews on books I didn't enjoy because I don't want to publicly bash someone's work, but in this case I really want to help even out all those baffling 5-star reviews that convinced me to read this in the first place.

If you enjoy Halloween and teen fiction, go ahead and give it a try but don't let the shining reviews here on goodreads feed your expectations. Sep 17, Sara rated it did not like it Shelves: book-club. There was nothing scary or chilling about this novel, except that the majority of reviews for it seem positive Frightening! I'm with my fellow book-club member on this: Highly recommend skipping Gods of the Nowhere. Aug 07, Buttons rated it really liked it. I liked it!! Terrific book!! Sep 08, Kevin rated it it was amazing. The book deals with my favorite holiday-Halloween.

Solid plot and character development. I wondered if I would like a book mainly about teens, albeit older teens. But the book held my attention and is easy reading. If witches, assorted fantasy characters, cemeteries, lots of animated corpses and a killer car interest you, then this is your book. Oct 08, Lemont Zucchini rated it really liked it. Good book for Halloween! Great story filled with characters you can hate or love or both!


The author follows the "rule of three" pretty much to the letter, making it somewhat predictable, but nonetheless a fun spooky read! The writing was smooth although a few typos in the first edition and evenly paced. On a bit of a negative note, the book is largely blasphemous, so if that bothers you don't pick this one up. Dec 11, Kylie Mcdonald rated it really liked it Shelves: The novel Gods of the Nowhere: A novel of Halloween is an interesting Horror book about the Celtic rituals around Halloween and what the Gods do for it.

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I can;t really say a lot about the book or else it will give everything away or be entirely confusing and no one will understand the review so I will try my best. This novel is set in Ad Ireland and talks about the veil of the living and dead being the thinnest on Halloween so that's when the Duieties or the Powerful Celtic Priests are able The novel Gods of the Nowhere: A novel of Halloween is an interesting Horror book about the Celtic rituals around Halloween and what the Gods do for it.

This novel is set in Ad Ireland and talks about the veil of the living and dead being the thinnest on Halloween so that's when the Duieties or the Powerful Celtic Priests are able to do the most magic. These Priests are doing magic to win a war over taxes but something really bad and horrible goes wrong and the Devil is parading around the towns looking for new victims. Even thought this book really creeped me out at night and I had to read it mostly during the day it was a great horror story but not as terrifying as Coraline was which was nice because I had no nightmares for a while.

I have been traveling and I have visited Ireland so it intrigued me to read this novel about the Celtic rituals used during Halloween and to keep the Devil away because I have been to the place they were talking about. I also liked the twist at the end because as the reader the ending is not something that you would expect out of a novel like this one but it isn't upsetting at all. I would put a warning on it though that it is not something to be taken lightly, that a person should be cautious to whom they have read it because it can be very freaky.

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Oct 03, Cari rated it really liked it Shelves: autumn , fantasy , read-in , read-on-oyster , horror , stand-alone. Every fall, I enjoy reading books that are dark and creepy with some sort of Halloweenish vibe, but this is the first book I've read that so perfectly captures All Hallows Eve. It managed to be adventurous and imaginative without being juvenile.

It was fun, yet had a bit of a horror-like tone Basically, it would be a great Tim Burton movie! Most of all, I love the world-building James Tipper did here. The Nowhere was so well-described that I was able to paint a very vivid picture of it in my mind and I thoroughly enjoyed the crypt of animated skeletons, village of evil witches, army of bloodthirsty Leeches, swamps full of monsters, etc.

The book actually begins in medieval times with a battle between two Celtic druids leading armies belonging to kings. While I found the beginning battle pretty hard to pay attention to, eventually those scenes tied in to the rest of the storyline and I liked that it was included. To be honest, I had difficulty paying attention intermittently throughout the whole book, but I really think that it's just where my mind is at lately Despite my attention-deficit type issues, I still say this is a fantastic Halloween novel that was a perfect October read.

I was very disappointed in this book, I was looking for something Halloweeny, but all I got was a story that never gets exciting. I wished I had known this was a book about teenagers and magic, I would have stayed away, I think. The only thing interesting in this book are some of the creatures living in The Nowhere, it does show the author's imagination I guess they are "inspired" by the Harry Potter series dreaming of the same money I was very disappointed in this book, I was looking for something Halloweeny, but all I got was a story that never gets exciting.

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I guess they are "inspired" by the Harry Potter series dreaming of the same money probably , but they're just pale copies. Well, this is a pale copy since I haven't read any of the others, I cannot judge them, but after reading this one I have no desire whatsoever to read any of them. Here the characters are dull, their feats of daring-do are yawn producing and the ending is so predictable that, well, it's just plain boring It's a good thing it can be read quickly and that IS the best thing about it.

Jul 07, Sarah rated it did not like it Shelves: read , did-not-finish. I gave this book a fair chance, but at pages I just felt like I was wasting my time on it. This book really could have used a good editor. It had some good moments, but overall both the writing and the plot felt week. It's a shame, because it had a lot potential.

Nov 06, Misty Porter rated it really liked it. My book review :. Oct 20, Amelia Quirke rated it did not like it. This book was terrible. I mean really, really terrible. Clunky dialogue,cringe-worthy plot - the only scary thing about this book was how predictable it was. Sep 22, Austin rated it it was amazing. This is the perfect book for Halloween lovers.

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Totally fun to read. Lots of histroy, myth and fantasy blended together. Thank goodness I finally finished this one! It was a real struggle, but I persevered. Just ehhh Aug 29, Thaydra rated it liked it Shelves: horror , fiction , halloween. I really enjoyed this book, and I read it obviously at the perfect time. I did feel more like a young adult book to me, rather than adult fiction. Sometimes it felt a bit hammy, but overall it was a very quick and pleasurable read.

Oct 01, Anna rated it did not like it. I do not often leave a book unfinished. This was a pick for book club and I could only get about half way through. Book Club changed books for the month of October because of how boring the book became. This is not a scary book by any means, it is cheesy more then anything.

Archived from the original on 6 October The Stag. University of Surrey. Archived from the original PDF on 19 November Halloween or Hallowe'en, is the yearly celebration on October 31st that signifies the first day of Allhallowtide, being the time to remember the dead, including martyrs, saints and all faithful departed Christians. The Irish pre-Christian observances influenced the Christian festival of All Hallows' Eve, celebrated on the same date. Retrieved 14 December Time out of time', when the barriers between this world and the next were down, the dead returned from the grave, and gods and strangers from the underworld walked abroad was a twice- yearly reality, on dates Christianised as All Hallows' Eve and All Hallows' Day.

Women's History in Global Perspective. University of Illinois Press. The pre-Christian observance obviously influenced the Christian celebration of All Hallows' Eve, just as the Taoist festival affected the newer Buddhist Ullambana festival. Although the Christian version of All Saints' and All Souls' Days came to emphasize prayers for the dead, visits to graves, and the role of the living assuring the safe passage to heaven of their departed loved ones, older notions never disappeared.

Oxford University Press. But both are thought to embody strong pre-Christian beliefs. In the case of Halloween, the Celtic celebration of Samhain is critical to its pagan legacy, a claim that has been foregrounded in recent years by both new-age enthusiasts and the evangelical Right. Salzburger Nachrichten. Archived from the original on 17 March Retrieved 11 August Halloween in der Steiermark und anderswo in German. Allerheiligen war lange vor der Halloween invasion ein wichtiger Brauchtermin und ist das ncoh heute.

Aber es wird nicht als solches inszeniert. Volkskundler Alois Ist Halloween schon wieder out? Westdeutscher Rundfunk. Archived from the original on 14 June Retrieved 12 November Teens in Finland. Most funerals are Lutheran, and nearly 98 percent of all funerals take place in a church. It is customary to take pictures of funerals or even videotape them.

To Finns, death is a part of the cycle of life, and a funeral is another special occasion worth remembering. In fact, during All Hallow's Eve and Christmas Eve, cemeteries are known as valomeri , or seas of light. Finns visit cemeteries and light candles in remembrance of the deceased. Duke University. Archived PDF from the original on 5 October Retrieved 31 May About All Hallows Eve: Tonight is the eve of All Saints Day, the festival in the Church that recalls the faith and witness of the men and women who have come before us. The service celebrates our continuing communion with them, and memorializes the recently deceased.

The early church followed the Jewish custom that a new day began at sundown; thus, feasts and festivals in the church were observed beginning on the night before. National Republic. Among the European nations the beautiful custom of lighting candles for the dead was always a part of the "All Hallow's Eve" festival. Companion to the Calendar. Liturgy Training Publications. In most of Europe, Halloween is strictly a religious event. Sometimes in North America the church's traditions are lost or confused.

Cranston Herald. Archived from the original on 26 November By the early 20th century, Halloween, like Christmas, was commercialized. Pre-made costumes, decorations and special candy all became available. The Christian origins of the holiday were downplayed. Leisure and entertainment in America. Archived from the original on 15 July Retrieved 2 June Halloween, a holiday with religious origins but increasingly secularized as celebrated in America, came to assume major proportions as a children's festivity.

Poolbeg Press. The vigil of the feast is Halloween, the night when charms and incantations were powerful, when people looked into the future, and when feasting and merriment were ordained. Up to recent time this was a day of abstinence, when according to church ruling no flesh meat was allowed. Colcannon, apple cake and barm brack, as well as apples and nuts were part of the festive fare. Retrieved 13 August In Ireland, dishes based on potatoes and other vegetables were associated with Halloween, as meat was forbidden during the Catholic vigil and fast leading up to All Saint's Day.

Archived from the original on 16 October Retrieved 13 October The American Desk Encyclopedia.

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Amelia's story includes plenty of Halloween characters: friendly vampires, helpful jack-o-lanterns, silly mummies, batty black cats, cute bats and comical ghosts! The Straw. The prologue depicts a battle in Ireland around AD where Mog This book was pretty fun read in order to get in the mood for Halloween. Bivariate genome-wide association analyses of the broad depression phenotype combined with major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia reveal eight novel genetic loci for depression Amare, A. Love the cover. Molecular Psychiatry. Marching Men.

Oxford: Oxford Univ. Archived from the original on 29 April University Press of Kentucky, p. New York: Oxford Univ.

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Gods of The Nowhere book. Read 43 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The ancient Celts believed that the veil separating the worlds. Editorial Reviews. Review. Dominic Hall (Horror Writers Association) "James Tipper turns Gods of The Nowhere: A Novel of Halloween - Kindle edition by James Tipper. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or.

Prentice Hall Press, Oxford University Press, The Encyclopedia of Celtic Mythology and Folklore. Infobase Publishing, Ireland: An Oxford Archaeological Guide. Infobase publishing. Infobase Publishing. Archived from the original on 23 April Retrieved 19 October They were both respected and feared. The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries. Marian The Silver Bough, Volume 3.

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Britannica Concise Encyclopedia. Credo Reference. Christmas in Ritual and Tradition. In The Celtic Consciousness , ed. Robert O'Driscoll. New York: Braziller, The Religion of the Ancient Celts. Welsh Government. Archived from the original on 2 October Retrieved 2 October Christian leaders made old Celtic and Roman customs into new Christian ones.

Bonfires were once lighted against evil spirits. Now, they kept away the devil. Hallowe'en: its origin, rites and ceremonies in the Scottish tradition. Albyn Press, British Folk Customs. Hutchinson, Oral folk-tales of Wessex. The Washington Post. It is the medieval Christian festivals of All Saints' and All Souls' that provide our firmest foundation for Halloween. From emphasizing dead souls both good and evil , to decorating skeletons, lighting candles for processions, building bonfires to ward off evil spirits, organizing community feasts, and even encouraging carnival practices like costumes, the medieval and early modern traditions of "Hallowtide" fit well with our modern holiday.

Lathrop , Fortress Press, p. Archived from the original on 18 September Retrieved 19 September Cambridge University Press. Archived from the original on 30 October Retrieved 25 October Nicholas Magazine. And this custom became so favored in popular esteem that, for a long time, it was a regular observance in the country towns of England for small companies to go from parish to parish, begging soul-cakes by singing under the windows some such verse as this: 'Soul, souls, for a soul-cake; Pray you good mistress, a soul-cake!

A Cultural Encyclopedia of the Human Face. Trick-or-treating began as souling an English and Irish tradition in which the poor, wearing masks, would go door to door and beg for soul cakes in exchange for people's dead relatives. Compendium of Symbolic and Ritual Plants in Europe. Quote: "Soul cakes were small cakes baked as food for the deceased or offered for the salvation of their souls.

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They were therefore offered at funerals and feasts of the dead, laid on graves, or given to the poor as representatives of the dead. The baking of these soul cakes is a universal practice". Cake: A Slice of History. Pegasus Books. Like the perennial favourites, hot cross buns; they were often marked with a cross to indicate that they were baked as alms. Cambria Press. Pelican Publishing Company. Villagers were also encouraged to masquerade on this day, not to frighten unwelcome spirits, but to honor Christian saints. Poor churches could not afford genuine relics and instead had processions in which parishioners dressed as saints, angels and devils.

It served the new church by giving an acceptable Christian basis to the custom of dressing up on Halloween. The Halloween Handbook. Kensington Publishing Corporation. Another contributor to the custom of dressing up at Halloween was the old Irish practice of marking All Hallows' Day with religious pageants that recounted biblical events.

These were common during the Middle Ages all across Europe. The featured players dressed as saints and angels, but there were also plenty of roles for demons who had more fun, capering, acting devilish, and playing to the crows. The pageant began inside the church, then moved by procession to the churchyard, where it continued long into the night. Pelican Publishing, Ghosts in Popular Culture and Legend. Since the 16th century, costumes have become a central part of Halloween traditions.

Perhaps the most common traditional Halloween costume is that of the ghost. This is likely because The baking and sharing of souls cakes was introduced around the 15th century: in some cultures, the poor would go door to door to collect them in exchange for praying for the dead a practice called souling , often carrying lanterns made of hollowed-out turnips.

Around the 16th century, the practice of going house to house in disguise a practice called guising to ask for food began and was often accompanied by recitation of traditional verses a practice called mumming. Wearing costumes, another tradition, has many possible explanations, such as it was done to confuse the spirits or souls who visited the earth or who rose from local graveyards to engage in what was called a Danse Macabre, basically a large party among the dead. University of Pennsylvania Press. Halloween, incorporated into the Christian year as the eve of All Saints Day, marked the return of the souls of the departed and the release of devils who could move freely on that night.

Fires lit on that night served to prevent the influence of such spirits and to provide omens for the future. Modern children go from house to house at Halloween with flashlights powered by electric batteries, while jack o'lanterns perhaps with an actual candle, but often with a lightbulb glow from windows and porches. And even then, the educated folk of the districts concerned, declared that these fires were a relic of papistical days, when they were lit at night to guide the poor souls back to earth.

Christianity Today. Sometimes enacted as at village pageants, the danse macabre was also performed as court masques, the courtiers dressing up as corpses from various strata of society Halloween in der Steiermark und anderswo. On the other hand the postmodern phenomenon of "antifashion" is also to be found in some Halloween costumes. Black and orange are a 'must' with many costumes. Halloween — like the medieval danse macabre — is closely connected with superstitions and it might be a way of dealing with death in a playful way.

Gorham, p.

Gods of the Nowhere : A Novel of Halloween

Christian Origins of Halloween. Rose Publishing. In Protestant regions souling remained an important occasion for soliciting food and money from rich neighbors in preparation for the coming cold and dark months. Fires were indeed lit in England on All Saints' Day, notably in Lancashire, and may well ultimately have descended from the same rites, but were essentially party of a Christian ceremony Each did so on a hill near its homestead, one person holding a large bunch of burning straw on the end of a fork.

The rest in a circle around and prayed for the souls of relatives and friends until the flames burned out. The author who recorded this custom added that it gradually died out in the latter part of the century, but that before it had been very common and at nearby Whittingham such fires could be seen all around the horizon at Hallowe'en. He went on to say that the name 'Purgatory Field', found across northern Lancashire, testified to an even wider distribution, and that the rite itself was called 'Teen'lay'.

Halloween in a Globalising World". Gunnell and Co. The Halloween Encyclopedia. Archived from the original on 27 July Frank Leslie's popular monthly, Volume 40, November , pp. Archived from the original on 11 May Retrieved 23 October Why, it will gleam through the holes, and make thee look like a jack-o'-lantern! Schakel , Bucknell University Press, p. New York: Oxford University Press. Legends and Lore of South Carolina.

The History Press. The practice of dressing up and going door to door for treats dates back to the middle ages and the practice of souling. Halloween Delights. Whispering Pine Press International. The tradition continued in some areas of northern England as late as the s, with children going from door to door "souling" for cakes or money by singing a song. Collins English Dictionary. Archived from the original on 14 October Wright, "A Halloween Story", St.

Nicholas , October , p. The Chicago Tribune also mentioned door-to-door begging in Aurora, Illinois on Halloween in , although not by the term 'trick-or-treating'. The Guardian.

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