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The Beach Lesson Plans for Teachers
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Pre-cutting the pieces for students can save a lot of time.

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Tag us on social media GreatArtStartsHere. Time Required: 3 min. About Us. Subscribe To Messages From Faber-Castell Please enter your email address and choose your preferred message format below, and when you are done press Subscribe. Who doesn't love Flip Flops? Here is a fun Flip Flop Glyph you can have your class make. Key is included and a few activities to match. Once you display all the glyphs, students can tally and graph all the summer details from their classmates! The Glyph and files below can be found by clicking here! The flip flop math files are great for a summer review of first grade math skills!!

The Printables to make this are free.

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Just print all on card stock. Click here to download the files to make this fun Summer Bucket List and Craft! Help children to feel comfortable to make designs on the paper that will become their "towels".

Beach Theme for Preschool

They can even draw "Me" pictures on their paper and outline their bodies by helping each other. Children can decorate their "Me Towels" by using markers, crayons etc. They might even cut and paste real material scraps for bathing suits. Check out Just For Fu n to learn how you can make this hand and foot lobster! I am in love wuth this cute idea!!! Children can sort shells accordingly. Draw a sample size to help non-readers. Set out a book of shells so older children can find matches.

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Time Required: 3 min. References Photo: Laurie Patsalides, all rights reserved This post is part of the series: Beach, Water or Luau Parties in Preschool Read for more ideas from Laurie Patsalides for fun summer preschool ideas and parties. It has activities for all your interest learning centers! Preschool Cubby. She'll practice single digit addition with fun and familiar beach items. Pirates Theme.

Very young children will simply enjoy examining the shells. Talk about the colors of shells and how the sun has bleached them. Check out Teaching Two to see how to make these cool castles. Hawaiian Beach Scenes: Give the children each a sheet of light blue construction paper. Then let them glue on small shells and precut sun shapes, palm tree shapes, beach ball shapes, etc. Make Edible Beach. Or make individual ones for each classmate!!!

Cut a fruit roll up for a towel and lay a teddy graham on the towel. Use blue sugar for water. Use ocean themed gummies! Click Here to Learn More!!! French vanilla instant pudding boxes 1 12 oz.

Teaching The Beach

Lesson Plan: Beach Day, Grades: 1 - 4th, Subject: Environmental. Bake play sand (sand box sand) for 4 to 5 hours at degrees. This is to get as much. Jul 12, Some students enjoy a day at the beach with their families, but for some preschoolers, visiting the beach is a new event. While learning in the.

Cool Whip. Cream the butter, cream cheese and powdered sugar together.

Mix pudding together with the milk, add the Cool Whip to pudding mixture. Then blend in with the cream cheese mixture. Crumble the Oreo's in a blender, leave the cream in the Oreo's. Use a sand pail to fill with your yummy treat. Alternating cookie crumbs and filling, ending with the cookie crumbs on top. Top with a sand shovel for serving. Get out the Beach Balls If you are doing a beach thematic unit with your class, you need beach balls.

Check out all the cool things you can do with beach balls! What a ball your students will have!!!!! Here are a few ideas of ways to use those beach balls. Write out the numbers on the top and bottom sections. Throw the ball gently to a child and they have to add the numbers where there thumbs are.

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Another game is to sit in a circle and count to a specific number. Whoever says that number has to go to the center of the circle. Keep going till there are two left. Everyone yells showdown and they play till we we have a winner. I have done this with counting by 2's, 5's, 10's, days of the week, months, etc. Easy and quick and they really like it a lot! Today my son and I tried to see how many times we could throw it to each other without dropping it.

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We set a timer for one minute to see how many times we could throw it to each other. Like musical chairs, but with a beach ball. Pass the ball around the circle, when the music stops the person holding the ball is out!

Beach Theme for Preschool

Write your child's site words on the ball. Through the ball to your child, whatever their right hand is on is the word they need to read. Beach Ball Coloring!!

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After coloring the picture my son dictated a story about the picture and I wrote it out.