Lovers Obsession [Bloodkin 2] (Siren Publishing Allure ManLove)

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[Siren Allure ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Consensual BDSM Romance, M/M, vampires, flogging, sex toys, HEA] While on a spying mission for his. Lover's Obsession [Bloodkin 2] (Siren Publishing Allure ManLove) - Kindle edition by Scarlet Hyacinth. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC.

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Kier moaned and arched against his bindings. He demanded access, and Kier gladly gave it, obediently opening for Cole.

Lover's Obsession

I take what I want. Truly damaging someone during sex had never been his thing, and instinct sometimes needed to be tamed. Either way, the word served its purpose. When he had the elf naked, he took a moment to just look at him. Kier looked so beautiful, spread out and wanton beneath him. Cole got off Kier and removed his own boots and pants. As he did so, he recalled he still needed a certain item to get to the main event.

Lover (s)

On the bed, Kier squirmed, his eyes raking over Cole. He clenched his fists around the leather, the need irradiating from him so palpable Cole could barely restrain himself from giving them both what they wanted right then and there.

Lover's Obsession (MM) - BookStrand | Bestselling Erotic Romance eBooks

He wanted to prolong the moment, to make it last. With a little sigh, Kier practically melted into the mattress. He seemed absolutely relaxed, although his shaft was as hard as ever. Cole grinned.

Reward Yourself

Kier had brought him great pleasure with his mouth, back before the attack. Kier tasted heavenly, just as Cole thought he would. Cole sucked him deep, teasing him, giving just the right amount of pleasure to keep him on the brink. Kier would obey his every command instinctively. But for now, Cole needed to be patient and take his time showing Kier the pleasures of the flesh. He bobbed his head up and down the hard shaft, drinking in the delicious taste of the copiously leaking pre-cum.

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General Fiction. Heat Rating: Scorching. A Siren Erotic Romance. Wish List In Wish List. Gift Book. More From Bloodkin. Read more.