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Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Mary Lou The Portrait of an Angel file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also you can download or read online all Book PDF file that related with Mary Lou The Portrait of an Angel book. Happy reading Mary Lou The Portrait of an Angel Bookeveryone. Download file Free Book PDF Mary Lou The Portrait of an Angel at Complete PDF Library. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Here is The CompletePDF Book Library. It's free to register here to get Book file PDF Mary Lou The Portrait of an Angel Pocket Guide. Mary Lou Sollars. Interment Brooklyn Heights Cemetery. Michael Angel Sollars , Son 14 beloved grandchildren 19 cherished great grandchildren 2 treasured great great grandchildren. Memories Mary Lou Sollars.

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Jessica Fitzwater April 12, She was the sweetest women. Marilyn Fender April 12, My heart is broken and I'm lost for words but Mary was a precious woman always smiling, always having a good word to say to those she came upon in her journey. Betty Flint April 11, I am going to miss my friend so much. Sharon Barger April 11, Dear family, so saddened to hear of your mom's passing. The Dignity Memorial brand name is used to identify a network of licensed funeral, cremation and cemetery providers that include affiliates of Service Corporation International, Allen Parkway, Houston, Texas.

With over 2, locations, Dignity Memorial providers proudly serve over , families a year. She was a volunteer for number of organizations including Columbia Meals on Wheels. During her later years, she resided in Trinity House for about 6. During her 16 years working at Elizabethtown College, she loved working with and serving the students. She stayed in touch with students even after graduation and attended some of their weddings. Brommer, Jr. In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by her husband, Edwin E. Services for Mary Lou will be held at p. Kraft funeral Home, Walnut St.

The family will receive friends for visitation beginning at p. If you click on the thumb nail you will see the whole wallhanging. It is easy to do and I give you everything for what you need plus extra bobbles should you wish to try your hand at making your own happy Jack O' Lantern! I have included darling Fall prints for the keyboard border!

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Prepare for lots of compliments and smiles! I have been taking reservations for the June retreat which falls on the Farm Chicks weekend again. I have new quilts and new ideas. I will have some full size drawings this time around in case you want to try something Mary Lou style. Sign ups are here under "retreat. Guilds are booking for for the next couple of years and my most popular classes are the self Portrait which does not look like you but who you feel you are inside that day! Leads to lots of imagination and creativity and fun! And the second class is Easy Piecing! Creating great quilts of all kinds of themes using Mary Lou's new book and her suggestions to changing patterns in creative and exciting ways!!

I am loading more fabric on that is Alexander Henry which flies out shop doors.

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I always know that most people will not be able to find what I have. GREAT stuff! If you have not gotten your free scarecrow pattern, the Big Dot book and a fat quarter of fabric and you still want these, simply order the Hoochy Two-chy book and I mail you the extras or you can order two of any of my patterns and I will mail you the extras. Its a good deal. My things are all about imagination, being happy and having fun! There are alot of sad people out there and my theory is if we are happy we can share our smiles and goodness with those that need them.

Its hot but oh so beautiful! I am putting photos of my backyard on my blog and showing things I am doing this summer! Hope you are enjoying ice tea, lemonade, colorful fabrics, summer cow quilts, dogs and cats from my new book Hoochy Two-chy , good friends, family get togethers, water, blessings that show up here and there, Green leaves and plants and the bounty of summer.

I got enough huckleberries to make a cream pie which I do once a year! I am working on embellishing a quilt about where my husband and I met and the lakes and oceans we enjoyed that first year together. Lovely and we were so young and had so much to go through. Too many stories to do all of the quilts but this one is fun. I am using rick rack in a fun way for waves and beads for lights on the lighthouse and buttons for trims on the houses and flower gardens.

It is a good chance to think of the old days and how lovely it was. I have made a list of stories that are important to include before I die. There are things I want to be remembered for. I would like to do a small quilt about my Mother who was a good softball player when she was young and she had a lovely garden, liked to cook and was fun. My Dad had so many things that I would like to say about him.

He kept me in buttons to this day thanks to garage sales and each Christmas he took me out to a lovely restaurant and bought me something I really wanted. It was very special. He had 6 siblings and they were Irish and a lot of great stories there. I seem to never run out of stories of my Grandparents. This month I am invited to a dinner and a luncheon with my grade school friends from 1st through 8th grade. I loved living in that neighborhood and have so many lovely memories of school. Halloween parties, Christmas and growing up together. I have not seen most of them for over 50 years! But I remember them so well and dearly.

Lovely children now grown. I moved away in 9th grade. I will no doubt have a great story or two after the get together. I am hooked on florals for a basket or I should say baskets from the Hoochy Two-chy book. There are so many pretty ones and I am adding a chicken or two and some other fun things. I teach this as a class and it is fun to add other things to make a one of a kind basket and think of a Fall basket or a Christmas basket or? So many ideas. I am hosting a Retreat in October as well as next June.

You can find information on these if you click on "retreat. And ideas from the girls and from me. I have my library open and my studio where we can find just the right touch to make your quilt a lasting memory that people will love. I have things in the works here and next door to my studio is a lovely classroom and great cooks to provide all meals except a lunch and a dinner on our field trips which I pay for.

Its not only fun but an opportunity to make lasting friendships with women from east to west. I have already started to gather gifts. You get nice things each day. It is so much fun! I am cleaing out my inventory and I found a box of "Autumn" scarecow patterns. I do not have any covers left and will find a photo to post on my blog and facebook.

It has a darling scarecrow and a cat and a chicken and pumpkins. It is a true "Mary Lou" pattern. I also found a box of Big Dots books. The fabric called Big Dots is gone but they are five inch circles so you can fuse anything instead of using the fabric. I am offering these two things with any order of "Hoochy Two-chy" or an order of two of my patterns or an order of the angel BOM. I will throw in a fabric surprise of GOOD new fabric too. Sewing on the deck at night is fun and thankfully I have air conditioning here at the studio.

It is cool and alovely to sew here! I finished up a couple of portrait quilts for classes this Fall. I have openings for next year if your guild wants a fun lecture and fun, ah ha! Please contact me. Stay hydrated, do something nice for someone, give a hug its healthy for both of you , Keep a gratitude journal, smell the flowers, smile and feel the good feeling a smile can give!

You mean alot to me and I am thankful for my friends and pray for them. I pray for good things to come your way in the way of happy attitudes and thankful hearts. Blessings to you. It is a beautiful and happy sunny day. I have a pile of fabrics to make blocks from the new book with and am making plans for good ideas you would like to see in this club.

I am giving out a nice prize of pretty fabrics to the person with the best idea. Many of you have been with me for years and I thank you for that. Friends and Quilts are my favorites along with great colors and embellishments and giggles.

I am preparing for my retreat and we will have great prizes and alot of fun! I have new samples and enthusiasm and we have really creative people attending! What fun! Once the retreat is over weI will announce the dates for next year. I think I have waited to late to announce and there are people interested now in signing up and planning a fun trip to see this part of the world, tell their stories for history, Meet new lifetime friends, visit great shops, see Farm Chicks, visit Coeur d'Alene Idaho, see my studio, enjoy great food, and other surprises.

My book has been well received and I have gotten many nice personal letters from those that are stretching and getting out of the box as I have always invited people to do! Yes I do sell these wholesale to shops, just contact me for details. For those of you who d not want to use a charge card you may send a check through snail mail. Send it so Mary Lou Weidman, S. The book has many many ideas and get some friends together to stretch and have fun!! The last couple of weeks I was in Dallas teaching self portraits!

The idea is to think of who you are "inside" today and not what you look like! The results are awesome. The girls in Dallas are so much fun and they took me on some adventures and I am hooked! Would love to just go to visit and see what all I missed! Lovely guild members there. And alot of talent! She has made many winning Story Quilts over the years and has an amazing history of what and who is important to her. I admire her great style and she and her husband are great historians who are sure to teach you alot about our country and anything brought up historial!

We went to the Atlanta Historical Museum with many mnay acres of gardens. The Swan house was amazing. The trees in Atlanta are just thick. If you have never been there it is friendly people and green trees thick everywhere and the most beautiful leaves and shades of green! It is a beautiful city with alot to do! From Atlanta, I drove to John C. Campbell to teach a story quilt class! Loved the girls in the class and their stories and sense of fun and sentiments.

The stories are always amazing! I took many photos of leaves this time. I normally only do this in the Fall. The spring greens were lovely and the red bud tree was so pretty with reds and greens! It just made me think I want to do more leaves in what I am working on now! I believe I might see some of these girls next year at my retreat. Will be fun to show them this part of the US.

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It is beautiful also in a different way. We have alot of trees and lakes and mountains here. The gardens at John C. Campbell are always lovely and I went there to visit the chickens several times. Wanted to sneak one into my suitcase. I was good though and let them stay there with the most handsome rooster I have ever seen! I have good news for those that live East of Washington State! I will be teaching at Madeline Island school of the Arts in October next year! I am excite about this and plan to make a large story quilt to bring with Autumn ideas of some of my story ideas in my life and hope you have ideas to come and enjoy.

Many of you have asked for Story quilts classes closer to the East. For those of you who like California, I am teaching at Asilomar next year too. There is nothing like a Story quilt class to help you leave a legacy quilt telling who and what you love. Have a wonderful time this time of year. I just love the colors, the ideas and the pure joy. If you are thinking of something sad, turn it around with happy music, weeding your friendship garden of begative friends Wjimsies and Whynots suggestion , being around young people, helping someone who needs help, getting outside, going for a walk and starting a new happy quilt and making blocks out of my new book!

Hoochy Two-Chy. God bless you today. YOU make ME happy! Just got back from beautiful Asilomar in Pacific Grove. I took a class on painting things with inks. So much fun and a step back into realism. The girls that go are all lovely and Suzanne and Gail who are in charge do everything they can to make it a wonderful time. Food was good this year and lattes there are great! The ocean had many beautiful flowers all around and it was lovely to walk and see families on the beach making castles Lots of lovely spring casual outfits and fun hats.

Made me want to sketch and do some things with people at the beach! I am on my way to Dallas in the Morning for a lecture and then self portraits. These are self portraits of who you are "inside" not outside. We vary the faces and hair and eyes. It is all about who you imagine you are that day! Imagination and creativity are the point of these great quilts.

Lots of fun and bring smiles from the creatoers and the viewers.

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Being happy is the point while we create and create something original and happy. Who doesn't want the goal of their life to be happy and positive? We all should! A happy life is a good life! Campbell Folk School.

We will work on story quilts there in an area that is lovely and rich for creative thinking and going back to our happy memories. I have a very full class so there will be many stories and the studio there is quite well lit and nice. The walking trails are great and the people from all over the world that attend are so very nice. Meals are communal and so you sit with someone new every day and you learn about them and the areas they come from and what they do etc. It is lovely to see all of the folk art there and the things for sale in the shop. I get home and get the gifts and lovely fabrics together for the retreat girls and the handouts and some of my paints to show ideas for lettering and adding paint to fabrics in the Story quilts.

I will be showing great ideas with Easy Piecing and discussing my new book and the Block of the Month we will be offering. Farm Chicks will be the fun event to kick us off. Thousands of people fly and rive in to shop there. SO many ideas and fun things to see! It fills many buildings and has everything you could imagine. I always find treausres there!

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We will wear our tiaras and then we will go out to Perry Street Pizza for dinner! Wonderful place with great pizza! Looking forward to our field trip to Coeur d'Alene and lunch at the large hotel too. Lots of fun things planned and fun girls coming this year. Happy they can see my studio and we will have everything we need right next door to our classroom.

The people who own this complex are hoping girls will bring quilts to hang and show off in the foyer. Sounds cool! They are lovely to work with! And I love my studio! Can't wait to see everyone come to town! Spring is a time of hope and happiness and I am focusing on things that are positive and good and true and excellent and beautiful.