Meet Me at the River

REVIEW: Dawn Landes’ “Meet Me At the River” Spins Off in New Unpredictable Directions
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Lean On Him. Meet Me At the River. Share the Love. You Are Everything. For All Time. Strangers Psalms. Where Would I Go. Bringing Glory. More of You.

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Metacritic Music Reviews, Meet Me at the River by Dawn Landes, The fifth full- length release for the Nashville-based singer-songwriter was. Meet Me At The River is Landes' self-described “Nashville record,” and she has assured its pedigree by enlisting the production skills of Fred Foster, the Country .

Downloads are available as MP files. Album Notes. I wanted to write songs and make a Cd with a theme. I started this book a while ago and had to put it down because it was too sad for me to continue at that point. I picked it up this morning and I was not able to put it down until I reached the final page, crying as I did so. This story is a reminder that no matter what goes on in life, everyone has problems and secrets.

Given the chance I would definitely read this again. The story was well written, in fact one A heartwrenching story of death, attempted suicide, survival and the will to go on. The story was well written, in fact one of the best written stories I've read in a long time. Dec 23, Cayla rated it it was amazing. You know an author is a good one when you can feel the emotions the characters are feeling.

I felt the sense of longing Tressa felt for Luke and the feeling of wanting to help as she went through this tragedy. I love novels that make me think afterward, and I know I won't be forgetting about this one anytime soon.

Meet Me At The River

Not only did this novel have a great storyline, but also a great message. Suicide is a big theme in the novel and it shows that even if you don't believe it, you will make it through a You know an author is a good one when you can feel the emotions the characters are feeling. Suicide is a big theme in the novel and it shows that even if you don't believe it, you will make it through another day. Already know I will be reading again! Apr 01, Missy Brewer rated it it was amazing. This book is so much more than the description.

It doesn't do it justice really.

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This is a very well written book about things most people don't want to talk about. It covers love, loss, and the struggle to move on beautifully. It is very moving and I am adding it to my favorites list. Jul 24, Chiara rated it really liked it Shelves: read-own-physical , young-adult.

Loved this book to pieces and wish it was more well known. Jan 20, Kelly rated it liked it Shelves: ya-fiction , read-in I think maybe more like a 2. First: don't go in expecting a ghost story, as some reviews have suggested this book may be. It's not. It's pretty much a straight contemporary novel, with maybe an element of magical realism to it, depending upon reader interpretation.

Tressa's been grieving the loss of her boyfriend and step-brother Luke after a terrible accident at the river, for which she feels responsible. But it's not just grief that penetrates Tressa -- it's much, much deeper than that. With the new school year beginning, Tressa's repeating senior year at age 19 because of what happened last spring, things should get better. But they don't, at least not initially.

She's still seeing and talking to Luke, who does play a role as a ghost in the story. It's minor, more as a means of filling in the gaps of memory and story that Tressa herself has packed away or willfully chosen to ignore. He's less of a ghost who haunts and more of a ghost who informs. And in many instances, it's up to the reader to decide whether his role in the book is a real one or if it's a voice that Tressa allows to share on her behalf.

Making friends at school another year, especially as an outsider, as the person everyone knows as the weird girl who did the thing she did and who lost what she lost, isn't easy. But eventually, she befriends HJ and his sister. HJ is older than Tressa and he's a teacher, but he's young -- 22 or Fresh out of college.

And what draws Tressa to him is what it was he said to Kelly, one of Luke's former girlfriends. He instead told her to "don't cut as much. Of course, that doesn't sit with administration who fires HJ, thus freeing up his time and allowing him and Tressa to become closer. Which they do for the reason that Tressa feels a connection with him and how he allowed Kelly to grieve as she needed to.

So easy. So fast. So Target.

She will -- it's a positive ending -- but she ignores HJ's actual advice of finding something outside of another person to make her reason. She chooses to make HIM her reason. And had the story not ended with the two of them together romantically and "starting fresh" together even if they didn't necessarily go on a jaunt to Europe together , I would have been more satisfied. But as it ends, Tressa doesn't actually save herself in the story. A boy does.

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Because the females in this story aren't reliable or worthwhile -- Tressa's mother always disappears and wanders, and her step-sisters are flat characters who are never around or never invested. For many years, she lived a life of wild travel with her mother, who refused to settle. Her mother who married Paul, who was Luke's father and father of older twin girls; Luke was Tressa's age exactly, since Paul was not Tressa's father.

She is now "settled," of course. Except she's not -- Tressa's mom will wander away again conveniently at the end of the book because you can never tame someone like her. They kiss. They've been naked together. But as Luke notes repeatedly, he wasn't with Tressa in the same way he was with his former girlfriend. While I thought de Gramont did a great job of capturing the weight and heft of grief -- particularly as it manifests in unsavory, complicated, sometimes incomprehensible manners -- there was far too much going on in this book to be completely satisfying.

The complicated family set up was over-the-top and because most of the family didn't matter and were written flatly particularly the little brother and older twin sisters , they just weighed down the story. Moreover, the romance that emerged between step siblings felt forced; where it could have been THE story, where it could have had strength and merit and been a hot-to-discuss element of the plot and about the tangled ways of grief other people could never understand, it wasn't.

It just. It felt tacked on. Likewise, I had a hard time buying view spoiler [ that Tressa would have to repeat an entire year of school because she missed a few months at the very end of senior year from her suicide attempt and stay at the hospital. Sure "it made things easier for her," as her mother and Paul repeatedly stated, but it also "made things easier" to make the story push forward.

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She could be 19 and be in a relationship with an older man, no problem. She could be 19 in a school where she had no friends. For a girl who did all right in school, this sort of repeat didn't make a whole lot of sense. She could have lived at home still. I almost wish this had been pushed a little further. Much of it came because of her wandering with mom early on. It was a way to ground her and give her a sense of purpose when her life felt otherwise untethered.

Meet Me at the River

It could have been hit even harder and been more of her means of grounding view spoiler [ post suicide attempt hide spoiler ] and stood out even more. I read this book coming immediately off reading Vikki Wakefield's Friday Brown and there were a startling number of similarities: the mother who took a child at a young age from home and wandered. Biological fathers who were absent though Tressa knows who her father is. Grandparents who end up playing a significant role in the main character's feeling grounded. Relationships with someone who was cast-out in Wakefield's case, it's Silence and in de Gramont's, it's HJ.

They don't end up following the same paths, of course, but it's hard not to compare the lyrical, lush prose of Wakefield's against de Gramont's, which at times feels inflated and propped up by the too-many-dramatic-plot-lines-to-the-story problem. It's serviceable, but it doesn't thrust the story forward in the same manner Wakefield's does. In no way is this a bad book. Many readers will fall in love with the fact that Luke's voice is present.

It makes the crashes Tressa experiences even harder to watch. It is easy to see why she loved him. But this book would have been stronger pages shorter, with some of the convoluted plot pulled out. It almost tried too hard to be edgy and didn't succeed. This makes for a strong read alike to Laura Nowlin's If He Had Been With Me , as readers know from the start there is a death which ravages the main character and that the book will follow her through the grieving process. What makes them even better read alikes is that their paths through grief are so completely different. Jan 29, Jewel rated it liked it Shelves: beautiful-prose , gross-sobbing , heartbreaking.

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I will miss you my whole life. It's a heavy subject to tackle, and it's infinitely harder to portray it in a way that seems genuine. I often commend an author just for trying. Nina de Gramont does it fantastically. She's up there with Jennifer E.

She even almost compares to Jerry Spinelli. And Stargirl is still pulverizing my heart like, five years later What I think these authors do best is they portray the grief, along with the hope. And the moving on. Never mind that Meet Me at the River has perfect writing and atmosphere. Never mind the touching look at family dysfunction. Never mind that the love is felt so deeply and the pain so strongly and that the author just GETS human beings and how they are with all their hope and all their mistakes. Never mind that the end was I don't even know what the end was. I just know I'll never forget how she brought about the conclusion.

And really sneakily painful. I'm serious. And I was so upset I couldn't even cry! I want my tears ducts to cooperate with my inner feelings of emotional havoc. That is seriously all I want. I'm going to start buying this for people on their birthdays. Spread the sadness a bit. Sexual content: None. Just kissing and the knowledge that the dude wanted to go further and the girl was like, "Nuh uh," and he respected her decision and didn't pressure her about it ever again.

Funny how that works. Oh, and a hypothermia scare where the guy was like, " Take off your clothes so you don't die. Cursing: You know I think there was one? I don't really recall. Violence: A lot of death. No details. Trigger warning: Suicide, depression, cutting, infidelity and parental neglect. Yeah there's a lot of stuff dealt with here. Just because I didn't cry doesn't mean you won't. This book is sad sad sad. Be forewarned by my repetition. If you are in an extraordinarily good mood, do NOT pick this book up.

Wait for that perfect melancholy. Jul 19, Paulina Maurovich rated it it was ok. How can she let go, when she is all she has and the only constant she has ever had? This sad story tells the story of Tressa, following the death of her boyfriend Luke. At the same time it tells the story in Luke's point of view and his inability to reach "the other side". After a tragic accident Tressa is left without the boy of her dreams and the boy she cannot live without.

However, for some magical reason she can still see him. Even though their touch is senseless and he cannot hear when she How can she let go, when she is all she has and the only constant she has ever had? Even though their touch is senseless and he cannot hear when she talks about the future he is not in, he at leasts is there and they can talk about the past. As Luke keeps coming back Tressa also has to deal with the fact that she almost tried to commit suicide and failed.

Apart from Luke's death, she also has to deal with her flaky mother and her new pregnancy. This story is slow, extremely slow. In all truth I do not think there is any part of the book that can be considered the climax because it just goes all on a recurrent resolution. There is no moment of excitement or fear or extreme heartbreak.

With that being said, the whole book is an extreme heart break. I think this story was just really sad and really dark for me and I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would. I also didn't enjoy very much the fact that Luke was Francine and Paul's son and Tressa is Hannah and some dude's daughter and Hannah is Paul's former and current wife. Tressa and Luke share sisters because they were from Hannah and Paul's former relationship. I know, that is how I felt trying to connect the dots of how they were related. I understand how some people would like the slow pace and the good writing.

However, this sad piece wasn't for me. I also simply didn't enjoy the characters and didn't feel connected at all to them and in order to feel sympathy or empathy one must connect and this lacked greatly for me. May 12, Desiree Pitts rated it it was ok. While I would love to say that I enjoyed every aspect of the novel meet me at the river, I have to say that it wasn't one of my favorite pics. I was looking for something extremely deep yet entertaining, and while it was probably one of the saddest books I've ever read, I just wasn't entertained.

The book was extremely slow for me which I know is just a personal problem considering I love action and drama, but I just wish the book had been more fast-paced. Perhaps that would have kept me more al While I would love to say that I enjoyed every aspect of the novel meet me at the river, I have to say that it wasn't one of my favorite pics. Perhaps that would have kept me more alert and excited to continue on with the story.

It was extremely well written, and talks about real things that go on with teenagers today like suicidal tendencies and self-harm. I think they approached these matters very well and maturely without glorifying these acts. That's a very hard thing to do considering how sensitive subject it is becoming today's society. The love story between Luke and Tressa seems somewhat Bland to me unfortunately. It just sounded like another Forbidden Love with parents in friends who didn't want them together. I was also disappointed in the fact that Tressa found her happiness in the end with another man.

I would have been much more satisfied if she had learned to find the world to live as an independent woman. Instead she just jumped from one man to the other. But at least she's happy right? Watching her through the healing process was a very interesting take. I like how in the starting out of the novel , it is unknown what exactly happened to Luke at the river and why Tressa feel so guilty. That buildup was a nice touch. Either way the book was well done, perhaps it just wasn't my cup of tea. I'm sure other novels by Nina De Gramont are very well done and I wouldn't be opposed to checking some of them out.

Jun 15, Neetu Yadav rated it really liked it. The girl is obsessed with her dead boyfriend. She is more drowned toward death than life. A big guilt surrounded her after his death. As for her, she was the reason for his invisibility from the world. After his death, world staring at her awaits for her explanation she can't give. The story was all about the depression that comes as a result of some guilt. A wish you couldn't fulfill. An incident horrible one , you can't forget and forgive. The whole point is facing that thing sitting inside you The girl is obsessed with her dead boyfriend. The whole point is facing that thing sitting inside you and sorting it out with just yourself.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to overcome their fear, guilt or any feeling that's hard to leave. Jan 07, Autumn rated it it was amazing. I thought it was gonna be about someone who has no experience of real depression. Overwhelmed of feelings. But this book did it perfectly. I hope to remember this book for years to come. May 12, Ruth E. An interesting book that tells about a young girl's recovery from an attempted suicide over a love who drowned. The ghost of the young man helps her move on over the next year. It shows how he slowly fades out of her life, but still remains a part of her memories.

May 23, Melissa McGuire rated it really liked it. This book actually had me in tears at one point. It spoke so close to home for me.

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Jan 06, Stephanie rated it it was amazing. Loved this book way more than I thought I would. Good solid story. Weird read. I liked it. Sep 29, Bailee rated it really liked it Shelves: young-adult. The whole novel is about life and trying to survive when someone you love dies. It contains survivors guilt, depression, blaming, and loss of self control, especially when it comes to the one who who passed on. Tressa and Luke have an enduring love, one that I certainly admire, which honestly lasts even after he dies.