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Clouds of steamy mist billowed around Smith as he used the power washer to blast away dirt and grime from the cracks and crevices underneath the bridge. The water he was spraying came from a large tank that sits in the back of a city-owned white public works pickup truck and it was very hot.

Smith said it was about degrees. But after a while, you get to know the city. The public works staff knows where the birds congregate, where trash tends to appear, and where vandals like to strike. As the night shift was drawing to a close, Clemente drove over to the Boston Common and Public Garden and parked his pickup truck on Charles Street.

Street Shadows: A Memoir of Race, Rebellion, and Redemption by Jerald Walker

This is where all the street sweepers converge to turn in their GPS devices. Faiella has been doing this for almost 11 years now. Faiella drives a three-wheeled Elgin mechanical sweeper, reminiscent of a Zamboni and configured like a tricycle, with two wheels in the front and one in the back. Faiella compared it to a tiller truck used by fire departments the kind where the wheel in the back is steered independently from the rest of the truck, which allows it to get into tight spots.

Street-sweeping machines typically leave behind a layer of water to prevent dust from blowing around.

Chicago Street Sweeping

Faiella takes pride in what he does, because the cleanup is critical to health and safety. The whole entire city is divided up into six routes. One extends from Massachusetts Avenue to the Dedham town line. Every spring, when the snow melts, is another busy time of year. Emily Sweeney can be reached at esweeney globe. Follow her on Twitter emilysweeney. Ghostwritten by United Press International UPI sportswriter Oscar Fraley, the story was heavily fictionalized, with pages of invented dialogue and a style borrowed from hard-boiled detective fiction.

The book sold more than a million copies and made Ness—who died seven months before publication—more famous than he had been during the Prohibition years.

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The legend of the Untouchables was embroidered further when the book was adapted into a two-episode TV movie, The Scarface Mob , followed by a series, The Untouchables — Since Ness had defeated Capone in the movie, the series needed other bad guys for him to battle each week. He took on assorted gangsters and, in one episode, a German diplomat trying to spread Nazi beliefs and heroin to the United States. He pulls a knife, you pull a gun.

He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue. Like any legendary hero, the character of Ness has been adapted in other contexts. As the three visitors from watch, horrifed, the agent dies in a hail of machine-gun fire. It does not follow him to Cleveland, where he oversaw the police and fire departments for six years—though Fraley tried to sensationalize that period too, in a sequel called 4 Against the Mob Popular Library, In Cleveland, as in Chicago, Ness fought police corruption and organized crime.

Others tried to strip away the embellishment. He hardly ever raised his voice. He made no scenes. He was boyish, amused, relaxed, good company in all circumstances. The number, age, and gender of his fictional children varies; in reality he had one adopted son, Robert. The legend also omits the fact that he was married three times. His second wife left him for a woman. Eliot Ness was born in Chicago in , the son of Norwegian immigrants; his father ran a wholesale bakery business. He grew up in the far South Side neighborhood of Kensington, not far from the company town of Pullman, where alcohol was only available at one hotel.

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It was easy to get a drink in Kensington, nicknamed Bumtown for its abundant saloons. The National Prohibition Act—commonly known as the Volstead Act, after the Minnesota congressman who championed it—went into effect in but did not stop Americans from drinking. As Capone was beginning to build his name in Chicago, Ness graduated from Christian Fenger High School—he liked to read Sherlock Holmes during his lunch hour—and enrolled at the University of Chicago, where he studied commerce, law, and political science.

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Street-dirt samples were collected on consecutive days during the sample-collection year in the control basin. Eager birds tear through rubbish as the workers make their way though the streets and even attempt to drag away full bags of garbage. Bayon Boutique Hotel. Saw a great light show. Summary of water-quality concentrations in stormwater from the control and high-frequency broom basins during calibration and treatment phases. His partner, Michael Daley, is the mayor's brother.

A typical undergrad of the time, he joined a fraternity and attended football games. According to some sources, Ness graduated in the top third of his class. After graduation Ness worked briefly for the Retail Credit Company. His brother-in-law, Alexander Jamie, a senior manager in the Chicago office of the Prohibition Bureau, helped him get a job there. Doubtless many other crooked agents were never caught.

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Get it? In fact most of his agents were older, many married with families. And while The Untouchables claims Ness chose 10 men for his elite squad, there was never a set lineup; agents came and went, sometimes staying only a week or two. One part of the legend is true: Ness and his agents really did put pressure on Capone in Hollywood-worthy ways. They crashed through the doors of breweries in a truck outfitted with a battering ram.

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Capone tried hard to conceal his operation, but he also paid politicians, police officers, and even federal agents not to look for it. An outraged Ness ordered the man out of his office and immediately called the press.

While you were sleeping, the city street cleaners were busy

Calling the press was a typical strategy for Ness, who often tipped off the newspapers when he was going to conduct a raid. He believed media coverage helped the cause of law enforcement, winning over the public and making the police seem invincible. Despite the heroic view the newspapers took of Ness, media coverage occasionally struck a wistful tone about the particular crimes he was fighting. Ness knew full well that the law he was enforcing was unpopular. According to biographer Perry, Ness enjoyed a drink himself, and not all the confiscated liquor found its way to the sewer.

After one raid, Ness showed up at the house of an old fraternity buddy. By Ness and his hardworking squad had put together a 5,charge indictment against Capone; most of the charges were for transporting beer illegally.

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But Prohibition was so despised, the US district attorney feared a jury would be sympathetic to a bootlegger. It would be much easier to convict a tax cheat, he reasoned, especially during the Depression years. His name is no secret. Gangsters know it. It is Eliot Ness, graduate of the University of Chicago.

But in The Untouchables Fraley mentions it only in passing, in the introduction, and the University dropped out of the Ness legend. His degree also served to contrast Ness with Capone, who had a sixth-grade education.