Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson
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aremcerbeca.gq/map5.php If you give it away for free, nobody will buy it! Then, I spent some more time considering.

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Warbreaker book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. This is the story of two sisters, who happen to be princesses. Theirs. Warbreaker is a fantasy novel written by American author Brandon Sanderson. It was published on June 9, by Tor Books. Sanderson released several.

And yet, I still bought books. What do I really believe? In resenting libraries and used bookstores because they share my books without any direct profit to me? Or, would I rather look at all of that as free publicity? I also realize that something Cory says is very true—my biggest challenge as an author is obscurity.

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I believe in my novels, and believe that if people read them, they will want to read and buy more of them. I believe that readers like to own books and, yes, even like to buy them specifically to support authors they want to write more books. And so, I did something crazy. Meaning, rough drafts.


But the rewards are great: by using breath and drawing upon the color in everyday objects, all manner of miracles and mischief can be performed. Brandon Sanderson proves again that he is a master of what Tolkien called 'secondary creation,' the invention of whole worlds, complete with magics and myths all their own. Review quote Brandon Sanderson is a master world builder. Since then he has written, amongst others The Mistborn books and begun the internationally bestselling Stormlight Archive.

He lives in Utah.

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A person with a lot of Breath can call on these Breath and Awaken an object and Command it. The God King is a Returned that holds more Breath than any other living being. There is also a close relationship between Breath and Colour in which the more of the first the more you can affect the second and vice-versa. For the Idrians, the use of Breath to Awaken things and even dead people the Lifeless is an abomination and for that, they avoid any colours and walk around in browns. The Hallandrens are a specially colourful people and Hallandren is immersed in bright, vibrant colours.

The magic system is tightly woven into the characterisation and plotting and all points are extremely well-balanced. From the intricate politics to the character, everything works in Warbreaker. I particularly enjoyed reading about Siri and Vivenna —at opposite ends of the spectrum both in personality and in pathways. Siri begins the book redundant ,useless, unimportant and Vienna being the most important sister.

Their journey and questioning strongly affect the fate of their people — be them the Idrians or the Hallandrens.

This book provides examples of:

Rating details. Warbreaker First edition cover. Do you understand? Blushweaver: And are you going to explain why you consider competing with me to be the most sincere form of compliment? Conclusion Overall, Warbreaker was a fun read and a different kind of fantasy, with a major focus on the characters' development and interactions. For obvious reasons, he also kept a changelog.

At the centre of it all though rests Hallendren and as each of the characters reaches a resolution the Kingdom itself and its beliefs are put to test. And I think he succeeds beautifully in what he set out to do. Warbreaker, for this reason is not full of action but it has heart and it has an abundance of humour as well.

Book Review: Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson

The book does lag a little bit in the middle, though. I read the first chapters quite quickly, but it took me quite a few days to get through about pages in the middle but then things pick up again and it was a great journey to the end and the awesome climax. It is another one by Dan dos Santos and in my opinion, a work of art in itself.

Despite my minor grippes, with its unique magic system, compelling characters, a sweet romance and intricate plot, Warbreaker is indeed a most excellent book. And of course, the climax of the book! Verdict: Highly recommended fantasy — intricate plot and magic system but also light and funny — totally cool.

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