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go to link Rock Island Images of America: Illinois. Lewis G. Johnstown Images of America: New York.

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Edward A. Staten Island, Vol. Lynne S.

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Rating downtown altoona in 's by: linda i remember the movie theaters so well. A Walking Tour of Montgomery, Alabama. Iowa Hall of Pride. The plant incorporated in Leonard E.

Gulfport Images of America: Florida. New Orleans Images of America: Louisiana. Milwaukee Wisconsin Images of America: Wisconsin. Florida Lighthouses Images of America. Gregg M. Alan C. John T. Randall Gabrielan. Hershey Images of America. Town of Aurora: Images of America. Uxbridge Images of America.

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Felix V. Richard V. Building the Mosquito Fleet: The U. Manayunk PA Images of America. Anne Frances Pulling. Altoona PA Images of America. Christopher McDonald. Richard A. Boston Braves Images of America: Massachusetts. Wolfeboro NH Images of America.

Bruce D. Pan Am Images of Aviation. Venice in the s FL Images of America. Tyler E. My dad's name was Elwood and my uncle was half owner, his name was George. Do you remember the root beer old man Lightner used to make and sell at his soda fountain?

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I loved that root beer, they used to say the he made it from his old medicine I know I had a real addiction to it. So nice to hear from you, and someone that remembers my dad's fruit market. If you or know of anybody that has a picture of his market I'd love to see it. I've been looking for a picture for years so I can paint it. We had a fire in our house many years ago and lost all our pictures. Used to buy all my penny candy there and later worked helping unload trucks of produce.

Also remember crossing the old 12th St bridge that then extended all the way out to 9th Ave and the trains' cinders coming up between the boards. Rating good bakery by: josel jones josel tell ya this one fine metro area, kinda got the fell of a small new york city. Rating nice town by: Anonymous oi mate, just visited your fair city and had a blast.

Rating Gable's train displays by: Ken Years ago, at an obscure auction, I purchased the large trees that decorated the model train displays at Gables. As a child during the late 50's and early 60's my parents would give me a couple of bucks to buy something for everyone in the family. They would turn me loose on 11th avenue and tell me to meet them at Gables at a given time.

I always ended up at the train display.

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Thus began my collection of model trains. Rating Fond memories of Downtown Altoona by: Anonymous I remember going shopping with my mother and sister starting in Gables Oh the great smell of the cashews roasting when you entered. We loved the basement bargin floor. I still remember the shoe repair shop down there and the smells of the leather and glues. We would go to Walgreens for our lunch which consisted of a full course turkey dinner for.

For a special birthday my father took me to the New Idea and bought me a flowered suit!! I felt so special carrying it in the box they provided. Then we went to Wolf's to pick out my birthstone ring. They had a jewelery counter when you first entered the store. It was fun going into Texas hot dog and watching the man load his arm up with hot dogs and ladle on the sauce.

Back then they were 3 for a dollar. Lots of memories from the 50's and 60's in good old Altoona. Rating My Memories by: Bob Jones I remember downtown so well from my childhood in the late 50's and early 60's. I spent a lot of time in Gable's. My Grandmother retired from there after twenty years about the time it was sold.

I loved Christmas shopping in Downtown Altoona.

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Before the malls. I'm sure those Saturday afternoon movies were hot to sit through but we didn't care. Didn't know any better. I miss it all. I'm in Fla. Altoona will always be home to me. Rating Gable's Windows by: Sue My sister did windows in the mid '60s. Pennypacker was head of the windows when she was hired. Rating window dresser by: Anonymous does anyone know who created the displays for the windows for gables in the 's. Rating There it is!

Remember, don't ever give up on your dreams, one day Altoona will be just the way you envision it will be. We have to go over for a visit, I'm sure it will be lots of fun, and will be great to meet up with you.

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Take care! Charleston,SC They are part of a series called Images of America. Anne Frances Pulling. Images of Rail Series.

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Leonard E. Alwine and David W. ISBN David W. Acadia Publishing. Altoona bookstores carry them all. I hope you can find them. They sure bring back memories. SUE P. You can order online Rating pictures by: ed heverly does any one have pictures of all of downtown during the redevelopement years.

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Of course times seemed so much safer in those days. The Olympic always had Saturday special and the theater would be packed full of kids from all over Altoona. Those were some nice memories. Do you remember the Rivili can't remember how to spell that ha! Man did I cry when Charlotte's little girl was killed Really showing my age here.

Rating downtown altoona in 's by: linda i remember the movie theaters so well. Rating nice by: Anonymous fine pictures. Rating Downtown Altoona by: Mark Great comments and they really bring back memories. I can remember Saturdays, walking into town from the East End We would purchase our "Matchbox" cars at the Bon-Ton Rating gables by: susie i remember taking my son to gables to see miss patty from romper room on tv in or Rating Gales by: Charles Hoff I remember this store from my early youth.

First living in Holidaysburg, then in State College in It was for many years the only department store I knew. Little who my parents had to find to get his approval to cash a check. These trips, to go shopping, usually ended with a meal at The Dutch Kitchen as well. Initially introduced on the Chicago-St. Louis route in late , it later spread to others emanating from the Chicago hub. Amtrak postcards also feature train interiors such as the dining car. Against an elegant interior decorated with birds and latticework, tables draped in white linens are dressed with blue and white china.

Engaged in animated conversation, well dressed men and women enjoy entrees, side salads and rolls. With the benefit of time and distance, they become for us a welcome window into our past, the small details a delight. Background and quotes on the history of the postcard are drawn from: Klich, Lynda, and Weiss, Benjamin Lauder Collection. Skip to navigation Personal tools. Search Site. Advanced Search…. Follow Amtrak Online. Info Postmark Amtrak Comments June 28, Book Travel at Amtrak.

Amtrak ran extra trains to accommodate tourists headed to Spokane, Wash.