Goal Mapping: How to Turn Your Dreams into Realities

Here’s A Guide To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality!
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At first glance, this goal seems unrealistic because a person who needs to lose 50kg is likely extremely overweight, not used to doing physical activities and probably follows an unhealthy diet. On top of that, this person hopes to compete as a body builder. Most times, the greater the goal, the higher the motivation. What is important is having a plan to help you break down a long-term goal into shorter term goals.


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Daily progress is the key to making dreams come true! So, you have a huge goal but no idea how to get there? Close your eyes and imagine yourself benefiting from the results of that goal. Whether it involves a lifestyle change, a brand new car, winning a competition, learning a new skill, or whatever your dreams might be, what will take you there is backward planning.

Ask yourself, what would I need to do or have to maintain these changes? Let the answers become your short-term goals. You have no investments and no other income than your salary. How can you get there? The truth is that nobody knows how you will get there, but what is sure is that where there is a will, there is a way.

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Imagine the changes: you buy a new car, a new house, you put your children into a better school, you can finally get your own business started, etc. How much money does each of these changes cost yearly?

7 Ways to Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

Breaking things down into smaller units of information can help you think of ways in which you can leverage your current skills and possessions to find new ways of creating additional income towards your original big dream. Involving family, friends or colleagues in your goals can help you stay motivated and on track.

You are also less likely to fall off the wagon easily, since your loved ones will come to your rescue whenever you feel demotivated or need a little pep talk.

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The more people who know what you are working towards, the better your chances of increasing your network, being exposed to new and different environments and of developing more meaningful and strategic relationships with others. Take advantage of this and let those around you support your dreams. You are one month into the year, you have been taking conscious action towards your dreams and you have achieved some progress.

Perhaps you have lost 5kg and gone down one dress size or you have just closed a RM20, deal.

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Maybe you have completed your first four beginner-level German language classes or you have started baking cupcakes in your free time and made enough money to pay a monthly membership to the gym. All action is progress and it is worth celebrating. It will make you feel good about yourself and reinforce the idea that it is the small steps that make the big changes.

Watch this video on the importance of celebrating our little successes:. After you celebrate, do come back to read your original goal, revise the action you have taken to achieve the progress you are celebrating and stay motivated to keep doing what you are doing until you get there! Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Here are some tactics you can employ to work things out:. Some people swear by Mind mapping as a means to unravel their real thoughts and ideas and keep a record of them. The more detailed the maps are the better equipped you will be to create realistic milestones to start plotting your path to living your passion. One of the most efficient ways to live your passion is to create a detailed plan with realistic milestones and schedules.

The key here is to be realistic and detailed. Many of you will be aware of the tried and tested S. T Rule :. This is the conversion section. Time to get off the sofa, put down that remote control and live.

Proper Goal Setting – How to Turn Dreams Into Reality – Part 1

Follow your own rules. You are the boss and the worker. Get stuck in and do it. Practise some discipline by scheduling in times to work on your goals whether it be two hours in the morning before work or time on the weekend.

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Proclaim it. Tell people what you are doing.

They can help you by getting on your side. They can offer advice or contacts and will respect the time you spend on your passion or project. Obstacles will arise. Expect them and plan your reaction.

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