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Luralite Cento Glue Boards are the replacements for the Luralite flylight. Consistent use improves sanitation, resulting in better pest management. Makes a Private Reef Trip or Private Offshore Charter more affordable and in many cases, you will make some new friends. Average Universal glueboards fit the Vector line of fly traps including Vector Plasma and Vector Classic as well as many other lights. Shimano Raider Barra Spinning Rod. Hours may vary.

Each trap measures 12 inches in length. Slim and attractive wall mounted fly light. Attracts and kills flies with no annoying zapping sounds. Insect and mouse trap that is smaller and more economical than the 72MB Series. Gardner Glueboard Replacements EL - Gilbert GT Sticky Tiger. Genus Eclipse Fly Light. A front of house locations fly light with 2 of the 15 watt black light bulbs for low visible lighting and a glue-board. Gilbert GT Flying Venus.

Decorative and attractive fly light for restaurants and other commercial establishments. Available in brass or white.

A highly-effective electrocuter that will provide a great solution to your fly control problems. Catchmaster Replacement Glue Boards. InVite Fly Gel Lure. A gram gel bait that is designed to lure house flies, stable flies, and blow flies. Pro Pest Universal Fly Glue Board is the product that fits the most commercial fly lights on the market. Aura Decorative Fly Light Trap. A fly light trap that is elegant and discreet for a homes and business and has a unique circular design that attracts at degrees around the unit.

Catchmaster Mini Dynamite Glueboards. A pack of 12 universal glue boards for almost every Brandenburg fly lights and other brands of fly lights. Plug-in flylight with a modern design that catches flying insects in a sq. Luralite Cento Plus. Luralite Cento Plus, the 18 watt model, is a compact and reliable insect catching system, designed as the discreet solution to front of house applications - bars, cafes, restaurants. Revenge Mini Fly Reel Kit A non-drying glue fly catching tape on a reel with 81 feet of tape. Flypod Glue Boards. A wider and longer fly ribbon that catches flies and other flying insects for up to 3 months or until it is full of insects.

A non-poisonous sticky trap that will provide an effective solution to your fly control problem. Luralite Cento Glue Boards. Luralite Cento Glue Boards are the replacements for the Luralite flylight. An advanced solution in eradicating flying insects from your valuable place. GreenWay Window Fly Traps. Nectar Fly light Trap. Nectar Fly light Trap is a subtle way keep your food preparation areas clear of flying pests. An electrocuting light trap built with a large reflector and open top for superior effectiveness.

Gardner MX Fly Light. A portable fly light for table tops or on the floor that uses 4 32 watt bulbs and 3 adhesive glue boards for commercial food processing to supermarkets. Flypod Fly light Trap. Flypod Flylight Trap is a table top fly light that has unique ways to make the capture of flying pests simple. Brandenburg T8 Shatterproof Bulb 25 W 18 in.

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A T8 shatterproof sleeved 25 W replacement bulb for fly lights. Nectar Glue Boards. Nectar Glue Boards does a great job of trapping flies and other flying pests. This works with the Nectar Fly Light. Brandenburg T8 Standard Bulb 25 W 18 in. A T8 standard 25 watt replacement bulb for fly lights. West Ardougne General Store. Lovecraft's Tackle. Rasolo the Wandering Merchant. Bedabin Village Bartering. Helmet Shop. Aurel's Supplies. Trader Sven's Black-market Goods. Quartermaster's Stores. Leprechaun Larry's Farming Supplies.

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