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Rob Portman, Ohio Senator (20.5 percent)

There is also speculation that McMorris Rodgers might be pushing herself, as the Washington Post reported last month that an aide had emailed reporters to "keep my boss" in mind. This is far higher than Trump, the candidate with the highest number of followers 10 million on Twitter and 9 million on Facebook. Real Life. Ambassador to China and onetime GOP presidential hopeful, makes an appearance during the campaign. Chicago Tribune.

For the first time, the Socialists held a nation-wide, open primary in , while other parties like the Greens and the National Front held closed primaries restricted to card-carrying members. But anyone can be a candidate as long as he or she gathers signatures from local elected officials mostly mayors before March This makes it possible for well-organized but fringe candidates or even wacky ones like Jacques Cheminade, an affiliate of Lyndon Larouche, to run. It also makes it difficult for some others, most notably Marine Le Pen, to gather signatures, as they are perceived as political endorsements by the mayors and are made public Le Pen eventually managed to reach the threshold before March The official list of candidates was proclaimed on March 19, and this opened a new phase of the campaign, in which all ten were allotted the exact same airtime on all TV and radio channels — a rule enforced by the CSA , a government agency which keeps the official record of broadcast times.

Starting April 9, candidates will also have free time to present their program on public TV and radio channels, but negative ads are prohibited candidates cannot buy TV time. Campaign finance laws passed from to have brought strict, although imperfect rules to electoral campaigns, through a combination of limits on donations, public financing and spending caps.

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Apart from individual donations, candidates can finance their campaign through the backing of their political party, and can also count on public financing on top of free airtime in public media. For this reason, it is crucial to evaluate the overall balance of power between right and left, and in the recent months, the cumulated scores of left-wing candidates has tended to be slightly higher than that of right-wing candidates.

Nicolas Sarkozy can count on a plurality of the votes for extreme-right candidate Marine Le Pen on top of his. However, there are at least four wild cards. A second factor is the horse trading going on between the two rounds, with deals, commitments and endorsements between the two remaining candidates and their former competitors, especially the extremes — deals which can in turn influence centrist voters.

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Among the ten candidates who obtained their signatures, five are particularly interesting to follow: the two main contenders, the two more extreme candidates, and the one from the center. Only Eva Joly , the candidate for the Greens, is worth mentioning. While she represents a coalition of various pro-environment parties, she has been unable to interject her voice in the campaign, and is stagnating at around 2.

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Although, it is unlikely they would have been chosen by the House, the result of impacting the election would promise greater influence and popularity for the 3rd party in the next election. In truth, in the last years, Roosevelt and Perot probably had the only chances of winning an election if they had attained enough electoral votes to send the decision to the House. I have seen many blogs and news articles on the possibility of a strong 3rd party appearing in the election. I feel it is time to consider some of the recent 3rd parties in our history as we ponder a 3rd party or parties in Do you have information you want to share with HuffPost?

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Real Life. Real News. Real Voices. Let us know what you'd like to see as a HuffPost Member. Former education secretary Margaret Spellings says gaining ground may not be easy, but it has been done before: by George W. Bush, her former boss. One likely Republican target is school spending. In lots of places where layoffs were not on the table, it allowed school districts to give teachers raises, at a time when America suffered through the worst unemployment crisis in a generation.

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Department of Education. During the midterm elections, Tea Party Senate and House candidates across the country promised on the campaign trail that they would shut down the U. Department of Education and hand control over to state governments. Many of them are now members of Congress. No matter who else enters the race, it is unlikely a newcomer will have a ready-made education platform.

The 2012 French Presidential Elections: A Primer

Romney, Bachmann, Pawlenty, Perry, and Gingrich have all, in their careers, been outspoken on key issues of education policy. Once he became governor of Massachusetts, Romney plotted out a more sophisticated education platform. He pushed school choice when a Democratic-controlled state legislature was moving away from it, and extolled the virtues of No Child Left Behind.

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As governor, Romney proposed education reform measures that lifted the state cap on charter schools and gave principals more power to get rid of ineffective teachers. Why not? In Massachusetts, Romney defended statewide graduation requirement tests, which started during his first year as governor in He also defended English immersion after visiting a Boston school where many students enrolled in bilingual classes had actually been born in the United States.

If Romney talks education in the next year, he will blend the importance of accountability and of governing with a stick if needed. He is widely credited for raising test scores.

In his third year as governor, 4th and 8th graders scored first in the country in math and English see Figure 1. She started a charter school in the early s, but abruptly resigned from its board—along with other board members—after the school district accused the charter of teaching religion in its classrooms. It is the only race the three-term congresswoman has ever lost.

Under a Bachmann presidency, expect the U.