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La verdad es un poco dificil redactar desde un punto de vista enciclopedico. Muchas gracias por tu ayuda, como siempre. Saludos cordiales. Hasta luego! Hola amigo Incolam, te conozco por tus excelentes aportes y desde ya por eso te considero un gran amigo Un abrazo y feliz fin de semana. En todo caso amigo deseo la mejor de las suertes y el mejor de los resultados para tal compromiso. Creo que es una gran idea concentrar esfuerzos sobre el sexto continente. Veo que hay varios usuarios trabajando. Espero llegar a buen puerto.

Muy buena idea. Incluime por favor. Te mando un abrazo. Gracias por leer. Los que se salvaron los estamos trabajando uno por uno. Hay trabajo para rato.

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Te comento todo esto porque se que te va a gustar jajajaja. Llamativo el hombre Que andes bien! Ahora categorizaste mal a Alfredo Le Pera: sus padres eran italianos, no franceses, no entiendo de donde tomas tus datos. Si pruebas el sistema y no te convence, puedes retomar la CAD en el punto en que la dejaste, sin tener que iniciar una nueva candidatura. Si no deseas probar el nuevo sistema, no debes hacer nada. Ten presente que, al tratarse de una prueba, pueden existir errores, fallas o problemas imprevistos, por lo que te pedimos paciencia. Puedes avisarnos de cualquier inconveniente. Trataremos de solucionarlo a la brevedad.

A veces algunas horas. A veces hasta es mejor esperar un buen rato a que todo vuelva a la normalidad. No te olvides de esto. Saludos, hermano. Si uno hace algo "distinto" lo borran o deshacen diciendo que el punto de vista argentino viola la neutralidad. De hecho hay uno que es evidente que tiene contactos con el gobierno kelper.

Se trata de. Por supuesto que no los considero versiones definitivas, pero creo haber creado algo aceptable.

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Un nuevo giro en un viejo cuento de navidad spanish edition. Petromania black gold paper barrels and oil price bubbles. Affirming students right to their own. Un nuevo giro en un viejo cuento de navidad spanish edition. Les gants du xxe sicle french edition. Because she can. The mauthausen trial. Boundless potential .

Por eso no logro entender tu postura. Te mando un saludo muy cordial. Es un placer colaborar! Moonlight Tiene la palabra 13 may UTC. L ink 58 15 may UTC. Mel 23 mensajes 1 oct UTC. Saludos, Mel 23 mensajes 4 oct UTC. Espero tus noticias. Desgraciadamente he estado muy poco activo en Wikipedia, y por el momento no creo que eso vaya a variar.

San Petersburgo. No se considera correcta la forma simplificada San Petesburgo. Macarrones oiga, joven 3 nov UTC. Si necesitas ayuda para evaluar una candidatura, puedes consultar el manual de revisiones. Mel 23 mensajes 23 nov UTC. Le jaim! Este va a ser el primer encuentro de voluntarios y editores del En el evento, estrenaremos el documental que hemos realizado para dar a conocer su trabajo como editores y presentaremos los programas y actividades que vamos a llevar a cabo durante el Gracias por tu mensaje.

I want you flesh and bone.

I want you without words. They harrow the temples of my dreams to ignite my seas. What I do want is your flesh. To sweat you. Understand it, poet. Sonnets plow the skin of waiting. Verses watch me. I would give up stanza after stanza of your wine at this blind hor. My life is bursting with your strophes, bitten to the rhythm of your waist, and a storm pregnant with my urgencies would strike out against your insuperable rhyme, were it not for the concavities repeated only by the intertwining of legs.

On the other hand, I am papyrus, stone, sand from a thousand roads, for the eternal life of the poem that you are to write on me. Not tomorrow. Not later. Right now, right here. In the middle of the road! She began to write poetry at an early age. At 22 she left her hometown and moved to New York City, where she currently resides. Divided in two like a wave crashing on the shore curious to be what fear holds. Today I am here needle and thread stitching my skin empty sorrowful reminiscence of a sweet eternity.

He lives in New York City since He writes poetry, novel, short stories and essays. Are you sleeping, is it that you are dead of hearing? If in silence, you sleep Galatea while my voice transcends your deafness, let your body make me come alive, in those moments erect monuments to the fallen ones, run up flags that are no longer there, follow the path, motorboat where you take me, I do not care.

If on your bed, and in a few hours you melt me when you bristle on your way to heaven and your hands speak tearing me like a predator your deafness does not matter to me, if grasping you thrust deeply your claws fading you to ashes to dust to nothing. Translated by Karla Coreas. Marisa Daniela Russo Argentina. Facilitator of creative writing workshops.

Las bancas de este parque reclaman tu nombre. The benches of this park claim your name. While your quena draws borders, the Charango settles in. I migrate to another park with my Bandoneon. Dominican Republic. Award Winning Author. Fordham University. Some of her work appears in more than 22 anthologies. Here I am lost at the opposite side of Rome Crashing without one of your clandestine kisses In order to break the dreariness.

Your name and mine are hanging from the mirror Behind each star your gaze swathes The spheres speed up Where we refuse to just be. Karla Coreas El Salvador, Poet, photographer, translator, cultural promoter. She has been published in anthologies, magazines and newspapers in the United States and abroad. She is often participating at important international poetry festivals.

Her poetry has been translated into English, Portuguese, Italian and Hebrew. In the Nights of March at midnight where sadness shows its suffocation and the poem hides its gasp I remember your capturing eyes and the emptiness of its lies the delight of love letters mixed with the embrace of promises in those nights of March I call you in silence with the sweetness of a sarcophagus and the friendliness of a dead woman.

She has also participated in the poetry anthologies Night of Wines and Roses; Nostalgias of Arenas and A viva Bosch, Hundred poets sing Juan Bosh and the anthology of short stories The hand in the word her poems have also been published by the magazine Trama, organ of the ministry of culture in the United States and by Trazarte Huellas creativas. On wings of mutilated butterflies the city beats its fears lying in his tiredness a final dance in the abysses in the corners there are absurdities dusting old puddles shrapnel of absences hurt the silence of the night in the back of time slips moisten the memory saving moments only one angel subsists hanging from silence.

Lizette Espinosa is a cuban poet born in Havana, She has four published poetry books: Pas de Deux co-author Miami, , winner of the International Latino Book Awards in the category of poetry written by several authors; Donde se quiebra la luz Miami, ; Rituales Co-author , Miami, and Por la ruta del agua Ecuador, She has been invited to participate in International Poetry Festivals; her work has been included in anthologies of Latin American poetry and literary magazines of the United States, Spain, Ecuador, Honduras and Cuba.

Her professional life is dedicated to the field of technical design. She currently resides in Miami, Florida. Mi padre flotaba sobre el mar como una isla para que yo saltara encima de su tierra y avistara el futuro. Elizabeth Balaguer: born April 10, in the city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; the stories she was told as a child have been her source of inspiration for creating fairy tales, where anything can happen. His academic and creative work has earned him numerous awards and accolades. Y el pobre Borges inocente y asombrado en el espejo de sus aguas ve a otro Borges cada vez. The river is the same the one and only.

You have gone so many times and you have always said that the river evolves as it flows away it is different every time. And poor Borges innocent and amazed in the mirror of its waters sees another Borges every time. But the river is one only one only is the garden and the thing is one and the same thing. He is a bilingual poet and writer.

His work has been published in various literary journals and anthologies in Spain, United States and Latin America. Escri bo en la oscuridad sin los malditos espejuelos. Intercalando palabras hurgando en la memoria como obras de arte en el muro de mis lamentos.

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A tickling sensation invades a snake slithers up between my legs. Could it be that I am being burned? I survive not because I am stronger not because my pockets are full of reason. I am not a hero I am not even a patriot. If I could advance the calendar change my name or remain without one I would be much closer to Nirvana.

Edgar Smith, Dominican Republic. Sumaiya smiles no more. Splash splash splash is the sound no one heard. The puddle was a dirty eye on the muddy ground. Sumaiya smiles no more; her tiny fingers lost all motion in a fistful of mud. Splash splash splash is the sound no one heard… Splash splash splash and another little girl was gone. El charco era un ojo sucio en el fango. Maureen H. Altman is an artist, poet, writer and educator.

She was invited to be part of different anthologies, book fairs and poetry festivals in the USA and Latin America. Altman was born in USA and grew up in Peru. No encuentro las voces conocidas, se figuran los sentimientos… Se dice que los encuentros tras el verano, pasan…. La transparencia vertical en los planos horizontales me elevan de pronto. Inside an elevator in Manhattan, senses sharpen, and a thought intone a vertigo floor I can not find the known voices, feelings are figuring out… It is said that reunions after the summer, pass….

The vertical transparency on the horizontal planes suddenly raise me up. My destiny is stepping the truth of a lift button. The lift button is secured on a finite floor step. I stay within ideas opening levels, while I seriously consider moving. It will be now that I start to flow, from the highest of this platform, to my sides, all flying down….

The punctual verses will dance from all of my floors, like an spiral or a carrousel, like the air, the mind, or a goodbye moves. I am standing on floor 1, my wings are grown… Once more, I will start again. Christos Tsiamis was born and raised in Patras, Greece. He is founding member of the Circle of Poets of Greece. He lives in New York. He stands alone under the goal posts. He does not look at the kicker or at the ball. There is an abyss of eyes across from him. The whistle tears the firmament in two; night falls on his side.

He is in mid-air with wounded wings. The other side reverberates as the net shakes.

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Bravo to him who scored, History will bestow him with honors. In our memory, though, we will keep the body that went airborne, a heroic offering to that moment, even if it had judged wrong. Nine years old. The afternoon is hot and my flip flops smack against the pavement, suck the tar road as we walk single file to the Gulf, Beach towels tied around our waists. When we reach the stone pier my father throws an inner tube out to sea, tethers the rope around a boulder. He dives and his thin arms enter the water with a silent swoosh. He disappears under white ripples and dark blue. My brother and I scramble backwards down the rocks.

Jump in. The sun bakes us a darker brown. Salt forms white silt on skin. Oil tankers line the horizon. How far will my father swim out before he turns back? That night in the upper bunk, I imagine I am dead. No mother. No father. No brother. I squeeze my eyes until the black hurts. My mind turns the puzzle around — Where do I go after Earth? Poet and essayist. Master in Communication and Public Affairs.

Here teems the shelter of a garden roses, honeysuckles and a southern lapwing that inaugurates in step and doubt a new beginning. Broken in three colors vibrantly the sky pulses the jasmine evokes the aroma of grandparents stoical the cacti break the perfection of the water. Here something is tenuous and runs rough tides and corral it is in the afternoon they know the watches the branches the newcomers come out reborn it could be said in a circle dance to celebrate the fall of the day they go towards the current they are themselves the river.

And the shadow of some traveler Makes me reconsider And at the middle of the line I realize in silence, —in absolute silence — that the foreigner is me. Antonio D. Espejo Since he is the Editor of his own platform to tell stories of nonfiction and poetry at www. Since he pursues clouds in New York to paint them with poetry and chronicles. Si cruzo a la derecha de tu prejuicio, me evades. Si cruzo a la izquierda de tu mirada, gozas. Si sigo derecho hacia tu instinto, se prende el Stop. Mi posibilidad frente a tu mirada, me traiciona.

Es el cruce a la derecha de tu sexto sentido. El cruce a tu derecha, el cruce a tu izquierda. Un latido permanente. O ese Stop, STOP, en el inesperado frenazo de tu luz de emergencia cuando quiero avanzar de largo a ti. My possibility is just around to your crossroads. If I cross to the right of your prejudice, you evading me. If I cross to the left of your eyes, you enjoy. If I go straight to your instinct, you turn on stop. My possibility in front of your vertigo, tempting me.

My possibility in front of your glance, betrays me. My possibility: The fugitive illusion to reach you. It is the crossing to the right of your sixth sense. It is the crossing to the left of your suggestion, the unexpected stop to my pulsion. But your crossroads also insinuated my possibility. The crossing to your right, The crossing to your left. The permanent heartbeat.

Pedro Larrea b. He has published poems in, among others, Revista de Occidente. Larrea graduated in literary theory and comparative literature from the Complutense University of Madrid and received his M. Currently he teaches at Lynchburg College in Virginia. Hiberno como el cedro, y despierto cuando la batuta de las horas golpea el atril del espacio. Me confunde ser testigo del nacimiento de una galaxia. I am older than my body, like the cedar is older than any of its current leaves.

I hibernate like the cedar, and I wake when the baton of the hours strikes the music-stand of space. Through me have passed quaverings as, through the cedar, the little hammerings of hummingbirds. I am what-I-was, with the bark of what-I-will-be, without trying it on. I am younger than my spirit.

My house is a crater created by a rock not of this world before nuclear winter and the first glaciation. I do not comprehend how any pyramid is older than the youngest of my olive trees, nor understand the Phrygian trumpet or the Persian harp, which, sometimes, I play by intuition. How can I be old when I am young and young when I am old.

How can there not exist a unique age which lets me feel, which justifies my presence in the past and in the present, and which imposes peace upon the warlike roaring of sensate being and existing. When will I have a definitive face for every mirror. When will I be able to say I am this without being too wrong. I am young but I recognize the secrets of cartography. I am old but I have the agility to box against myself.

I am what lacks before being and what remains after existing. Whom will I hate more than the palimpsest of my flesh. Whom will I take as an accomplice in the bribery of my spirit. Whom will I touch with the lips of whoever inhabits me successively, in solitude. The lines are still worth something when they can sustain themselves by themselves or at least by sinking their nails into the earth.

With Mama Taz as their guide, Daffy and Taz encounter an array of 'out-landish' creatures on this 'out-rageous' interactive adventure! When the Space Replacer accidentally zaps Bugs, Daffy, and Tweety back to the age of dinosaurs, get ready for a wacky adventure. Tom va a hacer todo lo posible por mostrarle a su amiga Toodles que el es mejor equiador que Jerry.

Un nuevo villano anda suelto en Gotham City, un payaso espantoso con un plan horrible. Freeze ha regresado. Pero, como de costumbre, Tom trata de frustrar los planes de Jerry una y otra vez. Una familia ha desaparecido mientras visitaban el campo griego. Ahora todo depende de Batman y los tres Green Lanterns restantes para rescatar a Hal Jordan y el resto del Corps antes que Despero desate su nuevo poder sobre la Tierra.

En la Isla Dinosaurio, Batman y Plastic Man tienen que escapar dinosaurios espantosos y descubrir el complot de Grodd antes de que el gorila malvado pueda disparar su E-Ray al mundo. Es el momento para la feria de ciencias de la Sidekick City Elementary y los Tiny Titanes tienen que preparar sus proyectos. La pandilla fue a la tienda a comprar disfraces para la fiesta de Halloween, pero cuando se les aparece un fantasma, deciden que van a llegar al fondo de este misterio, y para ello ponen en marcha un plan espeluznante.

Tom y Jerry se van de campamento.

Tom will do anything to show his friend Toodles that he's a better skier than Jerry. Guess what? It doesn't work. Because when three bully cats show up and try to ruin their ski trip, they find out the hard way that Tom and Jerry can sometimes also work together! Metallo has escaped from a military prison and is out for revenge against Lois Lane's father. Superman must stop him! Gotham City is experiencing a crime wave and someone or something is trying to set up the Justice League! The Justice League must come to the rescue to put an end to the villainesses' evil plans.

It's the Joker's birthday but he is imprisoned in Arkham Asylum. That won't stop Harley Quinn from trying to give him a birthday present. Batman and Robin must think quick to stop the celebration before it begins. Tweety needs a vacation and where better than to zap to the Hawaiian Islands for a little rest and relaxation.

But Sylvester wants to come too! From building the ultimate sandcastle to surfing shark-infested waters, Sylvester wants to do it all while Tweety sits back and enjoys the view. Daffy and Bugs are up for the same movie role — a matador. But neither of them knows what a bullfighter does and the role will go to the one who can be the most convincing. Eager to get the part, Bugs and Daffy zap themselves back to 17th century Spain where bullfighting got its start.

There they meet a knight called Don Quixote who takes them to Pamplona where Bugs and Daffy find themselves running away from the bulls rather than with them. Granny reads Tweety an old fairy tale called The Emperor and the Nightingale. It upsets him that the nightingale is a captive and convinces Bugs to take the Space Replacer with him back in time to ancient China to free the bird.

The adventure takes them to the chambers of Emperor Sylvester Sing-Song Wong where in order to free the nightingale, they must escape the Emperor's Terracotta Warriors and make it to the Great Wall of China before time runs out. Daffy is eager to start his vacation cruise up the Amazon River, but misses the boat. Using the Space Replacer to go back a few days, Daffy accidentally punches in the wrong date and along with Bugs ends up going back in time to A.

Daffy and Bugs land in Machu Picchu where Bugs is welcomed by the Incas and is celebrated as some kind of "god. Super-Pets B'dg, Ace y Krypto adoran jugar a la caza. Superman debe encontrar al demonio y detenerlo antes de que sea demasiado tarde. Buscando ayuda del Mago de Oz, Dorothy viaja a lo largo del camino de ladrillo amarillo a la Ciudad Esmeralda. Scooby y Shaggy no pueden esperar para visitar el puesto de aperitivos durante toda la noche.

Pero cuando un hombre lobo amenaza con cerrar las fiestas, la pandilla debe literalmente tomar vuelo para resolver el misterio. En un recorrido por el viejo faro, las cosas de repente toman un giro muy espeluznante. Pero cuando las piezas comienzan a desaparecer de los artefactos y un monstruo espeluznante trata de cerrar el show, incumbe a la pandilla de Mystery Inc.

Cuando la lluvia cancela el viaje de acampada de la pandilla, se encuentran varados en un hotel espeluznante para la noche.

Scooby y la pandilla estaban excavando en busca de huesos de dinosaurio para el museo, cuando algunos de los huesos desaparecieron. La Liga de la Justicia debe venir al rescate para poner fin a los malvados planes de las villanas. Superman debe detenerlo! Los intentos de Wonder Woman arruinan sus planes pero ella no puede hacerlo solo. Como el formidable detective, Dorlock Holmes, Daffy viaja muy lejos para cerrar el caso.

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About this collection:. This collection includes all titles on the list below. Displaying 1 - of titles. Search within this list. Batman: Greetings from Arkham Asylum. Author: Sazaklis, John. Batman: The Joker vs. The Riddler. The Batman: Joker's Wild. Author: Oliver, Jack.

The Batman: Going Batty. Author: Capizzi, Duane. The Batman: Cool Cat. Author: Steele, Michael Anthony. The Batman: Frostbite. The Batman: The Book of Crooks. Author: Stephens, Sarah Hines. Justice League: Cyber Terror. Justice League: Sinestro Strikes. Justice League: Bizarro's Unbirthday. Author: Bright, J. Author: Matheny, Bill.

Author: Jacobson, Sid. Scooby-Doo: Up, Up and Away! Author: Herman, Gail. Scooby-Doo: The Lighthouse Mystery.

A place to seek God… and find Him!

Author: Auerbach, Annie. Scooby-Doo: The Mystery Mansion. Superman: Face the Magic. Author: Simonson, Louise. Tom and Jerry: A Colorful Adventure. Author: Stopek, Shoshana. Tom and Jerry: A Counting Book. Wonder Woman: Wonder Warrior of Troy. Author: Sutton, Laurie S. Wonder Woman: Cheetah Chase. Batman: Circus of Strange. Scooby-Doo: Dinosaur Ghost.

Author: Soderberg, Erin. Pebbles Conquers Camp. Author: Carney, Charles. Pebbles Meets Her Shadow. Pebbles: Best Day Ever. Pebbles: Daddy's Girl. Scooby-Doo and the Haunted Halloween Party. Scooby-Doo Steals the Dog Show. Author: Sander, Sonia. Scooby-Doo: Bake-Off Mayhem. Author: Howard, Lee. Scooby-Doo: Battle of the Snowboarders. Scooby-Doo: Big Catch.

Scooby-Doo: Raging River Adventure. Author: Wasserman, Robin. Superman and Bizarro Save the Planet! Superman: Toppling Titano. The Wizard of Oz Movie Storybook. Author: Marsoli, Lisa. Tweety: A Butterfly's Courageous Migration. Author: Suber, Melissa J. Tweety: The Fairies' Awakening of Spring. Batman: Harley Quinn's Heists. Author: Teitelbaum, Michael.

Counting with the DC Super Friends. Author: Friedman, Michael Jan. Author: McCann, Jesse Leon. Author: Barbo, Maria S. Scooby-Doo: Chocolate Phantom. Author: Selover, Victoria. Scooby-Doo: Food Fight. Superman Featuring Supergirl: Chemo Attacks! Author: Mayer, Kirsten. Author: Black, Jake. Author: London, Jordan. Author: Ashe, Jade. Batman Brave and the Bold: Batman and Friends. Tiny Titans and the Science Fair. Author: Baltazar, Art, Art. Tiny Titans Go Camping. Author: Baltazar, Art. Tom and Jerry: Shapes at the Beach. Tom and Jerry: Funhouse Opposites.

Tom and Jerry: The Makeover, Takeover. Tom and Jerry: Tom's Pool Party. The Wizard of Oz: Journey to Munchkinland. Author: Gold, Gina. Baby Looney Tunes: Taz in Toyland. Baby Looney Tunes: School Daze. Baby Looney Tunes: Puddle Olympics. Tom and Jerry: Una Colorida Aventura. Scooby-Doo: La Pesca Monstruosa. Arre, Scooby-Doo. Scooby-Doo: La Batalla de los Snowboarders.

Scooby-Doo: Costume Chaos. Scooby-Doo: The Tricky Witch. Author: Gross, Scott. Superman vs. The Anti-Monitor.