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Marines furious at front-line 'pay cut'
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She was taken to nearby St George's Hospital. She died on Thursday 30th November Naturally Plod was anxious to hear from anyone who may have seen her or anything that may help them with their enquiries into her murder. We know they traveled together from here on a Thameslink train to King's Cross in central London.

This was the famous, grainy, still, very incongruent image at Luton Station forecourt - there has been no evidence that anyone at all has come forward as a result of issuing this image - which must have been seen by many, many millions of people. An excellent detailed and authoritative analysis of the unbeleivable way that Plod issued, slowly, doctored, still images of the alleged "suicide" bombers whose l ocation, date and time could not be verified is available at the JulySeventh.

He is apparently exiting the Boots store at Kings Cross mainline station. Like an earlier image of him, there is no date or time-stamp on the image. Andy Hayman, Assistant Commissioner for Specialist Operations who gossip has it, is set for greater things - although he cannot quite remember when he realised they had fucked up on the De Menezes murder or told CC Bliar about it at the Met said, " It is possible that he bought items in Boots or other shops, or that he spoke to people. We would urge anyone with any information to come forward. There has been no evidence that anyone at all has come forward as a result of issuing this image - which must have been seen by hundreds of thousands of people Now a cynic might say Plod didn't want, doesn't want any help from the public to solve, this, the biggest crime that has ever occurred in one of the world's biggest cities where it is said the average citizen is captured on camera up to times a day.

Leaving the irreduceable conclusion - this is a crime they don't or someone doesn't want to be solved Let's hope that they get a result for the Rezk family Labels: Plod , state of terror , state terrism. A mere statement of the facts known, the destructive power of Boeing made lb JDAM precision guided bombs and a chilling conclusion. Must Read. Their report for Nov. Notice that this is also "southwest of" someplace, not "in" the city.

I'll be curious to see if and how the Air Force reports this tomorrow. The quote at the top of the post? Labels: airwar , collateral damage. Leonid Nevzlin When things got hot for Yukos and some colleagues were arrested for tax, murder, and other crimes against the state CEO Leonid Nevzlin 45 pic outside Prosecutors office very sensibly fled to Israel. A computer prgrammer he teamed up with jailbird and tax avoider Mikhail Khodorkovsky and founded Menatep which led on to greater things as Russia fell apart - In , he was elected president of the Russian Jewish Congress; in was elected senator in the Federation Council of Russia.

Menatep became Menatep Bank, the corporate ancestor of what became Yukos and his personal piggy Bank. On the 4th July however the Russian authorities asked for him back on charges he organized a double contract killing and a string of attempted murders. He has also been charged with "entering into a criminal plot with Yukos' internal and economic security chief Alexander Pichugin to kill certain individuals who posed a Aleksey Pichugin , an employee of YUKOS's security division,has been sentenced already to 20 years in prison He was wanted on suspicion of evading We are not slaves.

Slaves are silent. This is not only a tongue twister. In addition, Mr. Nevzlin has reportedly urged American officials not to make Russia a member of the World Trade Organization - the point of discussion in Latvia and Poland so recently. Nevzlin who evidently has a high opinion of his powers of diplomacy went to Washington in Mid to tell this to a group of US congressmen. For the forthcoming elections he offered to support the Russian Chess Grandmaster Gary Kasparov who told him to fuck off.

Now why did Mr Litvinenko travel to Israel immediately before his meetings in London with his ex KGB chums and the shady Scaramella to have a chinwag and a latke or three with Leonid Nezvin? It may be worth testing the very comfortable seating of the first class areas of Heathrow bound Boeing El Al flight LY from Tel Aviv on October 30th - or even the aircon filters which are so easily accessible? Or it may not. Labels: mirrors a wilderness of , wilderness of mirrors. The TImes says , "They fear that infrastructure sites are relatively poorly defended, often only by unarmed security staff.

The Norwich Evening News on the 20th November reported that "two known Al Qaida suspects had been spotted reconnoitring the Bacton gas site on the coast. Apparently the suspects were "sufficiently well traced [on intelligence files] for it to be worrying. It is also "thought" laptop computers seized in terror arrests since the scare, which happened in September, contained information and plans about the Bacton site. No explanation has ever been presented to explain the caue of this event, news of which stopped suddenly only days after the event.

Which shows that you do not need to blow up a pipeline for disruption to supplies to cause massive economic and social dislocation. Nick Edward Cons. He also stated, a comment which many who are concerned about the safety of Milford Haven, it's port and gas pipelines might well ponder deeply I pray that no serious accident involving LNG will occur, but it seems clear that the present arrangements, fractured between shore and ship, and with marine controls that are not sufficiently independent, open or subject to second-party review, are seriously flawed.

Any major accident would not only have a tragic impact on those directly affected, but would have devastating consequences for LNG operators and British energy policy. Lord Hannay of Chiswick David Hannay Winchester , New College Ox, ex FO Mandarin encapsulated the current position with fearful accuracy, based on wide and deep experience of the political process; "Each of the solutions to energy supply stirs up controversy and opposition to an extent that makes putting off decisions a seductive option—hence our present quandary.

We have been putting off taking decisions for quite a few years, and they have not become any easier to take. The former may be necessary preliminaries to the latter, but, if they do not lead on expeditiously to the latter, this country will continue to slide towards a position in which the security of its energy supplies is less and less assured. The sources of this gas are increasingly in the hands of people to whom our economic success is secondary. This children, is called energy security.

It does, the lame attention grabbing headline is the same but last Saturday's story was more informative, but is also accurate. The circumstances in which the ex President of Chechynya, Mr and Mrs Litvinyenko and indeed Mr B, plus his many other pals , henchmen, football fans, drivers, obtained UK citizenship would probably bear or probably not very close examination. This is a pic of the disarmingly beautiful Mrs Anna Livityenko who appears to have, not only alluring eyes but also emits alpha radiation. As does Mr Scaramella, various seats on certain BA planes and now possibly an Easy Jet plane upon which Mr Scaramella plopped his bottom as he has been shuttling scuttling back and forth from London to Milan.

It is beginning to sound as though the initial smuggled samples of Polonium were carried in a container used originally for Dust'n'Vac. Lord Patel has updated the story and has a lot of travel advice for those intending to visit Russia and an amusing comment here Meanwhile Lord Patel who has written previously about the quasi State Armies of Aegis and Erinys not fogetting Hakluyt , who obtain stunning contracts in Iraq and have over 20, employees in that poor country have only figured very briefly in this tale, so far , is still following some fascinating and possibly futile trails.

The radioactive HQ of Erinys is handy for Mr Berezovsky and employee Litvinosky who "popped" in and many would have us beleive left a trail of Polonium but their registered office is the charming Wiltshire farmouse of their founder and friend of Sir Roger is the current 'Constable of the Tower of London'. He also joined the Aegis Board at the same time as Lord Inge.. Want to know more?

Tamoil was acquired by Oilinvest Netherlands B. Tamoil refines, markets and sells the country's oil, and has around 3, petrol stations in Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Spain, with a further in Africa where they have a presence in Egypt, Chad,Niger,Burkina Faso,Mali and Eritrea. Tamoil famously has a Euro Mn a year sponsorship deal with Italian Football club, Juventus until - Gadaffi's son was until recently a Director of Juventus. It is claimed that less than a third of Libya has been explored for oil. Current output is said to be 1.

Details of the deal or confirmation that it has happened have not been divulged by either party although the private equity world is full of gossip. This deal and the need some say to seal it has resulted in a sign of a major shift in the Carlyle Group investment policy. The D. The group will operate from offices in Cairo, Egypt; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; and Istanbul, Turkey, Carlyle will invest in a variety of sectors, including energy, financial services, health care, industrial, technology and transportation.

He has also managed several construction projects in the Middle East. Mr Musallam served as senior investment officer at the International Finance Corp. He has managed several construction projects in the Middle East. The very well connected and secretive outfit evidently senses a change in investment opportunities in the area - changes and opportunities that seem fairly remote to some observers. And I think what that means is if we want to safeguard our energy supply He will say as the gas starts to flow it was tested this week ; "Gas is now flowing this winter through three pipelines.

Next year there'll be additional imports of liquefied natural gas into Teesside and later Milford Haven in South West Wales, contributing to a healthy diversity of supply". The 36" BBL capacity of 16 billion cu. So the UK have no direct financial interest in building or controlling the pipeline. Whilst the connector will carry gas from the Dutch Groningen fields it must be remembered ,the Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs is responsible for determining the rate of production from Dutch gas reserves.

This is mandated in the Dutch Gas Act. To cross the Dutch dunes a novel and technically complex Horizontal Directional Drilling system was used , a hole was drilled under the dunes through which a pipeline was fed thus minimising environmental impact. With this method it was possible to install in average 3 km per day. The maximum lay rate was an astonishing 4. So whilst the Ministers will boast of energy security, this is provided by a mix of German and Dutch investors, using Italian technology, supplying Dutch gas which is controlled by the Dutch Government and allows the Russian State Gazprom access to the UK market.

This children is called "energy security". Became Minister when Lord Sainsbury resigned on 10th November to spend more time with his money - fair bet he has some interesting views on Mr Litvinenko's sudden illness. Labels: energy insecurity , energy security. Push on the Picture Indecision Theory Strong words, ideas, pictures. Thursday, December 07, General "Mike" Jackson is a fucking, lying 2 faced hypocrite.

My enemy's enemy is Winter Hedgehog Alert! Another Dead Russian Oiligarch. Tales of the Arabian Knights. Danish Offshore windfarms get a good report and plan for expansion. The Inflexion Point on the Graph. Fiji TV shut down by self censorship - Rugby relationships at work. Queen Margaret 's message to the Commonwealth concerning Fiji - amazing pictures!! Fiji coup goes off at half cock and in slow motion. Energy security - Blown up out of all proportion? Carlyle Group - Gadaffi and Monkey Business.

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Killjoys - The Military Reaction Force History (SAS Warlord Book 1) - Kindle edition by Tom Siegriste. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, . SAS Warlord book. There are no official military records available on the British Army's Militar · Rating details · 4 ratings · 1 review SAS Warlord - Shoot to Kill, covers SAS soldier Jack Gillespie's time in Belfast with the MRF, which was tasked with . Killjoys - The Military Reaction Force History (SAS Warlord).

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SAS Warlord: Shoot to Kill

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