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Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data. Germans to America: lists of passengers arriving at U. Glazier, P. William Filby. Includes indexes. ISBN v. German Americans—Genealogy. United States—Passenger lists. United States—. Emigration and immigration. Germany—Emigration and.

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Flag for inappropriate content. Johnson [] J. Lauer, Anna Margaretha, d. Thomas Lia K. Anna Maria Elisabetha, parent? Ohne Ort. Ohne Ort und Jahr

Glazier, Ira A. Filby, P. William, G3G38 Germans to America provides both the historian and. This data base derives from the original. Balch Institute's Center for Immigration Research. The passenger lists reproduced in these volumes are. In the. Starting in the selection criterion changes to.

Unlike the previous volumes, only those. It should be noted that. Switzerland, or. According to the act of , lists of all passengers. The secretary of state also published quarterly. Office of Immigration, now the Immigration and. Naturalization Service, after IN LAW. The German States before M MSN. M BKR. M TLR. M JNR. M WVR. M HNTR. M BCHR. M PNTR. Chung, Portonovo S. Ayyaswamy, and Satwindar S.

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Numerical Solutions , J. Language, education, and empowerment: Voices of Kumauni young women in multilingual India , Cynthia Groff. Language shift and the speech community: Sociolinguistic change in a Garifuna community in Belize , Maya Ravindranath. Leader-to-Formation Stability , Herbert G. Tanner, George J. Pappas, and Vijay Kumar. Learning from collective preferences, behavior, and beliefs , Jennifer Wortman Vaughan. Lentiviral integration site targeting: host determinants and consequences , Keshet Ronen. Lentiviral integration site targeting: Host determinants and consequences , Keshet Ronen.

Liberty: An archaeological examination of social identity within the plantation culture of the lowcountry of Georgia , J. Walter Joseph. Life after the death of the letter: German post -epistolary cultures, , Ilinca Iurascu. Hendriks, Ronald G. Minnich, Matthew J. Sottile, and Aaron J. Lifting as we climb: The influence of racial and cultural experiences on the community investment of Black strivers , Keisha Leanne Bentley. Hogan and Portonovo S. Linguistic liberalism: Ethnography, property, northern Australia, and the making of the endangered language, , Joshua Berson.

Ellenbroek, Zexin Zhang, Daniel T. Chen, Peter J. Liu, and Arjun G. Gruev, Z. Yang, and Jan Van der Spiegel. Part 2 , Howard H. Hu and Daniel D. Machine learning methods with time series dependence , Blakeley B McShane. Taylor, Wenchao Zhou, Zachary G. Ives, and Boon Thau Loo. Teo and Charles L. Making space for capital: The production of global landscapes in contemporary India , Llerena Guiu Searle. Malebranche's Augustinianism and the mind's perfection , Jason Skirry. Manipulating fate: ming in Chinese political culture , Sung Shin Kim. Manuscripts in the Hampton L.

Marginal economies: Media circulation and the material culture of modernism , Timothy Carmody. Mass spectrometry-based proteomics reveals distinct mechanisms of astrocyte protein secretion , Todd Michael Greco. Hornik, and Paul R. Mathematical Theory of Communication , Klaus Krippendorff. Maturation and sex differences in stress sensitivity , Nirupa Goel. Measuring student retention at an online institution of higher education , Wallace E. Mechanical and chemical effects in adhesion of thin shell structures , Richard M Springman. Mechanical stiffness and dissipation in ultrananocrystalline diamond microresonators , Vivekananda P.

Adiga, A V. Carlisle, and Robert W.

People · Edison Papers Digital Edition

Tan, Daniel M. Cohen, Michael T.

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Nachkommen von Hans Hildebrand Ziegenfuß, 2. Auflage (German Edition) eBook: Marco Born: Kindle Store. Nachfahren von Hans Hildebrand Ziegenfuß (German Edition) eBook: Marco Born: Kindle Store.

Yang, Nathan J. Nelson, and Christopher S. Mechanisms of astrocytic calcium wave propagation and in vitro hippocampal cell death are determined by the magnitude of mechanical injury , William Miller. Mechanisms of Notch-mediated inhibition of skeletal myogenesis , Matthew F Buas. Mechanisms of synapse formation and maintenance: Insights from the developing and diseased nervous system , Ethan G Hughes. Mechanisms of the downregulation of prolactin receptor and their role in cell proliferation , Bentley J Varghese.

Mechanistic studies of hydrogen production from methanol on PdZn catalysts , Eseoghene Jeroro. Media, social capital, and health information diffusion: A multilevel approach , Chul-joo Lee. Medicaid crowd-out of long-term care insurance with endogenous Medicaid enrollment , Geena Kim. Medicare prescription drug legislation: An analysis of economic effect , Yan Feng. Mediterranean enlightenment: Jewish acculturation in Livorno, , Francesca Bregoli. Alsayed, Arjun G. Yodh, and Y Han. Mental health services in rural areas: A multicomponent examination , John Paul Jameson.

Mergers and acquisitions as instruments of strategic change management in higher education: Assessment measures and perceptions of success , Gale S Etschmaier. Methods for Sentence Compression , Emily Pitler. Microfluidic focal injury models of thrombosis and hemostasis , Sean Francis Maloney. Nordstrom, Paulo E. Arratia, E. Yodh, Jerry P. Microrheology of Soft Matter , Daniel T. Mindful learning: Children's developing theory of mind and their understanding of the concept of learning , Zhenlin Wang. M Teeuwen. West, Adam J. Aviv, Jian Chang, and Insup Lee. Mixed Income or Gentrification?

Hawthorne's Spatial Transformation , Natasha Mooney. Mixed indulgences: Consumer perceptions and choice , Neela A Saldanha. Arratia, Troy Shinbrot, Mario M. Alvarez, and Fernando J. Mixture models and censoring by death , Michael Harry Freiman. Curnan, Arjun Gopalratnam, Charles G. Slominski, and Eric Wang. Pappas, Harvey Rubin, and Jonathan Schug. Desai, James P. Ostrowski, and Vijay Kumar. Modeling stress pathway dysregulation in affective disorders , Jonathan Gabriel McEuen.

Modeling the bioenergetics of protein-mediated membrane deformation , Neeraj Jagdish Agrawal. Model microporous carbons: Microstructure, surface polarity and gas adsorption , Edgardo Ismael Segarra-Gonzalez. Molecular and structural insights into nuclear hormone receptor repression mediated by the corepressor NCoR , Caroline A Murphy. Hager, Paulo E. Multiscale modeling and simulations of defect clusters in crystalline silicon , Sumeet S Kapur. Multiscale modeling of electrocatalysis , Liang Qi. Mystical experience: Interpretation and comparison , Jason N Blum.

Mythologizing , Arthur Kiron. Somers, Natalya A. Zimbovskaya, Charlie Johnson, and Eugene J. Schotland, Rainer Hillenbrand, and P. Scott Carney. Narratives in a divided city: Childhood and memory in Jerusalem, , Dana Hercbergs. Native art in the public eye: The affirmation of tradition , Susan Wilhite Fair. Network trip assignment and aggregation procedures in urban transportation planning and design , Mohammad Salem Saqr Almaani. Neural object representation spaces and their metric properties , Daniel M Drucker.

New fluorescence methods for protein folding and conformational studies , Julie Marie Glasscock Rogers. New high boron content polyborane precursors to advanced ceramic materials: New syntheses, new applications , Marta Guron. New methods for the design and analysis of observational studies , Frank B Yoon. Price, Susan Haas, and Drew Margolin. N -heterocyclic carbenes: From design to synthesis and their application as nucleophilic catalysts , Justin R Struble.

Niche partitioning among arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and consequences for host plant performance , Jennifer H Doherty. Nishnawbekwe: A century of change , Rosamond Moate Vanderburgh. Bykovetz, B. Birang, J. Klein, and C. Van Berg. Hu and Neelesh Patankar.

Gerd Hildebrandt: "Ich entbinde euch vom Eid!"

Noninvasive measurement of subsurface tissue temperatures with microwave radiometry , Jonathan Bartoo Leonard. Non-negatively curved cohomogeneity one manifolds , Chenxu He. Not effigies parvae populi romani: Gods, agency, and landscape in mid-Republican colonization , Amanda Jo Coles.

Cronin and Matthew A. Novel contributions of Pdx-1 to pancreatic beta-cell adaptation to insulin resistance , Mira M Sachdeva. Obstacles to access: An evaluation of a condom distribution program in rural Zambia , David Seidenfeld. Oculomotor correlates of perceptual decision making during learning , Patrick Martin Connolly.

Olfactory marker protein is critical for functional maturation of olfactory sensory neurons in mice , Anderson Chun Yi Lee. On educational outcomes in an urban school district , Michael A Gottfried. One man band: The process and product of video journalism , Mary Angela Bock.

Online clustering and citation analysis using Streemer , Vasileios Kandylas. Online political participation in the U. Online retailing in spatially dispersed offline markets , Jeonghye Choi. Online social networking goes to college: Two case studies of higher education institutions that implemented college-created social networking sites for recruiting undergraduate students , Christopher Paul Ferguson.

Bau and Kenneth E. Marc Authier and Lisa A. On the Cybernetics of Time , Klaus Krippendorff. Whitman, Portonovo S. Optical, magnetic, and electrical properties of single-walled carbon nanotubes , Daniel E Milkie. Optimization of multidimensional nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, for resolution and sensitivity, through application of radial sampling , John M. Feed-forward Interactions , Aleksandra M. Organizational form and niche overlap: The dynamics of surgery center entry and exit , Michael Gene Housman.

Oscillatory enhancement of the squeezing flow of yield stress fluids: A novel experimental result , K. Zwick, Portonovo S. Guasto, Karl A. Johnson, and Jerry P.

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Other-regarding preferences and consequentialism , Abhinash Borah. Out of Sync? Behrman, Julia A. Behrman, and Nykia M. Ovarian hormones remodel the lattice of dendrites and oxytocinergic innervation of the female rat hypothalamic ventromedial nucleus , Gerald Dion Griffin.

Di Liberto. Oxidative and polymeric acid doping of polyaniline and related Donnan phenomena , Gabriel Enrique Asturias-Soberanis. Brass, and Scott L. Pain in Parkinson's disease: Characteristics and responses in ambulatory care patients , Lisette Bunting-Perry.

Institut für Anatomie

Paladin philosophy: Epic voices in Galileo's library , Crystal Hall. Paradoxes of insularity: Re-navigating the island through the contemporary Mauritian francophone novel , Namrata Poddar. Belov, and Nader Engheta. Parallel Hopfield Networks , Robert C. Parallel synthesis, biological evaluation, and stereochemical control of tris-heteroleptic ruthenium II complexes , Seann Patrick Mulcahy.

PART I. Joseph, J. Wang, R. Bai, B. Yang, and Howard H. Part I: Palladium-mediated aromatic decarboxylation. Part II: Formation of alpha,alpha-disubstituted alpha-amino acids via three component coupling of alpha-iminoesters , Joshua S Dickstein. Passives in first language acquisition: What causes the delay? Pathways to eliciting aid: The effects of visual representations of human suffering on empathy and help for people in need , Xiaoxia Cao.


Patterns of brand choice when consumers follow a dynamic satiation process: When does switching indicate satiation? Bennett, Ilya Grinberg, Peter K. Davies, and Andrew M. Peer effects in sexual initiation: Separating social norms and partner supply , Seth O Richards. Peering through the kaleidoscope: An examination of Tufts University's new approach to undergraduate admissions and affirmative action , Julie A Vultaggio. Peer social networks among low -income students at an elite college , Eric J Kaplan. Behrman, and Hans-Peter Kohler.

Perceptual vs. Performing publicity: The press on stage and in the feuilleton, , Cary Hollinshead-Strick. Permuted inclusion criterion: A variable selection technique , Shaun Lysen. Perturbative and non-perturbative aspects of orientifold compactifications , Robert Richter. Govyadinov, George Y. Panasyuk, and John C. Philadelphia foodways ca. Physical education at the crossroads: An examination of physical education challenges, changes, and best practices at three liberal arts colleges , Debra D Williams. Physiological and fitness phenotypes of yeast overexpressing glycolytic enzymes , Raphael Francis Rosenzweig.

Pim kinases are required for short lived plasma cell responses by murine B cells , John F. Pim kinases are required for short lived plasma cell responses by murine B cells , John F Treml. Rao, Vijay Kumar, and Camillo J. Planning and implementing dynamic total quality control systems: A research on Mexican manufacturing companies , Jaime Alonso Gomez-Aguirre. Platelets mediate separation of blood and lymphatic vessels , Cara Bertozzi. Pledges of allegiance: State formation in Mississippi between slavery and redemption , Erik Thomas Mathisen.

Plotinus on consciousness: A multi -layered approach , Danny Munoz-Hutchinson. Politics of household during the transition from slavery to freedom in the Yazoo -Mississippi Delta, , Nancy Dunlap Bercaw. Positive affect and project team development and effectiveness , Andrew P Knight. Post discourse and the Syrian novel: The construction of an autonomous literary field , Alexa Firat.

Power politics in the Xiongnu empire , Bryan Kristopher Miller. Preachers of the word and singers of the Gospel: The ministry of women among nineteenth century African-Americans , Gloria Davis Goode. Predictors of response to medication and cognitive therapy in the treatment of moderate to severe depression , Jay C Fournier.

Preface , Jon Scott Stevens. Preface , Marielle Lerner. Simmons, and Geoffrey P. Preparation of C -terminal peptide alpha-ketoacids for decarboxylative ligation and application to synthesis of cyclopeptides , Lei Ju. Privileged sensibilities: Conjectural histories of race in the early Republic , Jeffrey A. Germans to America Volume 12 Nov 2 1857 July 29 1859 Lists of Passengers

Probabilistic computational protein design: Advances in methodology and the incorporation of non-biological molecular components , Seung-gu Keng. Nikiforov, Susanne C. Eng, Michael J. Therien, Nader Engheta, and Dawn A. Probing the structure and function of biopolymer-carbon nanotube hybrids with molecular dynamics , Robert R Johnson. Processing scalar implicature: What can individual differences tell us? Production linkages, agglomeration, and spatial organization of production: A monopolistic competition approach , Nobuaki Hamaguchi. Productivity machines: Transatlantic transfers of computing technology and culture in the Cold War , Corinna Schlombs.

Professional learning communities: People leading change , Sharia Lynn Shanklin. Profiles of large combinatorial structures , Michael T Lugo. Pronouns in Catalan: Information, discourse and strategy , Laia Mayol. Provenance in collaborative data sharing , Grigorios Karvounarakis. Psychopathy and instrumental aggression: Evolutionary, neurobiological, and legal perspectives , Andrea L. Glenn and Adrian Raine. Puzzles of Russian Subjunctives , Andrei Antonenko. Quantitative analysis of immune cell motility and mechanics on hydrogel substrates , Risat A Jannat.

Racing the trans -Atlantic parlor: Picturing freedom in the early nineteenth century , Jasmine Nichole Cobb. Radiofimmel: German radio in popular fiction, film, and the urban novel, , Michael P Ryan. Chen, Olga Davydenko, Mark A. Behlke, and Andrew Tsourkas. Reaching Up: The influence of gender, status, and relationship type on men's and women's network preferences , Monica M. Reaching up: The influence of gender, status, and relationship type on men's and women's network preferences , Monica Mullick Stallings.

Reading the cors saint: Relics and the allegorical body in medieval French romance , Chantal Hoffsten. Connolly, Sanjay Dixit, and Rahul Mangharam. Receptor utilization and antiviral CD8 T cell responses during central nervous system infection with a murine coronavirus , Susan J Bender.

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Reduced prefrontal and temporal processing and recall of high "sensation value" ads , Daniel D. Langleben, James W. Loughead, Kosha Ruparel, Jonathan G. Holloway, Andrew A. Strasser, Joseph N. Cappella, and Caryn Lerman. Regio- and stereoselective synthesis of quaternary centers from chiral trisubstituted aziridines and its application toward the total synthesis of ceanothine D , Erin M Forbeck.

Aïe Aïe Aïe !

Regularized learning with feature networks , S. Ted Sandler. Regulation of cardiovascular organ formation and integrity by the heart of glass receptor-cerebral cavernous malformation pathway , Benjamin Kleaveland. Regulation of cellular metabolism during proliferation and stress conditions , Thi Vu Bui. Regulation of hepatic triglyceride metabolism by adipose differentiation -related protein , Gladys M Varela.

Review of Inventing American Broadcasting by S. Douglas , Carolyn Marvin. Searle , Klaus Krippendorff. Revolutions without revolutionaries? Social media networks and regime response in Egypt , David Faris. Role of amyloid precursor protein and amyloid-beta in Alzheimer's disease: Modulation of APP processing detection of Abeta oligomers, and their role in the pathogenesis and treatment of AD , Minkyu Leo Kim.

Role of mitochondrial-targeted human cytochrome P 2D6 in drug metabolism and toxicity , Michelle Cook Sangar. Role of the forkhead transcription factor, fktf-1, in the development of Strongyloides stercoralis , Michelle Lynn Castelletto. Ruthenium half -sandwich complexes as protein kinase inhibitors , Nicholas Pagano. Safety culture and nurse-sensitive outcomes , Danielle M Olds. Safety risks and service needs among women who have experienced police intervention for intimate partner violence , Melissa Eve Dichter. Aska McBride. Schizophrenic Relations , Barbie Zelizer.

Seeing is believing: Racial socialization typologies and teachers' perceptions of African American male youth , Vernita Renee Williams. Selecting Three Poems by W. Goldman, and Russell J. Self-assembled phase-change nanowire for nonvolatile electronic memory , Yeonwoong Jung. Self-assembled supramolecular dendrimers as porous protein mimics , Jan Smidrkal. Self -care and health outcomes of diabetes: How do co-morbid conditions and health perception influence this relationship? Sensorimotor integration in a small motor circuit , Nicholas David DeLong. Sepsis and stretch increase alveolar epithelial permeability , Taylor Sitarik Cohen.

Service earning: Linking federal work-study to the civic mission of the University of Pennsylvania , Nathan J Franklin. Shannon, Claude , Klaus Krippendorff. Fiene and Katherine J. Shortest geometric paths analysis in structural biology , Ryan G Coleman. Single -molecule biophysical assays with electrokinetics , Mark Arsenault. Single molecule investigations of DNA looping using the tethered particle method and translocation by acto-myosin using polarized total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy , John F.

Markel, and John C.

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Small molecule inhibitors of integrin alpha2beta1 that prevent pathological thrombus formation via an allosteric mechanism , Meredith Wetherbee Miller. Christopher Lewis. Behrman, and Jason Schnittker. Socioecology, acoustic communication and demography of Asian elephants in Sri Lanka , Shermin de Silva. Goldbart, Xiangjun Xing, and Annette Zippelius.

Software model checking for confidentiality , Pavol Cerny. Sorting of amphiphile membrane components in curvature and composition gradients , Aiwei Tian. Buxbaum, Steven A. Jax, and Katherine J. Spatially varying selection on shell color phenotype in the flat periwinkle Littorina obtusata , Megan V Phifer-Rixey. Speaking and sensing the self in authentic movement: The search for authenticity in a 21st century white urban middle-class community , Seran E Schug.

Specific, common, and unintended factors in psychotherapy: Descriptive and correlational approaches to what creates change , Kevin S McCarthy. Spectroscopic and x-ray scattering studies of the interaction of a volatile general anesthetic with ion channel proteins , Jing Liu. Spectroscopy and energy transfer of molecular transients: Hydrogen isocyanide and the ketenyl radical , Michael J Wilhelm.

Spillover effects of the uninsured , Stacey McMorrow. Lynch, Lawrence Rome, and Daniel E. Hu, Thomas S. Lundgren, and Daniel D. Staff development through dialogue: A case study in educational problem-solving , Gary Brent Campbell. Staffing practices, professional preparation trends, and demographics among student affairs administrators at HBCUs: Implications from a national study , Shaun R. Gestern Abend wurde die Zahl von Leider ist hatte das Updateskript in der Datenbank etwas durcheinander gebracht, so dass alle Versuche, die Seite wieder zum Laufen zu bringen, fehlschlugen.

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